KAATIL~(A Revengeful love) shot 17

Shot 17 ..
The episode starts with kunj sees the road jam and went to the other side .
.he was very tensed and feeling restless ..

he stops his car when he sees karan and surbhi walking on the nearby platform ..

whose this girl with​ karan he thought and parked his car aside and move towards them…

karan saw kunj and say heyyyy kunj how are you man ????

Kunj looked at him expression less when karan Snaps his fingers bringing him back to reality ..

Hiii karan I am fine and you ???he asked still looking at surbhi and karan entwined hands …

Yeah I am fine too hows twinkle ?he asked …

Who is he baby asked surbhi ..to karan ..

Jaan he is twinkle husband twinkle my chuddy buddy whole we met in hospital yesterday remember ??? ..

Yeah yeah said surbhi ..hey kunj ..

Well kunj she is wife surbhi he said smiling …

Kunj was hell shocked as what he thought about twinkle …he was very much guilty ..

Nice to meet you both I have some work will meet you later he said and they nodded kunj left from there …

“WHAT THE HELL I HAD DONE HOW COULD I DO THIS TWINKLE​ MY BABY HOW I BECAME THAT MUCH DEVIL HE THOUGHT “I need to go home rytt now and I’ll apologize twinkle till my last breathe …he punched his hand on his car..

But shanaya di called me and doctor said twinkle will be uncouncious I’ll meet di and go back to my twinkle …

(Lil he knew that his twinkle had left him forever)
Next scene :::

Twinkle was shown moving towards the railway station she was crying hard recalling evething …just one thing was going in her mind …which she promised kunj ….


She wipes her tears and say it’s not time to shed tears for that beast …

On the other side ..

Rohan was angrily looking at shanaya and recalled her words ..finally we took our revenge kunj was only echoing in his ears …

What u both had done with twinkle he asked angrily ..with blood red eyes ..

Woo…ro..han woh ..her words were choking …she was not getting how to face rohan ..

Answer me dammit what u both have done he said louder ..
And which revenge u are talking about he asked shouting ..

For killing my dad said kunj from.behind
Rohan turned and looked at kunj while he continued ..what wrong I did she also took revenge from dad for killing your(lert) parents …

Rohan looked at him shocked and said till today also u don’t know the truth ..

He punched kunj Face hard and said U ARE THE BIGGEST DUMBHEAD …U DONT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG …said rohan shouting …

What u wanna say asked kunj fearing that what he did will be more wrong now …

Now Also u are silent shanaya said rohan ..I had done the right thing by leaving you u were my life biggest mistake said rohan and shanaya was crying …he turned towards kunj ..


Yeah said kunj …still fearing ..

Then listen twinkle don’t know till now that it was Manohar uncle who was responsible for our parents death and about Manohar uncle death he shooted himself coz he was involved in illegal activities he killed our parents too coz he wanted to become successful but you know kunj what’s his weakness you were his weakness​ when twinkle exposed him he feared to have hatred in your eyes for him that’s why he shooted himself and u the biggest DUMBHEAD assumed that twinkle killed him wow great said rohan clapping …
He looked at shanaya who closed her eyes …Di tell me is that true ???? Di tell me plzzz he shouted ….
Yes rohan is right what he is saying was all right yess twinkle didn’t killed dad she is not the murderer yess dad was involved in illegal activities and he didn’t wanted you to hate him so he shooted himself that day …shanaya ended …

Kunj punched his had on the table nearby breaking it into pieces ..blood started oozing from his hands ..
What u have done Di ??? U made me a devil no it’s not your mistake it’s my mistake that I trusted my sister more than myself twinkle tries to tell me each time and I didn’t believe her ever …now how will I show my face to her how ??? ..after what ever I had done with her ..
I had not torcher her daily put her to death daily and last night was limit I…I….his voice chocked ….
What u did with twinkle rohan asked ??pulling his collar …
?….answer me now …rohan shouted ..

I had aborted our child he said and was found on floor as rohan was beating him hard …

I did a mistake by getting twinkle married to you …you are a devil no no devil will be less u are a beast …he said punching him repeatedly kunj knew he deserve it so he didn’t protest…

Shanaya came and tired to stop rohan but her attempts went in vain ..
Screen freezes…
Precap : a shocking turn ahead …

So how was the shot guys ..
Ba byeeee …
This episode is dedicated to my regular readers bcoz on your saying I had posted it …see sohi Dedi Teri eidi ??????…
Thanks to all who commented on last one ….
Love u all …
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Anshikajainn

    Yrrr it was so emotional…

    1. Anshikajainn

      And awesome too ❤

  2. Mia12

    Omgggggg itna thriller episode,??? Bhootni ki bachiii Mardala tune Kaatil kahiki,?????? Well Love this episode very much kyuki kunj ko mar parha,?? but use to or bhi Dedanadan dena cahiye,?? or shanaya ko suli pe chara de,?? but yrr now can’t wait 4 the next,?? so post soon plssssssss,??? Love you load’s,????

  3. SidMin23

    Love it can’t wait for next post to know what will happened now between twinj life.

  4. Sohi

    Very shocking and thrilling episode
    Liked Rohans entry and fight

    Really kunj is the biggest dumb head hehehe ?

    My eidi was superb thanks for it
    Desperately waiting for the next update
    Do continue

  5. Very Nice story…
    Post the next update Soon…

  6. Superb episode I feeling sad for twinj ??????my kunj ??????post soon

  7. Hey sameera i m anu
    I m commenting second time
    But i think first time u did not saw


    Yeh ghazab nak episode thi????

    Mjy toh mar he dala ha ap na apny ff sa

    Yr meri jaan mj sa roth ka bethi ha us bolo raazi ho jaye see jaanu i have commented

    That too i hope first time

    Hey sam tell her na to talk with me

    My jaan is fabeeha ur biggeeeeeessssssttttttttt fan???

    She told me to comment but i was busy or phr wo mj sa naraz ho gai ha

    Fabee look m na last episode m b comment kiya ha bhaly late kiya ha par tery liye kiya ha

    Byeeee sameera
    Luv u
    U r great writer
    U portrayed emotions so well
    Keep writing and smiling
    Sorry for involving our personal matter in ur comment
    But ask her to talk with me she will surely listen to u
    Final byee
    Luv u???

    1. Sameera

      Hey anu thank you for commenting yaar yayyyyy I had one more silent reader and fabeeha plzzz anu ko maaf kardi yess i saw you previous comment now only …
      Fabeeha plzzz maaf kardo ???????????….

  8. Simiyy

    Kunj deserved it after being mean with Twinkle
    Post Soon
    Loads of Love

  9. Cheena2001Cp

    Ohh God!! ??high voltage drama !! And I loved it to the core?????just TERRIFIC !!!!!….Sahi Khaha DUMBO kunj ?? but anyways post next soon ?

  10. Ramya

    Awesome Sam
    U nailed it superb
    Kunj got to know everything
    Wow it’s just superb
    Loved it
    Post soon
    Love you keep smiling

  11. Presha

    Yeh Kya Tha…kunj ko maar padi acha hua devil kahin ka..twinkle chali gayi…di full on high voltage drama nd thrilling Wala eoi…
    Loved it….post soon….hate u shanaya….
    Love u diii….???

  12. Hey di I’ve written hogaya hain tujhse pyaar sajna from my account yesterday
    cause I was in a hurry
    as my phone was send to service center
    but see tu haven’t posted it
    if tu doesn’t post it till tomorrow then aap logo me koi likh dena
    cause my phone will not bw back till Tuesday

    and if u people can wait
    then after monday I’ll surely write
    if not then some member must write it
    hope u understand

    well the epi was
    mind blowing
    aww too good

    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz POST ASAP

    cant wait to see kunj suffering

    love u di to the infinity


    urs lil sis,

  13. Sam yr fabee ka b comment add kr lo bcz she is ill

    She cant comment otw she will surely comment on ur post

    Thnks for replying to my comment
    And fabee sa meri tarf sa request krny ka liye

    Luv u
    Take care
    Keep smiling
    Post soon

  14. Virat ki wifey

    Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii fab episode??????????????????????????????????????????
    Mera wish yaad rakhna..

  15. Twinjsidminfan

    Hey sameera…I am a regular reader of ur ff …I luv it sooòo much ??? I can’t tell u how much I was impatient to read this part ….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do not stop writing…I’m in love with ur ff and the way u write ?? now u have made me more curious and impatient with ur precap?? plzzzzzzzzzzz post sooner….
    Luv u sooooooo much ??
    Eagerly waiting for the next part….plzzzzzzzz post soooner plzzzzzzz???

  16. Rochika

    Omgggg yeh kya tha sameera di!!! Itna HIGH VOLTAGE DRAMA!!!!! UFFF!!! Rohan was continously beating kunj…god!! But kunj deserved it…di i can’t tell u how much i was impatient to read this episode!!???????? u wrote soooo soo soo welll this episode! Love u to the core??????? ….ab pta nhi kya hoga..? Well jo bhi hoga dekha jayega but This episode was marvellous!!!
    Post soon
    Love u!?

  17. Soumyad

    Hey sameera the episode was awesome… Lovd it sorry for not commenting on your previous episodes… But u killed today’s episode… I have become big fan of your writing… Plz post next episode plz plz plz…can’t wait post soon

  18. The episide was awsome

  19. Please post soon glad to read the next one

  20. Emotional epi.mujhe bohot bura lega kunj ke liye lekin he has to suffer. but please don’t separate twinj.
    can’t wait for next epi
    post next epi asap
    Sam u rock

  21. Hey sameera yr Kya episode thi????? …..
    Hayeeeeeee?????…… kunj ko b saza milni chahiye….. yr bht emotional ????episode thi….. yr m toh bht roi???? ho pardhty huy….. jldi sa nxt post kro ab or wait nhi hota ….. plzźzźzzzzźzzzzzzzzźzźzzzzz post nxt soon…..
    Luv u …..

  22. Speechless Yar
    I have no words
    Finally kunj got to know the truth

  23. Hy I am a silent reader.
    But yaaar sameera today I just wana break it.
    You are doing fabulous job.
    Toooooo gooood.
    You know what , I am a silent reader but a continuous one. Ek bhi episode na choda maine. Kaatil and punar vivah dono regularly padhti hun.
    Din bana deti ho yaar. Thank you sooo much.
    Please a request post next epi asap na . Eagerly waiting.
    Please do reply also so that pata chal jaayega tumne comment padha ya nahi.
    Take care.
    Love you soooooooooooooooooo much.

    1. Sameera

      Awww yaar dia thank u sooooooooooooooo much yaar love you thanks for breaking the silence and I have submitted the article before your comment don’t know when it will get posted …
      Thank u sooo much yaar ?????

  24. Hii sameera am a silent reader yar u too good honestly speaking you r doing fab job plss post soon dear n pls long one also… pls reply me

    1. Sameera

      Haww another silent reader yaar thank u sooooooooooooooo much yeah I have submitted the article it will be published soon yaar thank you for commenting…??????????????

  25. Sameera

    Haww another silent reader yaar thank u sooooooooooooooo much yeah I have submitted the article it will be published soon yaar thank you for commenting ????????

  26. Baby

    yrrr sam kya merko bhiii tera pyaaraa pyaaraareply vapas paane ke liye silent reader banana padegaa…..? 😉
    hahhahahahaa srsly aaj kaa episode emotional bhi tha or haasssiii umm hassi isliye aa rhi hai mujhe kunki kunj deserved it ………♥
    srsly u nailed it as always meriii jaan hii nikl gyi aaj kaa episode padke m like speechless ♥
    srsly wowowaaaa m jst like flying n dreaming……..♥
    pagal hun mei bilkul I donno kun m dreaming ufff……mera kuch nahi ho skta ♥
    srsly loved it ♥
    emotional ♥ ab sch pata chala toh bhottt der ho chukkii thii…..♥
    love u sooooooooooooooo mch ♥
    speechless srsly wowowaaa headsoff…..♥ 😉
    hahaahahaa m jst sch a bad cracker ufff joke cracker ………. hahhaa sry aaj bhotttt PJ’s yaad aa rhea hain mereko ♥
    love u ♥ thanks mere pakau cmnt ko padne ke liye shukriya….♥

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