KAATIL~(A Revengeful love) shot 25 (SILVER JUBILEE)

Hello guys I am backkkkkkkkkkkk againnnnnnnn ….and this time again with SILVER JUBILEE EPISODE …
dekho issss Safar mein ek aur silver jubilee complete tum sab ke Saath …
I am sooooooooooooooo happy today ..this is my 4ff silver jubilee ..
Thanks to all members who supported me thorough out ..I am telling trutg for this story I thought to end it in 15 chapters .but ????nahi hua …
Plzzzz comment guys today …I want my each n every reader to comment today plzzz …
And and a very happy birthday to sidmin23 that’s is Aarti Di ??..
Many u get all the things in your life thank u sooooooooooooooo much for being my support ??????..
So here is am with another most awaited one ..so just enjoy ..
Shot 25 ..(FACE OFF) …
The episode starts with whole taneja mansion is decorated beautifully ..rohan and karan were roaming here and there looking off for the arrangements everything was done amazinggly
…. soon guests started coming …
in piya room :::: ..
twinkle surbhi shanaya were making piya ready …but without leaving a chance of leg pulling ..

Ahem ahem someone is looking sooo pretty today …hai na twinkle shanaya said …

Haan haaan Bhai twinkle said and they both hifi …

She is looking just perfect Surbhi said and the trio smiles …

U all stay here I’ll look what’s these devils are doing said twinkle and shanaya said I’ll accompany you ..

They both left for the devil’s room ..they opened the door to find kush adee and kiara still playing ….and again fighting ..

Kush come here I’ll make u ready ..twinkle said ..but kush said no ..

What ???? But why kush ??? ..twinkle aksed him ..

Same was with adee and kiara they too didn’t wanted to get ready …by shanaya ..

We want twinkle maa to make us ready said adee in her cutie pie voice ..

And I want to get ready by Mami kunj said pouting ..twinkle laughed ..

They both nodded twinkle made ade and kiara get ready in same pink coloured gowns and shanaya made kush ready in black n white suit ..looking exactly like kunj ..shanaya left from there to look for arrangements ..

Maaa …kush adee and kiara said together …and stand there with their puppy faces looking at twinkle …

What happen babies u want anything twinkle aksed them ..

Haan maa plzz call HER back na we are missing her soooooo much …said the devil’s again ..???

Twinkle thought for a while and said aww my babies missing her haan ..
Yeah maa the trio again nodded ….

Plzz aksed her to come back I’ll never fight with her plzz mumma kush said and twinkle pecked his forehead ..

Don’t worry kush she will come back soon I’ll asked her to come back as her cute devils are missing her said twinkle and the trio jumped in happiness ..

Chalo u go down I’ll come with piya said twinkle and left to piya room n thought ..yeah now it’s enough even I am missing HER ..I’ll call her today ..and asks her to come soon …everyone is missing her …she smiled ..
On the other side ..

@ guest house …
Kunj was standing in his room wearing black n white tuxedo looking Extremely hot as usual ..he was on phone call with arav …

K : haan arav get the meeting done with k.t industries tomorrow we will go and complete the leftover formalities he ended the call and went outside ..to find abhay ready in purple sherwani ..he smiled …at him ..

So bro ready for the official commitment for life haan ??? Kunj asked while Abhay nodded ..he teased him till.death with their other friends ..soon they left for taneja mansion ..
@ taneja mansion ::::

Rohan was standing wearing ash coloured sherwani shanaya comes there and gave him his phone she was wearing ash coloured netted saare with matching accessories …Karan was wearing blue tuxedo while Surbhi was wearing blue saare matching him ..they are standing when Abhay with Misha Kabir and other family members reached there ….

Ronaya welcomes them kunj came from behind and got shocked seeing them ….

Shanaya gets teard eye seeing her brother after long time ..kunj was happy for his sister but wasn’t showing it ..

Hello he said slowly ….not meeting his eyes with anyone ..

Bhai he is kunj my friend Abhay started and they let him in ..he went inside ..

He met rohan and hugged him while shanaya looked on he met Karan Surbhi too …while they again got engaged in seeing off for the arrangements ….

Kunj was standing alone missing twinkle ..I am sooo happy to see rohan Bhai and Di together …I wish twinkle was here too ..his thoughts came to end when he saw kush there he smiled and moved towards him …

Hey superman kunj said and kush looked at kunj …smiling ..

Arey partner you kush said and hugged him they talked for a while kush introduce him to ade Kiara and virat kunj was now feeling happy .very much happy….but still he doesn’t know the reason why ….

Call piya said rohan and shanaya whispered she is coming with twinkle ..
Kunj again got a called from arav ..lights went off …he was talking but his heart was thumping faster ..n faster winds starter blowing slow music was being played ….

Here twinkle with piya was coming down …they came on stairs spot light falls on them …

Kunj turned and what he saw left him HELL SHOCKED …

Twinkle was coming down with piya she was wearing black netted Saare looking hell beautiful ..while piya was wearing purple lehenga ..

Kunj eyes filled with tears he didn’t knew it was his imagination or reality ….he was staring twinkle … lovingly …he wanted that it’s leftout to be the reality ..

Soon the lights came bringing him too reality he was very happy too see that his lady love is alive ..his twinkle is alive ….whom he thought she died but for him she never died as she was alive in him in his memories …he was smiling endlessly …twinkle was looking off for kush when noticed kunj there and got shocked …
(Main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays in BG …….♥♥♥♥)

They both looked at each other with painful eyes …conveying their pain their love …kunj wanted to take her in his embrace and tell her how these years were hell without her but he couldn’t do that twinkle turned her gaze which pricked kunj badly he felt as someone stabbed him repeatedly …

Soon rings exchanged of abhiya happened .. and everyone went to have dinner …and blessed the couple I..soon after sometime function ended everyone left …kids was with sanaya in her room …

Twinkle was going back to her room …when she felt a sudden pull ..she opened her eyes to find kunj staring at her lovingly …she can see the repentance and guilt and most importantly the hidden love in his eyes …

T..w..i..n..k..l..e he managed to say with his choking vocie ..

U .. are..Ali..ve he said touching her face still not believing what’s his eyes is seeing ..he pecked her forehead gently ..
(Kaise bataye kyun tujhko chahe..yaara bata na paaye ..
baate dilo ki dekho Jo Baki aake Tujhe samjhaye ….
Tu Jaane na …..Tu Jaane na plays in BG …♥♥♥♥♥)

I ..am soo happy to see you…plzz forgive me …he said and folded his hand infront of her …tears started flowing from his eyes …twinkle could see the pain..she was sad seeing his condition …. he hugged her and she melted in his touch both were crying ..being in each other embrace convening their love pain separation EVERTHING …

Four pairs of eyes were watching them which was none other than ronaya and abhiya ..

I told you na guys ..they both love each other alottt said shanaya ..with tears in her eyes ..

Yeah said rohan …and trio nodded ..

Our plan worked to made them meet today said rohan and smiled ..happily looking at twinj …

Yeah another plan of doing partnership of k.t industries with k.s industries ..said Abhay ..and the all four joins their hands and left from there leaving twinj alone ..

( So as in previous epi Rohan said he is doing what is good for twinkle it’s shanaya plan to unite twinj so that they both get the happiness in their life back in which Abhay and piya had also supported them so Abhay had forced kunj to come London for a month ..)

Rohan shanaya Abhay piya was standing ..in the balcony ..

Now everything will be fine between them said piya excited ..

No u are wrong ronaya said together ..and looked at each other
But why ??? Abhay asked ..still confused..

As far as we knew twinkle will not forgive kunj easily ..after the pains he gave her Rohan said and shanaya nodded ..with pain and guilt in her eyes ..

But we will unite them for sure ..they all join hands …
Screen freezes …
Precap : nahi bolungi ???????….a tragedy ???
So how was the shot ????
Do comment guys ….????
Ba byeeee …love u all ….
So ab who is HER ye mat poochna ??????u All have to guess …
Will twinkle forgive kunj ???? Will everything will be fine btwn them ..??stay tuned to know more ..
Thanks to all who commented on last one ….
Again happy birthday ?????..
Chalo jaldi jaldi comments dedo ???????…
Acha final.jaa rahi Hu …
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Presha

    Amazing dii..
    Loved it..

    Too good…
    Love u..
    Post soon..
    Nd Congo??

  2. Finally milla di dono ko but that does not mean ki tum kunj ko itne jaldi maaf jar do gi.toda romance to banta hai boss Bohot duki sa track chal raha tha na
    Sorry for not not commenting on previous ones due my problems hope you forgive me
    Be happy
    Stay healthy
    Tabi toh post kar sakti ho
    Loads of love
    Will be waiting for your next post of both ffs

  3. First congratulation ????????dear sameera ???
    Finally silver jubilee ??????❤️❤️?????????
    Superb duper episode no words ? for u
    Emotional ? episode ??????????
    Ab yeh new Kon hai
    Shock ???mat dena
    I think so not sure ? twinj ek aur. Baby t? to nhi hai
    Twinkle kunj ko maaf kar ke ???❤️❤️?
    Post soon too kthh ❤️❤️??❤️
    Loads of love ❤️

  4. SidMin23

    Thank u Sam and episode was amazing and I wonder who might be her and Don’t make twinkle forgive kunj easily and can u show Dad son scene more thank you Sam for the wishes. ???????

  5. Sohi

    Sabse pehle congratulations Sam
    I wish u make more 100 successful silver jubilees like this

    This ff is very much different from ur other ffs but then also it got successful like them

    And about the episode it was just superb and marvelous
    And I think HER is some elder women, well let’s see who she will be

    But I want twinkle not to forgive kunj soo soon

    Do continue

  6. Sidmin ki sadia

    Congrats for ur silver jubilee. Di luv u
    Awesome. Epi finally. Twinj ko miladiya aapne
    Post next soon

  7. amazing episode sammu finally twinj mil gaye ???????.

    congratulation for silver jubilee ? ?? ???????????????

    post soon dear plzzzzz
    luv u???

    once again happy b’day sidmin 23

  8. Nishuu

    Wow sam it was awesome amazing
    Finally twinj met each other
    Loved it soooooooo much
    Plzzzz post soon my dear
    Love u soooooooo much?????????

  9. Amazing episode!

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous

  11. Supriya18d

    Hey Sam!!
    congratulation Baby… 25 epi likh dia….
    bahut dimag vali ho…vrna koi Itna achha kaise likh skta h…..
    awsm yaar…
    aur thanks TwiNj ko milane k liye…..
    luv u baby…???????

  12. Shalini15

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyh finally twinj mil gaye????????????? ab dono ko jaldi se ek bhi kar de I can’t see them in pain ?????????? awesome mind blowing fabulous superb episode. Loved devils scene ???????????? dressing was too good. Loved it nd loved the episode. Aur ye HER kaun hai mujhe kya pata tu jaldi se next wala post kar tab main jan jaungi phir tujhe bata dungi ????????????? Post soon.
    Nd haan HAPPY SILVER JUBLI ???????????????????????????????????????????????? aise aur silver jubli celebrate karti raho ✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋??????????????
    Love you ???????????

  13. Ramya

    Awesome sam amazing superb
    But pehpe congratulations for silver jubilee
    I’m so happy for u
    Awesome episode
    Twinj ka Face off was Super
    Love you keep smiling

  14. Loved it amazing

  15. Aamu

    First of all me bhul jaoo usse pehlebohot bohot badhiya…
    Silver jubileee hogayi..mubarakaaaaannnn….
    Welll this was duperb finally mila diya…
    N ek minutes silver jubilee par milaya..unita 50 mat karna samji..!
    It was amazing..n awesome…hope ye sab khet ki muliyon ka plan passs hojaaye nghey unite???
    Post sooon..
    Love yaaa

  16. ???????
    Haye di ne phir ek silver jubilee..
    Congratulations my di..many more r on the way??????
    Nd twinj???????finally mil Gaye?..
    Lods of love dii..
    Bzy with assignments

  17. congratulations for sliver jubilee…Aise golden jubilee bhi complete kardo..
    Again a tragedy.. what it can be???
    I don’t think tw gonna forgive kunj easily..
    post soon and ur revenge romance was too good..I damn sure u gonna rock love romance also..

  18. Rochika

    Yehhh!!! Sameera di finally u have made twinj met…oh god..this episode was sooooo soooo sooo sooo stupendous.congrats for completing 25 episodes..?????????????? yehhh!.u have made it to silver jubliee di…???…awesome!!!! This episode was truly remarkable….
    Post soon
    Love u!?

  19. Cheena2001Cp

    Happy 25!!! Thankyou for entertaining us….May this goes to 100*100??…..
    ?????……This was AMAZING???……..Post soon next ??

  20. Baby

    hayeeeeeee ♥ babaji samiee ko humesha khush rakho…… 😉
    aree tere bhale ke liye khe rhi hun aisieee nahi khe rhi ki tune bhott achaa episode idya 🙂 hehe
    dekh ek toh isliye bhi khe rhi hun mei yeh kunki na tu humesha smile lati hai sabke face par or jo sbko smile krata hai usko humesha khush rehna chaiye isliye apne babaji se khe rhi thi…..apne bhagwaanji se..dekhna samiee mere kahana jii naa merii zaroor sunenge 🙂
    love u sooooooooo mch finally i mean woww again a silver jublieee…… 🙂 ♥♥♥♥
    srsly m soooooo happy ♥
    no bounds to dis silly pyaari wali happiness ♥
    loved it alottt……..♥
    finally d face off n dat painful lovely hug ohhh god n kya yeh HR mahi maya ya alisha hai ?
    kon hai yeh suspense………ufff i cant wait……..♥
    love ya siissyyy ♥
    sry iss nacheez ko maaf krna late hun mei ♥
    love u alottt agn ♥
    keep smiling always…….. 🙂

  21. Baby

    ohhh god n kya yeh HR mahi maya ya alisha hai ?
    yrrr merko ek or doubt hai kahin voh bebe toh nahi hai yaa fir voh kahin usha ya leela toh nahi hai but voh toh sbka death hogaya tha naa….pata nahi cant wait at all…….
    kon hai yeh suspense………ufff i cant wait……..bebe lag rhi hain pata nahi tere khurafati dimaag mein konsa khurafaati idea aa rha hai 🙂
    n haan congratulations for the silver jublieee……..♥
    bhul hi gayi thi min bhulakad hun naa……..hehe 🙂
    love ya ♥

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