KAATIL~(A Revengeful love) shot 1

Hello guys well as I said it’s my silver jubilee surprise for u all as many of u commented for quick update of this so I thought to give first chapter so here it is …
Thank u all for showing your love on intro ..
Well let’s begin …

Shot 1 …
A beautiful morning of mumbai is shown the city which never sleeps the beautiful view of the city with the hustle n bustlr of people trafficking roads screen shifts a big mansion which was written outside sarna mansion ..the Amazing view of mansion is shown fully decorated as of any wedding is going to happen there …
A handsome boy is shown in his room. Sleeping shirtless with his back facing the ceiling and a girl was sleeping on him …the boy was in his peaceful sleep when he sees blur images of a man getting shot and a girl was pointing gun towards him the girl shoots and boys shouts seeing that dream and got up with a jerk due to which the girl which was sleeping on him falls on other side of bed …

B : what was the a dreadful dream which was my life’s biggest reality he was sweating badly and he looks at the girl beside him ..and says what the hell u are doing here ???? ..

G : my payment ..she says in trembling voice

B : f**k he says and got up.from the bed and hands over a envelope of money to the girl now just get lost ..

G : thank your Mr kunj sarna …

(Yeah yeah u all gussed it right he was kunj only ..)

K :wait !!!!…

G : what happen kunj sarna u wanna spent one more night with me ..and smirks

K : looking at her devilishly it’s your misunderstanding babes kunj sarna never spent more than one night with any girl do.u get that I just wanna say go from back door no one should see u or else u know what I can do ..he said smirking at her …

G : yeah I am leaving she hurriedly left from there ..

Kunj stand up and went to his balcony n thinks again same dream how many times I wanna forget that day but I can’t until I take my revenge from that KAATIL but no worries today I am gonna get married to u miss twinkle taneja I’ll take revenge for what u have done with me u have snatched my life from me he smokes cigarette and from today I don’t need to call girls to fulfill my hunger as my cute wifey will be my bedmate for rest of the life just few hours left baby then u and me and no one will be able to save u he smirks and left to bathroom ..
On the other side …
A girl was shown standing in her balcony having coffee her eyes were showing the happiness on her face ..her hairs were flying …and she is revealed to be twinkle …she was very happy which can be seen clearly on her face ..

T : I can’t believe finally the day is here when I am officially going to become Mrs twinkle kunj sarna …I missed u kunj sooo much in these 5 years what happen 5 years ago I didn’t thought I’ll meet u again but it is said truly if u love anyone truly then u will get the person for sure …toady I’ll reveal what exactly happen that day kunj I love u…I’ll never let u go away from me I will love u to that extent ??she hugs his pic ….
(But lil that poor soul knows that her life is going to be hell now …)
On the other side ::::

Kunj gets ready in maroon sherwani looking amazingly hot his face were showing the hatred which he is carrying for twinkle but his eyes were showing the love which he had for her he was lost on his thoughts when he felt a hand on his shoulder …
K : shanaya Di …

S : so my brother is ready ???to start a new life ..

K : yes Di I am totally ready to start a new life and also to take revenge ..for what she did Di ..

S : promise me kunj u will give the worst life to her ..ur love will not empowered over your hatred …

K : no di I don’t love her and I will give that life to twinkle which she will.never forget ..

S : I am so proud of u let’s go ..

K : yeah they nod and left from there ..
Next scene ..
After sometime Twinkle gets ready in maroon lehenga with golden embroidery with heavy jewellery giving her gorgeous look her red lipstick Moreover the smile on her face making her look more beautiful …she was smiling imaging how her life is gonna be beautiful after she will get married to her love a boy comes and snaps finger bringing her back to the reality …

T : bhaiiii she guys him …

R : yeah mera bacha omg u are looking so stunning twinkle ..

T : thank u sooo much Bhai ..

R : chal let’s go it’s mahurat time ..

T : Bhai u will miss me nah ???

R : of course …not who will miss u ..

T : hah hate u bhaiiii ..

R : hahah of course I am gonna miss u bacha u were not my sister but my kid after maa n papa death I had loved u as my daughter only ..

Twinkle gets teard eye n hugs him then y u are shifting to London Bhai ????

R : bacha I am shifting coz I wanna increase our company name …

They hug and rohan took twinkle down where kunj was waiting for her in mandap Kunj looks at her and gets mesmerised …”u are still that beautiful for whom I fell for first sight but I’ll never forget what u did with me twinkle “…he thought..

Rohan makes twinkle sat beside kunj both looks at eo kunj was continuously gazing at her and twinkle was blushing very badly ..he nouthed gorgeous to a her and she became fully red Pandit started chanting mantras ….
Kunj had a peacefully smile that now he will take his revenge twinkle. Was happy with the fact that she is getting married to her love rohan too happy seeing his angel happy and shanaya was having devilish smile as their revenge is gonna fulfilled now ..

Shanaya looks at rohan while twinj looks at eo and screen freezes …
So guys how was the shot 1 ..
Well it was my first attempt in such kind of stories so plz plzz support me …
How will twinkle react knowing kunj reality ? Stay tuned to Tu to know more …
It’s a full suspense + drama + lustfully+ emotional and moreover an action story ??
Ba byeeee love u all

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  1. lovely hell excited try posting asap

  2. Sohi

    Episode was very interesting
    Hope kunj does

  3. Sohi

    Episode was very interesting
    Hope kunj doesn’t hurt her much
    What happened to Leela and rt
    And I think something is suspicious with shanaya
    And I wanted to ask you one thing
    To whom we should imagine as Rohan and shanaya
    Do continue

    1. Sameera

      Thanks yaar sohi well imagine karan tacker and Krystal as rohan n shanaya in both stores of mine well leela n RT is not there in my story let’s see if it also has some twist ???

      1. Sohi

        Ok dear, well I like their both jodis very much
        And about Leela and rt I’m waiting for that twist too ?

  4. Ritzi

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    Post soon
    Love u

  6. if you don’t mind sameera di then can I imagine ahem sharma and krystal dsouza as rohan and shanaya ?
    and please don’t forget to post the next episode as early as possible
    I am eagerly waiting for it
    lots of love

    1. Sameera

      Thanks ayesha for breaking silence yah u can imagine them too ???

  7. SidMin23

    It seen like sameera gonna write action scene for the first time well waiting to see how will twinkle react to see this devil side of kunj I hope soon u will clear this mystery

  8. thanks sameera di
    please di ap mujhe please batayengi ki aap kab next episode post karengi
    please jaldi kijiye na pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. Sameera

      Next week I’ll post it yaar as I have lab exams on Mon Tue and wed so may be on wed I’ll post next one ???

  9. Baby

    ohhh god sam amazing♥
    sooo good aisaa kya hai srsly I ll sie wid did suspense…..
    ufff loved it its gonna be emotional bt cant wait…..
    marvelleous as always speechless….. 🙂
    love u lods……..♥♥♥
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