KAATIL~(A Revengeful love) shot 24

Shot 24 …
The episode starts with kunj doing his packing he took his necessary clothes packed everything he kept his and twinkle pic and smiled and moved towards airport …

There abhay kabir misha was already present waiting for them ..kunj and arav came there and they all headed towards their flight and sat …after security check ..soon their journey started …

Kunj was feelings weird as if this trip is gonna bring colours in his life back ..he slept thinking of twinkle …soon they reached London and moved to guest house …as abhay booked it for a month for his wedding …which was near to taneja mansion ..
Next scene ..
Another beautiful morning in London everyone woke up and came down for breakfast …shanaya twinkle and piya was in kitchen and rohan was taking care of devils …

Adeeba kiara and kush fight and rohan made them apologize this was the daily event which happen at their homes or else their morning would be very bad ..
They prepared breakfast and sat on the dinning table ..

I can’t believe today is your engagement piya said twinkle excitedly and teasing her …

Haan finally she is getting engaged kush spoke and piya passed him death glare

Shanaya was trying to feed ade and kiara but they were too mischievous ..
Twinkle fed them and they both eat happily ..

Omg twinke just bcoz if you they eat their breakfast daily said shanaya looking at her angels ..who hugged twinkle ..

We love you maa said kiara and ade and hugged twinkle while kush make faces as he was jealous …
(Ade and kiara too called twinkle as maa …)

All had their breakfast ..when twinkle said …
Omg I need matching accessories for my outfit ..

Umm twinkle even I want said shanaya .
And both smile sheepishly….

U both are too careless who will shop on the engagement day Han ..asked Rohan reading news paper and sipping his coffee …

WE said shanaya and twinkle and laughs ..and hifi …

Ok u both go I’ll stay with kids at home ..what say babies piya said ..and the trio nods …happily …and ask twinkle and shanaya to bring something for them ..

It’s fine then take care of them we are going said shanaya and twinkle and both left …

Surbhi karan and virat came and kids went to play …twinkle asked surbhi to join too and she nodded ..soon the trio left …

I’ll see off the arrangements said rohan and karan and piya nods ..they too went to look for arrangements ..
Next scene :::
After sleeping peacefully kunj and abhay woke up..and got ready to roam in London …they went to shopping mall and took necessary things …twinkle came to the side where kunj was there .both were standing opposite back facing to each other ….

Both felt something but doesn’t see each other coz of crowd ….twinkle went to other shop…

Abhay gets a call from piya and he took kunj to taneja mansion so that he can meet his girlfriend for last time before they get engaged …

They entered taneja mansion kunj didn’t notice the name board …

Kush ade virat and kiara were playing ..in the lawn ..

Kush was basketball lover his lifeline is there in basket ball ..

Kunj ask abhay to go and meet piya till then he will stay in lawn ..he said okay and left from there ..

Kunj was standing in lawn ..trying to call arav when basketball​ hits him he turned and finds kush there …standing looking at him with his apple eyes ..

I am so sorry kush said holding his ears kunj smiled at him …while he continued but it was not my mistake it’s my house so I can play anywhere .. who are you ?? And why u are here ….today we have our maasi engagement then u came for decorations haan ???this house is full of ladies ..just tell me why u are here he speaks in one go ….

Kunj mouth left wide open as he is a kid or what and thinks ..huh he must be kid of devil only ..just see him how possesive he is ..he is just a small kid ..sachiii Kisi Shaitan ki hi aulad hogi ???????….

I am sorry kunj said …looking at kush ..don’t know why he apologized to him even though it was not his mistake …

Achaaa ..uncle I can forgive you if u agree to play with me ..said kush with tashan face if I win I’ll forgive you ….but I never loose in basket ball …he said trying to make kunj agree as virat and ade were talking not wanting to play anything and kiara was playing with her teddy ..kush was feeling bored so he wanted someone to play with him …

Basketball after eternity shall I play with him kunj thought just looked at him he is sooo cute ..and the way he talks ..omg babaji …and said okay I’ll play ..with you ..

They both started to play after so.many years kunj was feeling like he was now living …both were competing with each other in every step …kush was very happy and impressed with kunj for his basketball ball skills …kunj looses so that he can see smile on kush face …

.they both played till they got tired and sat on the bench …fully exhausted ..

Kunj took kush in his lap and aksed him his name …

He said kush sar..he was going to complete when abhay comes there and they left …

I’ll meet u tonight said kunj and does hifi with kush ..

Okay uncle I’ll wait for you between u are a very good player ….thanks for playing a with me he saidd while kunj smiled ..and left from there ….

Soon twinkle surbhi shanaya came back and they rest for sometime and got ready for the engagement …
Screen freezes …
Precap : finally the most awaited one ab khud hi guess Karlo ???…

So how was the shot ????…
Hope u all liked it …
Thanks to all the members who commented …??????????????…
Ba byeeee love u all guys …
No bak bak today …
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned.

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  1. Awsome episode di. .. loved it..plz post soon

  2. Hi sameera luvd it… Soo cute … Luv kunj and his son bond alot… I think in nxt twinj will meet ….. Excited for nxt …. And plzzz post kkhh soon till morning …. And plzzz post that one also ….
    Ok byeee…
    Luv u??…

  3. it’s awesome..
    kunj is very correct..
    shaitan ki toh aulad hai..
    kush is so possessive like his shaitan dad
    waiting for next epi

  4. Sohi

    Ek dam jhakas +dhamal episode
    Kush and kunj jodi is cool
    Liked twinkles and shanaya’s bonding

    But 1 doubt (again) who is playing the characters of piya abhey and Tia arrav
    Plz put piya and abhey as zain and Aditi
    Do reply me on this


    1. Sameera

      Haan okay sohi piya Abhay as Zain and Aditi and Tia arav umm Jose choose Kare ….Tu hi koi couple decide karde ???.

      1. Sohi

        Umm How about mishkat verma and kanchi Singh?

      2. Sameera

        I was thinking same lekin Tia aur arav just pa hai ??so no role zyada …

  5. Mind blowing episode ?
    Mashallah ??????
    Kunj line kishi shaitan ki aulad hai ????indirectly aapne aap ko hi shaitan bata rhai hai ?????Bata kya rhai such me hi us ki hi aulad hai ????????I loved kush ❤️Kunj bonding ????? ?
    Hey sami where yuvi and mahi ??
    Post soon too kthh
    Loads of love ❤️ dear

  6. Samaira_khan

    Hi for the very first time I am commenting I have been reading this story since start loved it sorry for not commenting ur an amazing write and I also read ur other story kuch toh hua hai seriously love both of them ur an amazing wonderful and a creative writer
    # again sorry for not commenting before loved it
    # tc…

    1. Sameera

      Hey samaira thanks for commenting yaar it means alott ?????????

  7. Simiyy

    I really loved it
    Can’t wait to read more
    Post soon
    Loads of Love

  8. SidMin23

    Nice and love kunj and kush moment and I guess twinj will met in next episode cant wait now do post soon.

  9. Presha

    Amazing di…
    Loved it….
    Too good…
    Love u…
    Post soon..
    Kunj khus scenes we’re ?????
    Love u…

  10. Hola my jaan se bhi pyaari di❤❤❤
    Episode was so cute
    Kunj nd khush were cutest ???
    Lods of love?????
    Post soon bolne ki zarurat nai qki app already jaldi post kr dete ho?????
    Love u❤❤

  11. amazing episode dear????
    kunj & kush bonding mindblowing loved it????

    shaitan wala dialoge very funny??????

    plzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post soon dear plZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    luv u??

  12. Sidmin ki sadia

    Amazing. Epi luv kush and kunj dialogues. Post next soon eagerly. Waiting. For it

  13. Fatimaa.

    Hayeee sameera..
    Yaar it was mind boggling..
    Kya epi tha..
    Muaahhhh just lovedd it..
    Cant wait fr next one..
    Plzz post soonn….
    Love you?

  14. Awesome epi
    Really Shaitan ki Olad ????
    Exciting for next

  15. Shalini15

    Hi meri chudail ???????? ekdum jhakkas bindas paisa vasool episode diya hai hayeeeee main wari javan kya tashan tha devil ke bete ka ?????????? anjane mein hi sahi kunj ne maan liya ye shaitan ka bachha hai??????????? superb episode. Loved it so much. Ab jaldi se next wala post kar de bcz I can’t wait for that nd waise mujhe tujh par bharosa nahi hai koi na koi Syapa jaroor karegi tu nd may wo misunderstanding ka ho ????????? well jaldi se post kar.
    Love youuuuuuuuuu ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  16. Aamu

    Awiee..! Amazing..???
    Kunj n kush basketball huh..!.loved it..
    Whole was fun…
    N yeah twinj meet..????
    Jldi kar post n tell me..
    Sorry for the short one..but jldi me hu byee

  17. Hey Sameee..!!!
    What an epi..!!
    Loved Kunj’s nd Kush’s bonding..!!
    Shaitan ki aulad.. ?????
    that was really hillarious…!!
    Loved it..!
    Precap..!! Ummm…
    Of course twinj’s meet…!!
    Huh can’t wait for next..!
    Post soon..
    Or haan login nhi kiya tha is liye aesy hi comment ker rahi hun..
    Love you ❤❤❤??

  18. Supriya18d

    Sam….awsm amazing supreb cute sweet….epi…Tha…

    luv it baby. .and
    luv u 2??

  19. Ramya

    Awesome sam
    Kush aur kunj tho mil gaye
    Ab twinj milenge tho kya higa
    Post soon Love you keep smiling

  20. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous

  21. Baby

    samieee ♥
    loved it sooo mch ♥
    osm ♥
    cute ♥
    luvd kunjs n kush jodi ♥
    but 1 doubt rohan kahan chala gya tha voh bhi ghar pr hi tha na??
    loved it ♥
    love u lot….♥

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