KAATIL~ A Revengeful love shot 28

Episode 28 …
The episode starts with a week passed by in these whole week kunj tried several ways to apologize to twinkle but she being the stubborn didn’t forgive him or I can say she was scared what if her TRUST ..gets broken again as she didn’t want anything like that to happen ..kunj shared a good bond with kush ..he used to play basketball with him and became his best buddy …

(Note : till now kunj did got to know about kush as adee and kiara too calls twinkle as maa ….)

A fine day everyone was at home where abhiya wedding date got fixed after 8 days… they got very happy …and started preparing for the wedding ….

Kunj was sitting in the lawn when kush comes to him ..

Buddy buddy he said looking at kunj he lifted kush and aksed him what happen chalo na let’s play basketball he said while kunj nodded and they started playing …

Kush was very happy seeing kunj playing with him ..virat too joined them ..and ade and kiara were sitting doing nothing twinkle came there and saw kunj and kush playing basketball..

Bilkul apne baap par Gaya hai she murmured and sat beside ade and Kiya .
.looking at them …

Maa what happen they both aksed ..in their cute voices…

Nothing babies ..why is kush and virat playing basketball ??? She aksed them.
Wo kunj uncle plays well so.they are playing with him and kunj uncle is best friend of kush said ade…

Twinkle got a call and picked it..whattttttt u are coming today … I’ll pick you baby she said and ended call and sighs of relief ..

Maa what happen who is coming asked ade and kiara ..

She is coming back babies twinkle said and they jumped in happiness ..twinkle went from there …

After sometime kunj too went for somework ..while shanaya was in kitchen with the servants guiding them to clean each n everything …piya and Abhay went to select their wedding attire and rohan went office ….

What shall we play now …adee said and looked at virat kush and kiara ….the trio sat thinking ..

Chalo lets play Ghar Ghar ??..Kiara said …the trio nodded and went to their room …
@ devil’s room :::
I’ll become husband and u will be my wifey adee said virat and she nodded cutely …to I’ll be adee brother okay said kush and kiara said then I’ll be virat bhaiya sister she sat and they started playing ..virat and adeee behaved like husband and wife and was veryyyyyyy much happy ….they play for sometime and then got tired …

Arey u know kush she is coming today said Kiara …while kush.. jumped in happiness what she is coming today ..

I’ll ask Mami to prepare her fav dish kush said and came out of his room followed by others …and was running through the stairs when he missed one and falled from there …rolling n rolling he came down ….

Shanaya was going to start preparing dinner when she heard crying voices of ade Kiara and virat she came out kitchen and got hell shocked seeing kush lying in pool of blood …

Kushhhhhh she shouted …surbhi came there and saw kush too ….and ran towards him ..

Kush Kya hua isey she said and adee narrated how he falled from stairs ..

I’ll take him to hospital Surbhi u stay here with kids shanaya said while Surbhi hug the kids and nods shanaya lifted kush and took him to hospital …

She got him admitted and called twinkle but her phone was unreacheable ..
Doctor came out and shanaya went to him what happen doctor how’s my kid ..?????she asked hell worried ..

He had a severe blood loss he needs blood we are trying to arrange blood his blood group is B- and it’s not available in our blood bank ..said doctor and shanaya got shocked ..

Doctor went inside to check kush while shanaya thought for sometime and then ..called kunj …

Hello kunj ??? Where are you ??? ..???

Why u wanna know that none of your business kunj said sounding to be rude ..

Shut up u dammit just tell me where are you it’s an emergency shouted shanaya and kunj got scared ..I am at xyz place ..

Superbbb then come to ABC hospital someone needs you today she said and kunj said Di I’ll be there soon ..

Soon kunj came there and looked at shanaya …acha hua u came kunj …u have to donate blood kush ..kush she cried ..his blood group is B- too ..

U don’t cry Di …i am going inside kush will be fine Di .. he said and doctors took kunj ..

Kunj got tears eye looking at kush they both were lying ..kunj was donating him blood …and he was very sad ..seeing kush lying on hospital bed …soon he came out …and stands there …

Twinkle comes to hospital running followed by Rohan …kunj saw them and turned …twinkle didn’t notice him and ran towards shanaya ..

Bhabhi bhabhi ..where is kush …how is he ..she was crying badly …when shanaya told her everything how he fall about her talk with doctors and how someone gave him blood she didn’t mention kunj name ….as kunj signed her no …

Kunj was not getting why is twinkle crying so badly ronaya were trying to console her ..nurse came there ….

What’s the patient name ??? She aksed looking at rohan …???

Kush ….KUSH SARNA Rohan said and kunj got hell shocked …he turned and looked at shanaya …who nods in yess ..
Screen freezes ….
Precap : entry of HER …
So how was the shot ?? ..
Hope u all like it …
Plzz guys comment ..it is decreasing my confidence …????..
Well well guys I am so sorry but I can’t post for Few days as I said in ho Gaya hai tujhse pyaar sajhna too …
Plzz pray for me ???…
Ba byee love u all ..
Thanks to all who commented on last one …

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  1. Sidmin ki sadia

    Di bext epi mein jaldi se batana ki ye her kuan hai awesome. Epi like always post. NExt soon

  2. SanamMel

    Hey Sameera ?. U never fail to impress me ????. I feel sad for Kush??.
    It was really emotional? . Well described ?. Just perfect ?.
    Can’t wait for u to post the next one so do it asap. Have a good day ?. Love u dear ?

  3. SidMin23


  4. Paavu

    Sorry ki bachu tujhe main btati hun ek to tu mujhe bhul gayi hai bilkul hi upar se late post nahi I want dis as soon as pssbl plsshhhh plshhhh plshh delh itne dino baad ayi hun yeh icha poori kr de

  5. Komal

    Its awesome..

  6. Hey sameera… Yr its superb… Just luvd it… Awsm… Get well soon…. Post nxt asap… Luv u… Byeee

  7. Its superb
    Post soon

  8. Samaira_khan

    It’s just mind blowing loved it and who’s she? Post soon love it

  9. Brilliant episode sami ❤️?
    Bilkul aapne baap par gaya gai awww ❤️❤️????
    Kunj Kush bonding so cute ??♦️
    Funniest part ???? lets play ghar ghar ???? adeeba Virat ki wife game me ❤️??????????
    ? Finally Kunj ko happy kam shock laga hai ????❤️???kush us ka beta hai ??❤️
    Get well soon
    I will praying for u ❤️❤️❤️❤️?
    Loads of love ❤️ sami
    Post soon

  10. Presha

    Awesome dii..
    Loved it…
    Too good..

    Wa8ing for next…
    Love u

  11. Rochika

    Yrrr di it was sooooo sooo sooo soooo soooo sooo sooo awsm??????????????….kunj and kush are sooooo cutee..and kunj donating blood to kush..aakhir khoon hi khoon ke kaam aata hai..???????..yehh kunj got to know that kush is his child…now i m very much excited for the nxt epi…?????
    And di get welll soooon.?????????????????? take care of urself..???
    Post soon
    Love u!?

  12. Nishuu

    Wow Sam baby it was fantastic
    Loved it
    Plzzzz post soon dear
    Love u soo much ?????

  13. Sam yr firstly i am really really sorrrrrrryyyyyyyyy??.

    Yr i was hell sad & depressed is liye cmnt nhi kr pai

    But epi was splended i am just loving the track

    Get well soon

    Now byee luv u?? take care keep smiling & most imp post soon ur other ff also

  14. Amazing

  15. amazing episode sammu………..bechare kunj ko to shock lag gaya???????????

    get well soon dear?????

    post soon
    luv u

  16. Aamu

    And this was beyond awesome..
    Written perfectly..
    Tune to shock dediya yaar?..
    Not at all expected ke aisa hoga…?…
    Wel finally mr.sarna got to knoww…
    N u know padhne ka reh hi jaata..
    Sone jaarahi thi…dua bhi pagli n den yaaf aaya aankhen band ki to…isliye again khola..chal byr..
    Neeni aarahi hai..school b jaana hai subah?..
    Love u jaan..
    Post soon.
    N yeah aaj ka dhamaka tha….how kunj gootoo know was awesome..????

  17. Supriya18d

    sry for late…
    emotional one
    Kon aane vaali h

  18. Amazing ; post soon

  19. Baby

    ufff god samieee….♥
    it was osm marveleous ♥
    superb emotional ♥
    cute loved it ♥
    lods of love ♥♥♥

  20. Anusha

    It’s one of my favourite ff…its amazing

  21. Ramya

    AAwesome Amazing super
    Yaar you nailed it
    Just simply superb Amazing
    Can’t explain in words
    Love you keep smiling and Happy

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