Kaash….Maybe if….. Kaash… Chapter 9


Meanwhile in Delhi……

It was already 10 am and Dev’s phone was continuously ringing but he was sleeping with no care in the world, His last night’s hangover was not yet gone and he was very cranky to receive anyone’s call. When the ringing did not stop he just threw away his phone, which was luckily caught by Atif…..

Atif: Ho man….. Calm down it would have been your 22nd phone in 3 months which you would have sacrificed in your anger….

Dev:  Well Atif don’t you have any other work this morning other than keeping my phone breaking records…….

Atif:  Well I would really have not mind it, if you at least had time to keep it in silent mode…..

Dev: I am sorry man….. But who the hell is it calling from morning as if he is on death bed and I am the sole oxygen supplier….

Atif:  Well you think it’s from your medical equipment area…

Dev: Shut up Atif….. Keep your PJs to yourself… I am not in a mood. Just tell me who this desperate soul is who wish to talk to me and then meet Mr. Kaal.

Atif: You have weird sense of humor man.

Dev:  My humor went to hell… Just tell me who it is..

Atif: Well this is a private number… and you have a whooping 59 missed call….

Dev: Which rich bastard wants to talk to me this desperately…

Atif: Well here comes his 60th call better take it…..

Dev:  Ya hello… May I know who is calling…..

As soon as Dev heard the answer he was shocked was a understatement….. his hangover flew away in a snap and he was on high alert……

Arjun: Hello its Arjun Jha. Am I speaking with Dev Mehra?

Dev: Yes you are Mr. Jha . May I know why you called?

Arjun: Mr. Mehra I need your help…

Dev: What am I hearing it correctly…… Arjun Jha The Great needs the help of this low lying Devil Prince…. That’s the headline today…..

Arjun: Please Mr. Mehra can you help me….. Please…..

Dev: Well since you are requesting I will try not to disappoint you….. After all you are calling me from morning and you seems to be in great problem…

Arjun: Yes I am….. And only you can help me…..

Dev: Now that’s new…… Well tell me Mr. Jha tell me how I can be a help to you….

Arjun: Well Mr. Mehra I want you to represent me in a case.

Dev: Well Mr. Jha you called a wrong person than I left practice a long time ago…… and I only represent my own company that too in case of dire need only…… you just wasted your time Mr. Jha.

Arjun: I know all this facts Mr. Mehra, but I am in desperate need….. And I very well know that it’s only a person like you who can win this case…..

Dev: You can get the best lawyers Mr.Jha, then why me….. I am not interested.

Arjun: It’s not a simple case Mr. Mehra, I know I am wrong here and I have to fight against 4 mothers and to defeat a mother I need the devil himself on my side….. Please you can ask anything in return…. Please….

Dev: Well your case seems interesting….. what’s the case.

Arjun: The hit and run case of Abhimanu Narang.

Dev: What a hit and run case that too against you..? Unbelievable….

Arjun: Well although I have surrendered for case it’s my brother Deepak who driving the car and the kid is now in coma.

Dev: Ho that’s the case….. Sorry I was out of country didn’t knew about it….. But that does not explain why you need me to handle the case…..

Arjun: Well its very complicated and I need only you…. Please Mr. Mehra I will give you anything please take this case…. I am ready to offer you anything…..

Dev: Well in that case Mr. Jha….. Can you really give me an offer that I can’t refuse….

Arjun: What about the 100 acres land in Chennai which we have a case….. I will withdraw my claim…. You can have a freehold on it….

Dev: Hmmm….

Arjun: I am also ready to leave the Emerald hotel project of Thailand…. Which you can take over being the second highest bidder…. If you want more ask…..

Dev: Well… Well that’s impressive….. Who is the prosecution lawyer here who made you Dhanveer KARAN from Arjun, he must be really good at his work I would like to hire him after this….

Arjun: Well Mr. Mehra the prosecution lawyer is Miss Tamana Shah, she rarely lost a case and here she would be fighting for her son….. My brother has very less chance. And these projects are nothing in front of my brother….. and from what I have heard she is the best…..

Dev: Please send me the case details and I will let you know bye…..

Atif: What…. Are you really taking up this case?

Dev: I don’t know. Please tell me as soon as the details arrive…

Atif: but Dev….

Dev: Leave me alone for some time Atif….. Please I will explain you everything but not now please….

Atif left the room and Dev got thinging….



The name Tamana Shah struck Dev like a thunder bolt, he was blank for some time. Could it be his Tanu after these long years…. Or was it mere coincidence he could not decide. But if it was really his Tanu then he was going to her and clear her misunderstandings… She may never forgive him for what he did, but he can at least ask for forgiveness…. He can never live with the regret of never been able to even ask her forgiveness…. Did she move on….. Well it has been 5 years man… she even has a child, who is in coma… it could have been his child if not for his foolishness. But can he fight against her in her child’s case….. How she will look like now….

All this questions were killing him for which he desperately needed answers.


He soon received Arjun Jha’s mail and after reading it he decide to leave for Chennai in flight, he was a man with a aim now, and he needed Mr. Jha’s help to reach it, His Lawyer mode was on. Tanu be ready for your prince or rather Devil Prince….

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