Kaash….Maybe if….. Kaash… Chapter 14

Meghna arrived at the hospital by 10.30 am. She was dressed in a white summer long dress and her coat. She had her Gucci sunglass not for style, but to cover her red puffed eye. She looked more like a business tycoon than a doctor. She projected an image of a very strong women but she was really shattered. The prospect of meeting Kartik now seemed like a mammoth task as she was there.

But as soon as she reached the hospital, she was shocked as she was formally welcomed there with a flex and bouquet, and surrounded by lots of people. She was really confused. Since was in an urgency she just tried to locate her colleague Dr. Sunita Rao, at that movement Sunita came forward and hugged her

Sunita: Welcome to KMG hospital Shimla, I formally welcome the best gynecologist of our country and my colleague…..

Meghna: What’s all this Sunita I told you not to inform anyone (she was that with all this if Kartik runs away anywhere….. Damm this woman)

Sunita: Well sorry Dr. Narang but I could not leave this opportunity of meeting you and of welcoming you, you have achieved so much in such less period its impressive……

Meghna: Dr. Rao Please…………. I am here on a personal visit, and I need to meet Dr. Kartik Khanna as soon as possible, it’s a critical case. I am really running out of time. Please understand me……. I promise to pay your hospital a detailed visit later….. Now please if I could meet him…… (Trying to keep her voice as calm as possible)

Sunita: Fine Dr.Narang I will arrange the meeting as soon as possible…..

Soon Dr.Rao tried to arrange the meeting with Dr. Kartik through Dr.Isha Gupta and send her to VIP waiting room. After 5 minutes Isha arrived at the room

Isha: Good morning….

Meghna: Good morning….

Isha: Dr. Isha Gupta. (Forwarding the hand)

Meghna: Dr. Meghna Narang.

Isha ( she could literally feel authority, calmness, inpatients dripping from her and the strength of her hand shake) I am assistant of  Kartik……

Meghna: (Cutting her off and being pissed with her use of only first name of Kartik) But sorry, I wished to talk to Dr. Kartik Khanna not his assistant and I was clear about that weren’t you…. (A bit rude)

Isha: (felt really scared of her somehow) Mam but Kar…… (Gulping her fear)

Meghna:”I wished to talk to Dr. Kartik Khanna not his assistant which word in the sentence did you fail to understand, please enlighten (getting up and folding her hands)

Isha: Mam sir is busy at the movement and can’t meet you today and told me to look into the case and if important forward it to him. He is really busy at this time of the year and told if urgent he will recommend someone better and if needed monitor the case from here. (she said it in one go and then took a deep breath)

Meghna: Fine……( frustrated) tell him, he might be busy but I am free and I am ready to wait, as long as it takes. Tell him I am not leaving till I meet him he can finish his work, I am waiting.

Isha: (really scared now) O….. Ok mam I wi…. Will inform him.

Meghna: Good, than get your legs moving.

Isha’s POV

I just wished to run away from that room. The day could not get weirder. First rush for welcome of this mad lady, then strange behavior of Kartik getting weirder with each passing minute, than the live section with her, I literally felt the heat of being grilled……… Varun was right you have to meet her to believe her. I thought working with Kartik was hardest, but she is impossible. I really pity those who work under her……

But what’s really matter with Kartik he never behaves like this. It seems that he knows this mad woman and is really testing her limits….. But why???? Why does he not go and meet her, and be over with it. Why is he playing this game of cat and mouse? And what’s this heck with hiding full day in the cabin and throwing me in front of this Lioness…… You owe me a big time Kartik and I will not let you forget this. But what’s the matter between them, I will find it out first. That’s a promise……


Meghna’s POV

The people working at this hospital are really too much. No one seems to be capable of understanding a simple sentence. You tell them one thing they presume something else. God know how many people die here each day. And that heck of his assistant, what does she think of herself. She was calling him Kartik for god’s sake. As she was his girlfriend rather than his assistant, well wasn’t she bit too young for that? God why am I even caring about this matters?????

Calm down…..

Calm down…..

Calm down…..

You cannot afford to be angry now. Just think of Abhi and why you are here. Games by Kartik are expected, it’s your fault he is angry…… Its Abhi’s life at stakes here you cannot afford to make mistakes. You have to play this by his rules. Let him try any punishment it’s you hurt him…..so calm down…..



Kartik’s POV

It has been nearly 2 hour that Maya has been waiting down there. It has never been in her to wait. She has always been a go getter. Since she is quietly waiting there, the matter seems to be of grave importance. I really wonder who is this person for whom Maya is ready to bend so much….  But I can’t seem to prepare myself to face her, call me a coward but I need to get around this mystery that surrounds her name first. Her visit today to meet me has been a shock. I need to be prepared first. I can’t lose to her again.

I had send Dr. Isha to meet her earlier but she just refused to speak to her, or rather dismissed her like a queen dismisses a slave. I never found Isha this scared before, even ghost will think twice before scaring her. Isha is really puzzled by my behavior, but I can’t afford to tell her anything now before I have a complete picture myself. Sorry Isha till than you have to deal with her for me. I know it’s childish but sorry…


Finally it was 4 pm and Meghna was on the verge of losing her cool when she again saw his assistant coming to the room instead of Kartik.

Isha: Good evening Mam… (Scared)

Meghna: What’s so good about this evening?(Dryly)

Isha: Well Mam…… Sir asked why you have come and……

Meghna: Is he not free till now……

Isha:  Mam sir said……..

Meghna: You have some problem in your ears or you were born idiot?

Isha:  Whatttt????

Meghna: Here you go again (Frustrated)

Isha: Mam I am merely conveying you the message…. (Rising her voice)

Meghna: Fine that’s it. Where is Dr. Khanna’s cabin?

Isha: Mam you can’t just go there…..(Running behind her)

Meghna: Listen girl, you really need to have your ears checked. I recommend Dr. David John in AIMS  Delhi he is the best…..

Isha: But mam…….

Meghna left her shouting and asked a nurse for directions, which the nurse complied even without question. And as soon as she reached the cabin she entered without knocking…….

Meghna: Listen Dr. Kartik Khanna I need to talk to you. And it’s a dire emergency.

Kartik: Where are your manners Dr. Maya Narang, don’t you know you knock before you enter…..(calmly)

Meghna: To hell with your manners, I need to talk to you and talk to you now

Kartik: See I am busy right now… (Keeping a neutral face)

Meghna: I know you are I am listening to this speech from morning from various people…

Kartik: Shame! You still did not get the point.

Meghna: Listen I need your help very badly….. His condition is going from bad to worse with each passing minute…… Please save him…… I know it’s only you could do it…… Please……. (Crying)

Kartik: Who is it?

Meghna: My SON…..

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