Kab Kab Hote Hai Pyarr -kkhhp (Intro and episode 1)

The story starts of with a girl named Khushi she is in the process of getting married to Aarnav her fiancee , Khushi lives in a family of five with her akka Payal , her amma, appa and pathi her grandmother . The first day starts of with her getting ready for her wedding when her rival Shagun comes to see her and say “happy wedding day” sarcastically this is in jealousy as she fancies Aarnav but Aarnav does not. Neither Aarnav or Khushi like each other and are getting forced to marry each other by their families. However Khushi reluctantly says yes for her families reputation and happiness. It is the haldi ceremony and Aarnav and Khushi bump into each other after being covered in haldi they go into the shower Aarnav forces Khusi into the corner after her saying “no”and put his hhands above her- Khushi trying to get out she presses the shower and both of them get wet this leads on towards Aarnav leaning towards a kiss but no-one knows that shagun mixed cannabis into Aarnav’s lassi.

This is why Aarnav goes for a kiss and says”i love you” Khushi thinking this was Aarnav and not the one being highly dosed by cannabis she kisses for a momment they experience s*xual intercourse. Khushi shouts thats enough know and goes away Aarnav soon walks out as well however Payal akka was watching them and tells khushi off for doing such disgusting stuff before marriage and should be embarrassed.Before the wedding Khushi and Aarnav meet up and Khushi explains that she loves him however Aarnav slaps Khushi by accident and says that he does not love Khushi and does not feel the same way as she does towards Aarnav.Khushi is heartbroken however the marriage still carries on this was all part of Shaguns plan. Because after the wedding had finished Shagun gave Khushi a relaxation pill to calm her nerves for the nuptial night instead she gave hera sleeping pill, which sent her to sleep…

Thsi was the itro and episode 1 comment for episode two dwn below to see what happened to Khushi !!

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    R arshi tamilians here?Arshi r forced 2 get married.But when Khushi’s rival Shagun wo luvs Arnav(Thankfully he does’nt luv her) mixed sth in Arnav’s lassi he kissed khushi n said ILU.lost in him khushi too confessed luv b4 wedding.Arnav mu her n slapped her.so sad.arshi got married.But shagun made her have sleeping pills n she slept off.Oh!plz update daily.its a diff story.

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