Kaash….Maybe if….. Kaash… Chapter 13


In Shimla….

Meghna’s POV

It was 7 am when Meghna landed in Shimla airport. She directly went to hotel first and then freshened up and changed to her best suit. She had to be prepared in all fronts before she faced Dr. Kartik she could not afford to lose in front of him even for a minute. Before she left  to meet him she called back Josephine to know about Abhi and was sad to know there was no progress, Jo sounded really tensed and worried for her too but it also made her determined to face Kartik again.

She also called Tammana to know about the progress of the case and was shocked to know that the opposition lawyer was Dev Mehra. As far as she knew he had left practice years back and went completely into business. She received her second shock when got to know Jha’s and Mehra’s have collaborated for new projects in Chennai. She just wanted Tammana to pull out the case and handle it to any of her juniors, but Tammana refused saying she needed to face Dev in order to understand their game plan. This stubborn girl would never listen to her…..

Aparajeeta seems to be the only person in spite of all her problems holding up herself. She was on right track of her investigation and was nearly confirmed that the accident was done by her sister and Deepak Jha. She should have been a blo*dy deductive rather than wasting her time in that Advertisement agency. She only seems to be a person who would go with her plan of settling the case and go in Murli Anna style. It’s hard for her too with Arjun involved, but she seems to have hold of things rather than other two, where one is ready to cry to death and the other who is hell bend on getting herself killed.

Well I have not talked to Murli Anna, I know he will be angry, but I need to talk to him in person rather than on phone……. He is hard to understand. If he talks to other before me it will be a disaster……


At hospital in Shimla…..

When Dr. Isha Gupta entered in the hospital at morning there was an unusual buzz. Not only her friends, but also her senior doctors were running here and there with an unknown urgency. Just then she saw her friend Dr. Varun Agrawal running around with a bouquet of white roses and shouting, that was unusual Isha thought Varun rarely speaks even being a doctor and now this behavior. Then suddenly he collides with her and the bouquet feels down ruining it a bit.

Isha: Calm down Dr.Varun what’s the rush?

Varun: (still looking at flowers in shock) Ho no it’s destroyed now where will I get new one at this short notice. She will kill me…..

Isha: Calm down Dr.Varun, look this are not destroyed you can still give to her. And by the way who welcomes anyone with white rosses…

Varun: You really have no idea who is coming here right….

Isha: NOOO….

Varun: Well for your information it’s the Meghna Narang, one and only Meghna Narang.

Isha: Who…????

Varun: Well it’s a wonder being a doctor yourself you don’t know her. She is the most reputed gynecologist in India working in City Hospital Chennai. She is my idol, well idol of anyone who wishes to go in this field…… And you say you don’t know her?

Isha: Well I thought the person you idolized was someone called Dr. Durga…….

Varun: Ho…. That’s her nick name Durga the slayer and the life giver.

Isha: Well she is just a doctor like us however famous. You need not be so afraid of her.

Varun: Tell me these same lines once you meet her…

Isha: Why?

Varun: Well I lost my house surgency with her because I was looking at my watch continuously when she was late from her surgery…..

Isha: What you are the best and gold medalist for f**king sake man…….

Varun: But that’s Dr. Meghna Narang for you.

Isha: Well she seems to be too egoistic to me.( making a face)

Varun: You won’t be saying this if you were in the labor room with pain

Isha: Well you go ahead. But why is she coming here….?

Varun: I am not sure; it seems to be some personal reason…..

Well just than she get a emergency call and run to ward, and did not see the big flex of Dr. Narang being placed in her welcome.

As soon as Kartik entered the hospital he was struck seeing a welcome flex. The flex had the image of the person he wished to forget every day, and whose memories haunt him every night. But when he went closer he was in a shock…..

Kartiks’s POV

I was stopped in my path when I saw her in front of me. It took me few minutes to realize that I was looking at a flex rather than the person. Her eyes were live even in those pictures, but they somehow seem to lack the life which they once held. Well what’s more shocking was that the name the had written, had they got it wrongly printed. It should have been Maya instead of Meghna, she would kill the person for wrongly printing her name he was so gone. And also it said gynecologist instead of cardiac surgeon. Well of the other notable change was that it was Meghna Narang instead of Maya Rathode…… Then they might have been separated. No wonder she could never keep her promise to anyone…….  Well what shocked him most was that even after all this years she still had the power to stop his heart beats….. So much for moving on……


His train of thoughts was broken when Dr. Isha rushed into his room even without knocking, well she was his assistant but she need to learn

Kartik: What’s it Dr.Gupta?

Isha: Well sir patient in ICU again had anxiety attack; I have given xyz medicine now stable.

Kartik: So you rushed into my cabin without knocking for telling this? (Annoyed)

Isha:  No sir…

Kartik: Than

Isha: Well the whole hospital staff seems to be rushing to welcome this Dr. Meghna Naidu, so I thought if you knew about her…. And why is she coming…..

Kartik: Well I thing it’s Maya Narang

Isha:  Sorry you are right but Meghna Narang from Chennai

Kartik: Are you sure it’s Meghna??? (Confused)

Isha: Ya as Dr. Varun say “Well it’s a wonder being a doctor yourself you don’t know her. She is the most reputed gynecologist in India working in City Hospital Chennai. She is his idol, well idol of anyone who wishes to go in this field…… And you say you don’t know her?” well his words not mine….

Kartik: Hmmmm…..

Isha: Well she seems pretty rude to me but then I don’t know why is equated to Durga…

Kartik: Well why is she here?

Isha: Well I don’t know Dr, Varun said it was some personal reason….. No one knows much….. She seems to be a very secretive person….

Kartik: Well Dr.Isha I have an head ache can you handle the minor cases and call me only if its important… Please…

Isha was shocked would be a understatement. Kartik had never behaved like this before…. It was a first. He never cancels his rounds or appointment even when he is unwell and was forced to bed rest. And his talking her name wrongly insisting on it seem something wrong…. Dr. Meghna Narang was bringing with her an hurricane definitely…..

Kartik was really confused when Dr.Isha left. There was definitely something wrong somewhere. Or was it really not Maya coming, but it was only the surname and the face that matched. He could be wrong, this might be someone else. But he would never fail to recognize those eyes anywhere even in the crowd of millions….

Kartik: Come Meghna or Maya whoever you are let’s see who are you and what’s your mask…..

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