KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 28


Shot 28 ..
The Episode starts with twinkle sitting in some park near the pool dipping her legs she was happy that finally Aditi got her partner too she was really happy for both of them …

What are you doing here ??? She heard kunj voice and turned to found him standing there …
Why should I tell you Haan she said and turned again while kunj sighed ..

Siyappa queen Kahi ki he murmured while Twinklee heard him ..and kunj sat beside her ..
You are also sadu sarna she ended angrily while kunj pulled her close to him as if side hugging her …

Why you came from there ?? Kunj aksed again while twinkle looked at him ..
I won’t tell you huh ?tumhe kya you are going back to London na so go she chided like a child ..

This will suit on armaan kunj said trying to control his laugh seeing twinkle expression …
Huh you always does this leaves me again n again huh jao na why you came behind me again Twinkle said while kunj looked at her ..

Huh mujhe bhi koi shauk nai hai tumhari besti k fake accident ki chakkar me meri flight choot gayi kunj said while twinkle looked at him ..

Hana toh you should have stayed there only yuvi ko bhejdete twinkle said they both argued on the same topic and sat silently thinking they are talking all rubbish …

Kunj ???
Hmm bol …

You love me ? Twinkle asked while kunj looked at her …
Yes more than myself he ended while twinkle pushed him on grass ..

To chod Kar kyu bhaag rahe thay Haan she asked going upon him while kunj was shocked …
Huh I thought you won’t forgive me so kunj started to say but cut off by twinkle ..

We won’t talk about past it all over now our future is waiting for us let start afresh twinkle said with tears eyes …while kunj swift their positions …and kissed on her eyes ..

You won’t cry again he ended angrily while twinkle looked at him …
I missed you kunj each n every second of the time I spent without you I missed you twinkle said while kunj looked at her ..

Even I missed you like anything twinkle he said and hugged her tightly… both got up and wiped their tears still sitting on grass …

You only said me no talks of past now crying kunj said while twinkle hugged him again crying her heart out in his embrace ..

Just wanted to cry out for the last time she said I am fed up of not showing emotions kunj she ended crying her heart out telling him each n Everything how she managed to survive after him while kunj was rubbing her back consoling her that now Even Death Will Be Not Able To Separate Them soon they looks at each other …

Let’s start afresh kunj said and twinkle nodded …
But I want my bubbly twinkle back kunj said and winked at her while she smiled
I love you kunj ended and kissed on her nose while she smiled and kissed him back they too left for Sarna mansion …

Advi was already present their with Aliya (Ali and Zoya) all were happy for them armaan too sees kunj who was coming hand in hand with twinkle and started clapping twinj went towards Zoya and took armaan from her …

Your mummy Papa is back together kunj spoke and both kissed on his cheeks
Armaan was really very happy seeing them both together while Aditi regret her decision of putting them all in such difficult situation yuvi who noticed her tears wipes it and sidehugged her ..

Something happens love don’t cry everything is fine now he said while she smiled …
Congratulations to both of my lovely beties for getting their soulmates now i and Zoya will take a leave too ali said while twiditi went towards ..

Thank you sooo much Ali for always being there for us Aditi said and twinkle too nodded he hugged them both ..
Nothing will change in our friendship right guys ali said and they nodded soon he left with Zoya and was very much happy

So ? Yuvi said
So ?? Kunj replied ..
Nothing jaanu have your family time I am gonna have my privacy too he said and dragged Aditi with him while kunj laughed seeing him …

They went in their room with armaan while kunj and armaan sat on the couch and twinkle was imposing some rules for him while both the father son making fun and giggling together making twinkle frustrated …

Twinkle sat their angrily while kunj pulled her towards himself cuddling her and armaan Infront of twinkle and twinkle Infront of kunj cuddling tightly together..

I have to notice this now kunj said thinking deeply while twinkle asked him what ???

Who is more childish you or armaan he said while armaan giggled and twinkle beats kunj while armaan was giving him expressions ..
See armaan your mumma huh kunj said defending him the trio had fun ..
Next scene ::
Aditi and yuvi was walking hand in hand while yuvi was so much happy that she proposed him ..

I can’t believed you really proposed me after taking my breathe out when I got a call na that you had a accident uff I can’t describe what I felt yuvi said ..

Haha ? so what ?? You were ready to run away from here but I am also Aditi ?rok liya na tumhe Aditi said ..

Haan yuvi replied pecking her forehead ..
So drop me home now it’s late Aditi said while yuvi chided like a child ..
I have to soon bring you home and have a perfect family yuvi said while aditi too smiled …

Kunj informed Bebe too about their reconciliation and she was too happy knowing that …soon she came back too after 2 days …
Twinj and advi was really very happy to be together they were spending most of the times ..armaan was happy being with his parents getting their love ..
Next scene :::
Aditi and yuvi came back from somewhere while Bebe sees them and smiled she called Ali and Zoya too and twinj too comes hearing her voice …

What happen Bebe why are you shouting ??? Kunj asked while Bebe smiled …

Kunj puttar everyone knows in what situation you both got married even without having an engagement so I just wanted to have the ring ceremony it would be fun and Amazinggg too Bebe said while advi and Ali-ya too agreed ..

Ring ceremony now Bebe twinkle asked while she nodded in yes ..
Yes but with a twist we will play a game first and then the ceremony Bebe said and they hooted for twinj Bebe went to get the rings while advi wass romancing silent …

So when you want to get married miss khanna ??? Yuvi asked Aditi pulling her in side while she blushed …
Whenever you wish Mr Luthra Aditi replied back and kissed on his cheeks while yuvi too both smiled ..

You are really a wild cat yuvi spoke slowly while Aditi smiles and hits him ..
I really wanna get married as soon as possible coz it’s being difficult now to stay away from you yuvi said caressing her cheeks and tucks her hairs behind ..

It will be so amazing na yuvi me you Twinkle and kunj all will be together aditi said while yuvi nodded in yes ..
Yeah we all will have fun daily he said and winked while they continued with their talks ..

Kunj pulled Twinkle near the staircase while she looked at him wide eye ..
What you did haww kunj twinkle said while kunj looks at her ..

I haven’t done any crime I just pulled my wife here he said trapping her in his embrace and smelling her ..
You still smells the same he said while twinkle moves closer to him because I still use the same perfume she whispered slowly while kunj looks at her ..

You are a perfect moment breaker huhuh kunj complained while twinkle laughed at him …
Awe my baby she said and pulled his cheeks ..let’s go Bebe will be back soon with rings ..

Ahh itni jaldi kya hai twinkle ..uhmm Acha sun na kunj said while twinkle looked at him with what expression …
Ab bhtt tarsa liya tune ek kiss to banta kunj said while twinkle looked at him ..

Haww kiss no Baba no twinkle said ..
What no Haan kunj asked ..
You are becoming shamlesss kunj kiss twinkle said ..

And you are so good nai twinkle you are overacting just for a kiss huh like you never touched me kunj ended ..
Huh you are shamlesss sadu sarna twinkle said …

Yes I am ? and see he is the result of it kunj pointed towards armaan while twinkle hits him and kunj pulls her closer
Now no talks okay just be in action kunj said and moves closer to her while she smirked and picks an laddu from there and stuffs in his mouth …and kunj opens his eyes …

Ab kiss hai itni assani se to nai milega na you have to earn it Mr kunj Sarna twinkle said while kunj looked …

Okay let’s do one thing win in this game then uhmm I’ll think for it she ended and ran from there while kunj smiled and went behind her Bebe brings the rings and ani bring the bowl in which milk and rose petals were mixed …

Twinkle and kunj sat beside each other while Aditi Ali on twinkle side and Zoya yuvi on kunj side Bebe was Infront and armaan was resting in Bebe lap seeing his parents …

1..2…3.. start Bebe said and twinj went to finding the rings while kunj was rubbing twinkle hands while she looked at him and nodded in no he smirked …twinkle pinched him ..and she got the ring ..

Yeah twinkle won the first round aditi said while kunj looked at her don’t smile so much okay ..
I will ??Aditi replied showing her teeths while twiraj slapped their foreheads thinking nothing will happen of them …

Acha now bas let’s go for second round bebe said and all again started hooting for them ..this time too Twinkle got the ring but armaan coughed diverting Twinkle attention and kunj took the ring from her …

It’s cheating Twinkle said while kunj and armaan both giggled while the rest laughs ..
I love you so much my baby kunj said and passed a flying kiss to armaan ..

They went to 3 round while their were Searching with full enthusiasm kunj got the ring he winked and twinkle before she could do anything he gives an kissing expression while she freeze and kunj takes out the ring …

I won ??kunj declared while twinkle Aditi and Ali got up dejectedly …
Bebe took the rings from them and ask them to continue with their Ring ceremony while twinj adorn the rings in each other fingers followed by a small family selfies time …

Bebe me and Aditi decided to get married Tomorrow yuvi said while everyone was SHOCKED…
Tomorrow ?? How will we do the preparations so soon bebe said while yuvi looked on ..

No Bebe I wanted a normal wedding no hifi things just wanna get married with my family blessings yuvi said while Aditi too nodded …
Acha then if it’s your wish then we will do the wedding tomorrow ..

Haan I want to do church wedding Aditi said and all smiled …
You both are so mad how we will do preparations and everything in one day Twinkle asked while kunj too nodded in yes …

Don’t worry everything will happen Ali said we will stay with Aditi till wedding ..
Twinkle you also come Aditi said while twinkle smiled ..
Why so she is yuvi’s sister in law so she will come from this side kunj said smirking at Aditi ..

Huh but before that she is my sister Aditi said while Twinklee looked on …
Soon it was decided that twinkle will come from bride side Aditi Ali and Zoya was talking with Bebe about preparations …while they decided they will have a haldi ceremony before wedding then wedding in church …

Twinkle went to room followed by kunj whose close the door behind …
What happen twinkle aksed while kunj smirked ..

Have you forgot your words you lost Mrs Sarna my kiss kunj said while twinkle smiled ..

Huh no kiss I have to go and see many preparations twinkle said trying to move towards wardrobe while kunj pulled her towadrs him …

I won’t let you go so easily he said and pulled her on bed joining their lips together twinkle also gave in while kunj smiled deepening the kiss making her moan his name while she broke the kiss ..kunj nuzzles his face in her neck and continued his torcher while twinkle was rubbing his hairs asking him to stop while kunj didn’t allowed her to go and again joined their lips together ..

They heard a knock on door both were shocked and compose themselves kunj opened the door to find armaan standing there he looks at yuvi who was smirking
Huh doggy you haven’t done this good kunj said while yuvi laughed and went downstairs joining others ..

While kunj took armaan inside twinkle packed some of her clothes and atmaans too ..
I’ll miss you both kunj said while twinkle smiled they have a family hug and went downstairs …

Soon aditi twinkle Ali and Zoya went from their while kunj went on work he calls the decorators to decorate his house and took yuvi to select his wedding attire ..
They all reached their house Aditi twinkle Ali and Zoya move inside they were suprised to find ranveer their they smiled and hugged him while ranveer sees armaan and smiled kissing his cheeks ..
When you came twinkle aksed while he looked at her ..

Yuvi called me and told that he and Aditi is planning to get married so I came as soon as I can ranveer said while all smiled ..
So when is the wedding he asked ..
Tomorrow Ali replied making him shocked ..

You both are really fast ranveer teased Aditi while the girls went for shopping and boys was seeing the arrangements ..
They came back and all had fun whole night partying hard even kuvi joined them and some of the members to twiditi ..

So this calls for a toss for our love birds Aditi and yuvi ranveer said while all smiled and cheers their drinks ..
Twinkle and kunj was spending the time watching everyone having fun enjoying the music they decided to dance as soon as the romantic song was played ..

They were lost in each other enjoying the slow music having their romance ..
You know twinkle I am so much happy today kunj said while twinkle looked at him ..
Kyu ?? She asked ..

My sautan is getting married now you are all mine kunj said happily ..
You are totally mad twinkle said ..
Yes in your love kunj winked while they continued romancing

Aditi took yuvi to lawn while he looks at her with what happened expression ..

You really wanted to marry me ? She asked while yuvi nodded in yes ..
Why are you asking such ?? He aksed ..

You won’t be able to handle me Aditi said while yuvi laughed ..
Alcohol started it’s effect Baby don’t worry I’ll handle you he kissed her on forehead they were ready to step in their new life …
They all had fun and left from their to their respective places ..
Next day :::
The hustle bustle was all around kunj was seeing for everything in Sarna mansion while Ali and ranveer at the bride side …
It was time for yuvi haldi kunj and Bebe ranveer Ali Twinkle too joined them they teased him alott while he was too crying ..

Arey it’s my wedding today don’t make me so yellow yuvi said while kunj nodded in no and continued making him bath in turmeric ..

They went from their to twiditi house Aisha was present as an elder from bride side ..she called Aditi down for ritual ..
Aditi came with Zoya while twinkle too joined her both smiled she sat there while they started applying …

Twinkle Ali and ranveer made her condition same like yuvi and laughed while kunj too and they left To get ready for the wedding ..
Twinj were helping their best friends in getting ready as they were hell nervous ..

Soon everyone was ready they reached the church ..
Yuvi came with kunj and Bebe looking hell hot in his tux while twinkle came there taking Aditi with Zoya Ali ranveer and Aisha ..

Advi looks at each other secretly and smiled Aditi went inside and reached yuvi both stands beside each other …
Twinj looks at each other and complement while armaan was too with them looking hell cute ..they all were happy …

Mr Luthra will do you accept miss Aditi khanna as your wife father aksed while yuvi nodded ..
Yes father I accept miss aditi khanna to be Mrs Aditi yuvraj Luthra yuvi said while all hooted for them …

Miss Aditi khanna do you accept Mr yuvraj Luthra as your husband ??? He asked while Aditi smiled …
Yes father I accept him as my husband and promise to be with him till the end she said smiling while all smiled and showered with the flowers ..

Yuvi leaned forward and pecked her forehead I’ll always love you he said and smiled …
Kunj yuvi Aditi Twinkle Zoya Ali ranveer standing together …
Finally you all are together ranveer said while they all looked on ..

The main hand behind your reunion is of our business rival ranveer yuvi said while they were confused he told them everything ..
Thank you so much ranveer and Ali kunj said while they hugged him ..

Soon their wedding was done they took advi back to Sarna mansion ..where Bebe welcomed the newly weds and also twinj with armaan in the house Advi went inside following the rituals while twinj too with armaan in middle they both holding his hands …

They all went inside twinkle and Aditi was surprised to see the house fully decorated …the post wedded rituals goes on Aditi and yuvi were also ready to play the game yuvi was Hell excited ..

Yuvi you gave won okay it’s about your respect bro kunj said while Aditi passed him a death glare …
They started playing advi having eye locks between them both were blushing whenever looks at each other soon the game continued and Aditi won ..

Huhuh boys respect huh she taunted kunj while twinkle too laughed seeing her ..
Aditi was taken to yuvi room by twinkle who teased her alott ..
Uff I never. Imagine I’ll be seeing you in wedding dress I thought you will die single Twinklee said and laughed ..

Huh so bad joke don’t stay with kunj you are also becoming like him twinkle Aditi ended ..
Haha he is my husband I can’t stay away from him well now it’s time for you enjoy Haan twinkle winked at aditi while she blushed ..

Kunj holds yuvi while he looked at him .
What are you doing kunj let me go yuvi said while kunj nodded in no …
You didn’t let me Romance yesterday now I’ll take revenge even I have to Revenge from my sautan too for breaking my perfect moments everytime  kunj said smirking ..

Plzz Bhai leave me let me go yuvi cried like a baby while kunj after teasing him like anything left him ..
Twinkle also teased Aditi and went from their she sees yuvi and pinched him too while he blushed and entered inside …

Twinkle came outside while kunj was already waiting for her he smiled as soon as he sees twinkle ..
Where is armaan ??? Twinkle aksed while kunj smirked ..

He is sleeping with bebe today kunj said ..
Why ?? Twinkle asked ..
Because he needs someone to play with na twinkle kunj whispered and lifted her in his arms taking her to their rooms ..
The romance was in air both twinj and advi happy Together …
3 months later …
Many things changed in this 3 months advi love for each other got stronger twinj was busy taking care of their armaan their life became hectic they were handling everything twinj and advi love for each other was increasing day by day all were happy in their lives …

Twinkle was standing in room balcony it was night time when kunj came and back hugs her ..
What happen thinking about something ? Kunj asked while twinkle turned and nodded in yes ..

It’s 3 months you didn’t met you mom and Di Twinklee said
Haan I don’t want to meet them too kunj said ..

I know you are dying to see them don’t lie to me waise bhi we have to ask shanaya why she did that with me twinkle said.
With us Twinkle kunj corrected her …

They sees armaan sleeping and smiled both laid on the other sides of bed ..
His birthday is coming before that we have to clear out everything Twinkle said and kunj nodded ..
Goodnight kunj kissed her forehead and she smiled kunj hugged them both and they slept …
Screen freezes
Precap : last of the season 2
So how was the “something really unexpected”
Yeah advi got married twinj unite too ..
Everything became fine ??? Is it the happiness before the strom ????
Tell me in your comments ???
Thanks to all so much for Thier lovely comments ???
Love you all ..
Bye allahafiz ..
Cover pic credit : Aamu

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  1. Vibhu

    Seriously it was something unexpected.
    Everything in one update. All the happy things. The reconciliation & the wedding and the romance- All in one!! ❤?❤✌
    Absolutely loved Advi & Twinj scenes.
    Twinj & armaan- The happy family things were the best. !!
    The way kunj was happy seeing his sautan getting married was tremendous.
    But, I think storm is still about to come.
    Varun will surely create some problems.
    Can it be possible that leela & Manohar had some planned accident -“The new twist of the story”. Or Armaan’s kidnapping.
    But I’m sure there is something left in this kaatil thing.
    Great & Amazing update.
    Absolutely loved it.

  2. Awesome epi.,…

  3. it’s just amazing.i just love it

  4. Baby

    bas yrrr ab kya storm ab bas happy happy but voh varun revenge something something anyhow lloved it
    so very cute beautiful osm episode funny n romantic ?
    love u lots ?

  5. every thing was perfect..but I m in tension because of precap ..last of season 2 means r u going to end this ??or there is some new twist plz plz tell me soon ……it ..
    something unexpected was awesome…as u showed happy happy things in it….but this happy happy epi scared me….there is something gonna happen …it will be twist or u gonna end this?
    let c but plz don’t end it if u r planning to do it…
    luv the epi
    precap ke chakkar me comment bhi ache se ni ho rha mjhse …
    luv u babes

  6. Ananya_DSK

    Sam!! I can’t even express how happy I was to be able to read three episodes of this story all at once!! I really enjoyed this episode thoroughly… Twinj were so cute… And Armaan joining them just added more sweetness to the family… Watching Kunj think that he was spending his last few moments with Armaan was breaking my heart, but seeing them back together literally made my day… Perhaps Aditi and Yuvi were in a hurry to get married!! I really liked the church marriage idea though… I believe Armaan will be able to get a happy life now that he has his parents back… But I believe there’s definitely something unimaginable coming up soon… And I’m sure you’ll rock it!! Lots of love ???

  7. Anusha

    Sam!!! Its superb
    loved it lot
    not getting words to describe how much i liked it. It has everything and now storm and last of season2 means wt u r ending it no na dont end i want to read and enjoy it i loved this one so much
    Cant wait to read further
    post soon dear
    love u

  8. Hi Di sorry fir se late hogayi Di sorry but my small sister does not gives me phone she is always watching her detail and that too for twelve to ten hours life is hell I really read it episode yesterday itself but she then snatched the phone but teh episode was mind blowing awsm and twinj from finally together loved it and this awsm journey is going to end I really can’t digest the facts when any of ur story ends I feel like u should keep writing but AAp bhi toh normal insaan ho aur main to sirf reader hoon aapko kitne takleef Hoti Hogi par for bhi AAp likhte hoon love u Di and waiting for another brilliant journey plsss Nahi story ke Saath aana jaldi

  9. Ramya

    Awesome amazing
    I’m in awe with this episode
    Just so lovely
    You know I’m smiling like a idiot when Twinj were teasing advi.
    See I had such impact on me
    But trust me I don’t expected they will marry in a day.
    It’s completely unexpected.
    Awesome one

  10. Fantabulous
    Twinj and AdVi finally united??
    AdVi were too fast?
    Kunj and armaan teasing twinkle????
    Kunj comparing twinkle and armaan??
    Kunj and aditi can never stop fighting or can they??
    Twinj and AdVi moments ???
    AdVi being teased by their besties???
    The church idea was great?
    Hopefully no storm is coming up
    Is the next one gonna be the last????
    Post ASAP dear
    Love u loads❤❤
    Stay blessed??

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    Fabulous episode yaar sorry for late..,
    Loved kunj specially that part he is shameless and his result too??????epic.. yuvi and aditi Become one great ?????????????:..: everything is out of the world ? ???????????????????????????…
    All dialogues hehehehehh… twInj kiss and their romance break because of their result ????????other one too amazing babes
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  12. SSK

    So Sorry, for the late comment, am really busy with my studies. The episode was really and great one. Loved each and every part of it. Purani yaadein taza ho gayi after reading all the scenes. Seriosuly whatever the original serial didn’t showed you showed today and that was awesome. 🙂

  13. Fabulous fantastic episode
    Twinj ek ho gye
    Sab kuch aacha aacha ho gya
    Yrrrr ab koi strom nhi plzzzz
    Aur ye precap ka kya mtlb h tu end kr rahi h aesa mat kr yrrr
    Plzzzz post soon dear
    Luvvvvv u sweetheart

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