KAATIL~ A Revengeful love shot 29

Hello guys I am backkkk …this shot is because paavu requsted I was not well so couldn’t post these one early …
Sooooooooooooooo enjoyyy guys ?????????…
Shot 29 ..
The episode starts with rohan saying KUSH SARNA …nurse went from there ..
..kunj was shocked to hear SARNA ..and looked at twinkle who was crying badly hugging Rohan …shanaya turned and looked at kunj ..who asked is that true ????? With his eye gestures ..she nods in yesss …he gets the biggest shock of his life …first his twinkle is alive then his unborn child is also alive he doesn’t know how to react he was HELL HAPPY as well as he was sad too ..thinking he has lost all the happiness by his mistake ….tears were rushing out of his eyes ..

Doctor comes there and Twinkle stands and aksed him about kush ..

Doctor how’s my child ???? She asked with trembling voice…

He is fine now and was unconscious u come with me I need to talk to you ..as you know na he is weak since birth ..twinkle nods in yesss and she Rohan and doctor left for cabin ..

Shanaya ran towards kunj and hugged him ..kunj kunj what happen ??? …kunj say something …

Kunj broke the hug and looked at shanaya with pain in his eyes…cann..I ..me..et him once ??? ..he aksed …

Yeah kunj …u can she said and both went inside the icu..he was still unconscious..he was lying on hospital bed with many machines beside him .he looked at him with pain …

My baby he whispered and touched kush ..he was not believing what his eyes is seeing …he hugged him slightly ..
I am sooo happy too see him ..he is just like twinkle..hai na Di ..he said while shanaya nods in yes ..

For sometime he forgot his bitter relation with shanaya …he kissed kush on his forehead …

I’ll tell twinkle that u donated blood shanaya said and was moving out when kunj stops her no …Di plzz u will not say anything …Shanaya looked at him they heard the door opening and kunj hides behind the curtain….

Twinkle with Rohan came inside and saw kush ..mera bacha ..twinkle said and sat beside him ..she was crying badly seeing kush like that ..

Twinkle calm down he is fine now …we should thank the person who donated him blood ..Rohan said ..

Haan Bhai he gave me my life back .. if anything would have happened to kush I would have died ..twinkle said while ronaya stopped her ..

Mu..mma kush slowly muttered and twinkle looked at him and kissed all over his face …

Kush she said and hugged him ..and was crying n crying …

Mu..mma I am so sorry …I again made you cry na I am a very bad baby …I am sooooooooooooooo sorry mumma kush said while twinkle nodded in no ..

U know na mumma I hate tears in yours eyes ..I’ll beat the person who made you cry I promised u but I only made you cry I am sorry plzz don’t be angry with me ..he murmured …twinkle looked at him …while kunj was smiling listening to his son how possesive he is about his mother …

I am not angry with you beta how can I stay angry with my superman ..u know na how much mumma loves you ..she said with tears in her eyes ..

Kush aksed twinkle to come close she did and he wiped twinkle tears ..kunj sees that and smiled while he moved out of the ICU without anyone notice …

I know you love me and tani soooo much …mumma u forgot she is coming today …he said and twinkle says yess I totally forgot about tani ..

Twinkle u don’t worry I aksed piya to pick her up ..and kush u are fine na superman ..

Yes mamu I am.fine I wanna go home and meet tani ..he said ..and looked at rohan ..

Ok dramebaaz I’ll do formalities of discharge u both stay here he said and shanaya and twinkle nodded ..
On the other side …
Kunj was walking on the road recalling kush and his words ..how much love he and twinkle had ..he recalls the day when he was going to abort his baby ..he cried n cried and was walking through the road lifelessly …and sat on the nearby bench ..near the park ..

Thank you sooooooooooooooo much babaji my twinkle and my baby is safe ..I am so happy too see my family but I can’t be called as his father how can I be his father when I tried to kill him ..I am ashamed of my deeds ..she did right by hiding this with me ..after what I did that day it was necessary for her to hide this fact I am not at all angry with twinkle ..she had given birth to my baby and gave him such good values ….everyone was staying happy in their life’s ..I’ll go back to India I don’t want to give more pain to twinkle ..by staying here giving her more pain ..I am happy that our child is with her ….tears were rushing out of his eyes when he felt someone gaze on his ..he turned and looked at a small girl of nearly kush age ..standing there looking at him with her cute eyes ..she came and stand infront of kunj ….

Uncle why u are crying ???? She aksed while kunj nodded in no ..

No baby I am not crying at all he said trying to hide his tears ..

U are lying she said and climbed the bench and moved towards kunj face and wiped his tears ..with her tiny hands kunj smiled at her ..

U know uncle mumma kehti hai we should not cry …she said in her cute voice ..

Achaaa ..thank u sooo much beta I’ll not cry …bcoz a beautiful angel ..wiped away my sorrow kunj said and smiled at her …

Good that’s like a good man ..she said and laughed ..and says …uncle one minute ..kunj looked at her with what’s she is doing now expression ..she took out chocolate from her pocket and gave it to kunj ….

Take this it’s sooo tasty u will feel good ….she said and kunj took that ..

Thank you sooo much angel but what u are doing here ??? Kunj aksed while ..she said I went on treasury camp ..and came back today now I am waiting for my maasi to pick me ..she ended ..

Ohh acha kunj said while he got call from Abhay asking where is he …he replied ..and he aksed kunj to meet him. .. ba byee angel I need to go now kunj said while she nodded and waves bye to him he left happily …

Soon she was sitting there when piya came there …

TANI …piya shouted while she looked at piya and ran and hugged her calling maasi …

We missed u soooo much tani ..piya said I missed u all too tani said and asked where is mumma and kush ..
We will go home and meet them said piya and left from there taking tani ..
Screen freezes …
Tani sarna :twinj first child … kush elder twin …she is elder to him 5 mins with ..difference ..?? sensible cute mature and ambitious like twinkle ..went on a treasury camp ..lovess everyone …
Precap : Nahi socha ???
So how was the shot ????? …
Hope u all liked it …
Well thanks to the ones who commented …
Mere regular readers kidhar ho re ????????kidhar chale Gaye …missing u guys …
To pata chal Gaya HER kon hai twinj ki baby hai I mean yaar kaise kaise guess kiye sabne ???mahi Alisha Maya Bebe seriously let me tell u guys inlog ki entry or exit dono hogayi hai ye story se ?????..
Well comment guys for sometime it’s gonna end soon may in next 2 yes …
Story is completed almost don’t tell me to continue it ????…
Ba byeeee love u all …
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned ..

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  1. Presha

    Hw r u now..
    I just loved it…
    Emotional epi…
    U nailed it…
    Love u diii…??

  2. Brilliant episode sami ???
    Finally Kunj ko pata chal hi gaya kush uska beta hai ???ek aur bar shock lagega jab usko tani ke bareme pata. Chalega ????twins ? ? babies ?
    Sad ? for kunj
    Loved Kush’s possesive for his mother
    Post soon ?Sami
    Thanks post karne ke liye
    2episodes are left ???
    I missed this story ?

  3. Ramya

    Wowwwwwiowwwew Sam
    Just superb
    Kush relationship with twinkle is so lovely
    And Tani Yaar she is damn cute
    Just amazing awesome
    You nailed like always
    Love you keep smiling

  4. Cheena2001Cp

    Omggg Twins!!! ??? AMAZING episode….Next two mein end???but ???…..It is a fabulous story?…..?

  5. Nishuu

    Awesome episode dear
    Loved it
    Take care
    Love u

  6. di….di….sry sry sry for not commenting on previous few shots

    di I was hell busy with my studies….

    & upar se my mumma has kept an eye on my mobile …..so I used it rarely…

    I’ve not commented in various articles

    kya karu those stuff & studies pressure

    well the epi was marvellous
    mind blowing

    bechara kunj……..kush se mil liya ab tani se bhi mila do….??????

    btw thoda aur din bada nahi sakte is ff ko. ..


    but it’s ur wish

    plz POST kuch to hua hai & this ff ASAP

    love u a lot dii ????❤????

    aur maine apko insta me ek request bheja hain ?

    plz accept the request so that I can talk with u in insta ???

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ???????


  7. hi Sam !hope u don’t mind if I call u Sam! episode was mind blowing! let me tell u ,I m first time commenting on ur post!I luv ur posts very much !as I m a silent reader of twinj stories from more than 1 year!
    Reason for my commenting is as now days there are very less no. of updates on tei! plz request all the writers for giving us updates from my side !as no body knows about me !
    plzzz zzźzzzzzzZ I hope u don’t mind!
    plz post asap ur other post too!
    And ya I m feeling also bad that you are going to end this story but plz start new story when u end this !
    thanks to all writers for giving us good stories!

  8. Sidmin ki sadia

    Wow. Di amazing. Epi chalo ek raaz pata chal gaya kunj ku ab tani ke baare mein pata chalega toh kunj ku lagega zor ka jhatka haaye zoore se lekin khushi waala jhatka post soon kthh
    Luv u soo much

  9. Aamu

    Kar diya TU dada ne aakhir..
    Late latif kahike?..
    Raaat ko wait karte karte so gayi me..
    Welll ye amazing tha..??
    N tani is there daughtwr????
    Muje laga tha first bur i thought ki baddest guess hai?..par yahi sach nikla..
    Post soon

  10. Amazing episode

  11. lovely epi

  12. Hey sameera how r u …. yr get well soon ….
    Ufff Sameera yr Kaya shock diya ha Tu na like seriously twins? sachi UNexpected turn…. Or yr plzzz at least 5 epi to or likho 2 epi toh bht hi kam ha …. I am soooooo sorry for late cmnt yr kthh m b itna late cmnt kiya I am feeling really guilty ???? ka m cmnt nhi kr pa rhi…
    Plzzz take care of urself ….
    Luv u??

  13. Supriya18d

    yaar itni jldi khtm na kro…
    bahut achha track chl raha h…
    pta h I luv Ayaan Zubbair ….Kush ka role usi ko suit krta h
    well topic pr aati hu
    amazing marvelous fantastic jhkaas Episode…
    luv it….
    luv u ?????❤❤ ❤?? ?❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤ ❤❤❤?? ?

  14. OMG twinj ke twins h ?.

    superb amazing & marvellous episode sammu ??????
    bechara kunj aabhi to usko kush ka pta chala aur ab tani ka pta chalega?????

    sammu dear plz end mat krna ager ho sake to ……..

    vaise tumhari health kaisi h sweety ………..ager free ho to reply dena cutiepie??????.

    post soon ager health sahi ho OK
    luv u?????????????

  15. Simiyy

    I just loved it
    Post soon
    Loads of love

  16. Fabulous sameera di!!! U wrote kunj’s emotions so beautifully…????????? it was sooooo emotional?????????? and yehhh tani is twinj’s first child..oh gossshhh this is going to be damn interesting….waiting for the nxt..love u di
    Post soon
    Love u!?

  17. Sohi

    Wah kya interesting twist hai YAAR
    Plz is ff ko math khatam karo Please please
    Do continue

  18. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome shocking

  19. Episode was suuuuuuuuuuuupeeeeeeeeerrrrrrbbb
    Loved it
    Please don’t end this
    Loved it to the core
    Post soooooooooonest
    Love u
    Keep smiling

  20. Loved it man it’s just brilliant hope to see the next soon

  21. Shalini15

    Hi Sammu, kaisi ho?.. mujhe dekh kar kaisa laga? ??????????? sorry yaar tu se gayab thi bcz of some personal problems.. I was too upset now a days… haan haan pata hai mera sorry dekh kar gussa aa raha hai tujhe isliye wapas le leti hun ????????????? no sorry ??????????

    Well kya episode diya hai sweetheart… ekdum dhamakedar with super shock ke saath… SHE ko twinj ki daughter bana diya… matlab jo ki kisi ne nahi socha tha ????????? wow yaar ise kehte suspense with full mistry ?????????? bechara kunj abhi already 2 shocks lage hain use ab 3rd ki baari hai???? dekho is baar kitna bada shock lagta hai ??????????? awesome mind blowing fabulous superb episode. Loved Twish bond nd Kuni’s scene so much. Waiting for next shock ?????????? post soon.
    Love youuuuuuuuuu ?????????????????

  22. WOW ? superb
    too cute
    Twinj have daughter too it’s shocking and her name is tani wohhhhh my nick name is also tani everyone at my place call me tani

    Luv u ? post asap

  23. Yoraynat13

    Omg tani n kunj were so cute…just loved them??

  24. Baby

    ohhh god samiee osm ♥
    loved it ♥
    emotional ♥
    super cute ♥
    love u ♥

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