KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 4


Shot 4 …
The Episode starts with twinkle reading “DIVORCE NOTICE” her voice choked up in her throat …Aditi who didn’t got any reply from twinkle came to check her ..
What happen twinkle what’s that ??? She asked while Twinklee handed her the letter …she too read it …

It was a divorce notice send by kunj I have to report tomorrow at COURT Twinkle said while Aditi looks at her …

Twinkle twinkle calm down come she said and took her near table and gave her water …twinkle closed her eyes and all of their memories flashed before their eyes ….soon she opened her eyes which was hell red by now …

I’LL NEVER EVER FORGIVE HIM” Twinkle murmured and got up from there …and was going to her room when Aditi held her hand and tightly hugged her …

I know what you may be feeling right now twinkle but plzz handle yourself don’t fall weak YOU ARE STRONG Don’t let him feel that he won Aditi said while twinkle broke the hug and nodded …

I’ll be back in sometime Twinkle excused herself …okay you go I’ll set the dinner then we will have it Aditi replied smiling while twinkle ran to her room ..

I never thought kunj will do something like that though I used to hate him since a long time for snacthing my best friend but I had a belief that he will keep twinkle happy always he will give her all the happiness of the world BUT I WAS WRONG ... if again these time he tries to hurt twinkle na THEN HE HAS TO BEAR ME FIRST Aditi spoke with anger in her eyes soon she went inside kitchen to prepare something for her and twinkle ..
@ twinkle room :::
Twinkle entered her room with pale face though she wanted to cry badly but she can’t she didn’t want to fall weak at this moment …

Why should I cry it’s good that we are gonna get divorced so that I’ll be free from him too after what he did I’ll never be able to love him back he has snacthed everything from me but for what ?? Just for some REVENGE which I don’t know still …

She went towards her wardrobe and searched for something she took out a box they were many things in that box she picked up a letter …


She looks at the letter angrily and clutched it she looks at her nuptial chain which was in the box …she smiled sadly
I don’t know which REVENGE I would have forgave you but now to I will never she kept back the things and laid on bed she went into a flashback ..

Twinkle and kunj was in room balcony while twinkle was standing and kunj came and back hugged her …

Still angry with me twinkle but trust me I have to go you know na Bebe is ill her condition is serious plzz let me go kunj said still Twinkle didn’t turned ..

I promise I’ll be back soon and see it’s good I’ll go and see Bebe then I’ll convince everyone to accept our wedding too he said while Twinklee turned ..

Do you think they will ever accept our relationship ??? She asked with tears in her eyes while he wiped ..

Dont ever let this fall twinkle and I’ll convince them anyhow though they are angry that we ran away and got married but trust me I’ll make them agree he said

No no plz don’t go how I will stay without you I can’t even stay for a second twinkle said while kunj smiled..

That’s why I love you so much he kissed her cheeks while she pouted ..
Don’t worry I’ll be back soon and I wanted sarnas to welcome their daughter in law with much love he ended she hugged him tightly ...

Now lets go I’ll help you in packing twinkle said and they both packed his luggage soon they were laying on bed ..
Twinkle on top of kunj not wanting to loose him for a second while he was caressing her hairs …

You know kunj when we married and went to meet mom she said that this path will lead to my destruction ..she looked at him teard eye ..

Haan I heard that too he said but that will not happen kunj said assuring her ..now sleep my baby tomorrow morning I have to catch my flight too ..

Haan good night she pecked his lips while he smiled wrapping his arms around her pulling her more closer to himself …good night he wished her too and both slept ..

Twinkle came out of flashback That was my last night with you next morning you took your flight but never came back after that I got your letter I have never imagined something like that surely mom told me correct thing but it was too late even I lost my mom too Twinkle spoke with tears in her eyes soon she sees aditi entering her room with dinner she kept her box back in wardrobe …

Chalo let’s have dinner Aditi said and twinkle too sat infront of her and was just looking at her continuously ..
What ??? Aditi asked ..

Thank you so much for being there at that time when I have no one beside me seriously I would have died that time only if you wouldn’t have been with me twinkle said …

I promised to be with you no matter what and no need to thank me we are more than sisters forgot now have this she said putting one morsel in her mouth while both feeds each other soon they slept ..
@ hotel :::
Kunj and yuvi had been in hotel they had their dinner too ..while kunj told yuvi everything ….

What you send her divorce notice ??? Yuvi asked unbelievably as he didn’t expected this ..he wanted kunj to realise his love but something else happen ..

You only told me right to choose .. I can’t stay with her happily so I choose that I’ll free her from this relationship kunj replied ..

You know about her ?? Where she stays blah blah ??? Yuvi asked him ..
No I don’t have her info about where is she since 2 years how was she it took me a day to find about her and I send her notice after knowing about her house kunj replied ….

Don’t know it reached her or not she will come tomorrow to court or not I toh don’t even know if that address was correct too or not kunj said while yuvi looks at him ..

Kunj dont you really love her ??? He asked …
If I love her than also we can’t be together as their is a big void in our relationship which can’t be fulfilled kunj said ..

Anyways it’s late I have to go tomorrow so let’s sleep kunj said while yuvi too nodded not wanting to take this conversation for long …

Soon they both slept too but did twinj slept ???? No not at all because they are going to meet after long 2 years …whole night passed …
Next morning :::
Kunj had been woken up and was ready he met yuvi both hugged …
Plz reconsider your decision again I don’t find your happiness in it kunj yuvi spoke ….

Bye I’ll meet you later kunj avoided his question and left from there soon he reached court with his pa and lawyer ..

He was waiting n waiting still there was no sign of twinkle it was time to report inside still twinkle wasn’t there so he went inside ..

Mr Sarna ?? Where is your wife the judge asked to kunj who was seated Infront of him …

I am here your honour Twinklee voice hit his ears he closed his eyes …he could heard her footsteps too she came and sat on the chair beside him still they didn’t looked at each other ..

So shall we proceed judge said while they both were looking at him they both still didn’t looked at each other ..

So as per the report you both had not even stayed for an year after your wedding and you both are not together since two years and you guys had an love marriageARE YOU GUYS SURE THAT YOU WANTED DIVORCE“The judge asked them ..

YESthey both replied in dangerously low voice this time they looked at each other whole after 2 years with hatred in their eyes for each other …

Sorry but right now I can’t give you the approval for your divorce the judge said and twinj looked at him ..
Why ??? Twinkle asked him ..

Though you guys wanted DIVORCE with your will but i have seen many couples regretting later specially when they had love marriage so I can’t give approval for it “I AM GIVING YOU GUYS 6 MONTHS TO RECONCILE AND EVEN AFTER 6 MONTHS YOU GUYS WANTED TO STAY APART THEN YOU CAN JUST SIGN THE PAPERS AND SUBMIT IN COURT” The judge ended while twinj looked on unbelievably ..

But I really wanted DIVORCE kunj said no need of giving us time he ended while twinkle looked at him with anger …

Sorry Mr Sarna but this is my final decision and in this 6 months you have to stay together and my inspecting staff will visit sometimes to see if you are following the rules or not the judge said and left from there …

Twinj looks at each other and left outside while their lawyers were explaining them that anyhow they had to stay together if they really wanted to get apart completely Aditi and Ali who was there too was hell angry on kunj …

I’ll kill him Aditi said while twinkle and Ali holds her hand ..
No adi don’t do this mistake Ali said ..

I know twinkle it will be difficult for you but you have to stay with him for more 6 months and I know you are that much strong that you will handle it Ali spoke while twinkle nodded ..Aditi looked on frustrated ..

It just a thing of about 6 months Aditi twinkle said while she too nodded and the trio hugged …
Next scene :::
Kunj was there with his lawyer he was too shocked and he didn’t expected it at all he called yuvi usha Bebe on conference and talked with them …

What ??? You are again going to stay with that girl ??? Usha aksed with anger ..
Haan usha maa he has too so that he can get divorced than you can make him get married to your choosen girl yuvi tricked while usha understand ..

It’s good that you both are going to stay together Bebe said with happiness ..
Just stay with her don’t get too much close it’s just a matter of 6 months usha spoke ..

Bye kunj said and ended the call …I have to stay in India for few months ranveer this is happening just because of you he cursed him under his breath ..
Yuvi again called him and asked where he is going to stay …

We have a house here and I asked it’s care taker to clean the house so that I can stay with twinkle there and I have also given that address to court so we are gonna stay there he said ..

Okay then have a good romantic life yuvi teased him and ended the call as he didn’t wanted to get bashed …

He was so much happy that atleast kunj couldn’t deny his feelings now ..
Twinkle comes there with her lawyer while kunj looks at her …
Screen freezes on kunj and twinkle worried face …
Precap : twinj at Sarna house
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