KAATIL~(A Revengeful love) shot 26

Hello guys I am backkkk again ??????…how are you all ???
Again a very happy bday to you sohi …..
Enjoyyy your day have blasttttt…
So shall we start ???..
Nahi nahi guys don’t worry jaldi hi Mila dungi twinj ko ????…par u have to wait ??as many wanted me not to forgive him and may wants me to forgive him ..
Chalo comment Karo maaf Karna chahiye ya nahi then …I’ll see the majority ???…
No more bak bak let’s start …
Recap : twinj face off …

Shot 26 ..
The episode starts with twinj breaking the hug and looked at each other with pain filled eyes ..kunj again holds her face by his hands …

I…am..so happy to see you ..twi..nkle I can’t ..even describe …I am sorry…he said and joined her forehead with his ….
(Sajna ve plays in BG …..♥♥♥♥♥)

Twinkle moved away from him and slightly pushed him ..

Who are you ???? Haan ??? …she asked breaking his heart into millions of pieces …I don’t know who are you …

Twinkle ??? What u are saying haan ..kunj asked ..

As far as I knew you are no one to me you are complete stranger for me ..twinkle said with …anger filled voice ..and blood red eyes …

I know twinkle u are very angry with me I know I have done very bad with you plzz forgive me once I promise I’ll set everything ..right ..I promise I’ll never ever hurt you …you can’t even imagine how I was living these years …kunj said ..pain in his voice ….

I died that day only kunj when you didn’t trusted me …I tried to explain u each n everything but did u heard me no u didn’t ..still I stayed with you to change you but you didn’t change …I don’t need you now ..don’t come behind me ..I hate you and will hate you till my last breathe twinkle says with tears rushing out of her eyes ..

Acha….if u hate me then why these tears seeing a stranger haan tell me nah ..why u are crying seeing me I am a stranger rytt..kunj said …????

U will never understand this kunj I don’t need to give you an answer ..so please leave …she shouted ….

She went to her room kunj went behind her but she closed the door and started crying more …kunj was standing outside the door ….

Plzz twinkle plzz open the door don’t do this with me twinkle ..plzzz …he said banging the door …after few mins ..

They both sat on the either sides of the door ….crying n crying …

Okay twinkle if u don’t want to open the door it’s okay I’ll not force you ..I have lost you by my mistake and I’ll win your love again …you are listening nah I love you …his voice choked …and plz don’t cry I am going …I’ll come back to take my lady love he said and wiped his tears and went from there while twinkle cried badly ….

He went downstairs and told Abhay that he has to leave due to some work ..shanaya called him but he ignored her and went …

Twinkle was crying badly in her room recalling everything what happen with her …

How can I forgive you haan ??? How can I when u had done so much ..kunj still you want me to forgive you I didnt wanted to meet you ever …but again this fate …no ..no I can’t forgive you I can’t trust you again you have always broke my trust …now I’ll never forgive you ..she cried n cried …
(Hamari adhuri kahani plays in the BG…♥♥♥♥♥…)
They both were hell sad it’s sooooooooooooooo many years it was a high shock for them …to see each other after so many years …

On the other side ..
Kunj condition was not less he was walking lifelessly on roads ..recalling twinkle and the tortures he did …I am so happy too see you but you are right in your place how can u trust a person who broke your trust several times ..I had done so much bad with you ..I got my life back today and I promise myself I’ll win you back ..if I had to do anything I’ll do ….i have to win your trust back twinkle …I can’t loose you this time ….I love you twinkle I can’t even describe you… the days I have seen he was crying badly …walking on road ..when a car hit him …he fall on the floor …..
Next scene ::: ..
Shanaya made kids slept in their room and came down mibir already left as function ended long back Abhay shanaya Rohan and piya were sitting in hall …

I am hell worried for twinkle she is not opening the door she didn’t even had her dinner said rohan …

I’ll go and see her said shanaya ….and made her have dinner too ..she ended ..

No she needs to cry she needs to get out her emotions shanaya Rohan said with teard eye ..when Abhay got a call ..

What ???????? He said standing up all got worried …

What happen aksed piya …???? Worried seeing Abhay ..

Wo ..kunj …Abhay said …

What happen to him ronaya asked worriedly ..

Wo he met with a small accident Abhay said …and they got shocked ..
I’ll go and see him ..he continued while shanaya said I’ll come with you ..

No Bhabhi it was nothing serious just a small accident u don’t worry I’ll take care Abhay assured and left …

What’s is happening with them …said shanaya crying badly …
Next scene :::::
Kunj was in hospital ..he got hit on his forehead and some injuries on hands ..when Abhay comes there ..

Saale Tu khayal nahi rakh Sakta tha Kya ???? He aksed shouting ..

Arey yaar nothing serious ..see I am fit and fine ..

Yes yes I can see that ..Abhay said and they both were going back house when Rohan called them …

Acha Bhai ..oky I’ll come with him haan Bhai okay …he said and kunj looked at him …

What happen ?? Kunj asked ..trying to get up off bed …

Rohan Bhai aksed his to come TM ryt now ..he replied …

But why ??? Kunj aksed ..??? ..as he got scared what of twinkle had done anything to her …

Don’t know let’s go there then we will know he replied and both left for TM ..
Precap : kunj to stay at TM …

So how was the shot ??? ..
Hope u all like It ..
Thanks to all who commented on last one ..??????…
Love u all sooooooooooooooo much ..
And revelation of HER will be in some days …???..many of you guessed right too ..let’s see who is she…
Chalo ba byeee ..
Sorry guys I may not give early updates ….???and yeah one more thing my results came And I passed ????
Do read Keep commenting n stay tuned ..

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  1. Supriya18d

    I hope…Kunj win Twinkle trust soon…
    Kush hi kuch krega…..
    wow I’m so excited…
    ty ty ty
    Sam for posting epi
    luv u so much ❤???????????

  2. Aww congratulations sami ??????
    Superb episode ????
    Emotional ? episode twinj ?????? Kunj staying in TM ??
    Post soon Sami
    Again mind blowing episode
    Or plz Kunj ko itni jaldi bhi maaf mat kar dena
    Us ko bhi pata chale twinkle ka pain ??????? plz give father son moments ??❤️

  3. Nishuu

    Wow Sam baby two ffs on same day ????????
    This episode was tooo emotional
    Loved it

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous

  5. Love it so awsm pls let twinke forgive kunj cause he suffered a lot in these 2 years I know not more than twinke but still twinke was having their son and kunj is very guilty har kisika2nd chance toh banta hai na

  6. Sohi


    This episode toh was just mothhh
    (today I’m in full hyderabadi mood)

    Twinkles dialogues were killer
    And yes I want kunj to suffer as he tortured twinkle for 20 episodes

    Congratulations to you for passing ur graduation 1st year

    Do continue

  7. SidMin23

    First congrats u pass and as always episode was on top and Twinj ??? poor my babies. And if possible then do give son dad moment and happy birthday sohi

  8. Presha

    Awesome dii..
    U killed it..
    Loved it…
    The girl u r talking abt is twinj daughter …I m not sure may be…
    Well ,,,
    Love u

  9. amazing
    mind blowing
    wonderful fabulous
    fantastic fantabulous
    splendid incredible

    u nailed it dii

    plz plz plz plz plz POST ASAP

    love u loads ♡♡♡

  10. Sidmin ki sadia

    Aww amazing. Epi
    Kunj ko jaldi se maaf kardena mera dil bht bada hai heheh mazak karrahi thi
    Aapki marzi ok
    Post next soon

  11. mind blowing episode sammu???????
    yrr kunj ko itni jaldi maaf mat karne dena…..

    maza to tab aayega jab kunj ko kush ka pta chalega?????????

    congrats dear for ur result??????

    post soon
    luv u

  12. Purvi128

    Heyyy Samee…!!
    First of all sorry for not commenting on prev episodes…!!
    Really sorry…
    First congratulations for ur result…!!
    The epi was awesome yrr…!!
    I had tears in my eyes while reading…!
    Poor twinj..! They bith r suffering a lot.. ???????????
    Plsss reveal soon who is HER….!! Huhh can’t wait…!
    Post soon…
    Love you ????????????????????

  13. SanamMel

    Hey Sameera? . So sorry dear that I couldn’t comment on ur ff previously?. Sorry again . Btw this episode was so heart touching❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ .
    I really loved it ???. I know Kunj will win Twinkle’s trust? .
    I just can’t wait for the next one .
    Do post soon ?. Have a nice day? . Love u dear ??

  14. Aamu

    So sun..kaan khol kar sunm.

    Plsss…kunj ko maafi dede yaar??..
    He had suffered alot..?..
    Tw ke paaas to kush tha….kunj k paas kon tha..? Plsssss paaav pading…
    Chal ab jldi pos kar..
    Kunj at TM..?? yay..
    N sorry for late…abhi yaad aaya..
    N haa finaalllly thinking combi ka post kardiya..abh hi kiya hai..?

  15. Baby

    ohhh goody ♥
    loved it alotttt ♥
    osm painful emotional cute ♥
    love u ♥

  16. Ramya

    Awesome sam amazing superb
    As usual u nailed it
    N congrats for results
    Love you keep smiling

  17. Shalini15

    Sammuuuuuuuu my darling yaar kya chappar phar episode diya hai mind blowing superb nd emotional episode. Bechare twinj… kitna rulati hai un dono ko??… hope kunj will win her heart soon. Loved the episode so much. Emotions has portrayed very well.
    Love you ???????

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