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kabhi alvida na kehna prologue


Hello guys I’m sidra. I hope you guys remember me I wrote the OS “bohot der kar le” on raglak. I decided to do a fanfiction on the show. This is my first time writing and I really hope you enjoy it. My name for the fanfiction will be “kabhi alvida na kehna”
This is just a prologue guys so please enjoy

It was night time and it was raining hard. Clouds were thundering and there were tears coming out from the clouds. The clouds weren’t the only ones crying, there was someone else crying too. A guy was seen wearing a shaadi attire. He was on his knees crying his heart out. He shouted looking up at the clouds kyunnnn haan kyun kya tumne aisa mere saath. Maine tumse sacha pyaar kiya aur badle mein tumne yeh kya. Hum dono ne vada kya tha na ki hum kabhi ek dono ka saath kabhi nahi choodenge toh phir aaj kyun. Kyun tumne meri feelings ka mazak banaya. Mujhe tum choor kar kyun chaali gayi. He said all this still looking at the clouds.
Screen shifts at a big mansion
Ap: sujatha yeh sab kya hogaya. Bohot bura huwa.
Sujatha: haan jiji aap sahi kari ho. Aaj jo kuch bhi huwa aacha nahi huwa. Arrey humare ghar ka ek beta ke saath he kyun hona tha. Uske kismat itne buri hai kya?
Dp: tum dono chup raho. Arrey itna sab huwa aur tum dono ko iss baare mein baat karne hai. Aur sujatha tum…kuch bhi maat bolo.
Sujatha: paar bhaisab hum toh bas
Dp: hum toh bas kya? Chup raho tum
The camera rolls to the stairs and it’s shown a guy with his wife and his younger sister coming down
Uttara: maa bade papa sahi toh kare hai…aap kuch bhi mat bolo. Bhai ki kismat mein koi doosh nahi hai
The guy: haan Uttara sahi bol rahi hai
The girl: Uttara tum jao aur sab ke liye chai ya phir paani lao.
Uttara: ji Bhabhi
She leaves and screen shifts back to the road

A baba (saint) sees the guy crying uncontrollably and goes to him
Baba: beta, kya huwa? Tum itna kyun roh rahe ho?
The guy: toh mein kya karo baba. Mein jis ladki se pyaar karta tha woh toh mujhe choor kar chaali gayi. Usne mujhe vada kya tha ke woh nahi jaaye ge lekin aaj dekho main aapne shaadi ke joore mein hoon aur who chaali gaye mujhe choor kar.
Baba: nahi beta aisa kuch nahi hain. Dekho tum jo ladki se pyaar karte thay woh toh chaali gayi par tumhari zindagi ka kya? Tumhe toh jeena hai na. Uske saath ya uske bina par tumhare toh zindagi hain na. Aur beta maat bolo ke jab ek darwasa band ho ja tah hai toh doosra bhi kul tha hai.
The guy: par mein usse bohot pyaar karta hoon. Mein kaise bhool sakta hoon. Woh humara vada bhool gaye paar mein kaise bhool sakta hoon.
Baba: beta humara maan keh raha hai ke tumhari zindagi yahi kai hai. Woh yahi tumhare paas hai
The guy feels a little spark in his heart when the baba says “tumhari zindagi yahi kahi hai” he gets up and starts looking here and there and suddenly sees a light coming in front of him and he tells baba “aap shayad sahi keh rahe hai. Maine abhi abhi mere dil mein ek feeling ki thara mehsoos kiya. Meri zindagi yahi kahi hai. Hum dono ke dil jurawe hai”

Suddenly rain stops and there is a car coming towards the guy. The guy feels something like a current. He feels like there is something in the car that makes his bond stronger. There is something that is pulling him towards that car. He feels like the person he was waiting for is in that car… he starts running after the car and shouts stop! Stop! Stop the car…..the person in the car sees a guy running behind and asks the driver to stop the car. The guy also stops running behind the car and waits impatiently to see who comes out of the car….suddenly the person opens the door and camera rolls on the person’s feet. It was a girl. She had flats on and then camera rolls on her clothes and she was wearing a salwar kameez…camera then rolls on her eye and then her other eye. She had kajal and some light make-up done on her eye and slowly the camera rolls on every part of her face. The whole face is shown….the guy gets shocked seeing the face……

What has destiny planned for the guy? Who is the guy? What happened that the guy is so sad about? Why is he shocked seeing the face? Who is he blaming? Who is the girl? Let’s see what destiny has in store for the guy and the girl……
Guys I really hope you liked this prologue….please tell me how it was? Also tell me if I should write in English or Hindi or use both?? Should I continue?? I’ll post the first part soon and I will intro all characters specifically in part 1 but only if you guys tell me I should continue writing or not

Credit to: sidra

  1. ragsan plzzzzzzzz

    1. I’ll reveal couples soon:)

  2. Plz continue….n write in english naa…ur story is really nice❤❤❤?

    1. Thanks!! I will write in English too:))

    1. You will know the couples soon:)

  3. SwaSan plssssssss…………………

    1. You will know soon which couples I’m doing:)

  4. Swasan and Raglak

    1. I will let you guys know soon:)

  5. Awsm..plzz continue..plzz make ragsan nd swalak

    1. I’ll reveal pairs soon rakhi:)

  6. Nice start… I think its ragini in the car… No idea about the boy… I wish it to be a raglak

    1. Thanks prateeksha!! I will reveal pairs in 2-3 episodes:)

  7. please do it in English

    1. Okay rasha I’ll translate Hindi words in English:))

  8. mohmohkehdhage

    Ragsan and only ragsan ragsan

    1. I’ll reveal pairs soon:)

    1. I’ll tell pairs in 2-3 episodes:)

  9. Ragsan plsz

    1. I’ll tell pairs soon:)

  10. In english plz..

    1. Okay S priya I’ll translate Hindi words in English but some words might be in Hindi. Is that fine?

    1. I’ll let you guys know the pairs soon:)

    1. Rosey thanks for suggesting and I will let you know the pairs soon:)

  11. detective no.1

    Ragsan only the guy as sanskar
    The girl as ragini

    1. Good guess but you’ll know soon if the guy and girl was really ragsan or not:))

  12. nice story… kavita left sanskar and he bumped into ragini?

    1. Nice guess:) but there is no kavita in my story. I just can’t beat her name anymore lol

    1. I’ll reveal pairs soon:)

    1. I’ll reveal pairs soon ahana:))

  13. Very nice and select whatever couple u like but I will be grateful if u make it Swasan nd Raglak.

    1. Thanks Zuha Fatima!! Keep reading to know the pairs and I will reveal them in 2-3 episodes:))

  14. Swasan raglak plzz

    1. I’ll reveal pairs soon:)

  15. Superb intro I guess the girl is ragini n the guy is laksh

    1. Nice guess. I’ll reveal soon who the guy and girl were in 2-3 episodes:)

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    1. I’ll reveal pairs soon Deeksha!!

    1. I’ll reveal pairs in 2-3 episodes:))

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    1. I’ll reveal pairs soon:)

  18. Swasan plz

    1. I’ll reveal pairs soon ayesha!! Just 2-3 more episodes then you will know the pairs:)

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    1. I’ll reveal pairs soon:))

  20. Ragsan plz

    1. I’ll reveal pairs soon:)) just 2-3 more episodes:)))

  21. Nice start, intriguing and described in a good way. I liked it.
    I wish its a RagSan FF.

    1. Thanks Megha:) I will reveal pairs in 2-3 episodes!!:))

  22. Wow I really loved this intro… I hope this a ragsan or swasan.. But I love ragsan more. But it’s your choice!! So I will wait and also I’m writing a ff called destiny vs love.. I hope you can read and comment on it.. Anyways keep up the great work Sidra, you’re awesome~Nusz

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