KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 26

Shot 26 ..
The Episode starts with Varun sitting in his friend house he was hell angry on shanaya …he looked at the pic in his phone which was of his shanaya n armaan you haven’t done this good shanaya I became good because of you …you turned the devil in me into a good human but again you turned me back to a devil you have cheated me played with my feelings I’ll not leave you shanaya Sarna Kapoor you will see the worst of me now Varun smirked angrily ….

What are you doing to do now ??? His friend(vicky) asked while Varun looked at him ..
Revenge Varun replied ..

What revenge Varun it’s your karma that turned you back you can’t behave like this you are a good person now don’t turn back to what you were before Vicky replied calming him ..

No no she deserved that devil only who used to play with girls feelings not this me who became a one women man for his wife and child hah child which was also not mine she cheated me Varun replied palming his face … He went into a flashback …

Varun Kapoor was a guy who was a typical flirt he can’t stay with a single girl and had been always been a cool dude because of their charms many girls were behind unable to think out his intentions one fine evening he went on a date with one of the most popular girl of his college she was also very happy to be with him their date went on smooth with talking and knowing each other …but before he could accomplish his intentions Manohar and the girl father saw him trying to kiss her while she wasn’t willing to they both rescued her and Manohar slapped him hard on his face …

Flashback ends …
I never knew shanaya was his daughter they rescued suman from my trap then I met shanaya and was amazed by her beauty I thought to trap her this time but her maasi and mom was quiet smart when they got to know that shanaya was in relationship with me they got me married to her at a very instant without telling anyone then shanaya moved on to London to her family she used to call me and cry daily but I least cared about her hah finally the day she called me and told that her father is getting her married and I don’t know what’s got into me I went to London when I reached I found out that Manohar Sarna was her father I was shocked to see him even he was he asked shanaya either to choose me or her family that poor baby choose my love over her family and we went back to Amritsar ..

Thinking for her daughter happiness Manohar Sarna didn’t revealed my casonova behaviour Infront of them all but he secretly called and told if anything happens to his baby Princess he will screw me out ..

Somewhere I was also falling for her for my wife the way she choosed me before her family made me realise my mistake for her I decided to never let her know about my past misdeed and was working really very hard for her so that I can give her every happiness …

we went to London when Manohar uncle met with an accident here in Amritsar and I some how managed to take his body without any enquiries …we stayed there only after some months also we were with them ..

when kunj saw something in her hands and asked her whose pregnancy reports that was she said it’s was hers I was on cloud nine listening to her I felt like a complete man I was so much happy with it ..after some months he I was busy with my meetings …

When shanaya gyneac called me and told that she gave birth to a baby boy I was so happy armaan was weak we have to kept him under treatment for a month and after his condition was stable we went back to London as usha maa called us and asked to stay with them only I was happily living but that was a mirage which had been broken now why did she lie to me Varun screamed while Vicky holds him …he was unable to bear the pain …
Next scene :::
Twinkle and kunj was still in hospital while Aditi and yuvi Ali zoya went to their house and twinj was taking care of armaan …

Twinkle was looking at sleeping armaan it was paining her alott to see her baby in such condition the poor soul with bandages she got tears in her eyes kunj saw her but can’t do anything to less her pain as he know how much painful it was for twinkle to live without armaan in these many months …

when she had beared so much pain just to give him birth her baby was snatched from her he couldn’t lessen that pain of her ..

Armaan woke up in the middle of the night crying badly as it was paining him alott Twinkle was sleeping while sitting on chair while kunj was there reading some magazine they both jerked seeing armaan crying …

Twinkle took him in her arms trying to calm him down but he was crying very badly which was paining them both alot
May I ??? Kunj asked seeing twinkle who was trying to calm armaan ..

Hmm twinkle said and armaan quickly went in kunj arms and was still crying kunj went towards window slowly slowly rubbing his back asking him to calm down ..

My good baby na armaan calm down see so many starts in the sky see he said while armaan looked at it with tiny tears in his eyes ..see Twinklee twinkle little star kunj said kissing him while he smiled somewhat and again hugged him kunj was rubbing his back calming him soon he was getting into sleep again twinkle watched them both and smiled within that tears in her eyes …

Kunj came back to twinkle and made armaan lie on her lap just rub his back slowly he will calm down and Haan peck him on his forehead for sure he had this habit of someone really special kunj said and winked while twinkle smiled as she reacalled kunj used to calm her too in same way and blushed a little …

She rubbed armaan back while he held her finger in his palm tightly helding it and slept twinkle smiled watching him while kunj too sighed ..soon they both slept too on the opposite sites of armaan …
2 days went by kunj and twinkle taking care of him forgetting everything around them behaving like a parents not like husband and wife they were taking care of their baby and want him to get well soon he was discharged today from hospital while twinkle picked him in her arms ..

Kunj I don’t know how you will react but I am taking armaan to my house I don’t want to come Sarna mansion twinkle declared while kunj looks at her ..

Okay you go take care of him and yeah if needed anything just call me I’ll be there okay kunj said while twinkle nodded ..

She and Aditi went towards car with armaan while twinkle turned again to look at kunj while he smiled ..she felt he was hiding something but distracted her thoughts as she wants to focus now on armaan ..

Kunj and yuvi went back to Sarna mansion while usha was waiting for them both as well as for armaan to return ..
Where is armaan usha aksed worriedly while kunj and yuvi both didn’t replied and was just moving to her room ..

Why are you people not answering your me I asked something where is my grandson I am worried for him is he fine ?? usha asked while kunj looked at her …

Grandson you never cared for your son and you will care for your grandson Even after knowing he has Twinkles blood too waise he is with her real mother only she will take care of him don’t worry and ding interfere kunj said and left followed by yuvi …

They both went into room fully tired while yuvi handed him some envelope ..
It had been delivered yesterday you have court hearing tomorrow for your divorce yuvi said while kunj looked at it ..

Finally 6 months came to an end with so many revelations hah kunj laughed painfully while yuvi kept a hand on his shoulder …
What’s your decision kunj ? Yuvi asked while kunj looked at him teard eye ..
Next scene :: @twiditi house ..
Armaan was making twiditi run behind him he was not having his medicines just puking Everything out while twinkle and Aditi were tired off handling him ..

Oh my god whose devil blood he is Aditi said while twinkle hits her ..
Don’t call kunj devil Twinklee replied and gestured armaan to come towards her ..you are kunjs good baby na have it I’ll call kunj then twinkle said while armaan smiled trying to escape slowly while twinkle caught him ..

She somehow made him have his medicines and put him on bed she watched him sleep and covered with the duvet ..

There was a time when I used to feel relief having you inside me and now same seeing you sleeping peacefully gives me relief she said and kissed on his forehead while Aditi too smiled they get a call form twinkles divorce lawyer ..

Haan tell what happened Twinkle asked
I have been trying to call you since 3 days tomorrow is your final court hearing I have prepared Everything just be on time mam if there is anymore information you want to include you can he spoke from other side ..

Is it necessary to come twinkle asked ..
Yes mam he said and ended the call ..
Twinkle told Aditi the same while both looks at each other …
Other side ::
My decision kunj said palming his face he took a deep breathe I don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow I don’t want to divorce her but …

He recalled how twinkle told him that just because of him this all happened how she told that just 2 days more and she and kunj will be over ..

Somewhere she was right only yuvi I was responsible for it if I wouldn’t have been in her life she wouldn’t have suffered this much I just don’t know what will happen tomorrow I am just hoping for the best it all depends on twinkle kunj ended and yuvi looked on …
Twiditi was sitting worriedly how their life turned upside down in these few months they recalled everything …
You are going to divorce him ? Aditi asked while twinkle looked at her ..

I don’t know what will happen he only wanted I am ready for it Twinkle ended going back in her room ..
Twinj were worriedly pacing in their respective rooms when kunj called her …twinkle picked the call but didn’t said anything …

Kunj smiled I know you are scared thinking what will happen tomorrow don’t over think just hope for the best and sleep now you are also tired and I know armaan would have made you run behind him whole day kunj said while twinkle smiled ..

Hmm okay you too don’t worry about armaan Twinkle replied ..
As far as he is with you I don’t need to worry well good night see you tomorrow ..kunj said ..

Okay bye good night she replied ending the call both cried thinking of their each and other moment never imagined their life will turned upside down like this ..
The night passed away and it was morning time when twinj got ready they both reached the court with their respective lawyers twinj saw each other painfully somewhere they both didn’t wanted to do any kind of this thing …it was time for them to report inside ..

Hah glad to see you back judge spoke in teasing way as he had been a friendly types..
So what you both decided he asked while twinkle kept quiet kunj looked at her ..

I don’t want any divorce kunj spoke making while Twinklee shocked judge too smiled as he gives time only to reconcile .
Is this your final decision he asked while twinkels lawyer interuppted in middle ..

No your honour this can’t be one sided decision kunj Sarna only wanted divorce now he is refusing for his child he spoke while the judge looks on confused …
Child ? He asked twinkle looked down ..

Haan your honour the news has been lit in every place of Mumbai Mr kunj Sarna sister shanaya Sarna Kapoor had stolen a few hours old baby Twinkle’s lawyer spoke while kunj lawyer interuppted ..
Yeah it’s right your honour but even Mr kunj Sarna didn’t knew that Armaan was his child he ended ..

Tell me exactly what it is the judge spoke while he had been adjusted with the story how shanaya took baby and kept with him without anyone’s notice ..
How old the baby is ??? Judge aksed ..

21 months twinj replied at the same time and looks at each other …
I would like to meet him judge said and after lunch again the hearing starts when he sees armaan who was sleeping due to medicines effect ..

I am so sorry in this case I can’t help you guys to have divorce as the baby is staying with Mr Sarna he had been closely attached to him judge said while tears filled in twinkles eyes thinking if armaan gets snacthed from her again ..
But how can you snacthed him again twinkle spoke ..

See Mrs Sarna I don’t want to hurt you armaan is so small and it will be really a bad impression on his live after you people gets Divorced child suffers so much in this condition so I am taking this decision that I am not approving for your divorce even the child custody will be with his father you have only one choice forget everything and stay as a mother for your baby I am sorry but I’ll not commit a sin of separating someone’s parents and making him suffer all life the judge declared his decision …

Twinkle was thinking about his words ..while aditi was angry hearing the judge decision they went from there and KUVI followed them with armaan …
Twinkle Aditi wait yuvi spoke with twinkle turned and looked at them ..

Kunj gave armaan in yuvi hands and went to twinkle he cupped her face while she looked at him ..

Twinkle I am sorry but I don’t want to hurt you neither wanted armaan to suffer because of us so I denied for the divorce I know you hates me and don’t want me around you but I can’t do anything twinkle plzz forgive me I never knew about your pregnancy or any other thing or I wouldn’t have left your ever in that condition you hatred was justified but I was helpless too kunj said joining their foreheads while both closed their eyes ..

Plzz Twinklee forgive me once I’ll not let you again hate me kunj said ..they open their eyes and looks at each other painfully ..

Aditi started clapping wah wah Mr kunj Sarna first you left her I know you didn’t know about her pregnancy but what about that you broke her trust her promise kunj you promised to take care of her she was your responsibility but you left her like anything …

what’s the guarantee that you will never left her again ?? Aditi asked angrily because she had seen how much twinkle suffered in his absence but he didn’t paid any heed to see her whatever reason it was …

Aditi listen to me twinkle started to say but was cutt off in middle by aditi ..
I know you will again talk in his favour twinkle even after so much and I’ll not stop you but just remembered today you have to choose between kunj and me if you are choosing him you have to end all the ties with me aditi spoke while Twinkle kunj and yuvi trio were hell shocked …

Aditi what you are saying what happened to you yuvi asked her while Aditi looks at him ..
What I have seen it was necessary I’ll not be able to see twinkle again in pain because of this man who never cared for her Aditi replied eyeing kunj ..

But you never know his side he was helpless yuvi tried to defend kunj ..
You are defending him yuvi okay answer me one thing if a day comes when you have to choose between kunj and me then what you will do she asked calmly ..

I will choose kunj yuvi spoke hurriedly while Aditi looked at him I am happy over your choice she said faking a smile painfully ..

Twinkle answer me if you are also choosing kunj then I am leaving tell me what you wants she said while twinkle looked at kunj and armaan one side her love and baby was there but other side that best friend cum soul sister was there who has never left her hand ..

I can’t live without you aditi don’t you even dare to ask me this again twinkle said hugging her …
I promise I’ll do anything but bring your soul back trust me Aditi said pointing to armaan but I can’t let you go back through same pain she said ..

You are being selfish here yuvi spoke while Aditi left from there helding twinkles hand ..she looked at kunj and armaan painfully before going …while yuvi looked on hurt …
KUVI went back to Sarna mansion and Bebe sees them ..
Kunj puttar plzz forgive me for hiding this but I was helpless Bebe said joining her hands Infront of kunj ..

No Bebe when momm can make me this much helpless she would have done the same to you I am not angry with you kunj said ..take care of armaan Bebe I have some work he ended

Bebe took armaan with her kunj and yuvi went to their respective rooms …after sometime yuvi was standing alone in lawn recalling Aditi words ..kunj kept a hand in his shoulder ..

You aksed me not to fall in love but I did you said I’ll be hurt and I am yuvi spoke painfully while kunj hugged him ..
She left me kunj she left yuvi said ..

Why you choose me over Aditi kunj aksed while yuvi looks at him ..
Even if the whole world stays in one side and you in other I’ll choose you again n again yuvi said ..while they hugged again …
Twiditi was simply sitting while twinkle makes coffee for both of them she sees Aditi lost somewhere she knows what’s bothering her ..

Why you did this Aditi twinkle asked while Aditi looked at her ..
What I did she aksed painfully ..

I told you before also never compared your life with mine yuvi is not like anyone else Yaar he will not leave you ..twinkle said ..

But he already left me Twinkle he had choosen kunj which proves if at all this type of situation will come in his life he will definitely leave me aditi spoke with tears flowed down her cheeks..

I am happy that atleast I haven’t committed to him …don’t worry about me I am fine she said clearing her tears..
Don’t hide from me I know you are not fine twinkle said ..

Don’t think about me I am sorry for all I have done but I just wanted you stay away from any kind of pain now and about armaan we will filed complaint for his custody aditi spoke disturbed while twinkle hugged her again letting her cry .
Next scene :::
Woah I cried so much today yuvi spoke clearing his tears while kunj looked at him and smiled ..
Go and meet her yuvi kunj said while he nodded in no …

Now I am fed up bhai let’s go back to our life let’s forget this memories here only yuvi said looking at the sky …
Are you sure you wanna go back ? Kunj asked ..

Yes I am pretty sure if you don’t want to come I’ll go back and handle everything there yuvi said ..

Even I’ll never leave you let’s go kunj said and smiled before that I have to do
something both kuvi thought …
Screen freezes on one side twiditi and other side KUVI
Precap : clash between love and friendship who will win ???
Note : don’t hate Aditi she’s been just scared of seeing twinkle again in pain ..
So how was the episode ???
Hope you all like it ?..
Waiting for twinj reunion it’s KAATIL guys ?abhi to major twist Baaki hai ..
Thanks to all for your lovely comments love you all kinda busy so see you all in next
Bye allahafiz ?

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  1. we can’t hate aditi ever but please give some space to aditi and yuvi s love story too. I am not sure about others but I surely love the part of yuvi and aditi most

  2. Baby

    aww i love aru shoo much n kunj too n twinkle n yuvi too n adi too bt why she did this hayee
    loved it post soon
    cant w8 aahh
    lots of love ?

  3. Aree aditi ne esa kyu kiya she should have thought about armu babt atleast. Armaan is the best. Loved twinj and armu scenes. Yuvi is really supportive

  4. Incredible
    Twinj and armaan moments???
    Twinkle’s habit in armaan??
    Aditi’s reaction shocked me to the core??
    But after giving a thought, her reaction was justified
    Well we cannot hate aditi. She has seen twinkle suffer and she doesn’t want that to happen again.
    Waiting for twinj and AdVi to reconile
    Varun’s plans??
    Let’s hope for the best
    Post ASAP dear
    Love u loads❤
    Keep smiling?

  5. Aamna_2690

    Episode was superb and bit shocking ?
    Loved it thoroughly ❤❤
    Varun ?? Aggh a new villian ??
    Well honestly even if I don’t want I can’t help with hating aditi today ?? She had thought about her friend and her suffering but she isn’t at all thinking about that little soul Armaan who just due to her stupid condition will suffer and will be separate from his one or other parent ??
    Aditi needs to understand that she can’t ruin many lives under the pretext of fearing that Something like before can happen again ??
    She isn’t just gonna ruin and give pain to twinj and Armaan but even herself and yuvi ??
    Yuvi was correct they need to know kunj’s side of a story and just can’t go on blaming kunj for everything ??
    Felt bad for yuvi and Kunj ??
    But honestly I am so admiring there bond ❤❤
    The way yuvi stood for him and chose kunj without even thinking ?? some serious friendship goals and brotherly bond ??
    I am sorry but I am literally hating aditi here cause of her twinj are gonna suffer more and what the he’ll ?? How can she even think of separating a father and son ?? this girl needs some serious blow ?? cause separating a child from his parents isn’t something small and you could just ignore thinking she is right at her point ?
    And again a twist ??
    Post soon next
    And please give some sense to aditi ?
    Hate you ????❤?❤??

  6. O Allah! what was that
    Amaaazing episode
    Just Plz post as soon as possible
    Post soooooooooonest

  7. it was amazing dear..
    twinj & armaan scenes were lovely …we can’t hate aditi because she had scene her best friend suffering ..she is scared …..her reaction was justified …but because of her fear Many life will suffer now…so she should think again about her decision…waiting for advi & twinj reunion … but it’s not easy as there another villain too & he is varun …shanaya will also not leave them …so let c when they will together.
    luv u
    thanks for posting

  8. Awesome epi…..

  9. SSK

    Amazing episode again. Twinkle and kunj and armaan scenes were so good. Aditi is right on her part as she has seen that Twinkle has gone through a lot because of Kunj and in future if he takes another step like this then she wont be able to tolerate even more but she will understand that Armaan is more used to Kunj rather than Twinkle. She will understand with time but seems like that new villain has entered and that is Varun and I am sure this Usha will try to help Shanaya and she will create more issues in Twinkle and Kunj’s life. It was really an amazing episode. 🙂

  10. Hi Sam sorry for the late response aajj ka episode was awsm really mind blowing and emotional specially the part of twinj I really love it the emotions reached my heart and Varun s past was also really painful his situation is no less plsss do post soon love u take care

  11. Kiya1234

    So sorry yaar I’m late what a amazing episode so painful ?????????? twInj with armaan and that dialogue those devil blood he is??????.. armaan did good with them.., aditi side uff Yuvi ♥️♥️♥️..
    judge hoo.. all emotions you described beautifully and Usha huhu kunj said right when she didn’t cared about his own son she’ll grand sone and Varun ???he become good now again huhu.,, Aditi can’t connect twinkle and Kunj story with her and yuvi.. both chooses their friends love vs friendship.. ????excited.,.
    Fabulous episode suspense master…
    post soon bye love you..

  12. Superb mindblowing episode sammu
    Twinkle aur armaam scene soo cute
    Yrrr ye aditi ne kya decision le liya usko twinkle ki tension h aur usne twinkle ko dekha uss situation me isliye usko darr h
    Plzzzzzz twinj aur advi ka mila de yrrrr plzzzzzzz
    Luvvvvvvvvvv u sweetheart
    Post soon

  13. Superb mindblowing episode sammu
    Twinkle aur armaam scene soo cute
    Yrrr ye aditi ne kya decision le liya usko twinkle ki tension h aur usne twinkle ko dekha uss situation me isliye usko darr h
    Plzzzzzz twinj aur advi ka mila de yrrrr plzzzzzzz
    Luvvvvvvvvvv u sweetheart
    Post soon

  14. Anusha

    Awesome episode dear
    Twinkle n armaan moments so cute ??
    twinkle’s habbit in armman aww so cute??? aditi reaction shocked me to the core but justified as she have seen twinkle suffering
    Varun became good from bad now again shanaya made him beast kya hoga abh
    N twi chpose aditi n yuvi choose kunj
    both choose friendship eager to know wt happens next

  15. Maddy25

    Awwwww diiii the episode was amazing. I am in love with kaatil s2!!

  16. Ananya_DSK

    Hello Sam! First of all, sincere apologies for being this late… This was so amazingly written!! I agree with you about Aditi being right on her place, but still… Watching Twinj like that brought me an unknown pain.. Poor Armaan though, he’s suffering in between all this… Usha deserved the rude behaviour though. Even then, Twinj are the cutest!!! Along with Armaan they make the most perfect family ever!!! Just amazing!! I’m so impressed with your writing skills!!

  17. Ramya

    Oh my god.
    What was that?
    That moment will be the worst moment of your life when you are asked to choose between bff and life partner.
    It was
    I’m speechless
    Sam girl you did a brilliant job.
    Loved it
    Waiting forward to read more.

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