kabhi alvida na kehna pt 1


Hello everyone! I’m sidra here again lol anyways I decided to continue my fanfiction since a lot of you guys were loving the prologue and a lot of you guys told me to continue writing so I will. Thank you all for the nice comments you guys left for me. I was really overwhelmed by reading all of you guy’s comments. I will soon reveal the pairs…maybe in 2-3 episdodes now let’s get started
Dp: a serious man but kind from the heart. He loves everyone in his family and treats everyone equally. There has never been a day when he has been unfair to anyone. Father of laksh and aadarsh and husband of ap
ap: a kind lady who is very caring towards everyone in the family. She loves all the grand daughters and grandsons equally. She has never discriminated between them. Mother of laksh and aadarsh and wife of dp
Sujatha: a caring sweet lady who loves her son sanskar and daughter uttara. She can sometimes say things she doesn’t want to say and sometimes sound mean but overall she is a nice woman. Wife of rp
rp: silent man and doesn’t really say much. He loves his kids and his wife sujatha. He can look mad because of the seriousness on his face but he is not mean.
Parineeta: wife of aadarsh and loves her family a lot. She is 6 months pregnant.
Aadarsh: husband of parineeta and loves his mom a lot and obeys his mom more than anyone else
Laksh: a happy going guy and is very caring. Loves his mom and sister the most and is scared to say anything in front of his dad but loves his dad as well
Sanskar: very supportive and always helps laksh through his problems
Uttara: sister of aadarsh, sanskar, and laksh. Loves all three of them equally but is mostly like a pet and favorite of laksh.
Ragini: shy type girl but very responsible and secretly loves someone. She is afraid to say it to him but deep down she always wants to tell him.
Swara: happy going girl and is very supportive to ragini. She loves her sister to death and can do anything for her.
Sharmistha: mother of swaragini and loves both of them. She is very sweet and always there for her two daughters.
Shekar: father of swaragini and loves his daughters. He can do anything for their happiness.
Dadi: kind of strict but deep down loves her two granddaughters.
So guys this was my intro of all the characters now let’s get to the story….

It’s a beautiful morning and two girls are seen sleeping still. Its 8 am and they are still sleeping as if they are on some holiday. The alarm rings and a girl wakes up…she stretches and shouts shona wake up na its 8 am and we have college…come wake up and go get ready.
Swara: lado maa please let me sleep na..you go to the bathroom since you’re already awake…and please lado never call me shona again I love being called swara.
Ragini: okay baba I won’t if you promise to never call me lado maa
Swara: done now please na please ragini go get ready I want to sleep for some more time..when you finish showering than come wake me up…
Ragini: hmmm okay fine but don’t go into deep sleep again
Swara: hmmm okay
Ragini leaves and screen shifts to maheswari mansion
Sujatha: arrey jiji, abhi tak sanskar and laksh are sleeping? College jaana hai aur ghode bhej ke soy (hey sister still now sanskar and laksh are sleeping? They have college but are sleeping like donkeys)
Ap: pata nahi sujatha…sanskar aur laksh toh kabhi itni dheer tak nahi sote…aaj pata nahi kya huwa hai yeh dono ko (I don’t know sujatha sanskar and laksh never sleep till this long but today I don’t know what’s wrong with these two.)
The camera rolls to a bedroom…a guy is standing in front of the mirror fixing his hair and putting perfume and all on while from the bathroom another guy comes out…the guy coming out from the bathroom says laksh tum abhi tak bhaal fix kare ho…kya aaj college jaane ka irada nahi hai? (laksh you’re still fixing your hair…what today don’t you feel like going to college)
Laksh: nahi nahi bhai college toh jaana hai par apni self ko dekh raha tha aur soch raha tha (no no bhai I do want to go to college but I’m just checking myself in the mirror and thinking about something)
Sanskar: kya soch raha tha? (what are you thinking)
Laksh: yahi ki mere se handsome ladka aur koi nahi ho sakta…aur college mein toh bilkul bhi nahi (this that I’m so handsome and no one can be this handsome and not even in college that’s for sure)
Sanskar laughs and says laksh tum bhi na…kitne self-possessive ho…itna bhi possessive apne self ki liye aacha nahi hai and laughs really loud. (you laksh you know you’re so self-possessive about yourself and that’s not good)
Laksh makes a fake angry face and says bhai aap mera mazak bana rahe ho? (Bhai are you making fun of me?) Mein aapko nahi choodonga (I won’t leave you) and throws his comb on the floor and says I’m coming and laughs evilly…laksh starts running after sanskar and says aab kaha jaoge… (Where will you go now?)sanskar runs and says laksh bas bhi karo mera towel nikhal jayega…. (laksh stop it now my towel will fall off) he keeps running and then laksh shouts aacha hoga bhai tabhi toh mera badla pura hoga (that will be good then only my revenge will be completed) and starts his evil laugh again…sanskar’s towel starts loosening and both don’t realize until his towel falls down all the way….sanskar feels embarrassed and laksh laughs loud and says dekha bhai mein bol raha tha na ki mera badla tab pura hoga jab tumhara towel pura nikhal jaayga… (see bhai I told you na that my revenge will only complete when your towel falls off all the way) aab dekho mera badla hogaya pura aur mein jeet gaya (now see my revenge is complete and I won) and runs off to the bathroom laughing evilly while sanskar is still standing there in shock and embarrassment and shouts from outside laksh bohot hasi aah rahi hai na tum baar niklo phir dekhta ho tujhe (laksh you are finding it so funny right you come out then I’ll show you) and he runs inside the closet to wear clothes.
Screen shifts to swaragini’s home
Both get ready and come downstairs…Sharmistha shouts wah bachi’s aab tum dono ready ho gaye…chaalo aao aab aur nashta karlo (wow my two daughters now you both got ready…come now and have your breakfast)
Swara: maa meri galti nahi thi…yeh ragini na bohot der karti hai bathroom mein…pata nahi andar na rahi hoti hai yah phir so rahi hoti hai (mom it’s not my fault…this ragini na takes forever in the bathroom…I don’t know if she takes a shower inside or sleeps inside)
Ragini: nahi maa swara jhoot bol rahi hai…aapko toh pata hai na maa ki mein toh 30 minutes mein bhaar ajati hoon…swara andar bohot der karti hai…dekho iss ke mu par saaf saaf dikhta hai ki andar kya karti hai….kitna make-up shakup lagati hai… (no mom swara is lying…you know na mom that I only take 30 minutes to get ready and come out…swara takes a long time inside….look on her face it’s so clear that she takes forever inside….look how much make-up and all she puts on)
Swara pouts and makes a face towards ragini because ragini said so much already especially about her make-up…sharmistha laughs and says aacha aacha aab aao aur nashta karlo…. (okay okay now come and have your breakfast) they quickly eat and then leave for college
Screen shifts back to maheswari’s
Sanlak come downstairs and sujatha screams jiji mein koi sapna toh nahi dekh rahi? (Sister-in-law am I seeing some dream?) Ap asks kyun? aisa kyun bol rahi ho (why? Why are you saying like this?) While setting up the table…sujatha shouts again jiji aaj toh mein paka wala sapna dekh rahi hoon…. (Sister-in-law today I am definitely seeing a dream) ap turns and says kyun aisa bol rahi ho? (Why are you saying like this?) And then sees sanlak coming down…no one is here yet and this is the first time they are here early and ap says haan sujatha lagta hai ke mein bhi koi sapna wapna dekh rahi hoon… (Yes sujatha it seems like even I am seeing some dream today) sujatha says haan jiji aacha mujhe ek pinch do toh (yes sister-in-law okay now give me a pinch) and ap does and sujatha screams ahhhh jiji mujhe pinch kyun kiya? (oww sister-in-law why did you pinch me?) Ap says arrey tumne toh kaha abhi…. (Because you just told me to na) sujatha says arrey jiji mein toh sirf mazak kar rahi thi (oho sister-in-law I was just joking) and ap laughs and says pata hai mujhe tum sabse bari dramebaaz ho…(I know that you are the biggest drama queen) sujatha than says lekin saachi jiji aaj koi chamakar ho gaya (but truly sister-in-law it seems like some magic happened) and ap says haan sujatha you are saying right
Sanskar: good morning maa! Good morning badi maa
Ap/sujatha: good morning beta
Laksh: good morning!
Ap/sujatha: good morning
Ap: challo aao aur nashta karlo tum dono aur phir college ke liye jaana hai na (come and have breakfast now and then you both have to go to college right)
Sanlak together: ji maa/badi maa
They eat and they also leave
Screen freezes on sanlak and swaragini’s cars going to college….
What does destiny hold for these four individuals? What happened that night? Will the guy ever meet his life again?

Precap: swaraginisanlak first meeting

Guys I tried my best to make it good…I hope you all enjoy it….I will show the past first and then I will show present….college life and all is past life and then I will show the story….I hope I didn’t bore you all….please tell me how I did and should I still continue or not??

Credit to: sidra

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