KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 29 (last)


To all the lovelies out here ??this chapter is dedicated to you all ..
So yeah last suspense ???
I am forgetting something yeah it’s my birthday and also 2 year completion on telly updates as a writer ???
2 years of togetherness with you all with so many memories ???
So shall we start ?????
Shot 29 …
The Episode starts with next day twinkle woke up and saw kunj and armaan sleeping she kissed on their cheeks and left from their soon she got freshen up and went downstairs to prepare breakfast while Aditi too joined her she was learning many things from Twinkle both the besties having fun together while preparing their breakfast ..

Yuvi was sleeping he sees and aditi side and don’t found her oh my god again this girl went leaving me huh he said and slept again …
Kunj was sleeping armaan woke up and went above him pulling his nose while kunj woke up and looks at him rubbing his eyes…

Staying with siyappa queen you are also becoming very naughty kunj said while armaan laughed kunj got ready and made armaan too have bath and went downstairs ..
Aditi went to call yuvi she sees him sleeping and teased him with her hairs while he pulled Aditi beneath him she was shocked ..

Get up from me she said while yuvi nodded in no …
Everyone is waiting for us yuvi aditi said while he again nodded in no and continued teasing her …
Twinj Bebe armaan was already on breakfast table waiting for advi ..
Seems like they won’t come we will start kunj said while advi comes their and heard him ..
Huh we are already here Aditi said while kunj smirked they all smiled and have their breakfast ..

Many things changed in these 3 months from advi wedding to them staying happily twinj handling behind armaan to running behind him daily for many things but kuditi equation was same they both used to fight whenever they get chance and twiraj having no other option left used to enjoy their fight alott …

We have something for you advi twinj said while they looked at it ..
Kunj forwarded yuvi an envelope while he opened to find a honey moon tickets …
Honey moon both advi whispered ..
Yes you both didn’t got time after wedding because of the projects of twiditi so now when we are free now so go and enjoy twinkle said and kunj too nodded …

Bebe too smiled they teased them and advi started packing to leave for their honeymoon while twinj planned to hear out shanaya side too …

Kunj called the police and took his case back and asked him to send shanaya back home safely tomorrow as the bail procedures were going on somewhat late and ended the call he smiled at twinkle who smiled back at him …
They went downstairs as it was Sunday they all planned for a get together and called Ali and Zoya too everyone were having fun …
Yuvi was hell excited so as Aditi for going to their honeymoon …

Ahem ahem kunj see you remember what yuvi said 2 months back when we asked him to go to honeymoon …twinkle said while kunj smirked ..
Yeah I remember very well work is my first priority and this honeymoon and other things are waste kunj mimicked while yuvi blushed ..

Hmm yeah right now see how much desperate he is Ali continued the conversation ..
So what Haan ?? You all are done with it right now let me and my cute husband too enjoy aditi said taunting kunj ..
Huh no one held your cute husband dayan kunj said ..

You again called me dayan you are irritating sadu huh next time you call me by this na then see …aditi warned kunj ..
What you will do kunj asked raising his eye brow while twinkle moved asked giving a place to yuvi to enjoy the fight they were enjoying while munching the pop corns…

After few mins kuditi realized as armaan giggled seeing them they realise what they were doing and look awkwardly at others who burst out laughing seeing their expressions …
Hahhaa continue we are having much fun twinkle said hifing with yuvi who nodded in yes and they laughed again …

All the day they had much fun while all of them together make breakfast armaan was with Bebe while the couple’s enjoying their Romance …soon they were done with dinner and ordered cake and decorated the house too for a birthday party celebration …

They all had their dinner and was waiting for 12 desperately …
Everyone changed their clothes while twinj together made armaan get ready making him look like a prince yes he was a prince of Mr n Mrs kunj Sarna ..

Twinj came down helding his hands together he was looking cute ..they all looked at the clock ..
So finally guys Aditi said excitedly…

They all shouted together while armaan clapped excitedly seeing the preparations kunj made him wore a bday cap while all were singing ..
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear armaan
Happy birthday to you ..twinj kissed his cheek and they cut his bday cake …
All sang and danced around taking him having fun with him while armaan was too enjoying his 2 bday …

Soon everyone returned back to their rooms after partying whole night
Twinj slept tightly cuddling armaan wishing that he gets everything in his life they were happy ..
Next morning :::
Everyone awake late today because of partying last night Twinkle and kunj came downstairs with armaan while yuvi Aditi bebe again wished him and kissed …
They gave him many gift while he got so much happy twinkle help Aditi in packing her luggage as they were leaving today…

while kunj and yuvi discussed some of their meetings today ..
Is it necessary to go yuvi said while kunj looked at him ..
Why are you saying so ??? Kunj aksed ..
I want to go and I don’t want also don’t know why I am feeling like this yuvi said ..
No you go don’t worry about anything I’ll handle whatever it is kunj said and they shared a hug …

Next scene :::
Usha was sitting in some Room having a pic in her hand which was of kunj and shanaya childhood in this month’s she didn’t met kunj and others because of guilt she was sad that Kunj ended all the ties with her …

She tired every possible way to bail out shanaya as after kunj she didn’t wanted to loose her daughter at any cost she missed kunj like anything and was sad that she failed to understood his pain and always imposed her decisions on him …she was regretting for what all she did with twinj ..

Her thoughts came to an half when she sees her phone ringing ..
Ma’am your daughter had been bailed out the constable from other side spoke ..
Who bailed her out ??? Usha aksed ..

Mr kunj Sarna they are taking shanaya back to Sarna mansion he ended while usha worriedly ran to Sarna mansion ..
Twinj comes downstairs and sees bebe who got ready to got temple while armaan seeing her ready to go somewhere insisted to go with her ..

I am taking armaan with me Bebe said while twinj nodded ADVI came ready to go and took blessings from Bebe …and sees twinj and armaan ..

Yuvi smiled and sees him see champ your mumma papa had planned to send us on your bday so that they can have alone time with you yuvi said armaan chuckled ..
I will miss you champ Aditi said and he waved them bye …

They too left for airport after meeting twinj …
Kunj and twinkle was waiting for all the formalities to be done and shanaya to be back home ..

Soon they heard the door bell ringing and opened their stood shanaya she had lost all of her charms staying their kunj let her in while usha too came their hurriedly and entered inside ..
Why you called me here ?? Shanaya spoke looking down ..

To know why you did that with us kunj said ..
Okay I’ll say shanaya said and started telling them the reason behind her this much hatred …

You know right the day papa disowned me because I married Varun when you did the same and married twinkle he didn’t said you anything why because you are his son and I was a daughter I was angry with papa for their decision that he differentiated between you and me even that time he came to Amritsar to talk with Leela aunty convincing her to accept you both but he didn’t bothered to see me once he didn’t came to my home and when I accidentally collided with him in gurudwara even there he ignored me shanaya said and this was all because of this twinkle she stated while twinj was shocked ..

Flashback shows
Manohar went to gurudwara when he collides with shanaya who held him ..
Papa she whispered teard eye seeing him after so long he was going from their ignoring her ..
Papa why you are doing this with me shanaya said ..

You have only done this you choose that guy before us Manohar stated ..
Papa he is very good shanaya said .
Haan I know how much Acha hua that day I caught him with suman or else I wouldn’t haven’t know his real face Manohar said I am going to thank Twinkle because of her only I got to see his true colours Manohar ended ..

Twinkle ?? Shanaya said while Manohar left from their ..
Flashback ends ..
After filling hatred for my husband your wife was planning to become daughter in law of the same family shanaya said while twinj was confused …

I didn’t filled hatred Varun was like that only he made suman fall in his traps and took he on date he was a big casonova Manohar uncle and suman father came searching for her we just gave the address of the place where they went on date Twinkle said …

No he was not he loved me like anything shanaya said while Twinklee looked on you are in so much misconception he had already made so many girls suffer may be after getting you he changed but he was like that only that time twinkle said ..

Huh I vowed to take revenge from you I thought till papa doesn’t accept Varun in family I will not let you too become part of it but they died in accident I was their and we took papa back home when kunj came back mom filled his ears I took it as an opportunity and helped mom in that shanaya said while kunj looked at usha who bow down her face

I decided that I’ll never let you stay with kunj that’s when I read your message in kunj phone that you were expecting I broke his phone so that he never knows but you were quiet smart you send your sonography report too ..

I took that parcel and opened to find it I was going to hide it when kunj saw that already I lied to them that I am pregnant Varun got so much happy listening it his happiness knew no boundaries ..he started showing his love on me used to take care of me like anything ..

I was feeling Guilty seeing him seeing his care I thought that now your chapter was closed but your gynaec told me that you planned to come London and confront kunj I was shocked and then recalled that kunj has a share in taneja empire and somehow with the help of mom I managed to sell that and you started hating him shanaya ended while twinkle looked on and kunj fisted angrily ..

we went back to Amritsar after some days Varun was busy settling up his career as he was really happy with the happiness of going to be a father …after some months we went to Mumbai Varun was in meeting when I got to know that you gave birth to armaan I went and took him with me and called Varun he saw armaan and was very much happy…

He was weak we got him treated and went back to Amritsar I saw kunj he was not staying happily as soon as armaan stepped in his life he became like before he handled him everytime and I didn’t bothered as I knew kunj will handle him anyhow shanaya ended ..

Thats all I did I am so sorry I shouldn’t have down that it was my anger and lie which made me so much cruel shanaya said while twinj turned ..

You didn’t bothered to see me once shanaya you gave me so much pain you don’t even have a idea how I was without my baby you took away my soul from me just because you felt that I filled hatred for Varun in Manohar uncles mind ..no you are wrong he was like that only trust me twinkle said …

I know my Varun very well shanaya said
Okay if you know him did he tried to come back to you ?? After you went to jail Twinkle said while shanaya went on thinking about her words somewhere she was right he never came to see her After that night …

No he is not like that shanaya said adamantly while kunj sighed twinkle not to try again changing her mind as she will not change …
I bailed you out so that I can forgive you people today I don’t want any hatred for anyone but you didn’t do this right kunj ended regretfully …
Next scene :::
I lost my trump card I lost my lucky charm after having armaan with me I was getting success by success but after he went I am loosing all of the money which I earned no no armaan is just mine I won’t let him go away from me Varun said and got up from there he picked up the gun from his drawyer which he bought 2 days back …

He got called someone and smirked ..
While Bebe was in temple armaan was playing with happily with the pigeons..and Bebe was smiling seeing him …
This pooja is done for whom ?? Pandit asked ?…

Armaan kunj Sarna he became 2 years old Today Bebe said and smiled looking at armaan …she went praying for him while Varun comes there and smirked looking at armaan ..

It’s time to go with me armaan he said and went towards armaan ..and picked him armaan got happy seeing him too ..

Varun left from there taking him Bebe turned and saw them going she panicked and ran from there and her foot got twisted she fell out and tired to get up but wasn’t able to she called kunj …
@ Sarna mansion ::
Kunj was sitting thinking how can usha and shanaya does that with him he was fighting in his mind and heart either to forgive them or not soon he got a called from Bebe and received ..
Kunj ..armaan Bebe said while kunj got up worriedly ..

What happened to him kunj asked while Twinklee turned and looked at him ..
Varun took armaan wth him Bebe managed to say while kunj was shocked ..he cuts the call ..

What happen ?? Twinkle asked panicking
Varun jiju took armaan with him kunj said while twinkle was shocked …
Mera armaan Mera baby twinkle said panicking ..
Don’t worry twinkle I’ll bring him back kunj said while twinkle nodded in no ..

I am coming with you Twinkle said ..
No twinkle stay at home he will be fine I’ll come with him for sure ..
I said na I am coming i am feeling much restless I can’t loose him again twinkle said while kunj nodded hugging her he took twinkle with him and informed the police too about Varun taking armaan ..

He called Varun while he picked up the call ..
Varun plzz give our baby back twinkle pleaded and cried ..
Nope I’ll not give he is mine I’ll not leave him Varun said and ended the call ..

They followed him tracing his mobile he sees in his mirror someone following him while started driving very rashly armaan who was on his lap started crying seeing him driving so fast ..

Unable to concentrate on driving due to armaan crying Varun hits with the tree his car damaged hopefully he and armaan both didn’t got hurt he left his car and ran form their ..

While twinj too came the same way and sees his car they followed his foot steps in the wet mud and went towards it ..
Varun sees the cliff no place was left for him to run now he saw armaan still crying ..

Arey Yaar don’t cry he said trying to make him stop he had became totally insane in anger …
Armaan was till crying twinj reached the place hearing his cry while Varun saw them and was shocked …

Plzz give our baby back kunj said while Varun nodded in no moving back …
Shanaya too came their following them along with usha and saw Varun…
Varun what you are doing leave armaan shanaya said ..

You just shut you because of you I am ruined shanaya Varun screamed his lungs out while shanaya tried to go near him …no need to come Varun said and pointed gun towards her while shanaya was shocked ..

You will kill me Varun ??? She spoke broken while Varun looked on …
Yes don’t underestimate me I’ll kill anyone who will try to snatch armaan from me he ended angrily …

Leave him what he did with you twinkle said crying seeing her baby crying so badly she didn’t wanted to loose him again the fear was making her shiver ..
No I said no Varun ended …
You love me right ?? Shaanya said ..

No I never loved you I wished I wouldn’t have became good for you ..you deserved that casonova who Destroyed many lives but I never showed you my devil side and you have hurted me you have to pay back shanaya Varun said ..

Shanaya now got to know that twinkle was saying true she looked at twinkle and got tears in her eyes police too comes there and Varun was panicked seeing him ..
Kunj tired to move ahead to That he can take armaan while Varun started fearing ..

I told you kunj don’t come near me I’ll kill you or your baby both Varun said ..
I don’t mind to be killed while saving my baby you are not in your senses plzz give him back see how much he was crying even you felt as a father after he came in this world and you are trying to kill him who made you feel like a father kunj ended ..

That’s why I wanted him to be with me do one thing give him to me I’ll drop my gun then Varun said ..moving back again…he reached the end of the cliff …

Due to his slippery shoes he slipped and the gun gets triggered unintentionally and it hits someone while Varun too falls of the cliff …
Armaan twinkle shouted …
End :::::
CUT” The Director spoke taking the last shot of his series on the cliff ..
It was fantabulous shot guys you all rocked it I must say sidhant jasmine and everyone else this serious gonna break the screens the producer ended …

Congratulations finally the shoot completed the whole crew of the series shared a hug …while sidhant eyes were looking at jasmine …he moved towards her and blew air jasmine turned feeling his closeness …

You have to say anything Mr Gupta ??? She asked while sidhant smirked ..
Sidhant it’s sidhant I told you many time anyways I am quite impressed with you miss jasmine it was your debut still you took twinkles character to another level you have great acting skills sidhant spoke eyeing her from top to bottom ..

Keep your eyes and your complements with yourself Mr sidhant Gupta and yeah about my acting skills I am very well trained you haven’t see my shades ye jasmine answered him quietly …

Then I’ll love to see those shades sidhant spoke huskily moving closer while jasmine pushed him back …
Better luck next time she ended moving past from him while he smirked again ruffling his hairs …

She is something man sidhant spoke with a glitter in his eyes and a mischievous smile …
I very well know sidhant what’s your weakness I’ll make it my strength and yeah soon you will see my shades too it’s just a start of my “REVENGE”Jasmine ended ….
Hah finally finished ?????
So how was the episode ??? Suspense right who died who got who falls off the cliff …
But more confusing was the last scene right ???I have all of your answers calm so calm down your heartbeat’s ..
First tell me ??? Season 1 Vs season 2 which one you loved it (Soch samjh k jawab dena next episode depends on this only so answer it plz ??)
So yeah as I said in promo that this is a “LIMITED STORY” I planned the story toll here only at the last suspense and then revelation at 30 and end but Manny of my readers want me to continue this FF I have left with no track as I have revealed everything so I am chancing the story to Sidmin now ???
From next episode you will see it as a Sidmin REVENGEFUL love …a completely new story with new characters and a new murder mysteries and new Revengeful love ???? only if you all want ..
And Haan it will be continue from where if stopped in season 1 it will have connection from season 1 last track so don’t worry I’ll be providing you all with the flashbacks and story …
I planned it last year only from season 1 ended but thought may be everyone forgot the story so didn’t continued from There but as you all want me to continue with this FF so I’ll start it only if you all want it will depend on you guys …
And also do tell me whether you want Aditi and yuvi pair ahead as avni and Neil ??? Or should I stopped avneil and continued with Sidmin ???
So tell me how was the short Sidmin promo …????
Well waiting for your reviews thank you all sooo much for getting me a amazing start of my bday love you all so much ???????
Thanks to all who all dedicated their articles too ????
If you all want me to continue i will take some time for preparing for it completely so it will take some time … couldn’t control the excitement ??
Last but not the least ..
You have two options
1) the story will remain twinj and adiza only next one will reveal the suspense of the cliff and end on episode 30
2) as I said the story will continue with Sidmin revenge now ??
You guys have time think well do comment if any one wants season 1 summary too then comment …
Love you all …

Bye allahafiz ????


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