KAATIL~(A Revengeful love) shot 27

This chapter is for msmahi Di …I am sooooooooooooooo sorry Di I didn’t knew about your bday so sorry plzz maaf kardena …
Happy belated birthday ????..
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Shot 27 …
The episode starts with twinkle coming down after crying n crying session ..she sees ronaya sitting worried …Rohan was consoling shanaya as she was hell worried for kunj …

What happen Bhai ??? Bhabhi and kunj how he came here ???? She aksed ..???

Wo twinkle he is Abhay frnd so he came here to attend his wedding said rohan ..still worried …for kunj ..

Acha..she said when she heard some familiar foot steps she turned and got shocked seeing kunj coming with Abhay with bandages …she stands there numb seeing him ..tears formed in her eyes seeing his condition …

He looked at her back with painful eyes leading to eye lock between them which was broken by Rohan ..
(Tu Jaane na plays in BG ….♥♥♥♥)..

Acha Kiya Abhay Jo kunj ko Yaha le aaya ..Rohan said ..and looked at kunj ..

Par Bhai why u called me here kunj said bowing down his head …twinkle was looking at him only he was not maintaining any eye contacts ..

See kunj I don’t know anything but you will stay with us till u get completely fine and it’s my order and if u think me as your brother really then u have to stay here Rohan said ..looking at shanaya and twinkle who was worried about kunj …

But Bhai ….kunj said and get interrupted by Twinkle Bhai I need to talk to you ..she said and they both went to aside ..
While shanaya asks Abhay and kunj to sit …

Why u aksed him to stay here Bhai ??? Twinkle asked with tears in her eyes ..
For shanaya twinkle he lied ..and continued see her condition she got her brother after many years so don’t u think so twinki shanaya needs kunj ..n thought somewere u also needs him twinkle n I know what I am doing is right ..

Twinkle thought for something and nods as she too wanted kunj to stay there ..she was looking at him still worried seeing his condition …

They came towards hall ..and rohan asked him kunj his decision ..

If no one have any problems here ..Bhai then I will stay here said kunj not meeting his eyes with anyone ..

(Sanam Teri kasam plays ♥♥♥)

Good then I’ll leave said Abhay and left from.there …waving bye to piya ..

Come kunj I’ll.show you your room said shanaya and kunj nod ..

Twinkle went to kids room and slept hugging kids ..she cried again ..

Shanaya shows kunj his room and asks how are you kunj ..????
I am.fine Mrs taneja he said and left inside shanaya felt bad and left from there …while kunj went inside and took twinkle pic and sat down crying n crying …
Next morning ….
Kunj woke up and saw his luggage there and he got freshen up and his pa called him …telling the meeting is fixed at 11 ..

He got ready and went downstairs where kids were playing he saw them and smiled ..twinkle got ready ..in her clothes looking hot and came there kunj looked at her and smiled …she ignored him .. Karan and Surbhi too came there with virat ..and greeted kunj …

Good morning maaa ade Kiara and kush said and hugged twinkle as soon as they saw twinkle …kunj smiled looking at them ..he didn’t thought that much why devils are referring twinkle as maa …and was just seeing the bond twinkle shares with the trio ….

Bhai I am going twinkle said looking at kunj and left from there …they could ask her anything ….

Kunj come have breakfast ?? Rohan said ..no Bhai I have work too ..I’ll be back soon he left …too for his work ..
@ K.T industries …
Twinkle entered her cabin where her pa informed her that meeting with k.s industries was held at 10 …she said okay and get back to her work ….

Kunj came in with arav ..and they both went to rohan cabin …where Tia informs them that mam is in her cabin …they went to twinkle cabin ..and knocked ..

Come in twinkle said and kunj entered followed by arav they again got shocked seeing each other ….before twinkle could say anything ..Tia came there and told that kunj is owner of k.s industries..

Come sit twinkle said and kunj sat ..Rohan came there and pretended as he didn’t knew about kunj being owner of k.s …

What a suprise kunj …I didn’t thought that u may be owner of k.s ..

Yeah Bhai same I didn’t thought k.t is of miss twinkle he said ..while twinkle looked at him numb..

So shall we proceed with the terms and conditions ..Rohan said and twinkle nodded …

All the while twinj were stealing glances of each other …and finally they signed on the legal documents …and became official partners ..

Tia arav and rohan left from twinkle cabin and kunj was going from there when he collided with chair …
Kunj she said and he looked at her ..she make him sat …amd caress for his wounds I…u should be resting at home why u came to work …always work work u will never change …what’s this kunj ….she said scolding him …he smiled knowing that she still cares for him after what he did all with her …

Twinkle see him staring at her and came back to senses ..and was going to say something when she got a phone call …

As soon as she saw the caller name she got happy and picked up the call …
What’s this haan you got time now talking to me haan ??? …u know how much I missed you ..not even me everyone is missing u come back soon ….yes yes u come.back then I’ll give u tight huggy just come back I am missing you shoooooo much baby she said and disconnected the call and saw kunj staring at her..feeling hell jealous..and…Says ..wo..Mr sarna ..u are still here you can go …she turned ..to other side …

Okay MRS SARNA …I’ll go ..if u want he said with painful.voice and left from.there ..she turned and looked at him going ..and recalled his word Mrs sarna and gets teard eye ..
Screen freezes …
Precap : finally kunj will know kush real identity …
So how was the shot guys ??? ..
Thanks to all those who.commented ..
Love u all …
And silent readers again silent hogaye ..
What’s this guy’s not even 15 comments …plzz plzz tell me ..if u want anything but plz comment ..or else I’ll be forced to do something which I don’t want too ..
(Sorry guys but I am serious this time????) ..
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned ..

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  1. perfect Sam. ..amazing. ..yrr loved it.
    plss…twinj ko jaldi unite kardo….post asap…and kuch toh hua too???
    love u??

  2. SidMin23

    U deserve more then 15 comment hope those who read comment too. Episode was amazing and Twinj little moment was everything

  3. Sohi


    But emotional too
    I have a doubt did kunj still don’t know kush is twinkles son
    Reply me

    Waiting for the truth to reveal
    Do continue

  4. SanamMel

    Hey Sameera?. It was Amazing, Awesome ,Fabulous, Fantastic and lot more ❤❤❤❤
    Precap looks interesting???. Can wait. Hope u have a nice day??? . Love u dear ??

  5. Hey sam yr esy mat bolo

    I luv ur ff toooo muchhhh??

    Actually mere sath ek tragedy hoi ha bcz of which i m not cmnting on ur ff

    Yr meri fabee na mera cell tod diya ha or mere parents out of town ha for 1 month

    Mere bhai mera cell thk nhi krwa ka da rhy bcz my exams r coming he is saying after exams mera cell repair krwa ka de gy

    Thats why i m not cmnting pleaseeeeeeeeeee??? forgive me or mera ek cmnt add kr liya kro pleaseeeee

    Luv u
    Take care
    Keep smiling

  6. Purvi128

    Ohhhh God Sameee……!!!
    U r making me go mad ..!!- itna acha koi kesy likh sakta hai…!! Pata hai wait hi nhi hota tere ff ke liye….!!!! I
    This epi really got me goosebumps…!!nd the last part was the best scene ever.. how he said mrs sarna…!! Ohh goshhh….!!! Precap!! Hufff finally…!!! Can’t wait for that….!!! Plsss post soooooonn…!!
    Nd sorry for not comemnting before..!!
    Love you loads ??????????????

  7. Hey same era the episode was so emotional n i m very excited to see kunj reaction on knowing khush’s real identity…
    Post the next asap….

  8. Presha

    Amazinggg DII…
    Emotional one..
    U nailed it…
    Happy to see twinkle care for kunj nd his jealousy…
    Loved it
    Intresting precape….
    Love u…
    Post soon nd kthh too

  9. Rochika

    Sameera di it was soo soooo sooo amazing…u nailed it di!??????????..it was a killer one..???????? don’t be sad di..i m sure u will get 15 comments or maybe more than that becoz u write soooo beautifully….?????? ur writing is the best.?????..and pleazzz post asap..and kuch toh hua hai too..byeeee
    Post soon
    Love u!?

  10. Amazing episode ❤️??sami
    Kunj jealousy ? ☺️☺️☺️
    Ms Mrs sana ❤️❤️???uff
    Finally Kunjko Kush ki real identity pata chal jaygi happy ? wo Kush Sarna hai ??????shock lagega ???? post soon

  11. Thank u sweety my cutiepie ??????
    aur sry mat bolo dear isme tumahri galti nahi h mne bhi to tumhe nahi bataya na …..to koi nhi……….pr iss cute se gift ke liye thank u dear???????

    episode amazing fabulous awesome fantastic ?????????
    twinkle ab bhi kitni care krti h kunj ki yrr soo sweet

    ab precap padhkar wait nahi ho raha dear jaldi post krna plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    OK bbye
    luv u????????

  12. Nice one
    Kunj ki jealousy ???
    Post soon

  13. Hey sameera its superb just luvd it… Awsm… Emotional… Excited for nxt… Post nxt asap….
    Luv u…

  14. Aamu

    Maar daaalaa..
    Just maaar daalaaaaaa…!???..
    But twinj ko mila de yaaar..
    Dono sad sad nai achche lgte..plsshhhh..!
    N who was dat on phone..baby..?.kush..?
    Well watever post jldi jldi..
    N yahooo…precap is exciting..ab to karna hi padegapost tuje???????????
    Love u..
    Ek dm chindiya shot tha…bole to kafan me dafa ???

  15. Sidmin ki sadia

    Yippee amazing. Epi
    Hell excited. For precap and next epi post soon didu luv it sio soo much

  16. Awesome…
    I felt sad for kunj but he deserves that…
    waiting for nxt epi…

  17. it was amazing epi
    post next sooon

  18. awesome
    mind blowing episode di

    Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz POST ASAP

    love u a lot dii ♡♡♡

  19. Nishuu

    Superb Sam baby
    And plzz take care of urself

  20. SanamMel

    Sooooooooooooooo sorry Mahi ???. Belated Birthday wishes to u dear ??? ???❤❤❤❤???

  21. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome

  22. Ramya

    Sam it’s awesome amazing superb
    Dare you end it
    Please don’t do this.
    Sorry for late
    Love you keep smiling

  23. Baby

    hayeee lo jeee samiee aapki seriousness bhii utna hi logon ko dara ti hai jitna apki white n balck mailing hahhahaa 🙂
    srsly osm episode ♥
    loved it ♥
    emotional too painful ♥
    love u lods sissy ♥

  24. Supriya18d

    lub it Sami??????

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