Kaash….Maybe if….. Kaash… Chapter 11


On Shimla flight….

Sitting in the flight Meghana was totally unaware of the happenings around her. She had contacted her old colleague Dr. Sunita Rao who works in same hospital as Kartik. She did not tell her the purpose of her visit, but requested her not to tell it anyone, and she took the request causally. But as the time passing Abhi’s chances of survival was getting lesser, she had to convince Kartik any how and she knew after what she did it was a nearly impossible task but she had no other option…..



I am going to meet Kartik after a long 6 years, things had changed a lot from our last meeting. It was Maya who had left him divested and now I don’t know will he hear Meghana’s pleas. I hope he has moved on….. Why won’t he… after all who would not love Kartik Khanna…. He is the best. There is no blo*dy who can hold a candle in front of him, he is the sun. No wonder he is the best neurosurgeon in the country.

Well even today he has everything and I wish him much more…. It’s good that he is not with a damaged person like me who would have only given him pain. I hope he has more than 2 kids….. Man he always loved kids, and kids loved him. And I hope he has a sweet beautiful wife too…. Who completes him every sense…. Which I could never have done…..(crying)

I hope I could convince you for Abhi. He is all I have. I know Abhi I am not your mother, and I promise you that there is nothing more than this fact that I regret…… If I could I would take all your pains in a blink of an eye….. How I wish I was lying in that bed instead of you….. I could give my life if could hear you calling mom just now. Please God punish me but keep my son safe…


In hospital

Tammana was really tensed about what Meghana said this was the sole reason why she had still not informed Murli Anna who has gone to Coimbatore on some business trip. Just as she was sitting in the hospital corridor she heard a name on news channel that caught her attention. When she carefully heard the news she was shocked to hear that industrialist Dev Mehra was in the city and another industrialist Arjun Jha had personally came to receive him at the airport. It was top news as both were known for their long standing enmity and many experts forecasting a mammoth change in the industry soon…..



Dev’s arrival was like a prick to her already painful wound…. She knew Dev’s arrival now indicated disaster. The man was synonymous with everything bad and ugly and who knew it better than her. And she knew this time this name tagged along with that of Arjun’s was a recipe for apocalypses. She needed to do something and fast…..

She could not let her sisters suffer; they already had their plate full. They all were fighting their own battles, each brave on their own front and it was now up to her to fight her own battle and keep the rest safe, and failure was not an option here…. And this time she was ready to go to any extent for that


Aparajeeta was sitting tensed and waiting for a call soon her phone rang

Aparajeeta: Hello… did you get any information.

Caller:  I am not sure mam but it seems that it was not Mr. Arjun Jha who was driving car at the time of accident….

Aparajeeta: Who was it then….

Caller:  The police record is really fabricated…

Aparajeeta: I know that… I also know that you are the only one who can see the fox behind the sheep’s skin whatever makeup they do….

Caller: Whao tho hai…..(that’s true) but mam it’s a very difficult task and risky too soo….

Aparajeeta: I know it, and you will recive your money soon more than your said amount just tell me the names( little angry)

Caller: Mam other than Arjun Jha it seems that it was his brother Deepak Jha who was in the city on the day of accident and also his finance a model, who left the town by evening even though Mr. Arjun Jha was caught by the police that afternoon….

Aparajeeta: Ok thanks and you will recive cash soon….

Caller: Ok mam call again if can be of some help…. And my wife’s case you will talk to Dr. Narang na….

Aparajeeta: Yes you don’t worry I will do that bye…

Caller:  ok bye mam….


Aparajeeta’s POV

Ok that means it was Deepak and Naira who did this and Arjun is merely doing the cover up….. But let me also see Arjun for how long can you save them under your wings….. Naira….. Deepak this time you both have gone too far…… Every time you hurt a girl and she suffered having no other option but this time you are facing a mother…. And I promise that I will destroy you both hurting my Abhi…. Be ready sisy and Deepak to face a different Aparajeeta one you can never win over…….. And sorry Arjun this time neither your money nor your love can protect them….. I will make them regret the day they were born…. And I am sorry I have to hurt you again Arjun….. I think that our relationship was only meant to have pain… I am sorry….


Josphine was sitting in front of ICCU and just praying that her son gets well soon and all this chaos in their life get sorted out soon.

Josphine’s POV

It seems that from the point of accident everything around her was going from bad to worse. It seemed that my beautiful life which I had built 6 years ago bit by bit was going to shatter in this storm of destiny… She and her sisters who had build their life from scratch were again facing their bitter past again they were in box one….. Her long journey from being an unwanted orphan to a women she was today seemed to be too long and too tiring. She wished to rest for a while now but how could she everyone around her were fighting their and somewhere for her. She had to be strong she cannot run and hide this time, she had to fight for her son….. For her family….. And for their happiness she was ready to pay any price…. The problems had to go through her before trenching them…..

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