KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 23

????????? ???????????
Shot 23 ..
The Episode starts with 2-3 days passing by Aditi was back to normal now twinkle and yuvi had fully taken of her ..Aditi was falling for yuvi more n more she was not able to resist to stay away from him more 

Shanya behaviour was same towards Twinkle she wasn’t letting armaan go near twinkle for a second usha and Bebe had been to some of their relatives homes …
Twinkle was preparing breakfast while armaan came in kitchen and smiled at her he called Twinkle while she kissed his cheeks ..
Oh my god my cutie I am seeing you after 2 days how didn’t that devil realease you she said while both of them laughed ..

Twinkle prepared baby food for him and was making him eat ..
Shanaya who was on call from long came towards breakfast table and got angry she went towards them ..
How dare you touch my baby shanaya said while twinkle looked on …
He was starving I am just giving him food Twinklee said while armaan looked at them hugging twinkle …

Kunj who came their too looked at them ..
Di why are you shouting like this she is just feeding him na kunj said…
Just ask your wife to stay away from armaan or else the outcome will be worst shanaya said picking armaan and taking him back with him while twinkle gets sad
She went back to her room thinking about the moments she spent with armaan his cute eyes his craving to get love…

She was feeling sad about it soon she gets a call from Ali she picked it up …
What happened Ali have you found out ?? Twinkle asked ..
Nope twinkle I am trying I’ll find her soon I just called to tell about don’t worry and don’t take tension okay ..

You know na I need her I need to know everything I feel there is something fishy find her soon twinkle said in teary voice
Yes have trust in me he said and ended the call while twinkle sighed…
I don’t believe these People’s they can go to any extent to destroy me but I am also Twinkle I’ll not spare them at any cost ..

Her thoughts came to an end when she sees kunj entering he had a huge bump while twinkle was shocked seeing him he was looking like a pregnant woman …
What is this ?? Twinkle asked while kunj smiled armaan take out his face froom his shirt …
Twinkle laughed seeing them kunj and armaan was resembling like kangaroo and her baby armaan was been in kunj shirt giving smile to twinkle …she laughed again …

While kunj was going to take armaan out twinkle stopped him ..
Stop stop you both are looking hell cute she said clicking their pics she went towards them and take out armaan while he was happy too ..
He is here but shanaya ? Twinkle said
Don’t worry she went she will not disturb us atleast for few more hours kunj said and laughed twinkle too laughed ..

I will do anything to see this happiness on your face kunj thought smiling seeing twinkle playing with armaan happily …
He too went and joined them armaan was pulling kunj hairs while twinkle was laughing seeing his condition ..
You little chick and this siyappa queen I’ll not leave you both kunj said tickling them while they both were laughing loudly …

Chalo I’ll give you bath kunj said to armaan while twinkle too smiled no no I’ll give him bath she said ..
We will give him together okay kunj ended while twinkle agreed they went inside washroom taking out a small baby bath tub making armaan sit they were playing with him making bubbles ..soap went in his eyes while he started crying twinkle takes towel and cleans his eyes gently making him calm while kunj smiled seeing them both ..
They both were done with giving him bath while take him outside and twinkle dressed him while he slept in her embraced kunj smiled ….

He went downstairs and sees shanaya was back he came back to his room and took armaan and went downstairs giving him back to ani who was taking care of him …
Twinkle went for some work with Aditi and Ali zoya they all were worried about something …
But twinkles do you think their can be something like this ? Aditi asked ..
Yeah may be we send our reports and they had known about my pregnancy but still no one reacted I need to find about her if there is any chance of it they can do anything…
But what if what we are thinking wasn’t true then Ali asked ..

It would be better if we try once rather than regretting later Zoya said ..
Correct I don’t want to regret later on if there is any hand from Sarna family members in this case I am not going to leave them twinkle said gritting her teeths …while all nodded and continued with their talks ..
@ Amritsar ::
Yuvi had been in Amritsar he went towards taneja mansion taking address he talked with few of the neighbors and some friends of Manohar …
It means Manohar uncle had been in India only when kunj decided to go back London hmm then ..he went to hospital in which Leela was admitted …he sees something and was shocked ..

Leela aunty died on the same day on which Manohar uncle died ???? Her death cause was accident there was no reports of Manohar uncle …
Kunj told that usha ma said that Leela aunty plotted his accident how can she plot it when she died on the same day uff I need to tell this to kunj yuvi said ..
@ twiditi enterprises :::
Kunj was completing the pending works while yuvi Aditi twinkle wasn’t there ..he was alone in office it was too late he decided to go back home and went towards car his eyes went on reports he had stole from twinkle room …he decided to have a look on it …
He opened it to find Twinkle name age and necessary information he Scroll the page …

Pregnancy Test Results ”
Twinkle was pregnant when ??? Kunj looked at it shocking he found the date
It was after 1 month after I left twinkle she was pregnant when I left for London oh my god babajiii …he took a glance of report and saw her sonography reports too his eyes turns teary looking at it…
I wasn’t with her when she needed me how much she must have craved for me shitt my one wrong decision ..

He continued glancing other reports it was till her 5 months with her all check up mentioning about her complications her blood levels and other things ..
Tears started falling from kunj eyes he was cursing himself all the while ..

I need to ask Twinkle about this kunj said wiping his tears driving his vision was blurry thinking about his child and twinkle heath of that time …
Soon he reached Sarna house and left inside without paying heed to anyone ..
Twinkle was standing in balcony lost in thought while kunj came towards her ..
I need to talk to you he said while twinkle turned and looked at him she was shocked seeing his condition ..

He handed her reports “YOU WERE PREGNANT”??? He aksed while twinkle looked at him …
You are saying as if you got to know it today Twinkle said in broken voice …
Means kunj asked ???
I have informed you before the day itself when I got to know about it Twinkle said while kunj was shocked ..

No I didn’t knew about this he said while twinkle took her mobile she went back to the messages and handed him the mobile …
He looked at it and was shocked he started reading …

Kunj ??? Kunj ??? Plzz say something I am missing you kunj ??
You know what happened today I went to Amritsar and found mom in ICU kunj her condition is very critical …
I need you kunj come back doctors saying mom has very less chance of survival …
Why are you not picking my calls kunj I had to tell you something important …
Mom left me kunj she left me alone here and you know I am expecting our baby kunj ..
Plzz come back soon I can have this responsibility alone kunj I need you this time badly …
I got your letter today kunj I know there is nothing like Revenge what happen you are fine na I am not getting good vibes ..
I have send my reports hope you will come back I am missing you and waiting for you …
Why kunj why you are not replying have you got my letter or not ??! Plzz kunj don’t do this with me I have no one left except you and Aditi I need you kunj our baby need you …

That was the last message kunj read tears formed in his eyes he recalls how he lost his mobile when he was in hospital with Bebe he looked at twinkle who was looking more worse than him ..
I have told you everything waited for you to come back but you never you never cared to see I am alive or died ??? But you know it wasn’t your mistake it was mine I expected alott from you and just got pain n pain in return … 

Kyu kunj kyu Kiya Tumne aisa twinkle said helding his collar crying hugging him while kunj was shocked seeing her broken …
I am so sorry twinkle but I was helpless kunj said in broken voice while twinkle left hiim …
Kunj was fighting with his inner voice what happen to his baby he wanted to ask but somewhere a fear engulfed in him he finally decided to ask ..

Whe..re is o..ur b..aby ???? Kunj asked in shivering voice .
Jaise babaji me mujhe Diya tha waise wapas leliya she said falling on her knees kunj was hell shocked …he clenched his fists cursing himself ..he now got to know why twinkle cried that night seeing Arman with him …

He held her form shoulders giving her support plzz forgive me twinkle plzz he said while she nodded in no falling unconscious in his arms …he called doctor and she was examining her …
She fainted due to stress don’t worry I have given her injection she will sleep all night and will be fine next morning ..she said while kunj thanked her he sat beside Twinkle and caress her hairs …now I know why you hates me this much ..you feel that I never cared for you and our baby it’s not true if I would have known I would have been back the very next day he said he can’t even imagine her condition …

I have to know everything only she can tell me the truth kunj said determined ..
He looked at twinkle who was sleeping due to medicines effect …he went into flashback …
Twinkle and kunj has been in park they were walking hand in hand when twinkle sees a small baby girl crying she picked her up ..

Arey baby why are you crying where is your mumma twinkle said while kunj smiled seeing them ..
The baby stopped crying and started playing with Twinkle kunj too joined them they had fun with the baby …
Her mother comes there and sees her oh she is here she said taking her from twinkle ..

Thanks for taking care of her she said and left with the baby while kunj smiled as soon as she left twinkle started crying
Now what happen to you kunj said while twinkle looked at him ..
Even I want a baby kunj she said while kunj was shocked ..

Twinkle ?? Baby kyu ?? You are only a baby kunj teased her while she got angry …
Then why you married a baby huh twinkle said angrily while kunj smiled pecking her lips …
I am so sorry he held his ears going on his knees while twinkle smiled..

Get up now she said and hugged him ..she looked at kunj yes I want baby you toh went to that boring office and I stays in home alone I need someone to play with too huh twinkle said…
That’s why I asked to join office there we can be together all the time ..kunj ended smiling at her ..
Arey you are not understanding kunj I need a cute baby like you so that I can’t miss you she said pouting while kunj smiled ..

Okay we will think about it later come let’s go come kunj said while twinkle was angry with him and wasn’t talking to him ..
Arey Twinkle baby come here kunj said once they are in room ..
Don’t call me baby huh twinkle said and left from there while kunj laughed ..

Baby ? My baby ? Mine and twinkles baby ?? Wow it will be so amazing Twinkle’s cutness and my naughtiness ohh that would be fun …
Flash back ends ..
He came out of it ended up in tears whole night passed he didn’t slept just worried about twinkle he was crying from inside the guilt was killing him that his little soul is no more his love has been in pain and he wasn’t able to understand anything till this time …

Soon kunj got ready and went downstairs twinkle too woke up after sometime her head was paining alott she went downstairs for breakfast …kunj had already told ani for Twinkle’s breakfast ..
Kunj sees armaan and tears formed in his eyes imagining how it would been it twinkle and his kid was with him ..he turned and found twinkle both had a painful eye lock … 

Kunj left from there while armaan was going towards twinkle when shanaya held him back tightly ..
What are you doing leave him you are hurting him twinkle said while shanaya looked on and left inside without answering her …

You don’t need to order my daughter okay it’s her baby she will take care of him don’t interfere in her matters usha said curtly and left from there …
Twinkle went back to her room she worked for sometime not wanting to go office as she had to face kunj again …
@ twiditi enterprises :::
Kunj entered his cabin directly stating everyone not to disturb him today he was crying very badly taking out his pain …
Yuvi who came to office directly after coming back from Amritsar went in kunj cabin …
I said I don’t need any disturbance today kunj shouted hearing the door opening ..

Yuvi was shocked he ran towards kunj and saw his condition ..
What happen to you kunj he said and hugged him tightly ..
Yuvi kunj cried hugging him Mera baby yuvi he said …
Oh you got to know yuvi said while kunj broke the hug ..
You knew it ??? Kunj asked ..while yuvi stayed silent ..

Tell me yuvi kunj shouted again …
Haan kunj Aditi told me on the day I proposed her yuvi said bowing down his head ..
Then why you hide from me yuvi kunj said crying .. 

I was scared of your this condition only that’s why yuvi said hugging him both of them cried ..
Plzz yuvi can you do a thing for me plzz kunj said while yuvi nodded ..

Plzz tell he to reveal what all happened with twinkle only she was with her at that time kunj said ..
Okay you calm down we will go there and confront her he said ..and both left from there …
Next scene ::
Till when I’ll get my reports ??? Twinkle asked on call while wandering around the room worriedly …
You will get it after 2-3 days mam the person said from the other side…
Okay Twinkle ended the call ..
I need to know it soon I can’t wait for it I have seen alott now this time Nahi twinkle said …
@ Aditi house :::
Kunj and yuvi rang the bell while Aditi opened the door to find them …
You both here ??? She asked while they look at her painfully …
Can you do a favour for us ?? Yuvi asked while Aditi looked at him ..
What ?? Aditi asked ..

We wanna know everything what all happened after kunj left twinkle yuvi said ..
Why you wanna know ? Aditi said looking at kunj angrily ..
Plzz I beg you plzz kunj fall on his knees Infront of her while she was shocked seeing him ..
Okay get up I’ll tell you everything Aditi said making kunj stand while he looked at her ..

First calm down yuvi give him water Aditi said and went in her room to bring something …yuvi gave kunj water while Aditi bring a box with her …

KUVI was curious to know everything while Aditi opened the box and kept it aside …
“After you left for London and twinkle called me I was in Delhi doing job there as you know she told me about your visit to London we both decided that we will go to Amritsar and suprise Leela maa ..

Twinkle decided to meet her till then you will be back to India she said we decided to meet each other at Amritsar airport happily and excited to meet Leela maa after so many months …unaware of the storm that was waiting for us in Amritsar Aditi said …and went into flashback …

Twinkle and Aditi met at the airport both hugged each other happily ..
I can’t wait for meet maa she will be really happy seeing us twinkle said ..
Yeah Aditi nodded they left for taneja mansion …
They saw neighbours there twiditi ran inside house while their caretakers told them that Leela had met with an accident …they Ran to the hospital in which she was taking her last breathes ..
We were very much sad seeing her in hospital bed fighting for her life while twinkle was shattered seeing Leela maa aditi said and KUVI looked on …

Doctors told us that she met with a severe accident while on her journey and she had very less time left we both went to meet her …
She was trying to tell us something but her body was not supporting her she was badly injured …she didn’t said anything and left us alone here Aditi said while KUVI looked on shocked …
Twinkle was unable to cope up with this shock we got to know that one more person and driver was also there with Leela maaa who died on spot Aditi ended yuvi kept a hand on her shoulder while she took a deep breathe ..

Twinkle was somewhere lost from that day she was not eating food neither showing interest in anything she didn’t even cried even on her last rites she was in complete trauma ..one day she fell unconscious I was very worried for her…and called doctor home where she revealed that Twinkle was expecting ..
We both were happy as well as sad one side there was pain of loosing mom for twinkle and other side her happiness that she is going to be a mom she cried that day alott so much remembering Leela maa she needed you badly by her side ..

A month passed by with us doing everything possible thing as we both have to handle taneja empire ..
Twinkle want to go back Mumbai she wanted to meet you and we came Mumbai and went directly to Sarna house where your caretaker said that you didn’t came but he had a letter for twinkle ..
Twinkle opened and read it she was shocked but she didn’t Believe that those words were true you can never take Revenge from her for anything…

Her believe trust on you became more stronger after reading the letter that you are in some problem …she wanted you to know everything she send a letter telling what all happened in these 1 and half month and also she gave a copy of her report’s …

We went back Amritsar as their condition of taneja empire was worse to handle we got busy in handling it ..twinkle was trying her level best even she was missing you each n every day I saw crying every night for you she wanted you by her side ..she had a hope one day you will come and wipe her tears and say that you are always with her …
But you never came kunj Aditi said and turned towards kunj whose face went pale with the revelation she continued again …

These all continued we were coping up with the damage and twinkle decided it’s enough she decided to come London and confront you but her gynaec told she can’t travel in this condition as she is much week she can go any other time Twinkle wasn’t ready to hear her she decided to go London at any cost and we were set to leave too…when we got another shocked we went to taneja Industries and found out that Aditi said and closed her eyes …
What ??? Yuvi asked …
That kunj had sell his shares which Leela maa named on him Aditi said while kunj was shocked ..
What I never did that I toh even forgot about that shares kunj said …
I knew you will say something like this she said and went towards box she takes some documents and showed kunj ..
While he was shocked seeing his signature while yuvi too was shocked …

Flashback shows :::
What ??? Who sell this shares at this time when we need to save the company twinkle said ..
Mr kunj Sarna someone from them replied while twinkle and Aditi looked on
No this can’t happen kunj will never do this twinkle said and been handed those papers she saw kunj signature …her land slips beneath her feet …Aditi holds her hand …
Twinkle becareful she said ..

Flash back ends …
Yes twinkle saw your signatures she knew that it was not easy to forge your signatures her trust shattered her faith on you everything broke that day her proud …Aditi said looking at kunj …she tore our tickets of London

Firstly company condition was worse and the shares were also been sell off we have no other option rather than selling it so that we can invest the money in something else Aditi said ..
We sell that company and returned Mumbai where we decided to start twiditi Ali met us in that time he helped us alott in that time Screen freezes
Precap : more shocks on the way ???
So how was the shot ????
Hope you all like it ..
What will happen next ? Any guesses ??
Something really exciting coming up in next chapter ??
Thanks to all who supported on last ?love you all …
Bye allahafiz ?

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  17. SSK

    Brilliant episode. Loved all the scenes especially the one where kunj was hiding Arman?. Kunj got to know about twinkles pregnancy finally.

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