kabhi alvida na kehna pt 3


Hello guys it’s sidra here back with part 3…tellyupdate was not accepting any submissions until after April 29th so my fanfiction got delayed because of that…I am so sorry and I am so sorry that I disappointed the ragsan and swalak fans…but like I said in last update I cannot see them because that was past and now that you look at it than its swasan and raglak…I am so sorry guys…also I am showing swaraginisanlak’s past story and I will soon show present story…I just hope you enjoy it and are not confused at all….like I mentioned before this is my first time writing so I am so sorry if I make some mistake….by the way let me say the pairs one more time for those who asked the pairs….this is a SWASAN AND RAGLAK fanfiction
Recap: swaraginisanlak first meeting
Precap: ragini meets….

Sanlak arrived at college because they left first from the place…laksh tells sanskar to stop the car here and let me get off and then you can go park the car…sanskar says okay and let’s laksh get off from the car….laksh steps out of the car and walks in style…all the girls get impressed seeing him and this is what laksh wanted after all he is the handsome hunk….all the girls go like ooooo new boy nice…laksh thinks these girls are so stupid…I came here before too…I’ve just changed in an year…and keeps walking…laksh blinks one eye because something went in his eye but the girl thinks he is flirting with her and he winked at her so she goes up to laksh and says oh baby how are you and laksh stands dumbstruck and asks huh?
The girl feels embarrassed and says I called you baby and you said huh to me? how rude mister…laksh was totally lost and didn’t know why the girl was talking like that so he says what are you saying miss….the girl says oh really first you wink at me and try flirting with me and then ask what I’m doing…laksh is shocked and thinks when did I wink at her…he thinks she is so fat and black…why would I wink at this moti….he then laughs and says I didn’t wink at you….it’s just that something went in my eye….the girl feels embarrassed and leaves the place….everyone else start laughing

Screen shifts to swaragini arriving to college
Swara: ragini you go to the library I’ll park the car and come
Ragini: okay swara but hurry back because we need to find our class too
Swara: okay ladoo maa
Ragini gets angry and shows a fake anger face and says again ladoo maa…what did I tell you swara
Swara: oops sorry and then laughs
Ragini says okay and gets off the car and says swara….she says hmmm…ragini says shonaaa and runs away….swara laughs and says oh ragini what will I do without you…she than leaves to park her car…
@parking lot
Sanskar parks his car and gets out and swara is seen coming….she drives past him and both don’t realize until her high speed car blows sanskar’s papers….he says now who is this idiot driving…the person yells out from the window sorry and it was obviously swara….he then says to himself ugh people these days…first it was on the way to college and now here too….when will people know how to drive correctly…he picks up his papers and leaves….while going his watch falls on the floor but doesn’t realize

Screen shifts inside college
Ragini goes inside the library and coincidently laksh is also present there…ragini goes and finds a seat….as soon as she sits down she feels like someone is near her…someone she knows….she immediately looks around to see but doesn’t find anyone…laksh also comes and sits in front of ragini but he has a book in his hand and his face is hidden behind the book as he is reading it….as soon as laksh sits down ragini’s heartbeat gets faster…she thinks oh god what is happening to me? why do I keep feeling he is here somewhere….she spots a unusual guy sitting in front of her and tries to see who it is but can’t because his face is inside the book….ragini gives up trying to see who he is so she looks down in her textbook and laksh puts his book down…..laksh sees ragini and gets shocked….he thinks her? But how is this possible…I met her four years ago and she didn’t even tell me she was leaving
He says ragini very slowly but ragini hears him as if she heard her heart say her name and looks up…she finds laksh staring at her and she gets shocked too….she thinks oh god not him again….I thought I wouldn’t see him again after the incident that happened this morning but he is here too…oh no now what do I do….if he is near me I’ll get really nervous….I loved him 4 years ago and I still do….how do I tell him….she looks really scared…laksh senses her nervousness and asks ragini? She says hmmm and laksh says oh my god it’s been so long and now we meet….so how is life and all….ragini is super shy and doesn’t know how to respond to him….she finally musters some courage and says I..I’m fi..fine la..lak…laksh and you tell me? How are you? Laksh thinks why is ragini being so awkward….we were such good friends 4 years ago….laksh than says I’m good ragini and my life is perfect…you know how much I missed you in these years…I’m so glad we are in the same college and he keeps talking but ragini interrupts and says I have to go laksh bye and she quickly grabs her stuff and leaves….laksh looks on in utter shock and is dumbstruck and thinks wow ragini has changed so much in these 4 years….but why was she being so awkward around me….oh well at least we are in the same college and he also shouts bye ragini but she’s gone by the time he says bye and everyone else in the library look at laksh in anger and he sees here and there and makes a oops face and whispers sorry and he too leaves…

@parking lot
Swara gets out of her car and is going towards the college when she accidently kicks something….she looks down and sees it is an watch…she wonders who’s it may be…she thinks whoever it is will definitely come back for it so I should just keep it….she puts it in her purse and leaves…..she leaves and sanskar comes and thinks where is my watch? I had it on coming here…maybe it fell somewhere here…he looks here and there but can’t find it…he thinks I cannot lose that watch…maa gave it to me with so much love…I cannot break her heart…he looks everywhere and has tears in his eyes…he is on the verge of crying…he thinks to look after college with laksh and leaves….

Ragini hurriedly goes outside of the library and sits on a bench…she starts crying and says why? Why does this always happen to me…I loved laksh and I was going to tell him but than what I saw that night changed me…I will never forget that night…I thought I would confess my feelings for laksh and let him decide what he wants but I didn’t know that this would happen…she cries like a small kid and remembers that night…..
Screen freezes on her crying face…..
What does destiny want from these four individuals? What happened 4 years ago? Will swasan meet again? Are raglak officially over?

Precap: flashback of what happened 4 years ago….

Guys I will show the flashback and then I will show how everything happened and how it leads to the prologue I wrote….please support me till then and tell me where I made a blunder so I can fix it…tell me if I’m writing good and is it acceptable for a first time writer…keep reading for many twists and turns

Credit to: sidra

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