KAATIL~(A Revengeful love) shot 22

This shot is dedicated to the birthday girl …ANAYAALI ….
Shot 22 ..
The episode starts with flashback continues ..twinkle came from behind and shanaya got shocked seeing her ..

Twinkle she said and got happy seeing her she looked at rohan and he nods saying it’s true ….

She sat on her knees infront of twinkle and apologize to twinkle ….

I am soo sorry for what I had done with you twinkle I am sorry for everything I know a sorry can’t give you what I snachted she cried ..n cried …

twinkle made her stand no need Di … It’s was not yours mistake my fate is like that only ..twinkle too cried ..

Twinki plzz yaar don’t cry it’s not good for your health rohan said ..holding her to support …

Haan Bhai said twinkle wiping her tears .
..and aksed him to marry shanaya ..

So shanaya will u marry me ??? Asked rohan again ..U wanna marry me rohan ??? ..she aksed ..???

Yess coz somewere it was my mistake too and I wanna make everything fine ..rohan replied ..

Twinkle u forgave me ???? ..shanaya asked …and turned looked at her ..

No di I can’t forgive u soo easily ..it will take time to heal my wounds ..said Twinkle turning to other side ..

Twinkle u said right I had done so bad with you now I’ll set everything right for u and kunj ..it’s my promise ..

No di if u want me to forgive kunj and you … u have to promise me u will not tell kunj that i am alive ..shanaya got shocked ..

But twinkle he loves you .soo much and I apologize it’s not his mistake twinkle it was me plzz forgive him …said shanaya

Yeah I know di …but still.i wanted this said twinkle ….I am forgiving you coz of Bhai …I don’t want him to stay away from his love bcoz of me ..plzz agree to me …twinkle said …

Shanaya thought for a while and promised twinkle that she will not tell kunj anything ..as she didn’t knew where kunj went after that incident coz he had ended all ties with shanaya ..she tried to find him but of no use as no one knows where kunj went …

Raman ranveer akash and their wife’s comes there ..and ask shanaya to get ready for their wedding ..

Then ronaya got married but still twinkle didn’t forgave shanaya …she agreed to their wedding coz she wanted rohan to get his love …

Shanaya still felt guilty she went for her surgery it was a painful one surgery everyone was praying for her health .. she became alright ..still no change in twinkle ..then they got to know about their Anita maasi death(piya mum) then all moved to London where twinkle gave birth ..everyone was soo happy shanaya too was expecting this made their happiness doubled .

Shanaya n twinkle was getting normal towards each other rohan was happy to see his family …

Kush was weak since birth and twinkle got skin allergy so she was not allowed to touch them that was when shanaya took care of kush for 2 months like his own mother twinkle felt repentance in shanaya eyes she took care of kush ..not caring about her own babies ..this melted twinkle and her every attempt that finally shanaya improved and she forgave shanaya after the kids birth from.then they are living happily ….)
Flashback ends ..

Shanaya was crying and rohan was consoling her …

Shh shanaya stop crying I can’t see u and twinki crying ever …

But rohan whatever twinkle is because of me only she is not with kunj now bcoz of ..my mistakes she said ..

Yeah she didn’t wanted to forgive kunj but trust me we will set everything right u trust me ???? …he asked ..looking at her ..

More than myself she said and they hugged …
Next scene :::::


A beautiful scenario of city is showing with the busiest roads and people in hustle bustle … A hot handsome guy is shown standing near his stylish car in his black n white formals ..his eyes shows pain his face had guilt .. but he had smile on his lips ..he went inside the orphanage …

All the kids smile seeing him and hugged him tightly..

We knew you would come to meet us said one of the kid ..

Haan fir then I had to come here for my kids he said smiling at the kids …

A lady in mid 50’s comes there and pat on his shoulder …kunj puttar ..

(Yeah yeah ab guess karliya pata hai mujhe…dekho dikha Diya tumhàre kunj ko ????…)

Ji babee he said and smiled at the lady
Come I need to talk to you puttar she said and kunj called his pa and. He distribute the gifts among the children while kunj and babee went inside to talk ..

(In this ff there is no biological relation between kunj and babee …)

Everything fine babee ?? Kunj asked looking at her ..

Yeah kunj I wanna thank you tumne in Sab bacho ko naya ghar dediya ….Keene ki wajah Dedi tum bhtt ache ho kunj she said ..and gave her blessings to kunj …

No need babee this is just small repentance for my crime ..I don’t want any kid to suffer ..bcoz of other mistakes he said and tears forms in his eyes ..
Babee wipes it and says u are so good kunj may u long live ..he smiled and said I have to go for meeting she nods and
Kunj looks at one small kid and says if I wouldn’t have done stupidity then my kid will also be playing with me and twinkle twinkle like this he went to the kids played with them left from there after spending some time with kids …

He went inside his K.S industries and went directly to his cabin when his pa
Let the pa name arav comes there …

Any ??? Imp.thing arav ??? He asked checking out the files in his lappy ..

Yeah sir actually the partnership with K .T Industries ..which we want to do from past 6 months finally they are ready to do partnership with us he said smiling
Ohh that’s good it’s beneficial for us kunj said while arav nodded …

Well whose company that was ..the owner of the company ..name ?..what his name ????…he asked ..

Ahh sir not his it’s her that owner is a lady she had gained everything just in past 2 years …he said while kunj was shocked …

Ohh that’s nice he said n thinks lady huh I should have guessed it she had taken 6 months for confirmation ..only ladies can show this much attitude but this deal is beneficial for me ….I had to start a new assignment for kids and women’s ..welfare..
He came out of his thoughts when he heard a knock on the door …

Come in he said and a hot guy entered kunj smiled seeing him arav left from there …

Abey saale u are working still said the man snachting the laptop from his hand …

Huh abhay just give it back to me ..
(So the guy was abhay kunj childhood buddy …and pia fiance …)

No i wont ..he said while kunj frowns ..and sat there ..while Abhay looks at him smiling …

Screen freezes …
Precap : Abhay to convince kunj to come London …with him ..and ..khud dkh Lena …
So so hows the shot ???? …
Hope u all like it …
Thanks to all guys for your lovely comments ..and Ayesha nope yaar I am not at all angry with you ..
Love u all …
Do comment if u want next one ..
And yess i am fine now ????..
Ba byeeee guys …
Jaldi jaldi comments dedo I promise next episode jaldi milega???..
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned ..
Again a happy birthday anayaali …

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  1. Sohi

    Episode was fabulous
    Liked shanaya’s change over
    Felt bad for twinkle

    So kunj sudhar gaye good
    Ohh the up coming twist is awesome I’m eagerly waiting for it

    Do continue

  2. SidMin23

    Hahaha do comment people so u will gt next soon and episode was mind blowing. Now the real fum began well glad your fine and do post soon can’t wait to read next soon episodes……

  3. amazing. ..Sam awsome…post asap

  4. Baby

    uffff sam ♥
    am sbse jyada addicted to ur writings yrr…….♥
    srsly amazing ♥
    ohhh god soo cute n emotional ♥
    d fb was soooo cute n soo emotional ♥
    loved it aloottt ♥
    amazing ♥
    love u sam my sissy ♥

  5. Superb duper episode ???❤️❤️❤️❤️?????thanks humare kunj ko dikha ne ke liye ????
    Finally Kunj aagya
    Post soon mene comment kiya ha?Jaldi post karna ????tc

  6. Superb duper episode ???❤️❤️❤️❤️?????thanks humare kunj ko dikha ne ke liye ????
    Finally Kunj aagya
    Post soon mene comment kiya ha?Jaldi post karna ????kuch toh hua hai also plz??

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  8. P.....Secret

    Loved it..
    Kunj is so changed the real one..
    Love u..
    Post soon

  9. Supriya18d

    yeah… TwiNj mil jayenge…..??☺☺☺☺?amazing epi dear

  10. Di The episode was marvellous
    U nailed it
    Loved it to the core
    Feeling sorry for twinj
    Post soon your both the ffs
    Love u
    Keep smiling

  11. Hey sameera thnk u sooooo muchhhhh??? …. Yr it means alot…. Thnks for posting….
    I have not read it yet …. But afyer reading i will surely cmnt….
    Byeee …. Luv u??… Tc… Thnks again….

  12. Ayesha51

    mind blowing episode di
    u nailed it dear dii

    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz POST ASAP

    love u a lot. ……♡♡♡


  13. Ayesha51

    and yah





    1. Thnk u ayesha ??? for wishes it means alot…. Luv u… Tc…

  14. Happy birthday to u
    Happy birthday to anayaali
    Happy birthday

  15. Nishuu

    Sam it was awesome dear
    Loved it

  16. amazing episode sammu mindblowing????
    post soon dear

  17. Amazing episode ?
    Post soon
    And happy birthday dear

  18. Sidmin ki sadia

    Awesome epi di eagerly waiting. For next epi post soon

  19. Ramya

    Awesome sam amazing
    U nailed it
    Super l.
    Sorry for late
    Love you keep smiling

  20. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous

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