kabhi alvida na kehna pt 4


Hello guys its sidra here back with part 4…I love all of you guy’s waiting for my fanfiction…thank you all so much….let’s get started
Recap: swasan hit and miss meet and raglak talks….
Precap: flashback of what happened 4 years ago…

At night ragini came home and was crying so hard…swara was still at college as she had some work to do and finish taking notes….coincidently sanskar was also there but both didn’t realize each other’s presence…laksh went to his home too….ragini is in her room and she remembers that night….

Flashback starts
4 years ago ragini had to go to Lucknow for some college admissions and she went there and met laksh at that same college….laksh came to ragini and said hi and all….ragini was super shy so she just smiled and left….days went like this and raglak came closer….they were really close friends now….after a month ragini started to feel for laksh…she doesn’t know how and when but she just started liking him….now she did not know if it was just attraction or was it really love…she was confused…on the other hand laksh felt so comfortable with ragini…he could share anything even the smallest things with her…one day he decided to see why he misses ragini so much….he closed his eyes and tried to imagine her…as soon as he closed his eyes he saw ragini…he immediately opened his eyes and said oh my god I love ragini….but then thinks how can it be possible? We met like a month ago and love cannot happen so quick….I think it’s just attraction so he decided to ignore it

Ragini also decided to see what her heart says so she also closed her eyes and immediately saw laksh…she was on cloud nine that she loves laksh….she said it’s not attraction but it’s actually love…I close my eyes I see him, I open my eyes and I want to be with him…ragini godadia you are in love…I will tell laksh….she than stops and thinks what if he doesn’t love me back…she than says it’s okay ragini as long as you tell him you will be free of this guilt….I will than let him decide what he wants….she thinks to tell him but she will call him to a special area….she calls laksh and says laksh I want to meet you…laksh was really happy and thought why am I feeling so happy…she just wants to meet me and we’re just friends nothing else….he says okay come to lover’s point at 8 pm….ragini smiles and replies over phone okay bye and she hangs up….inside raglak both are happy but laksh thinks why he is feeling so happy?

At 7 pm laksh leaves his home and ragini comes in an auto….laksh reaches there first and waits for ragini…suddenly he hears screams of someone…he thinks it’s a girl and thinks she might be in some trouble I’ll go check…he goes and sees a girl being chased by 4 goons…they were trying to rape her…the girl’s condition was already bad….her salwar had ripped and her dupatta wasn’t on her….she was running as fast as she could…laksh saw her in trouble and went to help her….he beat the goons and they all ran away…the girl was way too frightened and she immediately hugged laksh out of fear…laksh was kind of shock at her behavior but he let it go as she was already scared…the girl hugged him tight and ragini enters the scene just than…she pays the driver and looks for laksh…she sees his back and thinks that’s him…she smiles and walks up to him but when she gets there she sees something….she sees both laksh and that girl hugging….she gets heartbroken and leaves….(actually the girl was hugging laksh tight but laksh didn’t respond to her hug….ragini thought laksh was also hugging her because his back was towards ragini so it seemed to her that his arms were wrapped around the girl)
Laksh tells the girl to calm down and asks her address and offers to drop her home…she agrees and goes with him….ragini runs away and is now in some deserted area…its really dark and she is alone….she cries bitterly and shouts why laksh!!!Why did you do this!!! I thought I’ll tell you I love you but I reach there and see you with another girl….ragini cries hard but then wipes her tears and says ragini why are you feeling so bad? You said na that I will tell laksh I love him and if he doesn’t love me back or if he needs time I’ll give it to him…if I saw him with someone else than it probably means he didn’t love you…he only considered you his friend than why are you feeling so bad? Is it because you were hoping for laksh to love you back…she kept saying all this to herself and realized after sometime that she is alone in a deserted area….she gets scared now and thinks what to do…

Laksh drops the girl home and returns back to lovers point. He thinks why ragini didn’t come till now? He kind of starts to feel bad that ragini didn’t come…he then thinks why I’m feeling so bad? She probably had some emergency…He decided to call her and ragini sees his call but ignores it…laksh calls her many times but she ignores his call…he gets scared and calls again…this time ragini picked up…laksh said hello ragini I called you so many times…why didn’t you pick up…you know I got so scared…ragini says why? Why did you get scared? You should be with someone else now right…laksh was confused why ragini was saying that and asks ragini why she is speaking like this…ragini says nothing hang up I want to sleep….before laksh could say anything ragini hanged up…laksh was standing there dumbstruck thinking why she was talking like that….he stands confused and felt a little bad seeing ragini’s this behavior and then walks home thinking about ragini’s changed behavior….

The song dhuaan plays from the movie fugly
Dhuaan dhuaan si hai zindagi (my life is like smoke now)
Dhundla sa hai, khwaab kahin (my dreams have faded)
Kho gayi jaane kahan woh khushi (who knows where my happiness has gotten lost)
Dikhti nahi hai roshni (I can’t see light any place)
Kaise din the aur kaisi thi who raatein (how wonderful those days and nights were)
Jab karte the hum sapnon se hi baatein (when I used to talk with my dreams)
Gum ho gayi hai woh hansi (that laughter/smile is lost)
Ho…na kinaara haan…na sahara haan (there’s no shore, there’s no support)
Jaane kahan main ja raha (I don’t know where I am headed)
Chalte chalte hey raah paar kyun (while walking on the road, I don’t know why)
Ruk si gayi hai zindagi (my life has suddenly stopped)
Yaari ka aisa asar tha (due to the strong friendship)
Na koi fikr na darr tha (there was no worry and no fear)
Zindadili se jeete the hum (I used to live life to the fullest extent)
Ab waqt hum se khafa hai (now time is upset from me)
Jeene ki ab na wajah hai (theres no reason to live now)
Yeh kaisa toofan aa gaya (what sort of storm has come into my life)
Chhup chhup ke rone main laga (I secretly shed tears now)
Camera rolled on ragini’s crying face and laksh’s heartbroken face back to back…
Flashback ends

Ragini starts to cry again but very bitterly after she remembered that night…she thinks I must control myself and not let anyone know I loved laksh not even laksh

Swara thinks oh god its 11 pm I should go home…maa and ragini must be waiting and worrying about me……she grabs her stuff and leaves when a watch falls from her purse…she sees it and thinks oh god even this watch’s owner didn’t even come to find his watch…she grabs the watch and puts it in her purse and leaves…she goes to the parking lot…sanskar is walking behind her….swara hears footsteps and gets scared and thinks oh no who is this following me….she turns around but sees no one (sanskar had to go behind a car because one of his papers flew away so when swara turned he wasn’t there) she continues walking and hears footsteps again…she gets really scared and now the footsteps are getting closer…sanskar is just casually walking and doesn’t care who the girl in front of him is so he’s not even trying to see her…she looks for something in her bag and finds two things…she thinks thank god I have these…she immediately sprays the pepper spray and it goes right into sanskar’s eyes because he was so close…he drops his papers immediately and shouts in pain….he turns his body and then swara turns and can see only his back…he rubs his eyes but it get worse…swara gets the second thing and it’s a shawl type thing and covers him with it..she shouts you stupid goon you were following me…now get the taste of swara godadia…sanskar was still in pain when he heard the name…he thought swara…is she the one I met in the morning…oh god…she is a big pain in the butt…swara keeps telling him what not and she finds a stick in her purse too and starts beating sanskar with it….sanskar shouts ahhh….owwww….and tries saying he is not a goon but swara is too busy hitting him..she says stupid…fool…donkey…pig…you tried to follow me and find a good opportunity to jump on me…well now who is getting the taste and continues hitting him she than realizes she has heard this voice before when sanskar was screaming in pain so she stops hitting and thinks is he the one?
Screen freezes on her scared face thinking is he the one?

Precap: swasan become friends….raglak awkwardness continues

Guys I hope you liked this episode…I try my best to do something new in every episode…please tell me how I am doing…where should I fix my mistake if I made one?? By the way I will show some past moments of swasan and raglak and then show what happened that night with the guy and all I said in the prologue…please keep supporting me

Credit to: sidra

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