Kaash….Maybe if….. Chapter 8


Meanwhile in Shimla……


It was nearly 10 o’clock at night when Kartik finished his last patient. He was so tired that he just wished to go home and sleep, at that time one of his patient Pooja came and gave him a cars which just had a quote “ PLEASE COME AND MEET ME AT STORE ROOM ON FLOOR NUMBER 13”.  He first thought that it was a prank, but then decided to go with it.

As soon as he reached the room he was shocked to see it decorated with red ribbons, roses, candles and red balloons, and in the middle was Dr. Isha with a bunch of red roses in a off shoulder knee length beautiful red dress. As soon as he entered the room she went on her knees and proposed him. he was really shocked as he had always taken her flirting in a joking way but he never thought she was serious, or else he would have brushed her off much earlier.  This scene in front of him brought back the painful memories of another proposal he had received 8 years back in nearly same way. He was shaken beyond measure. But he was soon brought back from his memories whe he again heard Isha’s voice

Isha: I love you sir Will you be my love

Kartik: Hu

Isha: Sir Tell na my legs are paining…

Kartik: What is all this hell Dr.Isha????

Isha: Sir I am proposing you I love you…

Kartik: Sorry but I don’t….

She was really sad by his reply, but composed herself and asked

Isha: Sir can I know the reason for your refusal…. At least…..

Kartik: Well are you mad Dr. Isha Do you even know our age difference….. I am nearly your uncle’s age……

Isha: Sir if age is the matter to you then let me clear it it never made a difference to me for me its just a figure…..

Kartik: Try to understand Dr. Isha…… This can never happen and would really appreciate it if you would please leave me alone and never go behind this madness of yours……

Saying this Kartik just ran away from there…..

Isha: Sir please will you at least tell me the real reason behind your refusal just for our friendship sake….. I at least deserve that…..

But by this time Kartik had left the place. He was really angry. He was angry on Isha for bringing back his long buried memories. He was angry on Maya for leaving him in the middle of life. He was angry on himself for still not been able to move on. He was angry on his eyes for still having a hope for her return. He was angry on heart for still loving her when he knows she would never return back. He was angry on……

Background music plays: Tuje bhula diya Phir kyun teri yaadon ne
Mujhe rula diya.


Kartik was really sad in morning and he went to hospital he saw that Isha had taken a leave which she had never done in last three years. He knew he has hurt her a lot and she really deserved an explanation being his friend. So after his main shift was over he went in search of her in the evening and found her in the hostel garden sitting all alone and crying…. He knew she does not deserve this tears just for loving him and decided to open up to her….

Kartik: Hi…Isha…

Isha: Hi..Sir( wiping her tears)

Kartik: Are you crying…

Isha: No sir….. just some dust went into my eyes that’s why….

Kartik: Don’t you think it’s too old a line to use again and again

Isha: No sir it’s just….

Kartik: Its fine I know and I am sorry for being the reason for your tears…

Isha: No sir it’s ok…. It’s not your fault that you don’t love me

Kartik: Ya but still…

Isha: It’s ok sir….

Kartik: But you were right that we are friends enough that I give you a honest reason for my refusal…

Isha: It’s ok sir if you don’t want to tell

Kartik: No its not….. I wish to tell you its not you… you are just perfect its me…

Isha: No sir its nothing like that…

Kartik: Isha I said no to you because I AM MARRIED ALREADY……

Isha: WHAT…..

Kartik: Yes I was married when I was in the last year of my house surgency….

Isha: But sir I never saw your wife and never heard anybody talking about her….

Kartik: It’s because we are no longer together….

Isha: That means are you divorced…..

Kartik: No…..

Isha: Then…..

Kartik: We no longer live together….. I don’t know where she is…….

Isha: What are you saying sir….

Kartik: Ya she just left me one day saying that she no longer loves me, she loved my best friend Ashok and is leaving with him for leading a new life……

Isha: But sir where are they now….

Kartik: I really don’t know Isha I don’t ….

Isha: But if she left you why are you still waiting for her…

Kartik: I don’t know why I am doing this….. but only know that I will never be able to love anyone again… I am too broken…. And love is not a train that we can change easily when we know it’s a wrong one….. It’s like a tattoo that even if know it’s wrong we can’t change it without pain or leaving back a scare……

Isha: I am sorry sir I brought back your bad memories…..

Kartik: No Isha memories are not good or bad, they are just memories….. it’s the situation in which we remember them makes them painful or joyful…..

Isha: But still I am sorry….. and lets forget it and be friends again…..( she puts her hands forward)

Kartik: If you say so ( they shake hands) and no hard feelings right…..

Isha: Right….. and thanks for sharing your past with me I am to know in spite of everything you still consider me as your friend… I will never forget that…..

Saying this both went away with a new smile on their new found friendship.

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