KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} SEASON 1 SUMMARY

Summary of season 1
The season 1 started with twinkle and kunj meeting after 5 long years of separation where twinkle was happy to be with kunj while kunj had a hidden motive behind he wanted to take revenge from her for killing his dad Manohar Sarna the duo tie the knot while twinkle was excited kunj was in revenge mode twinkles elder brother (Rohan) and kunj elder sister shanaya gets them married Rohan left to London after twinj gets married Twinkle and kunj goes to there new house which kunj had made specially for them with security it was on the outskirts and no house or any market was available just like a dream house for twinkle it was ..
Once reaching there kunj showed his real side to her his devil he used to torcher her daily and clearly told that he married for revenge and doesn’t love her but it was not truth he was disheartened like twinkle but he had no option he had mainted the house security so that Twinkle’s doesn’t runs away from home where twinkle challenges him that either she will change him or leave him forever ..
kunj went in for a meeting while twinkle went in the memory lane of how they met she was an secret agent who was assigned a drug mission on sarnas educational academy and the owner of it was Manohar Sarna she joins there being a student and met kunj and falls for him unaware with fact that he is also a SARNA shanaya sees Rohan kunj came for twinkles admission and tells him that she stills love him but he ignored and left as he held Manohar responsible for Leela and manohar death twinkle was unaware of this truth twinj falls in love with each other and kunj was going to confess when twinkle get the dates of their next consignment kunj propose twinkle while she tells him that she will give him her answer after 2 days and thinks to tell him about her mission too ..but destiny played it’s cards twinkle being successful in caughting Manohar with the drugs even shanaya too knew about it ..she pointed gun before Manohar and asked him to surrender but he replied he didn’t want his son kunj to hate him and know about his legal activities ever where as kunj gets to know about police on sarnas educational academy while he left from there while reaching there he heard bullet shot when reaching the same place he saw Manohar lying on floor and twinkle helding the gun towards him he misunderstood twinkle to be his father’s murder shanaya makes him go from there while twinkle faints there …
Present Twinkle wasn’t able to take up kunj hatred and his torcher she was in depression and decided to end her life by jumping off the roof but kunj comes back on the nick of time and saves twinkle she felt unconscious in his arms while he saw her and felt bad for her he decided to forget his revenge and continue his married life like other couples …
Twinkle started recovering by kunj care towards her but somewhere a fear was always in her if he will again become a devil …kunj plans a date for her in their lawn and asked her to get ready while she came down they both lost in each other confess their love and gets close next day both were shocked and kept silent days passed kunj gets shanaya call he decided to meet her while twinkle went to hospital kunj tells shanaya that he wants to move on with Twinkle and forget twinkle shanaya gets shocked but she gets a call and takes kunj to hospital where twinkle after test met her friend Karan they both talks happily shanaya makes his seen the other way and tells that Twinkle is cheating on him while kunj gets angered and moved from there ..he drinks badly and reaclls how shanaya filed his mind that twinkle took revenge of her parents death by killing Manohar ..
Kunj struggles for many years to become the kunj Sarna …
He went to home and started breaking things while twinkle came out of room and asked him what happen he neglects her and continue doing so when her reports falls kunj reads that she is pregnant he was in much hangover that he decided to abort the child to continue his revenge …and calls a group of doctors at his home night passed next morning all doctors left while kunj cried thinking what he did he went in room and cried seeing twinkle ..and left from there house to meet shanaya …on his way he sees Karan and his pregnant wife Surbhi who visited hospital and met twinkle he regrets of his doings and decided to apologize to twinkle after meeting shanaya …
Shanaya tells him that she is proud of him and he completed her revenge from Twinkle which was heard was Rohan who came back from London he asked shanaya what they did with their twinkle while kunj answer that they just took revenge for killing Manohar while toh beats kunj black n blue and tells him the real truth ..
That Manohar had shooter himself and throwed the gun as he didn’t want kunj to know about his illegal activities on learning this he asked shanaya why she ignited him this much and ended the ties with her ..
Rohan on learning that kunj aborted their child went with kunj cursing him for leaving Twinkle with shanaya and kunj and going to London on reaching twinj house they didn’t find twinkle but her letters stating she is leaving kunj forever shanaya from her sources find out that twinkle was at railway station they left there to found the train left in which Twinkle was there but what shocked them more was the train had been met and many passengers died soon lists comes and it had twinkle name too shaterring kunj Rohan and shanaya ..Rohan left from there while kunj ended all his ties with shanaya and they all regret …
4 years later in London a small boy was showing making Rohan run behind him and he was revealed to be twinj kid ..twinkle was saved from the accident Rohan gets to know this he asked why she ran from kunj home she tells him that she pleaded doctors to don’t harm her babies and they agreed and lied to kunj twinkle was living in London with her son “Kush” along with piyali her cousin sister and Rohan and shanaya who got married and have twins too adeeba and Kiara ..
Rohan moved in with shanaya when he gets to know about her being a victim of drug addict which made her this much cruel she regretted doing this with twinkle while twinkle forgives her once her babies were born no one knew where kunj was living …
Piyali was going to get married soon to Abhay who was childhood friend of kunj and he convinced kunj to come London and takes him to taneja mansion while kunj went and met kush there and they shared a good bond between them ..Rohan shanaya piyali Abhay had planned to make twinj meet kunj sees shanaya with Rohan married and was happy for his sister but remained rude with her ..
and twinj sees each other on their engagement while kunj was happy finding her alive and twinkle gets a memory of all his torchers and decided that she will not forgive him and ask him to go while he left from there and met with small accident Abhay brings kunj to taneja mansion while Rohan tells him to stay with them till he gets fine kunj agrees to stay with them if Twinklee is not objecting next day he founds kush adeeba and Kiara so close to twinkle the trio was referring to her as MAA so he didn’t got to know about kush being his kid twinkle find kush happy with kunj when she gets a call and adee and Kiara asked her what happen she replied SHE is coming they gets happy too ..Abhay and piya left for date Rohan and twinkle went for an meeting while shanaya was at home with babies Kiara tells kush that SHE was coming he gets excited and ran from there slipping off the stairs shanaya heard the screams of crying and came of kitchen to find kush lying in pool of blood she immediately takes him hospital and calls twinkle but her phone was unreachable she calls kunj who picks up her calls and asked him to reach xyz hospital he behaves rude with her while she scolds him and ask him to come while kunj agrees seeing her worried he went and gave blood to kush and stands in side when twinkle with Rohan too came there while the nurse asked patient name to which Rohan replied KUSH SARNA kunj who was standing there facing the other side heard and was shocked he sees Twinklee crying and was happy that his child is fine too he met kush and left from there and decided that he will go to London so that twinkle can stay happily with kunj he was crying sitting alone when sees a little girl who gave him her chocolates and asked him not to cry he forget his sorrow for sometime the girl was picked up by piya who took her to taneja mansion when she calls twinkle as mumma too she was revealed to be twinj first twinj TANI SARNA twin of kush was on her camp twinkle gets happy she stays worried for kunj as he wasn’t back home still shanaya tells Rohan that kunj donated kush blood and saved his life shanaya put adeeba Kiara kush tani on bed and makes the sleep kunj comes home later twinkle asked him why but he ignored and tells Rohan that he is living for india and went to his room twinkle and everyone was shocked Rohan advised twinkle to listen her heart she went to kids room and saw kush and Tani taking about Their how they missed him thinking about their words twinkle went to kunj room and forgives him both slept peacefully after so many years next day they woke up while twinkle tells kunj that she had a suprise for him they went downstairs and tells Rohan and shanaya about their reconcilation they get happy too while kush comes there with tani introduced tani to kunj as his twin sister while kunj was shocked again he asked Twinklee while she nodded in yes he happily hugs both of his kids while twinkle also reveals to them about kunj being their father they all were happy kuni(kush+tani) were being kunj all the time papa papa they were going for outings everyone was happy ..
One day sees piya crying Rohan and twinkle aksed her what happen which she tells that she wants to get married in India while they agreed and all went back India and met “ARAV GUPTA” who was close friend of twinkle and was obsessed with her on finding twinkle happy with kunj he gets angry and provokes twinkle to kill kunj and ties mini bomb watches on kush tani adeeba and Kiara hands while piya and Abhay gets married and twinj stays at their house as kunj planned a date for Twinkle but she shoots him …and he falls of the Terres ..
Arav who was keeping a eye on everything was happy to see twinkle killing kunj he calls twinkle and removes the mini bombs from kids hands and tells that he loves her so much kunj comes clapping and reveals the murder drama was their drama and he underestimated a X secret agent(Twinkle) and a DEVIL (kunj) they gets ARAV arrested while he takes gun and shoots which hits shanaya they worriedly takes her to hospital while she was out of danger twinkle faints there and it was revealed that she is expecting again kunj take care of her and their babies very much and she gives birth to their third kid “JASMIN” who was the lifeline of them while shanaya too gave birth to Ahaan completing their family and they all have a happily ever after …


So here is the summary of season 1 for new readers as well as for old who forgot ..the further story of season 2 will be continued from here ?????

Episode 30 will be up soon ???

Thank you all for your comments and reviews …

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  1. Vampire

    Yrrr thank u so much for the summary I loved this story

  2. Vibhu

    It felt great while reading this story again!
    What a masterpiece it was !!
    Really yaaarr …. Excited for Kaatil 2 now

  3. Baby

    well osm yrrr
    merko yaad thi purii story bt ek baar firse refresh ho gaye thoughts
    mazaa aagyaa ???
    love u lots ?
    god everything is so intense

  4. SidMin

    My God I am such an idiot I missed this ….
    Wish I was never on a break
    Thank you for the summary but can you give me links to the story I want to read each episode 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  5. Sorry Di late hoon but Aapne Bogota Aachen se summary Di and love it I would suggest that the readers should read the episodes as it was really awsm love u take care

  6. SSK

    Thank you so much for the summary, it felt great to read the summary again and seriously I am going to read the whole FF again now. 🙂

  7. Ramya

    I remember everything.
    But what’s more interesting is how you will continue from here.
    Waiting so eagerly

  8. Ananya_DSK

    Sam!!! To be really honest, although I pretty much remember most of the story well, it was really cool the way you presented everything like a flashback was super cool!! I really need to learn this skill from you… It felt like the entire thing was happening in front of my eyes again… And now, I’m super excited to read what is coming up next… And I am confident, whatever it is, it’s going to be awesome! After all, it is Sam’s magic that’s going to work!!

  9. Sry sry sweetheart late hu sry
    Chalo ab summary pr aati hu vese mere ko na puri story yaad h kyoki mne kaatil do do baar read kiya h???
    Pr dhobara read krke maza aa gya
    Luvvvvvv u sweetheart

  10. Sry sry sweetheart late hu sry
    Chalo ab summary pr aati hu vese mere ko na puri story yaad h kyoki mne kaatil do do baar read kiya h???
    Pr dhobara read krke maza aa gya
    Luvvvvvv u sweetheart ????

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