Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum (kanchi) ss (sdch)

Hi guys iam back for today. Firstly sorry sorry sorry very sorry guys. I didn’t know I’ll hurt u guys.

Thanks silent readers for commenting.

Sweeties i hope u guys forgive me. Actually I was bit disturb regarding my life. Everything is messed up.Tired in hospital eating bitter medicines and injection. Not yet discharged .That’s why I’m not getting ideas so thought to quit.

U guys won and I lost. I couldn’t stop myself to write . Because I really really really missed you guys

I know u guys won’t forgive and I think u guys won’t comment. It’s ok but do read it

This will be on current track


Let’s start

Jaya calls sanchi. Sanchi told her that veer gets to knw about her identity. Jaya asked her not to worry because she got proofs. Sanchi gets happy. End of their conservation. Otherside veer thinks to tell Malhotra everything . He was going when he heard Malhotra talking on phone.

Malhotra -do anything I want all proofs to be destroyed. U get that. Kill her or do watever u want do it. I just want to proofs to be destroyed.

Veer gets shocked listening to this. He thinks whom he is talking to and wat proofs. He was leaving when malhotra saw him. Malhotra called him. Veer went to him. Malhotra asked him y he came here. Veer was speeehless and thinking should I tell him about sanchi. Just then Malhotra gets a call and he went. Veer gets thinking and he went too.

Otherside in kapoor mantion. Kusum is happy to make sanchi her dil. She calls Pandit to fix kanchi engagement. Kabir cums home and saw kusum happy. He asked pandit to leave. Kusum gets angry as Kabir never does this. Kabir slowly make her sit down and lay on kusum laps. Kabir was weeping .kusum anger disappeared as she is his mom. She couldn’t see his tears. She asked Kabir wat is the matter.

Kabir slowly asked kusum not to panic. I’m going to tell something. Kusum asked what and Kabir told her that sanchi loves veer not me. Kusum gets shocked. She couldn’t believe wat she heard. Kabir told her everything. Kusum feels bad seeing his son crying. Both mom and son cry and consoles eachother.

In the morning

Jaya was walking on road talking to savitri. She told everything about sanchi. Some goons follows her and surrounded her. They asked about cd. Jaya tackled them and ran. She hides and she was about to call when she realized she lost her phone when she tackled goons. See saw goons missing. She cums outside and about to leave when she touches her heard and saw blood. She turns back and saw goon holding stick. Jaya fell down on the road. Goons get hold of cd and destroyed it and went.

Kabir was cuming from otherside and saw jaya unconcious so he took her to sdch. Kabir treated her when sanchi cums running and hugged Jaya. She calls her mom. Kabir couldnt understand wats happening he looks her surprisingly. Sanchi saw him. Jaya gets conscious and she cries saying i lost the proofs. Sanchi consoles her. Kabir cums near them. He was about to ask when malhotra cums with police and clapps. Jaya and kanchi gets shocked.

Malhotra asked inspector to arrest sanchi. Lady constable puts handcuffs on sanchi hands. They drag sanchi and Kabir folows them. Malhotra laughs seeing Jaya.

Malhotra -wat did u thought. U will send your daughter to destroy me. Wat a wonderful plan

Jaya – how u know she is my daughter

Malhotra – u told me by ur self

Jaya – wat nonsenses

Malhotra -oops do you remember u called savitri and told everything about sanchi but unfortunately savitri didn’t pick the call but I did. I called police. I was cuming when I saw u with Kabir. Now wat will u do. Ur daughter is going to jail and no one is going to help her.

Both Jaya and Malhotra went out. Kabir stops police. Veer and prasha cums running. Sanchi looks at veer with teary eyed. Kabir asked police y they r taking sanchi agarwal. Malhotra shouts she is not sanchi agarwal but sanchi mishra. Kabir gets shocked as well as others. Malhotra told kabir that she was faking her identity to ruin this sdch. Kabir gets aside and police took sanchi. All went to their duties except of prasha.

In the night in kappoor mantion Kusum sees news sanchi being arrested. Just then kabir cums home .Kusum asked Kabir it’s true Kabir nodded. Kusum told him that sanchi is a nice girl there will be a reason.Kabir asked her not to bother about her. Kabir told her that sanchi doesn’t deserve to be in sdch .I trusted her and only she betrayed him.

Kabir was leaving when he heard a voice she didn’t betrayed anyone but everyone betrayed her. He turns back and saw prasha and jaya. Prasha asked him to save sanchi. Kabir asked them to go to veer. They told them they went to veer but he doesn’t want to hear anything. Jaya begs Kabir to save sanchi. Kabir asked her not beg but tell me truth. Without listening to truth i won’t able to help because i hate lies. They told him everything and kabir couldn’t believe it. Kabir told them Malhotra will never do this. They made them believe him. Kabir promised Jaya he will bring sanchi safely. Jaya blesses him.

In police station Inspector looks at sanchi with dirty intention. He sent all constable out. Lady constable was not leaving but he forced them to leave. He looks at sanchi. Sanchi gets scared. He opens lockup and sits near sanchi. Sanchi is shivering .He touches her. Sanchi stands up and about to run when he hold her close. Sanchi pushes him and slaps him. He gets angry and slaps and tears sanchi’s sleeve.Sanchi shouts but nobody is there to listen. Inspector again pulls her close and about to kiss her when sanchi bites his hands and run away.

Sanchi was running and she stopped as she saw Kabir cuming inside with lawyer Jaya commissnor and prasha. Kabir saw her. Sanchi runs to him and hugged him tightly and Kabir too responded the hugged. Sanchi cries Kabir told her nthing will happen i have cum. Sanchi moves apart when kabir saw little blood on her mouth and her sleeves. Kabir quickly makes her wear his coat. Kabir asked her who did it. Sanchi pointed to Inspector.

Kabir gets angry he enters lock up. He kicks inspector .Inspector stands up Kabir slapped him hard. He again fell down. He again stood up. His mouth bleeds.

Inspector shouted – wat relation u share.

Kabir shouted -I LOVE HER.

Sanchi looks at him and jaya looks on shocked.


Kabir brokes his hands shouting he touched my sanchi. All tried to stop him but in vain. Kabir didn’t stop. Sanchi pushes Kabir. Inspector gets unconcious.

Sanchi shouted -will u kill him

Kabir shouted – yes I will kill him. How dare he touched u.

Commissnor calls ambalance and they took inspector to hospital. Commisnor gives class to Constables how can they leave sanchi with inspector. He suspended all Constables.

Kabir sits in lock up. Commissnor asked him y he is sitting there. Kabir told him that he beat inspector so he surrended himself. Commissnor told him who beat inspector I didn’t see anything. U can go home and sanchi u can also go home as u got bailed. Kabir thanks commissnor and told sanchi and jaya u guys will stay in my house. Sanchi was hesitating. Kabir hold her hands and drags her to car.

They reached kappor mantion. Kabir took sanchi to his room. He brought first aid kit and puts ointment . He was leaving when sanchi saw his hands r bleeding. She holds his hands and make him sit down. She cleans his wounds as he got hurt while beating inspector. Kabir feels pain and sanchi tears flows from her eyes and some droplet fell on his wound. He saw that he was again leaving when sanchi again make him sit. She puts ointment and he feels pain. She blews it slowly he looks at her. They have a deep eye lock. Kabir remincing sanchi telling him that she loves veer. He broke eye lock. Sanchi bandaged his wounds and Kabir went. Jaya was looking at them steatly.

To be continued. ……..

Sorry for boring and mistakes and short becz i cant write much.
I hope u guys will forgive me. I’ll wait for that. Lots of huggs and kisses to u and luv loads.


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  1. Ashu dost logo se kohi magi mangta hae…….we are all friend s na so why you talking about forgiveness………next time ae vul mat karna…….and how could you sae this it is a boring story that’s not fair……….it is amazing and superb story yaar ……… tumara mind pe itna sweet sweet story kaesi ati hae yaar………you are rock????ashu………we are all miss u so much yaar tum jal se jal thik ho jao yaar…..we are all need u dost……take care yourself ashu and continue your writing……..

  2. Sorry yaar o mafi hoga

  3. Dhruti

    ashu it was superb os and don’t dare to say that your os was boring ……
    please update next part soon………….
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  4. Superb os I love it dear

  5. Good to see u r back….. Get well soon…. And the story is amazing…… Loved it very much…… Update this and all ur ffs soon….. But after u get well

  6. How r u. Get well soon. When u got discharged. Superb OS.

  7. fab
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    Hi.. How are you?
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    Ashu……how r u now?……btw dear, we want ur presence here……..sorry & all ko maaro goli……we’re frnds afterall……no sorry no thnku…….anyways, how dare u call this boring?…..not at all dear……it was simply amazing…….mindblowing……..khidkitod os……..post ur nxt part only when u r fine…….luv u a lot sweetieeeeeeee……….bye………tc…….

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    You call this “boring”? Seriously Ashu? This is awesome ??? and fabulous!!! Good to see you back!!! Hope you’ll get better soon ???

  13. Hey ashu hw r u now?? And ashu dear……no need to say sorry……tum hum KO dost nahi maan’ti kiya?? Ashu dear…..tumara yeh shot padh me dill KO ajeeb sa sukoon mila hai…..boht miss kiya tum KO yaaarrr…..luv uh dear so muchhh……stay blessed…..

  14. Really very amazing story dear…..loved it from the core of my heart……I m soooo happy that u r back…..please dont go anywhere now….and medicines khane ka aur hospital mai rehna bohat dard deta hai! Bas meri ashi ko phir kabhi ye dard naa sehna pade….love u loads

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