kabhi alvida na kehna pt 5


Hello guys its sidra here back with part 5….I know I am dragging but soon I will show how all that happened in the prologue….please keep supporting me till then..now let’s get started
Recap: swara beats sanskar thinking he is a goon and raglak flashback
Precap: swasan become friends and raglak awkwardness continues…

@college parking lot
Swara suddenly stopped beating sanskar…she slowly dropped her stick and pepper spray and turned around in fear…she thought is he the one? She has so many thoughts running in her mind and she thinks please god I just hope it is not him….sanskar takes off the shawl and his eyes are red because of the pepper spray…he also turns around and taps on swara’s shoulder…she gets scared and thinks baba ji please today save me…she slowly turns and gives a smile to sanskar…sanskar sees her and gets shocked…he shouts you??…swara also gets shocked and says you??….she doesn’t think before speaking so she starts talking…oh so you are the one following me…listen mister whatever happened this morning just forget it…why are you still stuck on it…why are you following me everywhere….an…but sanskar interrupts and says hold on miss swara godadia…firstly I already forgot what happened in the morning

I’m those people who forgets and forgives and I don’t have an ego like you….secondly I’m not following you…my car is parked here so I came here….you aren’t even that pretty that I’ll want to jump on you and follow you…swara feels embarrassed and thinks oh god what all did I say to him and then says so? Even you aren’t that handsome that I’ll fall for you….sanskar says I don’t even want you to fall for me…now if you’ll excuse me I need to leave…while going sanskar accidently hits swara’s purse and her things fall out…sanskar apologizes and picks up her stuff…swara gets mad and says wow see I was right even you couldn’t see my purse in your way like you didn’t see my Mercedes and huffs….sanskar gets mad and thinks I apologized and she is showing me attitude…he then says well I said sorry…he picks up her things when he spots a watch…he thinks how does she have my watch…swara sees the watch and snatches it from him and says excuse me this is not yours…I found this in the parking lot and I’ll only give it to the owner…he thinks that’s my watch and snatches it back from swara and says I am the owner of this watch and this watch belongs to me…I was coming in the morning and I dropped it somewhere…when I came to look for it I couldn’t find it so I thought I’ll look for it later

He tells swara this is my watch and I own it…do you have any doubt?…swara feels really bad because she said so much to sanskar but he doesn’t even scold her…he just clears her doubts…she thinks she should apologize…she says sa..san..sanksar I want to tell you something….he says hmmm and be quick I have to leave…swara immediately says sorry and runs away…sanskar is shocked but happy too and says that even miss ego has some manners…he smiles and thinks pagal…he leaves too….swara reaches her car and smiles within herself and says I don’t know why I feel so happy but I love troubling sanskar…you know what…sanskar maheswari aka Mr. grumpy isn’t that bad…he is a nice guy…and she thinks about him and drives home…

@next day in college
Laksh comes to college super early just to meet ragini…she also reaches college and hopes she doesn’t see laksh….laksh waits for her but she doesn’t come to the library since she is already in her class…laksh thinks I’ll meet ragini later…let me go to class first…he leaves…he enters class and as soon as he comes in wind starts blowing from everywhere…and some lovely tune plays from the movie Kapoor and sons…the song is bolna…it plays and ragini feels like he is here…she gets nervous and hopes he is not here…laksh comes and sits next to a girl…the girl is writing notes before class starts….she feels like someone is sitting near her so she looks up and sees laksh…she immediately puts her head back into the book and thinks oh no he is in this class…baba ji why are you doing this? Laksh feels like ragini is next to him so he taps on her shoulder but she doesn’t look..he keeps tapping and the girl is about to look but just than professor enters…she thanks her baba ji and says thank you so much…they listen carefully to the professor but laksh is still trying to see a glance of her…she is trying her best to hide her face but the book slips from her hand and her face is shown…it’s ragini…he gets happy but ragini gets nervous and thinks oh baba ji my book had to fall now…she looks towards laksh and gives an awkward smile…he thinks why is ragini so changed…ever since we met she’s been so changed….
Screen freezes on both their faces

Precap: raglak confrontation…

Guys just so you all know I’m writing this as a 4 year ago story….I’m writing their past like how they all met and fell in love and all….I will very soon get to the present story which was who was that guy crying on the road? Why was he in a shaadi attire? Who were the other couple in MM? all those questions will be answered but it’ll take some time…I know I am dragging but it’s necessary for the story…please bear with me and keep supporting me
Sorry I didn’t show swasan becoming friends in this episode but I will soon

Credit to: sidra

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  1. more raglàk scenes please

    1. Thanks!! I will try showing more raglak

  2. Superb dear and eagerly waiting for precap.

    1. Thanks!! Even i’m waiting for raglak confrontation

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