????????????????? BLAST
Shot 25 ..
The Episode starts with fashion show venue it was an inauguration party today all the celebs and designers were coming one by one the event was planned by Varun Kapoor …he had made everything perfect he was happy that shanaya is going to participate too …

The cars came to an stopped shanaya and usha comes out of the cars fully dressed up showing their attitude while after some photo session they went inside …kunj and Bebe along with Varun were already present there …
I am so excited to perform today shanaya said excitedly ..

Haan after all your dream is coming true Varun teased her while he smiled …
Soon the party was continuing started with the welcoming performances shanaya performed while others praised her she was all happy with the praises she is getting usha bebe kunj was happy seeing her happy ..

Yuvi called kunj while he was busy in party they couldn’t talk due to loud music while kunj asked him to reach the venue they will talk there yuvi nodded ending the call …
The party was going on with full swing shanaya was ruling in she made kunj meet some of her friends while he was not at all interested he tired to go from there but Bebe stopped him saying to say for some more time …he agreed again he was too not feeling was just missing armaan and twinkle both …

Shanaya was standing while talking to her friends laughing enjoying when someone turned her with jerk ..and slapped her hard across her face while she fell on floor …
Everyone were shocked with sudden outcome and looked at the person she was revealed to be twinkle who was standing there with blood red shot eyes and police behind her …shanaya got up keeping a hand on her cheek with blood oozing out from the lips ..Varun held shanaya by shoulders supporting her while kunj was shocked too seeing twinkle face …

You blo*dy b*t*h how dare you do this with me Haan you have stole my few hours born Twinkle said while everyone were shocked shanaya was hell shocked ..
What rubbish you are talking and which baby shanaya said with shivering voice while twinkle closed her fists in anger ..

Which baby the baby you told as yours the baby you are keeping away from me since many months wo tumhara nai Mera baby hai Mera Armaan hai twinkle said angrily while everyone were shocked ..
Usha Bebe kunj were hell shocked with the revelation while shanaya looked at twinkle with fear Varun removed his hands and looked at twinkle unbelievably …

This is not true all rubbish you are talking  armaan hamara beta hai he is armaan Varun Kapoor.. Varun stated eyeing twinkle while shanaya was standing fearing …
You are mistaken she cheated you all he is not armaan Varun Kapoor he is Armaan kunj Sarna twinkle said and forwarded Varun the DNA reports he looked at it shocked and turned towards shanaya ..

No no Varun don’t believe her he is our baby she is lying plzz no one believe her lies shanaya stated crying seeing everyone gossiping about her while twinkle let out a faint laugh and step aside ..
You are under arrest Mrs shanaya inspector spoke while shanaya held usha hands ..

Maa plzz save me she pleaded while kunj too wasn’t getting what’s happening he took the report in his and was shocked with the revelation that Armaan who he always thought as his nephew was reveled to be his own son …
But you have no proof against her how can you arrest her and…usha continue to say but cut off by twinkle as she called someone …

The same doctor shanaya friend came there shanaya was hell shocked she revealed everything what all shanaya did how she took armaan after his birth without listening to anyone …kunj was shocked he closed his fists in anger gulping ….
Wait you need more proofs na usha Sarna twinkle said and connected the pendrive it was clearly showing how shanaya took the baby from there threatening the doctor… Varun looked at her fully broken he recalled all the moments he spent with armaan but he was someone else kid …

And today was toh limit just because if you my baby is fighting between life and death twinkle said while kunj asked her what happen to armaan she turned to kunj ..
You know what you sister did she left armaan on Terres he has fallen from there and he is ICU right now Twinkle said crying looking at him while kunj turned towards shanaya ..

What happen to armaan is he fine shanaya asked with concern with twinkle jerk off her hands …if at all anything happens to him na I won’t spare you twinkle ended angrily …while kunj moved towards shanaya
Why you did this ?? He roared angrily while shanaya looked at him don’t believe her kunj don’t she said and was slapped again by kunj …

You have made my wife condition so bad you have stole my few hours old baby and you are saying don’t believe her kunj said he never imagined his sister will do something like this with him …
Come Mrs shanaya inspector said while the ladies handcuffed her while shanaya was crying and pleading them to leave her she can see her career destroying Infront of her eyes the people also present there left from there …

What have you done with my daughter usha said crying angrily looking towards twinkle while Bebe stopped her from saying anything more ..
You daughter got the result of her deeds stay quiet now Bebe said while usha looked at them ..

Just because of you kunj this all happened just because of you Twinkle said looking at him painfully …
You came back for divorce right just 2 days then you and me OVER twinkle said while kunj was going to say when Aditi got a call from Zoya ..

Twinkle armaan she said while they ran towards hospital yuvi who had seen the drama too looked at twiditi going ..
Yuvi Mera baby armaan kunj said he need me right now kunj ended and left with yuvi while Bebe and usha went back to Sarna house …
They reached hospital in few minutes and directly outside Ali and Zoya was already present there with them …

What happen twinkle asked panicking while Ali replied her they are saying armaan needs more blood they are trying to get it but not having it Ali ended ..
But I have donated him blood right twinkle said …
Yeah still we need more Ali said ..
Doctor came out while kunj went to him I have the same blood group as twinkle take my blood kunj said while twinkle looked at him…

Even I am his father kunj said painfully I’ll not let anything happen to him he ended going back with doctor while he was having the same condition his condition was even more worse than twinkle because he had seen armaan from the time he was 2 months old till today …
He had spent most of the times with kunj Everything was revolving around his eyes soon he came outside and sees others ..

Surgery was still going on everyone was just praying for him …
After sometime doctor came out while twinj ran towards him ..
How’s my baby both said together and again looks at each other ..
We have operated him pray that he gets conscious soon doctor told and left from there asking them not to worry …
Twinkle Aditi Zoya and Ali stand there while twinkle aksed them all to go and she will stay but they declined ..

Yuvi took kunj on side while he was not ready to go from there ..
Kunj shanaya Di was the one who had done that fraud in taneja empire yuvi said while kunj looked at him ..
What ??? Is that true ab dad death mystery could be solved by Bebe only kunj said and they left from there and reached Sarna mansion soon …
Bebe and usha was sitting there worriedly and sees kunj and yuvi Bebe ran towards him asking about armaan ..

He is fine Bebe I need some answers from you kunj said straight while Bebe looked at him ..and nodded asking him to continue ..
How did papa die ??? Kunj asked while usha was shell shocked and looked at them ..
I told you na kunj usha was going to say when kunj showed her hand I asked Bebe so better you don’t interuppt he said looking at usha …while usha nodded Bebe in no …

Enough is enough I had beard you enough usha thinking one day you will see your son happinesses but you were busy filling your daughter mind and made her this much cruel now I am not going to keep quiet …
Bebe usha shouted but cut off ..
Stay quiet now Bebe roared ..
I am so sorry kunj somewhere I am also responsible for your this condition Bebe said folding her hand ..

After you married twinkle ..usha was fighting with Manohar daily on the same topic that he made her son away from him …Manohar was happy with your happiness he wanted to bring Twinklee back home and he told us all about it I was ill that time I didn’t said anyone about it seeing Manohar and usha fighting one day Manohar declared that he will bring you and twinkle home at any cost and went to convince Leela my health here became more worse … Usha was taking care of me ..she called Manohar but his phone was unreachable ..then she called you and told about my condition ..after sometime..Manohar called and told us that he convinced Leela and was going to Mumbai to suprise you both while talking on phone their car crashed and they had an accident shanaya was there in Amritsar she reached the spot and found him dead she without any enquiries brought him to London after seeing him dead my condition became more worse I was shifted to hospital Manohar was taken to hospital for the rest formalities them you came I don’t know what usha told exactly but when I was fine I was going to tell you that monu wanted you and twinkle to be together but usha stopped me saying she will kill herself if I say you anything Bebe said crying while kunj looked at usha …

Leela maa killed him right kunj taunted while usha gulped him ..
So what I would have done Haan I would have lost you you are my son kunj usha said shouting ..
I am no more your son keep this in your mind you and your daughter made my life hell you are no more my mother aap KAATIL HO MAA AAPNE APNE BETE KI JAAN LELI MEIN HAMESHA AAPSE NAFRAT KARUNGA kunj declared while usha was shocked and held his hand stopping him …

Okay tell me how you both had done the fraud in taneja empire ??? Kunj asked shocking usha while she looked at him ..
Answer me kunj said again ..
Wo I took your signatures with some other papers you were busy so you didn’t notice shanaya asked me to take your signatures usha said bowing her head down…
You also knew armaan is my son ?? Kunj asked …

No I don’t know that I got to know today shanaya never told me usha said while kunj fakes a laugh ..
Hmm okay he said ..
Believe me kunj I didn’t know don’t you have trust in me ?? Usha asked ..
No I don’t after what you have done with me you made my 2 years hell I hate you kunj said and left ..
Yuvi beta plz bring my kunj back ussha said while yuvi looked at her ..

Don’t call me son when you have spoiled your own blood life …you can also spoiled your namesake son life Mrs Sarna yuvi said and left while usha fall on floor ..
I told you one day you will regret Bebe said …

@ police station :::
Varun was trying to bail out shanaya she was still not have been put in prison they were arranging for her Bail ..
What you did for that I’ll never forgive you Varun said angrily looking at shanaya..
I am so sorry plzz arrange my bail soon she said crying and shouting there …
Their lawyer comes after sometime sorry sir her bail had been rejected he said ..

What why ??? Varun aksed him ..
Because one more case had been registered against her for fraud lawyer said while shanaya looked on shocked …
Who had done that she asked ..
Me kunj said coming from there while shanaya looked at him …
How can you do this I am your sister she said while kunj looked at her when you can make my life hell why can’t I Haan ..

You have not done this good chi you did fraud in taneja empire I thought you as my angel but you ..you are not less than a vamp I am not going to spare you Di it’s time to pay for your deeds kunj said and left from there ..
Nothing can happen you stay here baby have a good time Varun said angrily and left with lawyer while shanaya had been put inside the prison she was shouting in the female cops while they started slapping her asking her to shut her mouth .

Shanaya after having full of slaps sat in a corner sobbing ..
KUVI reached hospital now everything was Infront of him kunj condition was not less than a lifeless body …he went and saw armaan through the mirror his eyes turns teary again he turned and looked at twinkle who had a same condition without saying anything he left in side and sat there yuvi was there to support him …
He sat beside kunj who was sitting palming his face “ he is my baby yuvi”kunj said while yuvi caress his back both went in flashback..

There was hustle bustle going on in Sarna mansion (London) usha and Bebe were seeing off the arrangements as shanaya and Varun is coming there with baby armaan kunj wasn’t interested that much he was living lifeless … yuvi too started staying with kunj at Sarna mansion not able to handle more crowd and other things kunj went back to his room while yuvi too went with him ..
Shanaya and Varun entered with baby armaan wrapped in a baby cloth …Bebe and usha sees him and was very much happy they were doing his Naming ceremony …

Where is kunj ??? Varun asked while usha called them down ..kunj comes there and sees Varun and hugged him he didn’t looked at “armaan”…
Armaan was in Bebe arms she was seeing him soon he started crying Bebe gave her in shanaya arms thinking he will stop but he didn’t kunj looked at him and went towards shanaya while she gave him he looked at kunj and stopped crying making everyone shocked there even kunj too armaan giggled seeing him kunj smiled seeing him he kissed on his cheeks ..

Oh my god he is so cute kunj said hugging him while all smiled after so many months they were seeing a genuine smile on kunj face …he started playing with armaan it was time for his Naming ceremony …
Priest asked him to give baby in their parents hands while kunj gave him Varun arms again he started crying uncontrollably …he went back in kunj arms and calmed down sucking his thumb while kunj hugged him tightly around him feeling an unknown peace .

Let him only name Bebe said while kunj smiled and said “ARMAAN” all smiled Varun shanaya everyone like the name they kept his name armaan …
Flashback ends ..
Now I know why he used to stay quiet whenever I am around him kunj said and yuvi nodded ..
You have only taken care of him kunj from the day he stepped in London yuvi said while both looks at each other …

Flashback shows ::
Kunj was going for his meeting when saw Bebe and usha worried about armaan ..
What happen why are both so much worried kunj asked while they told him that Armaan was ill ..
Where is Di jiju toh went for his meeting kunj aksed …

Even she went for some work didn’t told us usha said …kunj called someone and cancelled his meeting he ran to armaan and sees his burning with fever he took him to his room …
He decided to keep his warm he removed his shirt tightly hugging him armaan felt peace in his embrace and slept while kunj was with him whole day night checking him for time to time …
Flashback ends

Now don’t cry he will be fine kunj be happy that you have saw him growing up Infront of your eyes yuvi said while kunj nodded…
He recalled all the days while armaan started speaking walking making them run behind him ALWAYS ..
Flashback shows ::

Armaan(1 year old)  was in kunj room watching TV while kunj came from back and made him sit on his lap and kissed on his chubby cheeks …he was watching cartoons and looked at kunj ..
Pa ..pa he said while kunj was shocked and happy too …he recalled Varun getting insecure seeing him with armaan
No no armaan not papa kunj ..kunj said making him speak kunj while armaaan looked on confused …

Kunj put him down making him stand on his feets he too bend on his knees helding his tiny palms making him walk with him teaching him how to walk …armaan falls while walking kunj picked him up and gave him chocolate teasing him …
Flashback ends …

Yes I have seen him growing up atleast I didn’t not miss it kunj said crying but what about twinkle she was in so much pain kunj ended ..
While twinkle and Aditi was looking at them yuvi too looks back twinkle left from there …
She looked at armaan and recalled kunj words she was happy atleast kunj was with him to take care of him her baby was safe in kunj hands even though kunj didn’t know that it’s his own baby …

She sat on the bench while kunj came there and wrapped his arms around her nothing will happen to him he is so strong just like her mom kunj said while twinkle hugged him crying her heart out …while kunj was rubbing her back consoling her …

Aditi yuvi and Zoya Ali was happy seeing them they decided to leave them for sometime alone as they had been going through a very painful phase …

Aditi and yuvi looks at each other tearfully they both knows their best friend condition Aditi too started crying while yuvi calmed her down they also slept on chair being tired

Twinj was sitting when doctor came there to check armaan he came back and told them that Armaan is fine and is conscious now and they can meet him both were happy without any second thought they jumped inside and saw armaan who also saw them and started jumping excitedly even thought he was attached with machines twinj cried seeing him ..and went towards him twinkle kissed him all over his face and hugged him tightly while kunj looked at them …

Mera baby twinkle said while armaan looked at her kunj passed a flying kiss to him while he giggled ..
Aditi and yuvi too came there Aditi called twinkle and she went in side while kunj went near armaan and whispered in his ears ..
Call mumma .. Twi ko mumma bulao Mera pyara baby ..he said while armaan looked at him yuvi too smile …twinkle came back and kunj step aside ..
Twinkle looked at him and held his hand while he was looking at her with all his smiled ..

Mum…ma he said making twinkle shocked till core …
Say it again twinkle said while again called her mumma ..yuvi signed thumbs up to kunj while he smiled …
See Aditi kunj he called me mumma twinkle said excitedly while kunj nodded
Obviously he will recognise his mumma kunj said assuring her …
While Twinklee was spending time with armaan soon nurse comes there and shifts him to normal ward while he was not ready to stay in hospital …

Twinkle comes with his baby food while he hides behind kunj and kunj laughed loudly seeing him
See armaan baby you have to get fine soon na plzz have something she said while armaan nodded in no …
Ni..ni he said while kunj smiled and brought his and made him sat on his lap ..

You eat then I’ll give you chocolate kunj said while armaan looked at twinkle she took him from kunj while kunj looked at them smiling twinkle made him have it while he was making faces …
He was just like twinkle just chocolates and chocolates uff kunj said and yuvi laughed sitting beside him ..
Armaan stopped having as his tummy is full while twinkle was still feeding him ..

Twinkle enough he won’t have more kunj said and twinkle looked at him and kept it aside ..
Armaan went back to kunj …chocy kunj he said making everyone laugh at his antics while kunj brought chocolate for him and was making him eat …
Twinkle Aditi Zoya and Ali was standing seeing him having a smiling face ..
I got my baby back I don’t need anything else in my life Twinkle said and they smiled …
screen freezes
Precap : divorce ?
So how was the blast ???
Most of the things out Infront of kunj
Mystery behind their death solved yes Leela and Manohar died in same accident when they were going to give good news to twinj that wanted to see them together with family …
Usha lied to kunj shanaya was the main villain ???
Thanks to all who had been in support on the past episodes??I am very much happy you all liked the story ….

Yeah 6ff silver jublieee ??? thank you all so much let’s see what happens next …

Bye allahafiz love you all ?????

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