KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 27

Shot 27 …
The Episode starts with twinkle Aditi yuvi and kunj both were in their respective rooms thinking about what all happen they all were in pain which was needed to be healed soon …kunj got up from his bed and went in Bebe room and sees armaan he saw kunj and gave him smile Bebe too sees kunj …

Bebe I want to talk to you if you are free kunj said ..
Haan puttar I am free for you always now say what happen you are looking so stressed Bebe said caressing his hairs ..

Me and yuvi decided to go back to London Bebe kunj said while Bebe was shocked ..
Kyu ??? Puttar she asked while kunj got up and looked at her …

Fed up of all this things bebe going back to the life were everyone were happy and had learned living alone so yeah kunj said ..
But what about armaan ?? Bebe asked while armaan was looking at them though he didn’t understand anything …

Haan that’s what I wanna talk Bebe I am going to give his custody to twinkle before going she has seen much pain and because of her only we got armaan I have no right to snatch him from Twinkle armaan is of twinkles first kunj said while Bebe smiled …

My kunj is grown up Haan she teased while kunj smiled …
Haan the day I realized about being a father I wanted my baby to be with her mom she will only make him a good man kunj said ..

But what about you can you live without him ??? Bebe asked while kunj looks on sad ..
Haan I’ll try but I’ll come here often to meet him and also to see that siyappa queen kunj said and winked at bebe while both laughs together …

Bebe hugged armaan and kissed his cheeks and gave him to kunj while kunj went to his room to sleep …
I wanna spend my last night with you Mela cutie baby kunj said and took armaan with him …
Next scene ::
Aditi was crying in her room while she heard someone ringing the door bell she wiped her tears and went to open door she was surprised to find yuvi there both looks at each other painfully …

You are here ??? Why you came she asked breaking their eye contact while yuvi looks on other side ..

I didn’t came for you I wanted to talk to twinkle so plzz will you let me meet her yuvi gives straight answer while Aditi was looking at him she went in side welcoming him inside the house ..

Twinkle yuvi gave a voice to Twinkle and she comes down immediately hearing his voice …
What happened ??? Yuvi is armaan fine kunj ?? Is he fine whatt happen you came at this hour she asked panicking ..

Calm down twinkle everyone is fine I just came to clear out everything Infront of you why kunj left you what was the reason and everything else I don’t wanna you to regret later as me and kunj knows both sides of the coin I wanted you to know it too yuvi ended …

What are you talking about ?? Twinkle asked looking at him ..

You may have or may not always felt like this kunj left you for his family but it’s not like that you are his life his everything twinkle yeah I know he had broken your promise he had left you in such a situation where you were left with no one you were pain I agree but this that means that he was in relief even he was in pain he was also dying each n eevry day staying away from you yuvi said while twinkle gets teard eye …

Plzz tell me clearly yuvi what all Happened with him I beg you twinkle said in broken voice while yuvi looked at her and gave her water …

Calm down first you need to be calm before I tell you everything he said while twinkle looked at him ..
You know it right when he left to London how much happy he was yuvi said while twinkle nodded in yes ..

But his happiness turned into sorrow there as soon as he stepped in he saw his father dead twinkle yuvi said while both twinkle and Aditi was shocked as they didn’t knew about Manohar death till now …

Manohar papa ??? Twinkle asked while yuvi nodded in yes ..

He and Leela aunty died in same accident while coming to Mumbai to meet you both so yeah kunj had saw his father death he was in sorrow twinkle one side Bebe condition was serious too usha aunty made a story and told him lie he tells her everything how usha made helpless kunj how he lost his mobile what all kunj told him he told everything to twinkle ..

After being so helpless he decided that he will never meet you and promised usha aunty thinking you will stay happy with you mom after him but he didn’t knew about Leela aunty too he never knew about your pregnancy too ..

He was living lifeless there he met me during a business party he was in much sorrow that day …that he tired to commit suicide twinkle yuvi said shocking them again ..
Suicide ?? Twinkle whispered shockingly

Yes yuvi said and went into flashback …
Yuvi watched kunj who was looking very much depressed he was just having a casual talks with them he went towards bar and started drinking to stay away from pain but it was becoming difficult for him he got up from there and reached balcony …

I can’t take this pain I can’t take this guilt kunj was murmuring and was going to jump when yuvi held him back and slapped him hard across his face …

What you were going to do yuvi said while kunj hugged him and cried …yuvi understood that their is something which is bothering him …he took him from their without any controversy ..
Flash back ends …

After that me and kunj became friends I started living with him as he always considered me as his family yuvi said looking at Aditi while twinkle was still in shock …

He was there away from you even he was not happy he was also in that pain he started living his life back normally when armaan stepped in our life when he was 2 months old ..after that kunj got his life back he started taking care of armaan basically he was armaan’s “MAMA” but he proved that word he gave him love of mother that too double he was kunj first priority he had only taken care of him and after that he came back to India and rest you guys now …

I just wanted you to know this so that no one points finger on kunj he was helpless that time yuvi said and wipes his tears ..
Next scene ::
Kunj was in his room while armaan was beside him having his milk bottle ..
It would have been so good na if me you and twinkle would have been together he said and smiled at armaan ..

But it’s not possible now he ended sadly while armaan held his finger playing with it …

Today is my last night with you I am going on give back to your mom she deserved you much more than me but remember one thing don’t tease my siyappa queen instead tease her more daily kunj said while armaan giggled …

You are really a blessing for both of us when twinkle was not having any reason to live you gave her reason to live for you to take care of you when you were in her you gave her courage to live without me and when I was feeling lonely you came to me and become my reason to live you became my breathe I can’t thank babaji enough for giving you to us kunj said and kissed on his cheeks …

I don’t know whether Twinkle will forgive me or not ever I just wanted hatred to decrease for me kunj ended and saw armaan who had slept listening to his talks he smiled and covered them both
I miss you twinkle he whispered and slept along with armaan …
Next scene ::
I have taken your much time now I’ll leave sorry if I said something and hurted anyone but what I felt right I did yuvi said and left from there he didn’t told about them going back to London or anything else …

Twinkle and Aditi looks at each other and left for their rooms without saying anything twinkle was thinking about kunj whole night if she was in more pain or kunj ???? May be kunj because his own family cheated him …even she wasn’t in less pain … thinking about it she slept too …

Yuvi goes back to Sarna mansion and lay on bed he had a ring in his hand which he brought to give aditi but never gave I’ll miss you but I know this is only right for us he said covering himself …

I shouldn’t have judged kunj on that basis but what I can do what I felt I told yesterday I saw twinkle pain I was unaware of kunj’s aditi thought …she didn’t slept whole night
Next day ::
Aditi was still awake and went from house to have some fresh air she was angry on herself she was crying still alone when she felt a hand on shoulder she turned and found kunj who was too shocked to see crying ..she quickly wiped her tears

I am sorry for yesterday she quickly muttered kunj didn’t got what she was talking about ..
What ?? He asked ..

Uhmm nothing she hesitated as it was getting difficult for her as they have always fought never talked calmly ….

You should haven’t asked yuvi to choose between me and you kunj said breaking the silence between them …

I know I left twinkle for some reason that doesn’t mean yuvi will leave you too anytime kunj ended while Aditi looks at him regretting still kunj was not sharing how helpless he was at that time …

I just asked normally aditi spoke slowly
Okay like I am IMPORTANT for yuvi even you are he had always looked for a girl he didn’t check out on many girls he just wanted to stay loyal with one and that one is yours it’s your decision if you want to be with him or wanna let him go kunj said and left from there leaving Aditi again in thoughts …

Whole day passed kunj and yuvi was busy in seeing Everything before they leaves to London yuvi was just praying that kunj gets twinkle while kunj was praying for him that Aditi stops him from going back …
Soon it was night time Aditi after having a conversation with kunj didn’t came out if he room while twinkle went to prepare dinner she heard door bell ringing and went opened the door and found kunj there he was standing with armaan who was half sleepy ..

Come in twinkle said while kunj nodded in no you come outside I wanted to talk for sometime then I’ll leave kunj said ..he went from there while twinkle followed him …

They were silent for sometime when kunj started to say wo I came here I know we can’t be together as after all this I just wanna give you back what’s yours he said and gave her some papers ..

You are giving me armaan’s custody twinkle asked unbelievably while kunj nodded in yes ..

Yes it’s your right before mine I don’t want him to grow without your love waise bhi he didn’t have mother’s love in this year’s so yeah I know you can’t live without him so Kunj gave armaan in her arms …

You can live then ??? Twinkle asked him directly while kunj looks at her ..

No even I can’t but I’ll try and who said I am leaving him to you all yours he is my baby too so I’ll come to meet him from time to time then I can meet you too he winked at twinkle …while she smiled seeing him..

I wanna clear everything before we goes back kunj said while twinkle looked at him ..
Where are you going ??? She asked while kunj looks at her ..

Yuvi decided to go back and I can’t leave him so we are going tomorrow kunj said while twinkle looked at him shocked ..

But don’t worry i will come here often he said caressing armaan so I’ll leave then kunj said with difficulty while twinkle looked at him …with tears ..

Arey Yaar don’t cry now kunj said wiping her unshed tears and hugged them both don’t know if I’ll ever get a chance he ended and left from there without any other talk …

Twinkle went inside with armaan and placed him on couch while Aditi came outside and sees her armaan here ?? She aksed while twinkle told her Everything she was shocked too

Aditi broke down while twinkle hugged her tightly I am so sorry twinkle I shouldn’t have done that but I was being over protective about you I am so sorry aditi said while twinkle nodded in no ..

Shh Aditi calm down twinkle said and rubbed her back ..
He is going far way form me twinkle Aditi spoke while twinkle too looked on teard eye ..

Ali and Zoya comes to meet them they were shocked too with what all happened …they all sat their thinking what they will do now …
Next day :::
Kunj and yuvi was ready to leave Bebe went to Amritsar and said she will come London after sometime usha was with shanaya trying all the possible ways to bail her out …

They looked at the whole house and smiled reacalling their all moments ..
I am going to miss twinkle and her food alott yuvi spoke and laughed while kunj too …

Saale kunj said and hits him they went to airport and was done with all the security checks when yuvi phone started ringing after picking the call and listening to the other side he froze at his place …

What happen kunj asked seeing him ..
A…d..it.i yuvi managed to whisper and ran from there without any second thought kunj too followed him and aksed what happen ..

They said she met with an accident yuvi said worriedly while kunj was shocked too ..soon they reached hospital …

Kunj and yuvi Went inside and saw twinkle Ali standing worriedly while yuvi aksed twinkle about Aditi ..

She is inside Twinkle ended while yuvi ran and saw her lying on bed and was shocked too see bandages all over her ..

Aditi Aditi get up you can’t do this with me you can’t leavee me Aditi I am so sorry you are also important for me you are my love my breath I can’t live without you yuvi spoke hurriedly with tears in his eyes …

Then why you were leaving me Haan Aditi spoke while yuvi was shocked hearing her voice ..and looked at her she got up and removed the bandages freeing herself while yuvi looked on shocked…

So it was a trick he aksed while she smiled sheepishly ..
You know how much I was worried yuvi said angrily while kept a hand on his lips
Shhh you will not say anything just listen to me Aditi said while yuvi looked at her ..

Firstly I am very sorry for putting you in such situation I realised something’s can’t be choosen one side was LOVE and other side was FRIENDSHIP both was important for you even if I have to choose between you and twinkle I won’t be able to do it too so sorry she said helding her ears while yuvi was still looking at her without saying anything …

She went on her knees I know I have hurted you deeply and I am really very guilty for it but I was thinking as twinkles besti and sister that time I can’t even live without you I realised your importance in my life plzz forgive me yuvi and she opened a box it had a beautiful ring … Will you marry me Mr yuvraj Luthra she said while yuvi was shocked with her sudden confession …she was ready for commitment ??? Yuvi was thinking

She sees yuvi not responding to any of her talks and got up dejected I wasted your time I am sorry again she said and was going from there when yuvi pulled her towards him and backhugged her ..

First to you decided you only aksed me to keep my mouth shut and now leaving wow ..yuvi said and turned her I am dying to be with you I’ll definitely marry you he said while aditi looked at him and smiled

I have also spoken very harshly last night sorry for that Aditi yuvi was going to say more when she crashed their lips making him shocked while both smiled …

Twinkle Ali and kunj was still standing while Ali and twinkle smiled and showed thumbs up and kunj understood it was a plan they went inside …and saw them ..

Yuvi also took out the ring which he brought for her and slipped it into her finger while Aditi too …twinkle Ali and kunj hooted for them …

Twinkle left from their silently while Aditi looked at kunj ..
I am sorry kunj she said while kunj looked on wide eye..

You said sorry ?? He asked while yuvi hits him …
Finally you are rid of another sautan he whispered to kunj ..

Where is twinkle Ali asked while kunj looked on ..
I know where she must have been he said and left from there …
Screen freezes
Precap : something really unexpected
So how was the shot ???
Hope you all like it ..
Well thanks to everyone for your support in the last one ???
Will be back soon bye ???
Allahafiz ???

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