KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 30 (EID MUBARAK)


Episode 30 …. 


The beautiful city of Mumbai is shown with all the views of it the chirping birds the busy roads some of the women’s fighting for filing water first some of them in hurry to reach the office some were stucked up in traffic and some were waiting for their local the integral part of the mumbaikars …
Screen shifted to a big mansion named “S VIHAR” …

Two women’s are shown who are most probably in their 50’s but very well Maintained their beauty was standing Infront of their home temple their heads covering with the dupatta praying …
Babaji plzz make this movie also hit so that my Tillu and my sid can be more popular they have done very much hardwork for this movie Shweta spoke while the other women (Sakshi) smiled ..

Both of them done with their prayers and passed a smile ..
Offo Didi you are worrying so much trust your Neil and Sid they will rock the movie as always Sakshi spoke while Shweta too smiled ..
But where are those kings ??? A man came their and aksed ..

Raj ji Shweta said and passed him the thaal of the pooja while he took the blessings ..
Where are they ? They have to go today’s the release of their movie Raj said ..
They are asusual “STILL SLEEPING” both Sakshi and Shweta spoke in unison while Raj huffed ..
I don’t know when these guys will improve Raj said followed by the giggles among the three …
Next scene :::
A lavish room was shown with very built interior and a big space in room having the small bar near the corner which was hidden so as no one can sees that one side it contained his wardrobe and the dressing table … The room was Amazing in decors 100% but it was 0% in case of cleanliness the clothes are scattered all around the room and big king size bed was shown in which two hot figures are sleeping on the each other side of the bed sleeping peacefully when one of the phone starts ringing …

Abey abey said the one man while shaking the other Still in sleep arey Bhai pick up your phone it’s disturbing my sleep Neil plzzz he said …
Uff Neil got up and looked at his phone and caller id and cute smile appeared on his face as he picked up the call …

Neil, where are you what’s this don’t tell me you forgot that it’s our movie release today oh my god how can you forget such important thing I don’t want to listen anything I need you here in half an hour the women from the other side declared while Neil had a blush smile on his face ..
Now will you speak ??? She again said while Neil smirked ..

Will you let me speak now he taunted back with sensuous voice ..
Haan she replied ..
I’ll be there soon baby and thanks for reminding me Neil said waise he was going to say when she cut the call …

Again you did it huh Neil got up and started waking up the other one ..
Abey chal uth sidhant uth he said while sidhant was in no mood to wake up he covered himself with duvet ignoring Neil words ..

This guy is seriously impossible Neil said and pulled his duvet abey sidhant wake up na Yaar we have to reach there soon for the first premier of our movie he said ..
I have done the movie and saw his screening too I very well know that it will break the screens so I am not going sidhant declared and slept ..

Oh my god plz wake up she asked me to be there in half n hour ..Neil ended irritatedly ..
She is your problem not mine sidhant answered him back while Neil smirked ..
So you are not going to wake up right he said and took the water jug from the table and poured it on sid face while he got up with jerk ..

What the hell ??? Sidhant exclaimed looking at him …
I am going to get ready in my room you also get ready or else I’ll tell massi how much you drank last night Neil winked
You are so bad ?sidhant said while Neil laughed ..

Brother from another mother Neil and sidhant relationship was like this only they are cousins still they shared the bond of real siblings ..if sidhant is in any problem Neil was the one to handle it and it Neil was in any problem sidhant handles it inshort they were sheild of each other …

Neil got up from there and went back to his room leaving sidhant alone in his privacy sidhant woke up and looked at the rooom he called the servant and ordered to clean it asap before his mother sees it …
The duo boys was ready soon looking dashing and reached near staircase ..
You know I don’t go on movie release sidhant again said while Neil looked at him ..

I know that I’ll be with Avni and if you don’t come jasmine will be alone how she will feel on not having her costar with her after all it’s her debut Neil said ..
As soon as he heard Jasmine name he smirked and agreed to come with him they duo went downstairs and hugged their respective mother’s from behind ..
So finally the king’s here woke up Haan Shweta exclaimed turning to find Neil with a million dollar smile ..

Haan maa he said and touched her feets while sidhant looked at his mother Sakshi mom do I have to do the same he asked while sakshi laughed and nodded in no just hug me baby I’ll be at peace she said while sidhant hugged her smiling good morning maa he said while both of them smiled ..
You guys are too lazy sidhant Neil Shweta said while sidhant passed a sheepish smile ..

Come have breakfast Sakshi ended while both the boys nodded in no ..
No we will have it later waise bhi we are hell late sidhant said and Neil nodded ..both took the blessings of their mothers …

Waise maasi don’t you think Neil should get married now sidhant lit the fire while Neil nodded in no …and he smirked back at Neil ..
Tillu sid is right now be mature propose her for wedding I wanna see my son wedding soon you are well settled now too Shweta said ..

Oh ma don’t start again let me enjoy my bachelor’s more Neil said while Shweta nodded in no …
Nahi Tillu you are to get married now you are turning 28 by this week I wanna see you married now she said waise bhi when I and your papa was of your age till then we have baby you with us Shweta ended ..

While sidhant was enjoying saale meeri neend kharab ki thi nah Acha phasa beta he murmured ..
Mom you and papa were really fast and I can’t help it he winked while the ladies makes a haww face and beats him while both sidhant and Neil left ..

Neil khanna : first child of Raj and Shweta khanna cute s*xy love his sister and his cousin sidhant very very much ..
Sidhant Gupta : single child of the divorce Sakshi Gupta lovedd his mother alott as he had seen how she had been worked to give him this life love her alott can’t see her sad anyway cute chocolates boy every girl dream only Infront of his family known to be an arrogant flirty actor but his acting skills are what made him this much popular ..doesn’t believe in love
I wish someone enters my sid life too who will also love him like me I don’t want him to stay alone as me Sakshi said tears eye while Shweta changed the topic and they got busy …
Next scene :: London
A man was Roaming here and there calling someone repeatedly ..
Oh my god these girls none of them picking my call he said while a women who came with their morning tea smiled
Haan they very well knew that you will lecture them that’s why not picking any of your calls she ended laughing again ..
Both spoke and then smiled at each other ..

But what I can do I am worried for them I know they all re grown up now still they are my small babies only Rohan ended while shanaya too nodded..
I know Rohan trust them they are strength of each other they are all for one and one for all shanaya said while both smiled …

Haan I trust them but I don’t want them to fall in any danger shanaya these revenge just give harm I want them to understand this and leave their hatred behind but they all doesn’t listen to me at all Rohan said with a pout ..
Even I talked but they are not ready to listen but I am fine that they all are together and no one can harm them ever shanaya ended ..

Rohan moved towards a couple pic hanging on the wall there having a garland on it ..
You know what she said me her last words was “Bhai take care of my Tani kush and jasmine as your own Bhai Rohan said while both of them got teard
We tried our level best to fill the place of them in their life shanaya said hugging him while both looked at the pic ..

They completely went on them same tashan same agression everything Rohan ended ..
I missed them both said together …
Next scene (India)
The crowd was gathered all around the cinemas for the most awaited movie of the year “KAATIL” the shouts and the hooots all around the directors producer and the whole crew came their ..
An another car came to a halt at the red carpet reveling ” THE SIDHANT GUPTA AND NEIL KHANNA” both came out while the media was clicking their pics ..

Neil eyes were searching for someone as soon as he found her went and coughed from back inorder to gain her attention …
She turned and looked at them while he was lost in her eyes she snaps her fingers before him while they hugged ..

AVNI NEIL come here the director said while avneil went and gave some of their pics while sidhant was looking for his co star to join ..

Another car came there and another s*xiest beauty stepped in while he smirked looked at her …JASMINE the star of the show the writer as well as the main female lead was here the reporter from media spoke ..

Jasmine went and joined the crew the director made her stand beside sidhant who slipped out his arm around her waist while she looked at him ….

Don’t stare me like this baby or else you will fall for me he spoke moving closer to her ear while the media continued to click the pics ..
Sidhant Gupta never fails to give the topic of the town same he was doing whole crowd was astonished to see the chemistry the duo shared ..

Jasmine free herself and stand beside still his arm protectively around her waist …
SIDMIN Walked the red carpet and enter the Cineplex ..
AVNEIL walked behind them maintaining their eye lock while all of them entered ..
The movie started with the hoots and the shouts which was echoing there ..
As soon as the lights went off jasmine removed his hand from her waist while he looked at her ..

There is no media around Mr Gupta no need to fake she said while he smiled
The movie started while everyone was busy watching keenly the mystery keeping them more curious while jasmine with eyeing sidhant with some rage in her eyes ..and sidhant was just focusing on movie mainly of Twinkle’s character the way jasmine acted in it …he was very much impressed with her since day 1 when he first saw her on set …

The first talks the co actors shared her melodious voice her agression towards taking the twinkle character to another level he never gave a damn shit to any of the girl around but why he is so much affected by jasmine presence ?? Even he didn’t knew this answer …

The half of the movie completed followed by an interval while everyone of them just taking about the characters and was very much desperate to know how it will end ..
Jasmine sees the same cutipe who played the role of armaan and smiled he was with his real parents …

They were back in the hall again watching the movie ahead finally it reached the climax …”MOVIE”
Kunj tired to move ahead to That he can take armaan while Varun started fearing ..

I told you kunj don’t come near me I’ll kill you or your baby both Varun said ..
I don’t mind to be killed while saving my baby you are not in your senses plzz give him back see how much he was crying even you felt as a father after he came in this world and you are trying to kill him who made you feel like a father kunj ended ..

That’s why I wanted him to be with me do one thing give him to me I’ll drop my gun then Varun said ..moving back again…he reached the end of the cliff …

Due to his slippery shoes he slipped and the gun gets triggered unintentionally and it hits someone while Varun too falls of the cliff …
Armaan twinkle shouted seeing him her mind went blank totally she falls on her knees thinking she lost him again but no before Varun falls down usha snatches armaan from him and before she could give hand to Varun he slipped already ..

Twinkle breathe came back without thinking anything she ran towards usha who was consoling the crying armaan usha got shocked seeing the other scenario and gave armaan back in Twinkle arms …

Other side the bullet was in kunj direction before it would hit him shanaya pushed him aside taking the bullet on her and falls down on floor with the blood oozing out from her body …
Kunj was shocked seeing her he quickly Ran and put her head in his lap ..

Why Di why you have done this with me why you took this danger on you kunj said crying while shanaya was wincing in pain ..
I have done many crimes an nearly put you on death I deserved this plz forgive me she ended ..
I wasn’t angry with you Di don’t leave me kunj said while she smiled ..

Take care of twinkle and armaan she said looking at them mom I love you so much she ended and closed her eyes forever while kunj and usha both were shocked ..
Police tired to search for Varun body but didn’t got and declared him dead while shanaya too was taken from there for her final rites ..

Kunj twinkle usha cried alott usha was going from there when kunj held her hand and apologized to her he knows his mother is regretting for what she did both of them hugged ..
Usha asked twinkle too joined too while they had a family hug movie ended with Varun and Shanaya death a note …

Hatred gives nothing but makes aperson lost the power to trusting and loving someone same was in this case Varun and shanaya went so much in hatred that they have to give upon their life’s at the last together may be their love will reunite in love ..
Either this hate will give the Physical pain or mental pain which can’t be cured
“Revenge does only harm” “learn to forget and forgive” the movie ends leaving everyone in tears while all the claps echoed there …

The stars came out the the hall while all of them very much happy with the response everyone praising for their acting skills the emotion they protrayed
They day passed in an Instant it was press conference in night ..
The director and the producer sat on the long table many bouquets were kept on it congratulating them for the success in the first day ..

The actors were called there AVNEIL and the ones who played Varun shanaya role was on left side while Sidmin was seated on the right side …all were ready to answer the questions …
Firstly to many many congratulations to all of them sitting over hear the star of the show the movie started with a amazing response sir how you are feeling right now ?? Journalist asked the director ..

Honestly saying I feel very proud today to work with such talented actors they made the characters turned into a live ones of the credit first has to go someone then it’s jasmine as it’s was her debut as a writer and an actress director said .. while others clapped ..

Seriously mam you have written A very good script and your acting was also fantabulous how you felt protraying the role of an mother in a very young age journalist asked jasmine ..
She was nervous at first facing the media while sidhant held her hand beneath the table she looked at him while he assures her to continue …

I was very nervous playing it but armaan was such a cutipie I never felt like jasmine that time I lived Twinklee character very much a child is what completes the couple so yeah I loved him so much I’ll love to work more with armaan she smiled and ended …

We are very well aware with Mr sidhant Gupta acting he is the charmer and ruler of every girls heart what you wanna say about this movie sir? How was your experience as an father journalist ..
When I got to know that I have to play a father I was shocked would be an understatement as I am so young guys so cute father nah but yes I also love kunj character I protrayed it in such a way because I never ….he stopped in middle a memory flashed before his eyes
What happened ??? Reporters asked ..

Uhmm wo nothing Neil passed him water while sidhant gulped it I love doing this movie he ended with a fake smile ..
While the qnas continued all very giving the answers very well all the while jasmine was smirking seeing sidhant ..
The question was again stucked on sidhant you never attended any press conference ?? Are you scared to face ? Media questions one of the journalist asked with negativity in his voice …

No ? Why would I be scared I don’t like much crowd that everyone knows today I came to give support to my friend as well as beautiful herione jasmine sidhant answered quietly …
Really ??? We heard that once you got caught in drug case ??? Journalist aksed him while sidhant kept quiet …

Answer us sir we heard that you were in remand home too for a murder crime he aksed again that was enough for sidhant he got up ..
I apologize but I have some work he said and left from there while the director somehow managed the media and the question and answers were going on to others avneil and Varun shanaya …

Mr Neil khanna and miss Avni you both are couple goals for everyone we heard the rumours of you both being in a relationship ???
Neil smiled at Avni there is nothing to hide from you all I clearly accept that I love Avni like anything Neil declared while the spice was back in the press conference …

When the duo getting married ?? Another question came from my side ..
I am toh desperate to get married now you all make her agree boss Neil said while Avni blushed …
Neil held her hand and stepped ahead and landed on his knees ..
I am in love with you since long but now I want you to complete me fully being my other half will you marry me ?? He asked while everyone was hooting ..

Say yes say yes they all said ..Avni looked at Neil ..
Yes she said creating the fire among them while he slipped the finger in her hand .. while everyone were clicking the pics ..the press conference ended ..
The same journalist who humiliated sidhant went in side while someone hand overs him the money the man was convering his face he smiled as the jorunalist left …

Jasmine sees him and smiled and showed thumbs up while he smiled back at her …
It’s just a start of Revenge Mr sidhant Gupta you have to pay for many things jasmine ended moving from there ..
Screen freezes
So how was the episode ????
Hope you all liked it …
Thank you thank you thank you so so much to everyone here for their warm wishes on my birthday ????I seriously didn’t expected this so many os dedicated to me felt like tei telly updates was back so many people wishes me and even posted on my wall ..
Thanks to all for making my birthday so beautiful ???? have posted the summary too do read it 

Ignore errors no proof read ??
So yeah here is MY EIDI to you all ???? hope you enjoyed ..
Bye allahafiz enjoy the day have fun …

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