Kaash….Maybe if….. Chapter 6



In Chennai

After getting bail Arjun directly went to his hotel and started making arrangements, he knew the case will take some time and he needed a good reason to stay in Chennai other than this case to divert media. He soon needs to give the media bigger news and also he wanted the first hand news of that child Abhimanu Narang, whose condition was due to his brother.

After a lot of thought the only solution that came to his mind was to announce a huge project here in Chennai. He also knew that this project has to be so huge that it turns away the current focus of media from this accident. As he was thinking his phone rang. When he saw the caller he was really annoyed

Arjun: What do you want Naira???? (he shouts)

Niara: I just called to ask how you are….

Arjun: I was in the Police station from morning, how would I be? (Annoyed)

Niara: Why are you angry Arjun I just asked…..

Arjun: Please Naira keep your concern to yourself and have lots of work here….

Niara: It was not my or Deepak’s fault that idiot child just came running out of nowhere….

Arjun: Ho really…… It was that child’s fault that he was running…… For heaven’s sake he was just a 6 year old child dammit……..

Niara: Don’t be angry Arjun…. And why are you caring for that stupid child when should be thinking about your brother and me….

Arjun: Yes I am doing that only……. If not then you and Deepak would have been behind those bars not me…….

Niara: But Arjun……

Arjun: (before she could complete) Just shut up Naira don’t eat my head…… Your name is not there in any documents and now pleases shut up and bye….

Saying this Arjun just cut the call and held his head which was now paining. When he again heard the phone ringing he jut shouted….

Arjun: I told you not to call me dammit….

Aryan: Ho ho what happened bro….?

Arjun: Sorry bhai I thought it was someone else…

Aryan: Who has the guts to my brother this angry….. tell me….

Arjun: Leave it bhai I was just under so much stress.

Aryan: I can understand it…. But please don’t take so much stress this will affect your health..

Arjun: I know it bhai I will take care.

Aryan: Well what’s the need to take the blame on yourself, Deepak too needs to be made accountable for his act sometimes…… he is not a kid any more…

Arjun: Let it be bhai….. I know he didn’t do it intentionally he was just scared…..

Aryan: Till when will you protect him Arjun…..

Arjun: What’s done is bhai…… Forget it

Aryan: Ok I know there is no use of arguing with you….. than tell me what are you going to do next….

Arjun: Well bahi I am thinking about that only

Aryan: I know something is cooking in your brain or else you would not have asked Purab to join you. What are you up to bro……

Arjun: Stop spying on bhai….. and I just called him for some breakthrough in the case.

Aryan: I know you well bro….. if you don’t wish to tell me now then let it be…… but please do remember that you can call me anytime I am just a call away….

Arjun: I know…… and I will call you if something comes up ok…

Aryan: Well how is the child now?

Arjun: He is still critical and I scared for him…..

Aryan: I just hope he get well soon…. No child deserves to be hurt like this.

Arjun: Ya bhai you are right…. I just hope he gets well soon

Aryan: Ok then take care. Bye

Arjun: Bye

Aryan Jha


As soon as he cuts the call he call to hospital to know about the child’s condition, and when he gets the news that he not gained consciousness till now he was really worried and decides to take the ultimate step, without knowing that he is setting into action a wheel that is going to change his life again….


In hospital

Each hour for them was moving like a decade, even after many tries there was no improvement in Abhi’s condition. With each passing minute their hope was also sinking. Everyone at hospital were looking like a lifeless zombies. Josphine was so inconsolable that she had been given seductive to sleep.

Tammana was feeling so helpless, she never thought that she will face a condition like this. Though Abhi always call he Massi but for her he was her own child or her only child but she knew she had to be strong as all others are broken…….

Aparajeeta was totally numb she did not knew how to face this turmoil that the life has thrown to her, her Abhi was is ICCU unconscious and the person behind it was Arjun from whom she was running till now. She did not knew how to face it all together……

Meghna never felt this helpless in her life, not even when she had to leave her loved ones or push away  the person she loved the most or when she had to kill the sweet and bubbly Maya in her to become the ruthless Meghna. Not even the news that nearly  broke her 7 years ago make her felt this helpless. She felt that if something happens to Abhi she will lose even her will to fight, even for him….


Precap: Dev reaches Chennai……



Sorry for this boring filler but it will be necessary for further story…..

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