KAATIL~(A Revengeful love) shot 20 ..

Shot 20 …

London …♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

A big manison is shown …fully decorated with flowers curtains of blue and white combinations several neonical bulbs ….giving it an amazingly superbbb look …looks like a wedding is. Gonna happen there ….it has a big hall which contains stairs from the middle it was fully decorated amazinggggly ..
A small boy wearing white t-shirt blue small pants and a cap was running in the whole mansion with a man walking behind him …the boy was running having a basket ball in his hand …

Kush kush my superman ruk na the man said still running behind him ..

The little boy climbed down the stairs and said nahi mamu I won’t stop till u all agree to play with me ..

Areyy kush wait wait na ….said the man

No mamu plzz play with me u know nah I love basket ball …said the kid ..

Acha mera bacha said a lady walking inside the mansion wearing white gown her hairs curly with black heels and twinkling bracelet …she smiled at the kid…

The lil boy hugs the lady and shouts mumma …

Awww mera baby what happen she said ….sitting down matching to his height ..

Wo mumma ..he started ..

Huh nothing happen Di said another girl walking from the stairs …

Yeah said the man and looked at woman and kid …

Ofoo piya massi said the lil boy and shows her tongue …

Kush ke bache said piya see na rohan Bhai she said complaining to rohan ..

(The girl was piya the man was rohan lil boy was kush….)

Bas bas don’t tell anything to my baby the lady said and pulled kush closer to her and stand up ..

Haww twinki said rohan and pulled her ear tightly …

(Yeah the lady was twinkle and kush is twinj baby ♥♥♥♥♥) …..

(twinkle and kush how can it be possible but guys it’s my ff anything can be possible hahaha sorry sorry read further to know how and when ????)

Ahh Bhai chodo na twinkle shouted trying to come out of his grip …

Mamu leave my mumma said kush ..angrily looking at him ..

Ohoooo Bhai leaving haan Teri mumma ……he said and all burst out laughing ..

Kush baby go n play with virat adeeba kiara twinkle said ..
(See adee Teri wish ??????)

Okay mumma he said and left from there ..

So hows the work twinki rohan asked ..
Good Bhai she said ….and they looked at piya….with a smirk ..

Twinkle see the bride is glowing day by day …said rohan ..

Haan Bhai glow before wedding ??Umm said twinkle and both teased piya and she ran to her room being shy ..

Twinkle looked at rohan and said thanks Bhai for everything …

Huh u are my baby bacha so no need of thanks …..samjhiiiii ..

My babies are the reason bcoz of whom I am taking my breathes …said twinkle having tears in her eyes …

Flashback shows …(ab pata chalega asli raaz ???????) …

While doctors came inside for abortion
Twinkle shouted ..plzz see my condition plzz u are also women’s plzz don’t do this with me .. she shouted …badly moving back on the wall …

The lady doctors looked at her and asked her ..about it ..

Dr : see Mrs sarna we won’t do anything with you but until how many days u will hide these ..

T : I’ll do what I want to plzz don’t do this with my baby ..she said folding her hands infront if them …

Dr : noo need Mrs sarna said the other doctors and hugged twinkle in order to console her …

Dr : okay we will tell him the process completed … rest u know ..

T : thank you doctor they said ..and went to kunj and told him the process completed ..and after sometime left from there ..
Flash back ends..

I ran away from there coz I don’t want him to hurt my unborn ..twinkle said and rohan consoled her ..

I was shocked by the news you died sachiii I can’t even describe what I felt that time ….I was lifeless but then Raman call came and I again got by life back …said rohan looking at twinkle ..

Flash back shows…

Rohan kunj shanaya trio were shattered by the news that twinkle is no more ..
Rohan left from there cursing him self he thought he lost his sister bcoz of himself only when he gets a call from Raman …

Ram : hello rohan where are you ???

R : hi Raman I am here in Mumbai ..

Ram : acha actually I called to Inform u that twinkle is with me ..

R : what twinkle ??? Hamari twinki ..???

Ram : yeah come soon ..she is with us at our house …

He went from there to Raman house there saw twinkle resting he gets teard eye and woke her up twinkle saw him and started crying hugging him ..

I am soo sorry twinki I didn’t fulfilled my duty I have not protected you ..I failed as brother …

No Bhai it’s not your fault destiny played a big game with me ..she cries harder and rohan consoled her ..

But twinkle we saw the news that train in which u were there ..he said looking at twinkle not able to complete his sentence ..

Haan Bhai I was in train but I was feeling nauseous n dizzy so I stopped at another railway station to have water .. Raman Bhai saw me there and scolded me brought me here ..

I am soo happy and thankful to babaji that u are fit n fine ..rohan said and hugged twinkle again …

We thought we had lost you …said rohan hugging her tightly ..

We Bhai ???? We whose ??? Asked twinkle ..not getting anything..

Me kunj shanaya said rohan and told twinkle everything …what happened at shanaya house ..

Twinkle cries as kunj got to know truth finally …she can imagine kunj condition

I’ll never forgive him Bhai he tried to kill my child I’ll never forgive him for that ..said twinkle angrily ..

He tried means ??? Asked rohan ..

He tried but hadn’t​ been successful she told him about her talk with doctors and I ran away for my child only …the sis-bro shared a hug …when Raman and others pampered twinkle alott after that ..

Flash back ends…
(Hogaya ???? twinkle ko wapas Lao Lao laadiya bass ???…ab don’t comment twinj ko milao ..if u comment I’ll unite them and end in next episode ..????)

Now no more tears only happiness I am sooo happy finally piya is getting married …said rohan ..

Yeah Bhai chalo lets see the bride ..twinkle said ..

They went to piya room and sees her talking with her mother pic ..

Maa I am so lucky to have Twinkle Di and rohan Bhai beside me they never differentiate …that I was their cousin they had given me sooo much love maa that I can’t even describe she gets teard eye …

Rohan and twinkle kept hand on her shoulder don’t u dare say u are our cousin u are too our real sibling hai na Bhai said twinkle ..

Yeah right said rohan and the trio hug .
Haan ye acha hai everyone forgot me huh said kush …

Arey ye melodrama fir se aagaya said piya and they both fight ..

Twihan smiles seeing them and
Two more girls comes there and says offo inka kuch nahi hosakta see papa they both complained to rohan ..

Hahah my babies rohan said looking at his cute angels adeeba and kiara …

Yeah Bhai said twinkle all shared a family hug …when a lady walks in the room wearing pink coloured anarkali with vermilion in her head …rohan smiled seeing her while adeeba and kiara hugged her saying mumma …
Screen freezes…
Piya verma : twinkle n rohan maternal cousin their aunt Anita died 2 years before from them piya is staying with them …soon going to get married to her love of life …abhay raichand …
Kush kunj sarna : cute naughty baby of twinj big attention seeker wants everyone to be happy always fights with pits slot hell possessive about twinkle .. nearly 4 years old ..

Virat malhotra : kush best friend karan n surbhi son …they lives in London too and neighbours of taneja family …4 years old …

Adeeba and kiara taneja : rohan cute angels …mother suspense ??..loves everyone …3 years old …
Rest of the characters info will be added upon their entries …
Precap : more revelations ???..
So how was the shot guys ???? ..
Well do comments …
Thanks to all of you guys for your comments …
Shocking episode ryttt …
So many new entries ..
Whom u wanna imagine in place of kids u can imagine …
Love u all …
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned..

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  1. Nishuu

    Wow Sam baby it was awesome amazing speechless shocking episode
    Loved it to the core
    Post next one soon
    Love u my dear???????

  2. Sohi

    Wow wow Sam
    Kya dhamal episode likha hai
    I knew that a Maha twist is coming
    Yaar plz jaldhi bol who is the wife of Rohan

    Hehehe kids names are cute
    Waiting eagerly for the next update
    Do continue

  3. Supriya18d

    OMG…. Sam….what a epi yaaraaaaa

    luv it…sachiiii kasm se Dil Khush hogya

    jldi se post next vala…..I can’t wait…..
    lub uh…

  4. hayyyyy. ..Sam it’s was superb shocking yrr….speechless. ..luv it…post asap…
    love u ❤❤?

  5. Ayesha51








    di maine kaha tha na ki meri phone service centre me tha

    I was not able to comment cause my dad’s phone really goes very slow
    and I can’t able to comment long updates

    plz mujhe maaf kar do na

    now about the epi

    bolna parega kya

    it was marvellous
    mind blowing

    it left me dumbstruck

    u nailed it dii

    and twinkle’s entry was so bold

    aur haan itni jaldi twinj ko unite bilkul nahi karna


    make him feel so guilty that he can’t live his life properly

    make him SUFFER TO THE HELL

    now I’m back and I’ll surely comment

    di plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz POST ASAP

    love u to the core ♡♡♡

    to the infinity ♡♡♡♡♡

    love u till my last breath ♡♡♡

    byeeeeee di

    with love,
    urs lil sis Ayesha

  6. Ayesha51

    I think wife of rohan is SHANAYA

    don’t know if I’m wrong

  7. it’s marvellous dr…I’m speechless…it’s just fascinating and thrilling ff…
    is that shanaya ??? tw maaf Kiya usse toh Phir kunj ko maaf kyu nehi kiya..
    Anyways I’m very happy twinj baby is alive..about tw Woh toh Hume pata tha Sam tum tw ko Kuch hone nehi dengi..
    very excited for next epi…

  8. SidMin23

    Rocking and shocking episode and I guess twinj baby will make twinj met. And waiting for more revelation post soon.

  9. Epi was super shocking
    Plz twinj ko mat Milana wrna ff finish ??

  10. Superb episode ?
    Shocking episode ??
    Twinj baby ? aww awesome ? kush nice name
    Maybe rohan ki wife Shanaya hoshakti hai ??????not sure
    Amazing superb episode yaar
    Post soon ?
    Koi jaldi nhi hai twinj milane ki ??slowly slowly but don’t end plz ?????

  11. Yeh kya h di???? main aur virat dono bachee toh romance kaise hoga???????????
    Huh..koi nai plzzz hm dono ko bada bana do??????Request h dij plzz qki mujhe apne jaan ke saath romance bhi toh krna h???
    Anyways episode was just amazing dii shocking too?????
    Acha di just now i came frm skul i will message u after smtime on insta..
    Biee love u..
    Request?? bada bana do

    1. Aamu

      Haha…adeeba..usnw virat kohli ko ni usne virat malhotra ko diya hai..
      Jaanti hai use..
      Me batati hu…?

      Virat malhotra…wahi jo tere ghar ke paas waali masjid k ote par…chappal churata hai..
      Virar kohli to already married with anushka..
      Kyuki shammu ne leap liya na..about 5-6 yrs ka..!!
      So itni khush mat ho…
      But shammu..jaaa de de ye dono bachcho ko ek romance b..
      Meri b wish hai..
      Virat malhotra vs adeeba..

      N teru mummy kon hi bhai..? Sameera tune dono ko peda kiya ff me to ….but real me..kisne..??


      1. Sameera

        Hàhahah ??????? hillaruous aamu ???? hahah sachiii yaar virat malhotra ???…okay okay dedungi thoda romance par wo bache hai yaar ????????…
        Let’s see who’s there mother ????aise kaise suspense khol du wait for next chappy ??????

      2. Oyii kamini..zyada mazak mat uda..
        And han..meri soutan ki tension mat le main isse raste se hata dungi?????
        But pehle tujhe jaan se maringi kamini????
        Samjhi gayi..ke samjhau??? ??ullu kahiki..aur han madam…vo toh mujhe bhi nai pata di ne aisa locha kyu kr dia???????

    2. Wah Adeeba di
      Aapki wish puri ho gayI?
      Kya kismat hai??
      Ab aap apne name ko badal kar
      Firse virat ki wifey rakh lo?
      Kyu ki kuch din bad aap dono ki shaadi ho jayegi aur vo bhi Sameera di ke ff me?
      Shaadi ki jaldi se tayyariya shuru kar do??
      Post soon your ff
      Love u?
      Keep smiling ☺☺??
      Take care

  12. are sammu itna Sara suspense…..sayad rohan ki wife shanaya ho sakti h… ?
    aur twinj ko unite karne ki koi jaldi nahi h
    ager tune end karne ki baat ki na to me na me tumse gussa ho jaugi phir tumse baat nahi karugi samjhi ye Teri badi sister ki damki h samjhi?

    isliye mujhe pta h tu end nahi karegi kyoki tu meri cute si pyari si sis. h ….h na ????????

    chalo bbye
    luv u……………………….. itta sarra????

  13. Cheena2001Cp

    Ohhhh MY GOD!!!!!….phir se Twists ki baad.????..main iss mein doob rahi hoon???…..It was A BOMB…???? And I don’t want TwiNj to meet so soon because I love these kind of tracks a lot! !!
    Post next soon ???

  14. Daniya_khan_34

    Awesome yaar plzzzzz post sooon nd i think ? the wife is shanaya nd twinkle wood a forgived her love u loads bye ❤️❤️???

  15. P.....Secret

    Did did did..
    Srry for being late…

    Yeh Kya Tha…sachii Kya Tha…
    Shock pe shock shock pe shock..

    Loved it…
    Well kunj ka bhi kuch haal chaal batao.. especially shanaya ka???

    Waiting for more..
    Love u

    1. P.....Secret

      Khush is really so cute…but pata haimaine Socha ki agar Sach Mai twinkle ka abortion na hua hota to kitna acha hota nd see teinkle ka anbortion nahi hua Tha…

      Adba nd Kita ohoo..mujhe bhi add kr do…kahi adjust kr do…hehe?????

      Just kidding..??????
      Post soonest…plz today only….
      Love u…

  16. Sidmin ki sadia

    Awesome. Epi sammu di.
    Kush is so cute and lovely
    Maza aagaya
    Post next soon

  17. Baby

    ohhkkk sam u really must be thinking why am laughing like did wen u gave a suspenseful and sad sad cute cute episode……..hahahhahahaa well m laughing coz of did addy and her veeru………..hahahhaaa ♥
    hey bhagwaan ab usko bada karo…..hahahhaa………or romance bhiii……hahahhaaa…..
    well srsly itne saare revelations…u disclosed sooo many things that m still digesting dem n putting dem together……♥
    srsly mazaa aagyaaa…………♥
    loved it sooooooooooooo mch soooo soooooooo very much ♥
    loving d track really sad pata nahi ab kya hoga……♥
    love u alotttt…….♥♥♥♥

  18. Simiyy

    Loved the twist
    Post soon
    Loads of Love

  19. Aamu

    Bilkul b mat sochana..ki i had forgived u..??..
    Well this was dhamaka..
    Not at all expected for kush..
    Well loved it..(not u ok?)
    N the chapter was d bama bam bam blast…
    Or kunjless chapter..?.??

    Jale par namzak daala tune..ekto gussa hu..zara kunj ko to dedeti..?
    Or shanaya maa hai deebu ki..?

    Chal jo b ho..next jldi post kar..or ni bataya..to read karke rakhdungi samji..cmnt ni karoongi..
    Dhamki hame b dete aati hai..miss…

    Loved it..n hate u?

  20. Diiiiiii
    The episode was marvellous❤???????
    I was dumbstruck?
    U nailed it??
    I knew it that aaesa hi kuch hoga
    You won’t let twinj baby die
    Loved it to the core
    Post soon
    Love u ?
    Keep smiling ☺
    Take care ?

    1. One more thing
      Adeeba di & virat vala part was????
      I think they will be real couple now??
      Adeeba di will make Anushka out of virat life???
      Kya Adeeba di
      Maine sahi kaha na?
      Virat ki wifey urf hamari aadarniye Adeeba di

  21. Hey sameera…. It was awsm… Luvd it… Yr it was superb…. Post nxt soon… ( sorry for short cmnt hell bzy ???)
    Byeee….luv u… Tc

  22. Ramya

    What should I even say
    I’m speechless
    U nailed it
    Amazing one
    Flashbacks are amazing
    N I know that you won’t kill twinkle
    But really really loved it
    Love you keep smiling

  23. Nice and post soon

  24. It was sooo sooo soo awesome di!…u nailed it yrrr…really…?????????????????? u r such an amazing writer…Keep it up!???????????????? ufff itne revealations aur precap mein phirse..hayeee bhagwan?????…the whole episode was sooo beautiful…tooo good?????
    Post soon
    Love u!?

  25. Hey sam it was awsm yr u nailed it kamal dhamal or shocking

    I was shocked to read it lekin jesy ka hm janty ha hmri sam is ki writer ha toh kuch b ho skta ha

    Yr jldi sa nxt posft kr do plzzzzzzz yr jldi jldi sa post krna ok

    Luv u???

  26. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome amazing shocking

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