KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 24


Shot 24 …
The Episode starts with Aditi continuing We sell that company and returned Mumbai where we decided to start twiditi Ali met us in that time he helped us alott in that time ….even ranveer showed his support leaving far away from us …

Twinkle decided to work day and night so that she didn’t get sad about anything it was really a hard time for her ..she was in much pain but wasn’t showing to anyone we all were taking care of her room making sure that it doesn’t harm baby days were passing by it was our start up twinkle was not allowed to travel anywhere she used to work from home and I used to handle all the meetings from twiditi enterprise we were working really very hard …

Finally the day arrived Ali and Aisha aunty was in Bhopal because of their some family problem and I went Pune to attain meeting twinkle was with our care taker …
I didn’t have a clear picture of that day just something I know Aditi said while KUVI was curious to know …

Our caretaker said that twinkle was resting in room when she decided to make something for her and went to kitchen while coming she started screaming in pain …no one was there except our care taker somehow she managed to call me and told Everything I left the meeting and was on my journey to Mumbai I informed Ali too he took the next flight for Mumbai …we were coming

Twinkle was in much pain she was admitted in hospital she gave birth but that baby was dead as per what doctor told is when we reached there they said that the baby needed blood which was rare they couldn’t take twinkle blood as she had lost much of it …they declared him dead we were shocked with it no one told twinkle anything she kept asking us for 4 days she was hell weak …we used to say random reasons …

But when I was talking with doctor she heard it and barged inside …
Flashback shows ..
Twinkle you here you should be resting na Aditi said helding her ..
Where is my baby ???? Aditi tell me where is my baby twinkle screamed while Aditi kept quiet …

Doctor plzz tell me where is my baby is he fine ??? Twinkle asked almost teary eyes while doctor broke silence ..
WE ARE REALLY SORRY TO SAY WE HAVE TRIED OUR LEVEL BEST BUT COULDN’T SAVE YOUR BABY“she said while Twinklee lost we balance and fell unconscious …
Flashback ends …

She fainted there we took her back home to take care of her when she got conscious she didn’t wanted to meet anyone she kept herself caged in room for a month not meeting anyone not having anything properly ..

But after a month she decided to live the death of that bubbly Twinkle she started to hate everyone she decided that she will just focus on her career now and nothing else no one said anything as it was her pain which she was hiding she had no reason to live left for her ..Aditi said crying while KUVI too cried hearing her …

And what about that surgery ?? Which twinkle went few months back ? Yuvi asked ..while aditi looked at him ..
Problems comes together twinkle pain didn’t ended that day …3 months before kunj came back she met with an accident while saving someone else in which she had a internal injury down her ribs doctors had done her one operations they said that she had to go for another one but it will be hell painful for her as it can risk her life too twinkle agreed for it ..but
I and Ali opposed for it asking for an other option ..while doctor told us that they can do surgery some other time till then she had to take medicines daily till that wound gets dry and it will be easy for her and will be less painful Aditi said ..

We made twinkle agree for it she too agreed thinking of us and before going to stay with kunj she decided to discontinue it as she never wanted him to know that how much painful it was for her to live without kunj …Aditi ended …

But when she had fallen that day in your house we had no option left doctor asked me for her reports so that they can see if their is any risk while not finding any risk they asked my consent for the surgery and I agree that day Twinkle went for it only …now she is fine Aditi said sighing
So yes this all happened with her in these 2 years Aditi said and forwarded him the box which had the rest reports of twinkle and also her pics when she was pregnant kunj looked at one pic in which she had a baby bump he caressed the pic with tears eye …

Believe me I never knew about twinkle pregnancy or anything or I wouldn’t have left her ever Kunj managed to say seeing the pictures …
Can I keep this pic with me he aksed while Aditi looked at him ..
If you want you can take but don’t let twinkle see it or else she will breakdown for sure she has handled herself after alott Aditi said …

Hmm thank you so much kunj said folding his hands Infront of her and left from there Aditi looks at yuvi …
Take care of yourself thank you so much for trusting us with this he said while aditi nodded and hugged him…yuvi left behind kunj …

Kunj was sitting sadly remembering the things what Aditi told him even tears dried by now he was cursing himself for her every pain ..yuvi comes there and sat beside him …
Kunj handle yourself yuvi said helding him from shoulder …

How can I calm down yuvi Twinkle went thorough so much pain the girl who never saw pain in her whole life saw that in these two years kunj said …
I know it’s difficult for you but see your siyappa queen was such strong she didn’t let us know anything even after staying with us for this many months ..

Hmm kunj said he was glaring the pic you know yuvi she always wanted to be mom she used to fight with me telling me to think about kid but I always used to stay that she is my baby I couldn’t able to take care of my both babies kunj said …
Bas kunj bas let’s go home just 3-4 days left for your divorce what’s your decision now ??? Yuvi asked ..

I am not going to leave her now even if mom ask me to give my life I’ll not leave my twinkle just because of mom one wish I had to leave twinkle in such condition firstly I have to find out who did that fraud I am not going to spare anyone this time kunj said angrily ..

Kunj I need to say you something more yuvi said while kunj looked at him ..
Leela maa and Manohar uncle died on the same day he said ..while kunj laughed ..
Whats more left for me to know kunj said crying while yuvi somehow managed to take him back to Sarna mansion …

He drop kunj till his room and went to his room kunj entered inside and saw twinkle sleeping he went and laid beside me ..
Kaise maafi manunga tujhse mein Kaise batau mein majboor tha ab Kabhi tera haath Nahi chodunga ..kunj said pulling twinkle towards him not willing to leave her for a second now …soon he too slept with the pain
Next day ::::
Twinkle woke up and find herself caged in his arms she sees his face pale ..she cupped his face …
What happen to him ?? Why he is looking so stressed she said and caress his hairs trying to come out of his grip soon she was successful and went to get freshen up …she went for office …

Kunj and yuvi was trying to find out about the fraud done in taneja empire …they were roaming taking out necessary information …
They went somewhere and sees a man asking him about the CCTV footage while he replied he couldn’t give any information kunj punched him hard on his face and threatened to take police help while he agreed and said it will take time yuvi asked kunj to go and he will get it while kunj left …

Varun and sanaya was sitting in their room shanaya was really very happy she had been participating in fashion show too …she was on call while Varun was with armaan playing with him ..
Now you start calling papa mumma Varun said while armaan looked at him confused …
Mumm…armaan said and stoped at Varun while he smiled spending time with him …

Shanaya be there on time and take care of armaan I am going too see the preparation he told shanaya while she nodded ..
Yeah I’ll be there soon shanaya said while Varun left from there she sees armaan he started crying …
What do you want now ?? Shanaya said taking him in her arms ..
Next scene :::
Twinkle was wandering in her cabin while Zoya was with her they get Ali call ..
What you found out about her ?? Twinkle asked happily ..
Yeah she will be here till evening Ali said while we will see then how she will escapes Ali ended the call ..

Zoya hugged twinkle happily don’t worry everything will be fine soon I am just praying what we are thinking will become true zoya said and twinkle smiled ..
I’ll go home and see him we all will meet in night she said and Zoya nodded they left from there ..
Armaan had been crying badly Shanaya wasn’t able to handle him she asked ani to prepare his milk while she went on Terres so that he stops crying she made him sit on the table kept there and got a call from her designer ..

What my dress is not ready still I have to perform at night in party shanaya said angrily and left from there talking on phone she totally forgot that she took armaan on Terres …

She went downstairs Told Bebe to talk to kunj to come in fashion show anyhow while Bebe nodded that she will convince him for sure usha and shanaya left from there ..
Armaan didn’t founding anyone near him he tired to come down from table he slipped and got hit on his forehead ani who came him ran towards but it was too late he fainted with blood oozing out ani was shocked seeing him …
Bebe called kunj and informed him to come kunj agreed on Bebe insistence unwillingly …

Twinkle who came back home saw ani carrying armaan her breathe hitched seeing him she ran towards them ..
What happend to him Twinkle asked while ani told her Everything twinkle got very much angry and took him hospital without any second thought …

She informed Aditi and Zoya about armaan so they all reached there room twinkle was seeing him lying on bed she was very much angry on shanaya for her carelessness ..
Soon doctor comes towards them all ran towards him asking him about Arman
He needs blood he had lost most of it his blood group is ab- doctor said while twinkle looked at him ..

Take my blood I have the same blood group twinkle said everyone doubt growed more soon Twinkle went inside giving him blood while she was having tears in her eyes …seeing him lying like that …

She reaclled all the moments she spent with him ..
The first glance she took when he was crying …
She teasing him by pulling his cheeks ..
His cravings for chocolates just like her ..
Twinkle feeding him food ..
Kunj becoming like kangaroo her doubt was growing more n more …
Soon she came outside while praying for armaan …
@ Sarna house :: evening
Kunj came back from somewhere he searched for twinkle and armaan but didn’t found them he asked bebe about Twinkle while she told that she left for some work and ask him to get ready soon he thought about armaan and then thinks may be he is with shanaya he left to get ready ..

Bebe and kunj reached venue while on other side …
Yuvi was waiting for it he gets it and was shocked to know ..
So she is the mastermind behind this kunj is not going to spare her he said and left from their to meet kunj ..
@ hospital ::
Twinkle and others were still waiting for armaan they were just praying everyone were worried about him ..
Aditi gets a call she left from there without anyone presence …Zoya was handling Twinkle telling her that armaan will be fine …

Aditi came back and kept a hand on Twinkle shoulder while twinkle looked at her ..
DNA Reports are here she said while twinkle looked on curious to know …she takes reports from her hands …
She take a deep breath before opening it

DNA test reports
Patient Name : Armaan
Name of the receipent : Mr kunj Sarna and Mrs Twinkle kunj Sarna …
Blood group : matched
DNA status : matched ..
The alleged patient “Armaan” is biological child of Mr kunj Sarna and Mrs twinkle kunj Sarna …

Twinkle dropped the reports I was right armaan is mine and kunj baby she said looking at Aditi and Zoya someone had played a big game against us twinkle said looking at armaan through the window..
I am not going to spare anyone who turned your condition like this who separated you from your real mother twinkle ended angrily …

Haan we will not leave anyone Aditi too said …but how did you get doubt regarding armaan ?? She ended …
I don’t know when I first saw him I felt something a smile played on my lips seeing him I was getting attached towards him more n more …

I never saw him so attached to shanaya or Varun like me and kunj when ever armaan used to cry kunj was the who handled him in nights twinkle said teard eye …
I got a doubt I thought to recheck it if my doubt was true or not and see it was true my baby is here again fighting for his life Twinkle said with tears flowing from her eyes …

My doubt increased when shanaya started keeping him away from me she was really very insecure and I am damn sure she is the one behind it twinkle said ..
Haan let’s go and see that gynaec who gave you false reports aditi said and Twinkle nodded ..

But armaan how can I leave him alone ?? Twinkle said ..
You go twinkle I am here to take care of here I’ll be updating you time by time Zoya said while twinkle thanked her and left from there angrily …

They left from there and talked to Ali soon reach one house ..they knock on the door …while the same doctor opened the door and was shocked to see twiditi there …
Who are you ??? She asked in shivering voice …

Arey forgot us so early ?? Twinkle said while pushed her inside and closed the door behind ..
I am your patient whose alive baby you killed and gave to someone else twinkle said angrily while the doctor was shocked ..

No no I don’t remember you she said ..
Acha hai you don’t remember Aditi said smirking at her while twinkle smirks back at her …
Waise twinkle you know I have two kids with me Riya and akash they are orphan too i am going to give them to someone else Aditi said ..

What Riya and akash ?? Where are my babies doctor screamed while twiditi smiled ..
Your babies sorry we couldn’t save them twinkle said in same as she told twinkle that day …

Plzz give my babies back doctor pleaded Infront of twinkle while she nodded in no Aditi slapped her hard across her face ..
You are now feeling the pain when your babies are away from you what about the sin you have done Haan how dare you give our baby to someone else Aditi roared with anger ..

Calm down Aditi no need to shout twinkle said calmly she will also feel the same pain which I went through Twinklee said smiling at doctor ..
Plzz plzz I beg you don’t do anything with my babies I’ll do anything you want doctor said ..

Tell us everything what all happened twinkle shouted angrily with blood red shot eyes …
Your baby has taken by shanaya Kapoor doctor said while twinkle makes a expression of ” I know it already” …
Say something else I don’t have much time Twinkle roared ….

Shanaya knew about your pregnancy she told me that you are her sister in law but her bother left you and they wanted his kid that were in your womb because it’s their blood she was my good friend …when you came hospital and after operation you went unconscious shanaya saw the baby and took him I told her that baby was weak but still she was adamant to take him and threatened me too so I had no option left rather than telling a lie to you that we couldn’t be able to save him ..

There was no one from your family and no one saw the baby too so doctor said getting again a slap but this time from twinkle ..
What wrong I have done to you Haan I will destroyed you you will see Twinkle said angrily …

Plzz don’t do this give my babies back I’ll give you CCTV footage if you want she said while twiditi signed each other …
They got the footage after sometime while twinkle eyed the pendrive …

You have destroyed my life enough shanaya now it’s your time to pay back you wanted to become model and today it’s very important for you …hah your all dreams will be shattered today get ready shanaya your destruction is waiting for you …twinkle smirked angrily
Screen freezes
Precap :” BLAST”
So how was the episode ???
Hope you all like it twinkle past was scary ..
Yep armaan is twinj baby ??the first one to guess it was Anusha Di ??superb guess ..
now what will kunj do after knowing this ??

So yeah the her twinkle and Ali was finding is previous episode was her gynaec ..will twinkle know that kunj was innocent ??? 
Will twinj get divorced or they will stay together ..stay tuned to know more …
Comment comment plz if you want next soon or I have one week to post your wish ???
Bye allahafiz ???

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    It was the best.
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