Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum (kanchi) Part 4

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Let’s start

In ashu cafe

Kanchi cuts cake and make eachother eat. They are very happy to get their love.

Kabir -sanchi u will not leave me. Promise me

Sanchi -kabir i promise I never leave u until I die.

Just then kabir puts his finger on her lips.

Bg plays

Kaun tujhe

Kabir -dnt ever say that word.

Sanchi smiles and hugged him. Kabir saw his watch.

Kabir -Oh god I’m late

Sanchi -late for wat

Kabir -for movie I promised maa to watch with her

Sanchi -u r the best bf, best doctor, best son and best person.

Kabir -bas chane ki jaar mein mat chara. I knw I’m the best. Tell me which I dnt knw

Sanchi -my kabir oops u r late. Will you drop me.

Kabir -ofcourse cum

They walk holding hands. Kabir parked car near sanchi home. Both gets down. Sanchi was leaving when kabir holds her hands and pulls her close.

Sanchi -kabir wat r u doing

Kabir -my gud bye kiss

Sanchi – everyone will see

Kabir -so wat I’m ur bf or if you say I will marry u today cum let’s go to temple or court decision on u.

Sanchi -kabir relax y r u getting hyper

Kabir -i can’t believe u r with me. I thought that day I lost u when u told me about veer and u. I think I’m dreaming.

Sanchi slowly gives kiss on his cheek.

Sanchi -this is not dreams. I love u

Kabir -i love u too.

Kabir gives kiss on her forehead. Sanchi blushes

Kabir -u r getting tomatoe

Sanchi – kabir

Kabir -ok bye love you

Sanchi -bye love you

Kabir -i dnt want to go cum na let’s get married.

Sanchi -kabir go na maa is waiting

Kabir -ok baba I’m going happy now.

Kabir sits in the car. Sanchi was going when she heard bumb. She turned around and saw truck hits Kabirs car . Car was upside down. Sanchi shouts and truck driver runs away. Sanchi saw kabir stuck in the car. Sanchi shouts for help. Some people came and remove Kabir from car and car blast out. Kabir is pool of blood .He slowly opens his eyes and saw sanchi.

Kabir -ii I love you

Sanchi -i love u too

Just then Kabir fall unconcious. Sanchi cries and tries to wake him up.

Bg plays

Jane nhi denge tujhe

They took Kabir to hospital. His treatment is going on. Sanchi cries. Kusum, jaya, veer, Malhotra and ria also cums. Sanchi huggs Jaya and cries.

Rocky cums out and saw sanchi. His eyes r red. He couldn’t look at sanchi

Sanchi -bhaiya kya hua

Rocky hugs sanchi tightly.

Rocky -sanchi we have treated Kabir but he loses blood. We can not say anything .If Kabir didn’t get concious in next 1 hr I’m sorry he may slip in coma. Sanchi broke hugg and taken a back. Rocky tries to hold her sanchi runs from there and prasha follows her. Sanchi cums to ganesh idol in hospital.

She cries badly. She gets tapped on her shoulder. She turns back and saw a old lady.

Lady – wat happened beta yeh r u crying

Sanchi told her everything.

Lady -beta there is a temple I heard if someone wants anything their wish always fullfill.

Sanchi -thanks dadi

Lady -par beta of they walk bare foot to temple and walk on ur knees to the stairs.

Sanchi – yes I will do it

Pragya -sanchi r u mad.

Sanchi -yes madly in love with him. I can do anything for him. I can go any extend for him. Now I’m going dnt tell anyone .

Isha -we r cuming with u

Sanchi -no

Pragya -we r coming with u and that’s final.

They walk temple bare foot. They reached temple. Sanchi sits on her knees and asked prasha to put capoor on her hand and and light it. Pragya lights it.

Sanchi climbs stairs on her knees otherside Kabir breaths heavily. Sanchi climbs half stairs and she gets pain. She didn’t say a word. Her knees r bleeding. She doesn’t care about it. She finally climbs stairs. She tries to stand up but fails. She fell down. Prasha makes her stand up.

Sanchi slowly sits near idol.

Sanchi -pliz save my Kabir. I dnt need anything .pliz save him. I was wrong not to love him back when he fell in love with me. Pliz give me pain. And save him. He is my everything. If he die than here one more life will go infront of u. Till he regains concious I will ring the bell till u make him fine. Pliz save him.

She rings bell. Prasha gets worried to see her hands bleeding. They too pray for Kabir. Sanchi continuely ringing.

Wind blows Kabir machine beeps rocky gives him shock I dnt know wat is called .

Sanchi rings bell when pragya recieved call. She gets happy and huggs sanchi.

Pragya -sanchi let’s go to hospital. Kabir is getting councious slowly .

Sanchi gets happy and she tries to walk but cant.

Sanchi -how can I walk pliz god do something.

Just then garv cums.

Garv -sanchi if you dnt mind I can carry u

Sanchi -no garv how can I

Garv -for Kabir dnt worry my car is with me.

Garv picked sanchi and droves car to hospital .Garv again carried sanchi to Kabir ward. All looks shocked to sanchi like this.

Garv make sanchi sit beside Kabir. Kabir gets conscious and looked at everyone clueless. He shouts who r u guys.

Sanchi -kabir

Kabir -who r u

Sanchi tears flows.

Kabir -who am I. Wat I’m doing in hospital.

He again faints

Rocky -I’m sorry he lost his memory.

Precap : Kabir tries to cut his hands. Sanchi cums and slaps him .

Sanchi to kusum -I will bring Kabir memory back by hook or crook. He has to regain his memory for me. For our love.

Sorry I was bit emotional. I just want to say life is like this. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum. Life is so strange we wont get wat we expect .Do comment and if you have no time pliz like this.

Bye take care


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  1. Dhruti

    superb ff ashu……….and emotional too!!! but kabir loss his memory what??? it was big shock for sanchi and TU readers too!!!!
    but i know you do something and make kanchi again…………….
    post next one soon…………………..
    love you…………..tc…………….

  2. Aafiya

    Awesome, superb and emotional. .. Precious is nice….Yes you are right life is like that only.

    1. Aafiya

      precap is nice.. ******

  3. Amazing

  4. Amazing Ashu

  5. amazing

  6. Niyaaa

    Awsome yaar mindblowing Epi… Kabir ki memory udh gyi????ab kya hoga per maa aayega dekhne me aanchi kaise kabir ko dikh krti h… hmesha kabir kyun bhage sanchi ko bhi bhagna chahiy??? ok bye post nxt asap.. nd plzz tere os ka nxt part post kar m mare jaa rhi hun padhne k liye… Lovvv u sisy tc????

    1. Ashnita456

      Which os sisy

    2. Ashnita456

      Niyaa which os u talking about

  7. Niyaaa

    Ohhhh sorry miss golgappa i mean sana ka ek os tha or mere dimag se nikal gya mujhe yaad aaya ki tera tha… kya karu teri aadat si ho gyi h tere hi ff dikhte h ab to mujhe har jagah????isliye pagla gyi or glti se mistake kar di… post nxt one dear nd start ur ff kisi ek sapna se koi karq nahi padta we love u and loved ur writting thats enough… bye Lovvv u si
    Sy nd tc

  8. So do amazing and awesome episode yaar……..how are you dost………

  9. RuCh23

    This story is literary “kabhi khushi kabhi gam” yaar!! I’m getting too emotional so not gonna write more. But awesome as always ???

  10. Amazing epsd..

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