KAATIL~(A Revengeful love) shot 4

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Shot 4 :::::
The episode starts with twinj coming to their new house it was fully isolated place away from the city no other houses was seen near kilometres …he had intentionally came on night so that twinkle doesn’t notice the places there he stopped his car in front of a beautiful mansion …
Twinj came out and twinkle looked at the house it was a beautiful house fully decorated they went inside and saw it ..

K : liked it ????

T : no …

K : what ???

T : love it kunj she hugs him ..not bad mr sarna u had fulfilled ur wish haan ..

K : means ???

T : u remember u told me that u wanted to stay in house like this with your wife ..

Kunj gets teard eye n thinks she remember everything and says yeah ..

U must be tired na twinkle it’s 10 go freshen up then we will fill.my hunger ..

T : what ????

K : yeah I am very hungry ..

T : ok I’ll prepare something for u ..

K : no u go and there is something in our room …

Twinkle nods and left for their from ..

He came out of the house and typed password in door ..

K : now she will not be able to stepped out of the house as all windows and doors have password ?…
The right time came to show my real face to your twinkle be ready for the tortures…my baby now who will save u from a beast like me he smirked ..

He came. Inside and directly went to his room and saw twinkle sitting with a dress in her hand it was knee length a purple dress with deep v neck ..

K : what happen he asked in stern voice ..

T : kunj wo these clothes ..

K : what happen to this clothes ..

T : u know na I don’t wear such kind of dressed ..

He moves towards twinkle and holds her hairs tightly and days but u have to wear baby by hook or by crook she was shocked to see him like this n says kunj what happen ..

K : what u mean what happen ??go n get ready he shouts ..

She gets shocked and went to get ready
After 15 mins she came out and kunj who was looking at his phone looks at her with lust and throws his phn on couch and moves towards twinkle ..

K : u are such a s*xy chick ..

T : what did u just said ????she asked shockingly

K : yeah u are very hot he says moving his hands on her neck she was feeling disgusting…

T : kunj what u are doing ..

K : having my right wife he says and forcefully captured her lips in his while his hand were bzy pressing her waist ..

T : leave me kunj ..

K : I don’t need to call a chick for making out as u are too s*xy ..

Tears were gushing out of her eyes she was notable to digest his devil avatar ..

T : what u mean by that ..did u had with anyone else ???she said in trembling voice..

K : yeah every night ..

She gets shocked and recalls her friend words before. She could react kunj pulls her dress and tore it he pushed her on bed and removed his clothes and he started showing his devlishness to her when she was just pleading him n was asking the reason as why he is doing his with her …

K : I don’t need to tell u anything just shut up and reciprocate to what I did ..

T : no I won’t ..

K : what u said haan .u are making me angry he said. .and …he entered in her while she screamed soo hard tears were gushing out of her eyes but that was not at all affecting the devil ..

After sometime he came out while she went unconscious he looked at her with unknown pain bit ignored and woke up twinkle …

K : go n prepare something for me I am hungry ..

T : wh..y y..ou.r hu..nger did not fulfilled by these she says in weak voice ..

K : just do as I say don’t argue with me u know the consequences then ..

T : b..ut I can’t s..stand pro..perly ..

K : what ??? X agent twinkle taneja the bravest can’t bear this much pain huh ..

He made her wear her clothes and took her to kitchen and asked her to prepare something …

Twinkke looks at him with pain he avoided any eye contact with her ..

T : do u love me ???

K : I don’t need to answer you ..

T : u was the same kunj who was madly behind his twinkle ..

K : that was my life biggest mistake ..

Twinkle cut her hand and screams while kunj turns and looks at her ..

T : why u are caring for me ?

K : bcoz I had to.fulfilll my revenge ..

T : revenge but what I did ..

K : u are asking me what u did haan ..well i don’t care he looked here and. There …for first aid ..

T : I know kunj u love your twinkle alott and u care for me too ..

He gets angry and took lemon and cut it into pieces ….

K : here is the first aid for u ..

He rubbed lemon over her wound and twist her hand saying don’t u dare do anything like this ..while she was just screaming …

K : better do as I say ..only i have right to hurt u beware u can’t hurt yourself

T : u are a devil ..

K : devil is better than KAATIL…he says n left from there leaving a fully shattered twinkle …

Screen freezes ..

so how was the shot guys …
Tamatar slippers eggs everything accepted …
It was so difficult for me to write this story but it’s needed to to further …
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Love u all ?????..

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  1. Superb episode yaar post soon plz best of luck for exam ❤️❤️❤️??

  2. Sohi

    Very emotional episode
    I didn’t expected kunj would do something like this
    Hope kunj get to know whole truth
    All the best for your exams
    Do continue

  3. SidMin23

    Superb but I hate this devil kunj how can he did this to his twinkle felt bad for twinkle hope soon everything get clear between them and start new beginning of life together. All the best for exam do well and keep posting ff too ????

  4. Ramya

    Sam awesome amazing
    But kunj y he is not accepting his feelings
    Feeling bad for twinkle
    Love u keep smiling

  5. Presha

    Heu samy…
    Felt bad for twinkle…
    Hate this devil kunj…
    Post soon…
    Love u…

  6. very very emotional
    episode sameera di
    feeling very bad
    for twinkle
    she is suffering
    for the work that
    she has not done
    please post the next
    episode as soon as
    possible. can’t wait
    to read the next
    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ?

  7. Lovely episode.

  8. Awesome

  9. Thanks u posted ot soo early orelse i miggt have strated haring u bit know i am falling for u girl u write sooooooooo awsm kaha se late ho itnea talent pls post the nxt one soon

  10. Twinj

    Hey sam
    Kunj shouldn’t have done like that…feeling very bad for Twinkle….just hope the truth comes out very soon…can’t see a innocent suffering….amazing…awesome…fab….emotional…post next part asap

  11. Fatimaa.

    Heyy sameera….
    This was just fab…
    Bechari twinkle….felt so bad fr her…
    Lovedd the epi….
    Post soon…
    Love you???????

  12. njce epi

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    Fantastic….feeling sad for twinkle

  14. Twinjfan.tamanna

    My Sammmmmm!! Thank you so much for ur episode that too specially for me! I don’t know how to express my Happiness! you all made me so happy! u know I was waiting for ur ff! I know I have not commented on previous 2 epi and sorry for that,too! actually maine use thodi der pehle pada! I had food poisoning on my birthday! hehe! ?? Ab thodi,teek hun! But seriously Sam! u r seriously an amazing writer! This was just so Awesome! I can’t thank you enough! Felt so bad for Twinkle! can’t wait for next! isiliye plz plz plz post soon! And thanks for ur wishes!

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

    1. Baby

      happy birthday aishu ♥
      may god bless u dear….♥
      srriee m a bit late…♥
      love u lod♥
      hope u get evrerything and achieve always SUCCESS….♥ 🙂

  15. Baby

    ohhhh my god sam srsly….
    d wound shit……
    emotional n jst crying pity twinkle how mch she trusts her kunj bt he is in his world.
    ohhh god post as u get time plsss..cant wait……
    lods o flove…..♥
    srsly feeling so bad for twinkle……
    love u…♥
    all d best……

  16. Emotionallllll??….. It was tooo much sad…. Feeling sad for tw…. Hope everything sort out btw them…. And soon they bcm one ..luv u….

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