KAATIL~(A Revengeful love) shot 21

Shot 21 …

The episode starts with twinkle.rohan piya turning and looked at SHANAYA..and smiled …
(SHOCKED ~~~~~~HELL SHOCKED ?????..WAIT WAIT TAMATAR ANDE SANDALS JO JO B UTHAYE HAI UNKO UNKE STHAN PE WAPAS RAKH DIYA JAAYE ..hahah guys read further shanaya ko saza b mili hai ????…and trust me ab tak isko hate Kiya ab u will love her character ….)
My angels shanaya said and hugged adeeba and kiara …while they hugged her tighter saying they ..missed her …

Come baby can we do family hug without you rohan said and side hugged shanaya …she smiled at him …

Kush holds her hand pulling her calling Mami ….and pulled twinkle too …

They all hugged while kush adeeba and kiara again went to play again ..

Be careful shanaya said and kids nods and ran….

Ye bache bhi nah said rohan and twinkle n shanaya passed him death glare …

Acha I’ll not tell anything said rohan ..keeping hand on his lips ..

Better …said twinkle ..and shanaya piya laughed …as rohan was only scared of twinkle ….

I’ll be back in a minute guys said piya moving towards balcony as her fiance called her …

Shanaya looked at twinkle teard eye and moved towards her …rohan smiled ..

Thank u sooo much twinkle for giving me everything she said folding her hands …thank u for everything ..

No need Di …I mean Bhabhi ..u got enough punishment now u have right on everything on kush adeeba and kiara and this family said twinkle ..clearing her tears …

Rohan pulled them both and said oh my lovely ladies it’s piya engagement only preserve your tears for her bid farewell ..
The trio laughs and shanaya and twinkle hugged him ..

I am gonna prepare special wala dinner today said shanaya smiling I went to market and brought many things ..I’ll help you baby rohan said while twinkle coughs ..

Continue your romance love birds I have a meeting will be back soon and Bhabhi ..twinkle said looking at shanaya …

Yeah yeah I’ll take care of kush don’t worry said shanaya ..assuring her ..

Twinkle smiled and said I know and left from there …for her meeting ..

Rohan pulled shanaya and said it’s still time for dinner let’s have some romance ..what say ??? …

Shut up rohan u have two twins and still said shanaya ..

Huh u are most unromantic person huh said rohan ..

Shanaya pecked his cheek and they moved towards the kitchen ..

U know rohan I still feel guilty for what I did with twinkle but she is such a good hearted person she forgave me easily even though I had done very bad with her ..said shanaya having tears in her eyes …

I can understand shanaya but u have to forget this twinkle forgot everything and u too forgot …u have repented for your crimes …and we have to return back twinkle happiness too ..

Flash back shows …

After rohan meeting twinkle a month later .. he had met with a small accident he was in hospital when he sees shanaya admitted there ..he followed shanaya without her notice ..

Surgery doctor ..said shanaya ..looking at the doctor ..

Yeah miss ur blood levels have increased because of the overdose of the drugs ..said Dr ..

Dr I wanna stop taking the drugs but I wasn’t able to do this I became a devil in that effect that I destroyed two life’s ..now I wanna free from this addiction plzz doctor do something ..she folds her hands …infront of doctor crying badly ..

Rohan gets shocked hearing shanaya was a drug addict …shanaya went from there taking her necessary medicines and drips …

Rohan went to doctor and asked her about shanaya ..

Dr : who are you and what u wanna know about her ???

R : mam I am her husband I wanna know about it he lied ..

Dr : ohh shanaya never told about you well she was addicted to drugs badly whenever person feels low or being dejected he/she will start taking unnecessary medication same was with shanaya I don’t know what she did but in these drug effect person doesn’t know what he/she is doing …it happens mostly when u don’t get loved from your loved ones …

Rohan gets shocked hearing to doctor he held himself responsible as after lert death he left shanaya .without reason ..he left from there and went to her house …

Shanaya got shocked seeing him ..u here ..rohan she asked still not believing after few months someone came to her house …

I wanna talk to you he asked her about her surgery ..

Yes rohan it’s true after u left I started taking drugs too then papa death and everything I got more addicted to them I don’t know how i became soo devil that I am responsible for twinkle death and twinj separation ..i ..don’t even know where kunj went k tried to find him but I of no use …I have no one now coz I of my mistakes ..Im going for the surgery ..dont know I’ll survive or not I think it’s happening to me coz I have done soon much bad with twinkle I wanna apologize to her but I can’t bcoz she is not with us now she cried repenting for the mistakes she did ..rohan felt bad but left from there ..
He came back his home twinkle sees him and he told her everything she got shocked knowing rohan and shanaya were in love with eo .as still she didn’t knew about it …and about shanaya addiction ..too she got shocked ..

What u have decided Bhai ??? ..Twinkle asked ..looking at rohan ..

Twinkle I don’t know how u will react but I wanna marry her coz somewere she needs love and I am responsible for her condition …he looked at twinkle thinking she will get angry …she hugged him I am proud of you Bhai I am happy with your decision ..

Pakka he asked ??? …
Yes Bhai pakka said twinkle smiling …
Who.will know better than me how much love is important ..said twinkle and they both sat talking ..

After few days of keeping eye on shanaya rohan decided to get married to her and gave her a normal life so that she can repent for her crimes too .
At xyz date :::
Rohan made all the preparations to get married to shanaya twinkle helped him he called shanaya to reach his home ..

What’s this rohan ???? She asked shockingly ..looking at all the wedding decorations ..

He sat on his knees and asked will u marry me ..shanaya ???

But how can u marry me I had done so bad with everyone i had done many things …with twinkle bcoz of me she is not with us …said shanaya ..

Who said she is not with us said rohan ..while shanaya was confused …

Twinkle came from behind and shanaya got shocked seeing her ..

Screen freezes…
Precap : how twinkle forgave shanaya and kunj entry …
So how was the shot ..
I know aaj bhi kunj nahi tha but pakka next wale me hoga …
Well thanks to all who commented ..
I know u hadnt imagine the track like this at all ?????…
And so sorry guys may be in upcoming days I may not be able to give updates regularly ..pata hai kyun ??college start hone wala hai …azaadi khatam ????…
But promise u all will try to give whenever get time ..as I can’t also stay away ???…
Chalo chalo ba byeee ….
Love u all ..
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned..

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  1. SidMin23

    Nice and waiting for hero entry

  2. P.....Secret

    Loved it..
    Hero ki entry chshiya jaldi…

    Plz post soonest
    Love u…??

  3. Ayesha51

    di di my sweetie di

    it was just AWESOME

    I guessed right that SHANAYA is the lady

    but jo bhi I can’t forgave SHANAYA


    ook di it was so heart touching

    plz next wale me kunj ki entry must

    but plz ket him SUFFER TO THE HELL

    he deserve it

    twinkle shouldn’t forgave him easily


    aisa bhi koi karta hain apne love ki saath………

    ok di plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz POST ASAP

    Love u di to the infinity. ………♡♡♡

    take care…….


  4. Ayesha51

    aur apne mujhe maaf to kiya na

    Cause I wasn’t able to comment on previous few episodes

    plz di maaf kardo na


    do reply me….

    love u……♡♡♡


  5. Rochika

    Oh god di it was such an emotional and sooo fantastic fab episode…????????????????????? chalo atlast shanaya has realised what she did in the past…Now onwards i like shanaya becoz she is now repenting for her crimes..now i like her or maybe i love her character now..??????..Di pakka u have to show kunj in nxt episode..can’t wait for it…love u tooo the core..and btw ur health is good or not? Get well soon
    Post soon
    Love u!?

  6. Sohi

    Amazing episode
    Bohot bada shock diya tumne shanaya k Roop me
    Well yes she got her punishment for crime

    But I have a request kunj also has to bear the punishment for doing that to twinkle

    Waiting for the next update and kunjs entry
    Do continue

  7. JuneSpy

    Yeh Kya Tha ?
    Ur rgt never imagined it??
    Ab bas kunj ki entry kara dheejye ?

  8. Very shocking epi
    And ya my college is also going to start
    Azaadi khatam?

  9. Oo nooo ?????
    Kya episode hai shock ??????
    Superb episode ?
    Yaar tum to day by day ektakapoor banti ja rhi ho????????
    Such me 440 volt ka jatka laga???⚡️⚡️
    Are twinkel ne iss daiyaan sanaya ko keshe maaf kardiya ????? itni Easily what about my Kunj yeh sab us sanaya ne kiya ????????
    Post soon

  10. Sidmin ki sadia

    Awesome. Epi di mind blowing outstanding
    Waiting. For kunj entry
    Post next soon di Luv u soo much

  11. Nice episode di…loved it…waiting for next episode

  12. Anshikajainn

    Yrr. It was perfect…Just perfect family ab Kunj aajaye toh bass….❤❤??

  13. Sam Meri Jaan ye Kaya tha?????????????

    I m hell shocked ???

    Shanaya ko twinkle n maaf kr diya or kunj ka Kaya wo kahan ha ab next m us ki entry krwa Dena paka wrna tmri ek reader soch soch ka hi mar jaye gi ka kunj kahan ha or kesa ha

    Is liye us ki entry dena or jldi sa post krna

    Twinkle sa kunj ko jldi sa maaf krwa dena ok mj sa brdasht nhi hoti in dono ki judai

    Byeeeee my cutieee pieeeee ?????
    Luv u jaan??❤❤
    Keep smiling & best of luck for clg as ur clg is going to start again ????

  14. Simiyy

    its really interesting
    Cant wait to read more
    Post soon
    Loads of Love

  15. Ayesha51

    di di will u tell me where u live ???

    1. Sohi

      Where do you live ayesha?

  16. Ramya

    Awesome Sam amazing
    Ek ke baad ek shock De rahi ho
    It’s superb
    Can’t wait for kunj arrival
    Love you keep smiling

  17. Baby

    OMG !!! sam ♥
    jst soo emotional

    loved it ♥
    cute n emotional n too shocking yesh toh guess krliya tha its shanaya bt kaisiee yeh nahi kar payi thi…♥
    love u ♥

  18. awesome episode sammu itne sarre shock de diye yrr ab hero ki entry kra do? ???????

    ab tabhiyat kaisi h yrrr tumhari ab aaraam h
    post soon yrr plzzzzzzzzzzzzZ
    luv u

  19. Oyii dii.

    Surprise hogaye kya?? Kal mera maths exam h aur main TU par gulcharrre udda thi hun????.. vo kya h na zebra ne jina haram kr rakha h..aur plant (root) bhi???

    Anyways episode was mindblowing nd u agree to kiya app ekta kapoor ban rhe ho..????????

    Mujhe aur mere jaan ko bada nai kiya??????
    Hate u di..but more than hate i love u??????

    Anyways love u lods di..

    Will talk with u after 1pm tmrw..

    Till than..tc..?????

  20. Supriya18d

    Sam I luv u…PTA h kitna… 100% … Sachi….
    amazing work……luv u

  21. Cheena2001Cp

    Ohhh My God!!! Twist ki nadi ban gayi Hai….?….Shanaya ko aise hi maaf Kar Diya?…Lekin Kunj ko nahi kiya hoga Kya?? Nahi kiya hoga?…..The one who provoked and manipulated him is now happy?….But anyways post soon ???

  22. Aamu

    Haaaa..pata hai..
    Late hu..!
    But meri galti ni hai..trust me..?
    Me bhul gayi thi..or abhi yaad aaya..
    Welll it was a blast..
    N shanaya ko maafi nahi milni chahiye..no..no way..
    Kunj ko to maag nahi kiya hoga na..?
    Den y shanaya…
    Saari fasaa ki jhad wahi thi na..!(dadi’s dialogue)???
    Well..it was amazing..
    I really loved it..post soon ..n do notify me
    Love ya?

  23. Purnima.agrawal30

    Shocking interesting

  24. Nishuu

    Wow Sam awesome episode

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