KAATIL ~{ A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 22


Shot 22
The Episode starts with kunj entering inside the study room was shocked looking at twinkle state she was crying badly blood coming out of her hand she was sitting crying again n again kunj never saw her this much vulnerable in this state he without any second them ran towards he sat and hugged her tightly caressing her back …

Twinkle twinkle what happened kunj asked while she was numb to react with his sudden reaction …she came back to senses and slowly separates herself from kunj …while kunj looked at her and cuppeed her face ..

Tell me twinkle what happen it will ease your pain tell me kunj said ..
No one can heal my pain kunj she said in broken voice and I read don’t need anyone’s fake concern too she let out a faint laugh ..why you came here go from here go twinkle ended looking at other side …

Everytime I won’t listen to you I am not going you leave you and go understand kunj said with slight anger …
You left me long back if you forgot twinkle gave him a sharp look while kunj closed his eyes …

He joined their foreheads together closing his eyes I know I did a big mistake twinkle I shouldn’t have broken your promise tell me what can I do to rectify it tell me how you will trust me back kunj said …
You will be hurt kunj because I am never going to forgive you never twinkle said getting up while kunj too got up with pain in his eyes …

Twinkle he was going to say when she held his hand taking him towards door …
Leave she said while he looked at her she turned her face and closed the door behind leaving kunj shock on her sudden outburst …
They sat across the each side of the doors crying …

Why you were not there kunj why we could have save our child if you were with me if you support me once if you had tried to know my condition once how I lived without you ..you very well know that I wouldn’t be able to survive a single second without you but you choose to ignore me …I’ll never forgive you she cried curling herself …

Kunj got up from there thinking of armaan he was alone in their room he ran and saw him sleeping peacefully ..
You are the only reason I am breathing armaan or I have no wish to live …he kissed on his forehead hugging him soon he slept …

Twinkle too slept on the floor crying in pain which she was carrying from past few years the pain she lived without no one the pain when she craved everytime for his pain the pain when she needed him beside her seeing the others couples staying happily waiting for their kid …
She had seen alott and had no hope to live or to trust anyone crying crying she slept on floor …
Next day ::::
Kunj wakes up and sees armaan crying he got up and his eyes were red too and bulgy armaan stopped crying seeing him and moved on his lap sucking his thumb while kunj smiled kissing on his head ..
Good morning he said and got up taking him soon he gave him bath and took downstairs giving him back to Bebe …

He was going back to his room when stopped Infront of study he opened it slightly and saw twinkle sleeping on floor his heart pierced seeing her he moved towards and sat on floor Infront of her
You feel I don’t understand your pain I very well understand this hatred is not because I left you it’s something else and I’ll find out soon …kunj said eyeing her he sees her waking up and left from there ..

Twinkle woke up and looks at herself she got up and went back to room and doesn’t find kunj she went inside and got freshen up too …
Kunj was with Bebe playing with armaan twinkle came downstairs and sees them she sees Bebe …
Arey Twinkle puttar Bebe said and got up from her place kunj too sees them twinkle moves towards Bebe and touched her feets …while bebe blessed her ..

How are you twinkle asked
I am fine you say how are you Bebe said cupping her face she looked at the hand cut of twinkle arey how did this happen puttar Bebe asked ..
Nothing just a small cut don’t worry twinkle said smiling soon they heard the bell ring and twinkle went to open door he find yuvi there …
Yuvi came inside he saw kunj playing with armaan laughing along with him ..his eyes turned teary seeing him while twinkle looks at yuvi …

You are fine na ?? She asked while yuvi looked at her ..
Yeah just little bit tired and congratulations we have finalised the deal yuvi said smiling trying to hide his sadness
Oh it’s superb twinkle said and they went inside kunj too saw yuvi ..
Breakfast is ready yuvi go and get freshen up then we will have it yuvi nodded leaving for his room …

Shanaya and usha comes there and glares at twinkle while twinkle didn’t even looked at them back usha was remembering her words which she said last night and getting angry
Shanaya took armaan from kunj taking his feeder but he pushed it aside and went back to kunj twinkle laughed silently which was noticed by shanaya who fumes while yuvi too came back and sat with them …

They all had their breakfast in silence no one spoke anything just armaan was making noises jumping seeing yuvi ..while yuvi takes him on his lap Talking to him all smiling seeing them …
Where is jiju Di ??? Kunj asked ..
Uhm he left early for a meeting shanaya said while kunj looked on …
I don’t like these veges huh who prepared this breakfast shanaya said screaming on the chef’s …

If you have any problem go to kitchen and make yourself something twinkle stated back ..
I didn’t talked to you okay stay away from my matters shanaya said ..
Yes but you can’t talk to anyone of them here they are not your servants twinkle said angrily …yuvi looked on

Di don’t talk like this if you want anything let them know they will prepare kunj said ending the fight between them ..
Soon their breakfast was done twinkle called Aditi and told him that she is not going to twiditi while twinkle too decided to stay back at home seeing them KUVI too stayed at home …
Twinkle was going from there when shanaya and usha was gossiping while seeing some pictures on phone ..

As soon as he gets divorced I am going to get him married the very next instant atleast I’ll get a good daughter in law usha taunted …
Oh my don’t know in whose Destiny devils are written again it’s good I am gonna spared Twinkle said enough loud for them to hear …

What did you said Haan…how dare you answer my mom back …shanaya got up seeing twinkle …
It will not take a minute for us to kick you out from here shanaya said raising her hand on twinkle while she held her hand and twisted on her back ..

Be in your limits if you say me anything I’ll definitely reply twinkle said angrily while usha got up calling kunj ..he came downstairs twinkle left shanaya while she started her drama crying Infront of kunj …
See what your wife did to me shanaya said while kunj looked at twinkle ..

Now either she will stay here or us usha said while Twinklee looked on thinking kunj will definitely take their side ..
Kunj held her hand stopping her and turned towards usha it’s not just 2 days since you all came and these things started it’s better if anyone leave from here he said …while usha smirks while shanaya too ..
I’ll arrange for your stay at somewhere else mom kunj said while usha was shocked ..

What ? You will ask your mother to go from here ? Usha asked unbelievably ..
Yes I am not here to time paas mom I have given address to court and if at all they don’t find twinkle here we will be in jail kunj said angrily …while Twinklee smirks at usha and winked from back ..
Twinkle why you twisted Di hands ?? Kunj asked turning towards her ..

First tell your Di not to raise hand on me or else I’ll break both if her hands twinkle said and left …
I am going to get you remarried to girl of my choice usha stated while kunj looked at her ..
Don’t even think about it I’ll never marry anyone else keep that in your mind kunj said and left …

How you will not marry I have separated you from here I’ll definitely get you remarried huh usha said and left with shanaya ….
Usha and shanaya left for some party being scared of twinkle as their planning were getting failed both twinj were supporting each other indirectly ..
Kunj and yuvi was sitting in yuvi room while yuvi was thinking about last night even kunj too …
What happen why you are looking so upset ?? Kunj asked breaking the silence while yuvi nodded in no ..
Hmm na just tired of coming back from Agra he said faking a smile …

Anything happen have you proposed Aditi ?? Kunj asked him shocking ..
You knew that I love Aditi ? Yuvi asked unbelievably while kunj smiled ..
Yeah I know it from long time I m your best friend cum brother kunj said and winked while yuvi too smiled ..

Then why you didn’t told me yuvi asked
I wanted you to tell me as you said you will tell me when she will agree kunj said
Haan I proposed her last night she said she loves me too but yuvi said.
But what ??? Kunj asked ..
Trust issues she said she is scared of commitment as she feels people leaves after getting bored yuvi said while kunj looked on …
Acha kunj said sadly ..

Why are you upset and twinkle too I saw her angry on Di today yuvi said ..
They are like this only since childhood like me and Aditi never liked each other even twinkle and Di had the same condition kunj said ..
Ohh and you are upset too yuvi asked while kunj looked at him ..

Don’t know I am feeling like there is something big that twinkle is hiding from me till last night everything was going fine she was behaving normal but don’t know what happened to her again kunj said thinking …
Tell me clearly yuvi said ..

I was in room playing armaan she was fine only that time she left from there to study I decided to check her when I went her condition was so vulnerable she was crying very badly I never saw her like this in these few months don’t know what made her so upset kunj said …
Seeing you with armaan hmm yuvi said and thought she must have remembered her baby and was hurt seeing it I don’t know what she must have felt at that time she is really very strong ..

What happen yuvi where are you lost ?? Kunj asked shaking him while yuvi looks at him …
It’s obviously she will be hurt seeing you yuvi was going to confess but stopped in middle ..

I shouldn’t disclose this to kunj firstly he was very guilty of breaking his promise to twinkle that he decided to suicide once but if I disclose him that twinkle hates him because she lost their baby he will definitely die with pain n guilt no no I can do it I’ll tell only after finding out the mastermind behind this planning as Aditi told me they send messages even letter and sonography report I have to find this mystery soon till then I’ll not tell kunj anything yuvi thinked ..

Again you are lost kunj said while yuvi looked at him ahh sorry sorry I was going to say obviously kunj she will be hurt seeing you spending time with your family as only few days left for your divorce yuvi said ..while kunj thought ..
Yeah I didn’t thought this kunj said both of them again in their own thoughts ..
@ Aditi house ::
Aditi was crying recalling yuvi confession he is so good still I am not able to give him the happiness he deserved but what I can do if I’ll choose yuvi I have to leave twinkle and go if they get divorced I can’t think of leaving twinkle … but yuvi I also can’t live without him plz babaji do something make everything fine in her life why are you giving her so much pain she suffered alott Aditi said looking at twinkle pic caressing her …
@ Sarna house :::
Twinklee went to kitchen and bring chocolates for her she felt someone following her and turned to find armaan looking at her with puppy face …
What happened ?? She said gesturing him to come while he took his baby steps towards twinkle kunj comes there and sees them both …he had brought ointment for twinkle …he smiled seeing them both …

Armaan went while twinkle picked him up and made him sat on her lap ..armaan was still looking at chocolates …
Chocy armaan said while twinkle laughed
Acha so you are here for this hmm you are also a chocolate boy okay I’ll give you twinkle said unwrapping it feeding him while he too was having it …he gestured twinkle too and she had his by his little hands …

This chocolate is looking even more tasty with your hands twinkle said while armaan smiled ..
Fri..enld armaan said as Varun taught him few words while twinkle smiled ..
Haan friend she said helding his tiny hand both smiled while kunj too …

Armaan sees twinkle hand cut and looks at her he gently rubs his hand on her wound while Twinklee smiled kunj comes there and takes a seat beside them …and gives ointment while armaan applied on twinkle hands …Twinkle eyes turns teary with a smile …
Kun..j armaan said

Haan bolo Mela baby kunj said taking him from twinkle while twinkle stopped him she took tissue and wiped the chocolate which was smeared on his face …
She is twinki kunj said while armaan looks at twinkle …

Twi..he stopped while twinj laughed ..
Twi is enough for you twinkle said and smiled …yuvi too joins them and they had full fun with armaan ….

A week passed by with them twinkle was happy spending time with kunj n armaan a dream of her which was shattered she was living back atleast for few days even kunj was happy seeing twinkle and armaan ..Varun was busy with his fashion meet preparations while shanaya was preparing for it she wanted to win it at any cost she was not paying any heed at home even usha stopped plotting against twinkle Bebe was happy seeing kunj happy …yuvi was on his mission ..advi was in pain seeing each other Aditi was dying with the guilt of hurting him while yuvi was not concerned for himself at this time he was more concerned about kunj …
A beautiful morning in Sarna mansion asusual shanaya was late last night so armaan again slept with twinj …
@ twinj room :::
Sun rays peeped in kunj and twinkle was sleeping along with armaan who was in middle of them it was too cold and he was cuddling onto twinkle more n more for the warmness kunj woke up and sees them and smiled …

One of my dreams which will not come true now atleast I am having this moments with twinkle and armaaan as the days passing I am getting scared for the divorce I won’t wish to loose twinkle this time ..kunj said leaning in and pecking her forehead …

Twinkle too wakes up while kunj left for washroom while Twinklee looks at armaan he is such a cutie but don’t know why that devil (shanaya) doesn’t cares for her she kisses on his cheeks …
Armaan wakes up and gives smile to twinkle and kissed on her cheeks ..

Twi..he said jumping while twinkle too smiled taking his feeder while he was just blabbering and twinkle listening to him ..
Kunj came out and sees them he smiled
You go get ready I’ll give him back kunj said and twinkle nodded hugging him bye she bites his cheeks while armaan left with kunj ..

Twinkle got ready and they had breakfast and left for twiditi ….kunj and twinkle entered their cabin working while Aditi and yuvi too they all met for lunch ..
The whole day passed by them working together while after sometime twinkle and kunj returned back to Sarna house along with yuvi …
They got freshen up having dinner while kunj asked Bebe about armaan ..

They went for dinner shanaya Varun and armaan Bebe said ..
Oh kunj replied …
Twinkle too looked on sad she had got attached to him like kunj they both went to their room ..
Twinkle marked on the calendar few days more left for their divorce she thought ..
Kunj too was hell scared he was making doing every possible attempt everything to know the truth he also went to hospital to enquire about the surgery but the doctor was out of town so he didn’t got any information …
Yuvi was on his mission too he got to know about Leela dying in some accident everyone were doing hell possible things they can do …
Next day ::
Twinkle and kunj woke up and went downstairs while shanaya was not letting armaan go near them she was getting jealous seeing his closeness with twinkle …kunj tried to bring him but shanaya said she will be with him in room itself …
Di give him to me once I’ll come after having a walk with him kunj said ..

Huh kunj you only told me to spend time with Arman now I am doing you are trying to separate me from him shanaya said ..
It’s nothing like that Di fine if you don’t want he said he looked at armaan helplessly who was trying to come towards him but shanaya was not leaving him dejected kunj left from there ..
Twinkle and kunj went to twiditi Aditi was ill since morning… yuvi noticed her and went towards her ..

You are fine na Aditi he aksed while she nodded in yes feeling drowsy and went in her cabin whole day she didn’t met anyone just continued working ..
They were done with work and decided to go back home Aditi too was going when she fainted suddenly yuvi twinkle and kunj was hell shocked they ran towards her yuvi lifted her ..they went to twiditi house and called doctor too …as the weather got worse …it started raining too …

She has full fever she needs proper rest doctor said and left giving them medicines …
I’ll stay with her twinkle said Aditi opened her eyes while twinkle looked at her ..
You tell me that I am careless you are also careless see you should have informed me na you are I’ll twinkle shouted in her angrily ..

I thought not to disturb you as you are already very much disturbed Aditi said ..
Shut up I am staying here you are more important for me than anything else twinkle said and was taking care of her ..
KUVI decided to stay with them too as they can’t go back to Sarna mansion in that heavy rains ..
I’ll stay with Aditi in her room you both stay in my room twinkle showed them while KUVI nodded ..

Yuvi was much worried he was checking from time to time ..twinkle sees him and smiled …
Don’t worry she is fine twinkle said ..
Can I stay here with her for few minutes yuvi said while twinkle nodded going to prepare soup for her ..

Kunj was Roaming in her room lights went off he went to search for mobile he picked it up while going back he got hit by table slightly falling in the wardrobe …
Ouch he said as some of the files which was kept on the wardrobe falls on his head he took it out…and opened his torch and read … hospital name …
He opened it and found
Patients name : Twinkle Sarna …
Next scene ::
Twinkle had given yuvi soup and he was feeding Aditi while twinkle went to check on kunj once if he needed anything or not she went to room and opened it …
Kunj gets alerted he pushed the files under the table and got up to found twinkle ..
Y..ou are here ?? Kunj asked while she looked at him ..

Yeah it was dark so I thought to check if you want anything or not ? I have prepared soup twinkle said while kunj smiled …
You go I’ll come soon he said while Twinklee left he sighed picking up the reports …if I have to know the truth I need to have this reports with me ..

Ufff I have to steal it as I won’t be able to check it here kunj said and picked it up ..
He went downstairs and joined twiraj lights also came back whole night they were taking care of Aditi …
In morning kunj left while twiraj stayed with Aditi …
Screen freezes

So how was the episode hope you all like it plzz comment guys ??? if you want next episode soon comment jaldi jaldi ..

Thanks to all who supported on last one love you all ?????

Precap : kunj knowing twinkle past 2 years

Bye allahafiz

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