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Shot 5

“Kunj!! What are you doing in my room?”.. She asked coming back into the room while I closed my eyes cursing my faith

“Chal beta Kunj, ab kuch nahi kar sakta tu”.. I murmured nd then turns around while hiding the dairy on my back..

“Wo.. wo.. actually.. I wa…”

“Age badhoge?”.. she asked

“Kya age badhu? Bata dun ki maine iski dairy churai hai?”.. I thought in my mind, nervousness has attacked on my face completely.

“Kunj! I’m asking something”.. She asked bringing me back in reality..

“Kunj! did you gave that list to Twinkle?”.. Rayna asked coming into twinkle’s room, which I forgot to tell her about after seeing her dairy..

“No.. not yet, she was not in her room, just came a while ago”.. I replied relaxing myself. Finally, my luck supported me first time at least since I met her.. Twinkle asked about the list nd Rayna told her while taking the list from me nd giving it to her. Her dairy was not too small to hide it in my pocket so I kept it outside of the room on the table hiding from them. Nd now I was relieved. Rayna left the room nd I was also going but stop bcz of her nonstop questions..

“Kunj, couldn’t you say it clearly?.. wo main wo main kya laga rakh tha?”..

“Hadd hai ye ladki.. mujhse behas karna jaroori hai ise”.. I thought in my mind irritatingly..

“Bcz I thought you’ll get mad at me for entering in your room without your permission”.. don’t know how much lie I’ve to say bcz of my curiosity of reading her diary..

“Why would I get mad?.. you are mature enough to know your manners”.. what was that? did she taunt me or what?.. I thought giving her a disgusting look nd left her room with the hope that she would forget about her dairy for sometimes. Nd I think even my destiny want me to read her diary bcz as I left her phone rang nd she also come out of her room without checking out about something is missing from room. Well why should I care, I was happy nd came into my room nd sat on the bed to know about her nd our past too hoping that I won’t get disappointed. I have just open it nd was about to read it but..

“Kunj! what are you doing? Come with me I need your help”.. I was feeling like kill him. Duffer, was it necessary to come to me when I was going to know about the fact, I was waiting for?.. He was Sachin who destroyed such a good opportunity. I hide the dairy under the bed seat controlling my anger nd decide to read it in night nd open the door. (Itni bhi kya jaldi hai dairy padhne ki?.. wait karo achha fal milega 😜😜😝😝)

“What happened Sachin?”.. I asked opening the door

“Kunj! actually I want to buy a gift for Rayna but don’t know what to buy so I need your help. Please suggest me something”..

“Oye, she is your fiancée nd you only know her choice then what’s my need? go nd buy what she like”..

“I didn’t ask your lecture, you’ve to help me means help me”

“Main yahan na aya hota to kaise karta?”

“Tu aa gaya hai to main wo kyun sochun?.. ab chal jyada nakhre mat dikha”.. I knew he is not going to listen me so I didn’t argue back nd left with him. I came in lawn where Twinkle was looking for the decorations nd directing all the workers. She was really too stubborn nd doing everything without my help. So what? I’m also not less that her nd If she doesn’t need my help I’m also not interested. I left from there. It was almost evening time nd we came back after shopping in night about 8 pm bcz Sachin took me to meet his some special friends where we spend long time. Here decoration was almost done. Though I knew it but still I must say that she is very dedicated, hardworking nd a talented girl. She has done everything perfectly.

“I should appreciate her. No Kunj, if you’ll do it then for sure she’ll show you more attitude nd btw, it’s not a big deal I can also do it. Appreciation cancel”… I said to myself. I know I was sounding funny today even I don’t why I was behaving like this. Was it bcz of my happiness nd excitement of getting something related to our past, which will led me the truth or it was my overconfidence of getting something Twinkle’s personal is my victory? Whatever it was but yes, it was true today I was happy that at least a bit but I’ll get any clue.

I went to her but said nothing. Rayna’s family were discussing about the next day’s function, Haldi, Mehandi nd Sangeet. I also told them some my ideas without her permission but I know she didn’t mind it bcz her behavior showing it. She also like it nd made plans according to it. After sometimes, it was dinner time nd it was arranged in the garden for next 3 days. I also had my dinner nd so did Twinkle. After dinner I was excited that finally now I can read her dairy without any disturbance. Twinkle was with Rayna nd maybe she’ll spend some more time with her, girlish talks. I went in my room nd laid down on the bed. I was too tired. If I was feeling exhausted without doing much work then what will be Twinkle’s condition bcz she was continuously doing the preparation running here nd there. I thought nd laid for few minutes actually I slept for about half an hour nd woke up bcz of Sachin calling me coming into my room.

“Kunj, Itni jaldi kaun sota hai?”

“Pata nahi kaise aankh lag gayi. Thanks for waking me up”.. I thanks bcz if he’d not come in my room I would’ve missed the thing I was waiting since hours.

“Kuch kaam tha?”.. I asked while he denied nd ask me to join him on the terrace to celebrate his second last bachelor life. WTF, I thought at least this time no one will disturb me but.. huh.. I wish I could take back my thanks from him. I was sure he wasn’t going to listen my any excuse but still I tried my best to refuse to go with him but no use nd I left with him. There were two other guys they were his cousins nd all have arranged drinks nd all. I even tried to blackmail him by his nd Rayna’s parents bcz they don’t know about this neither they like it. but It doesn’t scared him nd unwillingly I’ve to join him. Usually, I rarely have drink bcz I can’t control myself nd lose my sense even in one drink. So I already warn them about my this problem nd ask them not to force me to drink more than one.


It was very hectic day for me nd finally everything was almost done nd rest will be complete tomorrow. On the other side Kunj, don’t know what happen to him that he was behaving wired sometime. I refused for his help but he also didn’t convince me, too rude he is. But why I’m expecting something like this from him? that’s good he didn’t support me otherwise it would’ve become too irritating bcz of his behavior. I was with Rayna nd looking her wedding costumes nd other accessories nd it took about one hour bcz our some random chatting. I found her looking in her mobile as she was waiting for someone’s call nd asked nd yes she was waiting for Sachin’s call.

“He must be busy”

“No Twinkle, he is not that busy person nd that too in night? no way. I’m sure he is doing something wrong”

“Rayna, he is not a kid”

“You are not understanding Twinkle, let me tell you clearly. Actually in the morning I heard his cousins talking about bachelor party nd you know what happen in it. I don’t have any problem but our parents have. Not with party but with drinks nd smoking nd all. Nd sometimes Sachin become winebibber nd I’ve to handle him nd hide his this habit from our families”

“So you mean he is celebrating his bachelor party?.. Are you sure?”.. as she was sure so I couldn’t help but believe her. We both walkout of room to know where he was so that family couldn’t know. We thought he must be in basement so we were going down, Rayna’s room was on Second floor. As we walked we heard some noise coming from terrace nd we didn’t take much time to understand that it was Suchin nd his cousins voice. so we climb on the stairs of terrace. Nd when we reached there I was shocked to see Kunj there nd fully in drunk condition.

“He know that he can’t handle himself in little amount also then why did he drunk?”.. I said to myself. Sachin nd his cousins were full talli while Kunj was less than them or can say he was in condition that he could stood nd walk but still he was also blabbering stupid with them bcz of the hangover.

“Kunj, teri koi girlfriend nahi hai kya? Kitna boring hai tu. Mujhe dekh mere piche to ladkiyon ki line lagi hoti hai”

“Shhh bhai dheere bolo Rayna bhabhi ne sun liya to apki kahir nahi”

“Sun liya to sunne de na main kya darta hun usse”.. Sachin nd his cousin, both were unaware that Rayna was there only. I looked at Rayna nd I must say seeing her face expression Sachin was gonna killed by her. I was trying to control my laughter nd also her anger.

“Kunj, bata na?”.

“Kya bataun?”..

“Teri girlfriend hai”

“Han hai na”.. I don’t know why but it hurts me deeply.

“Kahan hai? mujhse nahi milwayega?”..

“Nahi”.. they were talking in their half-conscious state. We both were there listening them.. Rayna didn’t saying anything bcz of anger but I was quiet bcz I wanted to know about his girlfriend, Maybe, even I was confused why.


“Kyun ki wo jahan hai tu na to use dekh sakta aur na mil sakta hai”.. his face expression was like he was happy while I was jealous yes I was jealous..

“Kahan hai wo?”…

“Mere dil me”.. he said it like a little baby nd he was looking so cute. “Wait Twinkle, you can’t distract yourself. You’ve moved on in your life nd you can’t look back in past to hurt yourself again”.. I said to myself nd ask Rayna to let’s go nd stop them for more drinks but she was too angry nd said now she won’t stop them nd she herself show their this beautiful condition to their parents nd this time she won’t save him. I make her understand, insist her a lot nd ask her to give him punishment when he will be in his sense but right now don’t make it a issue. Finally she agreed nd called her uncle who knew all this but he never complain about this to anyone. we went to them nd after a lot of their drama finally uncle took Sachin’s both cousin with him one by one, as there room was on ground floor nd he must get tired bcz of that so Rayna ask him leave Sachin nd Kunj, we both will handle them. So finally everyone left from there, Rayna too left with Sachin by giving him her support nd just me nd Kunj were left.

“Babaji, now I’ve to handle him. You know his one touch increase my heartbeat, my heart start racing when he is close to me then why are you doing this to me?”.. I looked at Kunj who was on the chair with closed eyes while his head was like hanging in the air.

“He is here to help me or just trouble me?.. Babaiji now help me?”.. I couldn’t getting courage to touch him but I’ve to do it. I went to near him nd called his name while he open his eyes looking me with his alcoholic eyes.

“You are Twinkle?.. No Kunj, she is not Twinkle, you are dreaming”..

“Kunj, let’s go from here”..

“Arrey, she is Twinkle only but not my dream”.. he said while rubbing his eyes

“Kunj stop your drama nd let’s go”..

“Why?.. main tumhare saath kyun chalun?.. tum to mujhe chhod ke chali gayi thi na?.. No, I’ll not come with you. You are not my Twinkle. My Twinkle was very good, No she was best. She used to Love me so much. Do you know how much? No you don’t know”.. he was saying this like a little boy innocently. His words were showing his pain. He was not arrogant Kunj but he was Kunj he used to be once, He was my Kunj.

“Wo mujhse itna pyar karti thi nahi itna karti thi nahi itna jayada, actually I can’t measure her love”.. he was saying stretching his both hands. I was feeling bad.

“But… She left me, she left me for someone else”.. I was quiet. I wasn’t able to see his condition. I was feeling like stop him but I can’t.

“Do you know why she left me? Am I not a good guy? I’m not good looking? I’m also rich, I’m also handsome then why she left me?”.. Today he was saying his heart out for the first time. I was feeling like just forget everything nd hug him but I can’t do. I was helpless.

“Kunj, let’s go please. We can talk later”.. I asked him controlling my emotions. I tried to make him stand but instead of getting up on his foot he pulled me on his lap..

“No, I want to talk right now. I wanna know why this happened with me Twinkle? Why my dreams were broken? I my heart was broken? why I always get heart? Don’t I deserve love? Why everyone leave me? Why everyone use me for their benefit? Am I never get hurt”.. His words were pinching my heart. His eyes were moist, red nd painful.

“Twinkle, that day you admitted that you left me for Uv but then why didn’t you married him? why your sister married him? Why are you two faced? what are you hiding from me? Why you never trust me?”

“Kunj, stop please”..

“Twinkle, why are you marrying with Yash when you don’t love him?.. Why are faking your love for him just to show me?.. what do you want to prove?.. Do you think that bcz of your this behavior I’ll believe that you moved on? What you want to listen I still care for you? I still can’t see you with someone else?”..

“Kunj!!”.. I get up of his lap nd turn to other side just to avoid him. I thought to left him in the this situation only bcz it was unbearable for me anymore but as I proceed he held my hand while getting up from the chair as he was drunk so it took him time but he didn’t loosen his grip on my hand. He turn me to face him nd my hand landed on his shoulder. staring directly in his eyes.

“Yes, I can’t see you with anyone. Not then nd not even now. I was feeling bad when you were dancing with Yash. Mujhe bahot gussa aa raha tha jab Yash tumhein yahan touch kar raha tha”.. he said while placing his one hand on my belly. I closed my eyes feeling his sensual touch after years nd I tighten my hold on his shoulder

“I was feeling bad when he touched you on your shoulder with his chin”.. he said while placing his other hand on my shoulder making me shiver with his touch

“I feel bad when he touch your arms, when he hold your hand in his”.. I was looking in his deep eyes while he slowly nd sensually slide down his hand from my shoulder to arms to hand. It was unbearable I was feeling like I was losing myself in his embrace. But I can’t let that happen, no I can’t..

“Kunj, leave me”..

“Twinkle, ye haq to mera tha na? only I’d this right to touch you? only I’d this right to dance with you like the way lovers do? then what happened that you snatched my right? Why you Replaced me?”

“Kun! I said leave me”..

“Twinkle, when I see you with yash it just increase my anger nd I feel like kill him nd shout at him, yell to this world that you are Mine but I can’t. I can’t bcz you were Never Mine. I tried a lot to forget you, I tried my best to throw out your memories from my heart, my mind, I did my best to hate you but.. I was failed. You left me but never went from my heart. You are still here. Now suggest me what should I do that I force you to leave my heart too?”.. He said pointing towards his heart side chest. All the time I was silent, I was not uttering a word. I wasn’t getting words to stop him.

“Kunj leave me nd let’s go from here”

“First answer me”..


“Why I still Love You? Why I’m still hoping you to comeback in my life when I know that’s not possible?.. Why I want you to be with me forever? Why I’m still in love with a betrayer? Why I’m getting attract towards you still?”… I was speechless, don’t know what to do, what to say. Life has play worst game with us nd it’s yet continuing its game..

“I don’t know, that’s your problem”

“How easily you ignore someone’s feeling Twinkle? How selfish you are?.. Tum aisi ab hui ho ya phir hamesha se thi bas main hi nahi dekh paya?”.. there was silence filled in environment for a while, we both said nothing nd just staring each other..

“Kunj, Sachin nd Rayna’s parents don’t know about this party bcz they don’t like this so please I’m requesting you don’t create any problem in their life bcz of your this behavior, please let’s go from here”..

“Wow, you think about others too? I’m impressed”.. his taunt was hurting me nd he don’t know this, he never knew this. He never care about what I must be feeling by his words. As always I was silent this time also. I was still in his embrace nd trying to free myself but he also said nothing nd left me. He started walking while stumbling nd I tried to hold him but he stop me by his another taunt but I also did same saying that he is not in the condition to walk properly nd it may disturb others. He didn’t argue back nd I held his hand in mine just for support so that he doesn’t get hurt while walking. Finally we reached to his nd my room.

“Thank you so much miss Twinkle for your help, I’ll always be thankful to you but now you shouldn’t trouble yourself more I can manage to go to my bed by myself. You may go now”.. we both were on the doorstep of his room, he said this very rudely nd I felt it bad but as he said this I left from there without wasting my time. I came back in my room while closing the door behind me nd went in the washroom nd turned on the shower. I was under the shower nd water drops continuously falling on me. My tears were not ready to stop in my eyes. His each word was echoing in my ears, his taunt, his harsh voice, his painful words everything was just repeating in my ears. I wanted it to stop but it was not.. I put my hand on my ears to avoid his words, he said to me but I was failed. I was not angry on him neither I was guilty for his condition bcz we both were right on our own place. What he said was his pain, his emotions which was killing him from inside since years nd it has to burst out from his heart one day nd today it happen but what about me? With whom I’ll share my pain? Who is there to listen what I’m going throw? No body, then why should I care for anyone’s feelings. What he is suffering today is the fruit of his own deeds nd I’m not responsible for it. Yes, I’m not responsible for his heartbreack so I should not felt bad for him. He never care of me, he never understand me then why I’m trying to understand him? I’ll not think about him anymore. I’m here to do my job nd nothing else. I tried my best to convince myself, I stop avoiding his words echoing in my ears bcz I’ve to face him. I’ve to make sure that my heart shouldn’t melt for him again. I sat down there only, under shower letting water drench me nd mix my tears in it until it stop coming out from my eyes.

I came back into the room in towel nd change into my night dress nd laydown on the bed, again thinking about him. His painful eyes, his face everything was just running in front of my eyes, no matter how much I was trying to ignore him but he was overcoming me. I thought to right my diary after taking rest for sometimes but don’t know when I dose off in sleep nd couldn’t even open my dairy.


I open my eyes nd found myself on bed laying carelessly. I was feeling headache nd a little body pain. I was trying to understand my condition nd then suddenly I winded my eyes in shock remembering last night’s incident. I was with Sachin nd drinking nd as much as I remember, I’ve not drunk much, just two drink but that was enough for me to lose my sense.

“How did I came in my room?”.. I asked to myself while recalling everything. Suddenly I heard someone’s foot step in my room nd I looked at doorstep while adjusting myself on bed properly.

“Some people can never change their habbit. When they know they can’t handle every situation then don’t know why try to become a hero”.. Twinkle was taunting me while coming towards me with a tray of a glass in her hand. I know what she wanted to say show I said nothing nd just bowed down my head in embarrassment.

“Here is lemon water, have it you’ll feel better” she said placing it on the table next to bed. I just looked at her nd thought why she is showing so much care for me. Then suddenly I recalled last night’s my conversation with her, it wasn’t clear yet I was able to understand it.

“Oh shit, what I did? How can I say all that to her, to a betrayer? How can I confess her my feelings to a person who never respect my feeling? What she must be thinking? I’m still waiting for her which is not true? how can you do this stupidity Kunj? why didn’t you control your emotions?”.. I thought myself turning around nd closing my eyes tightly cursing myself. I again looked at her nd who was searching something in drawer

“What she is searching in drawer? Oh no, did I told her about dairy also? Is she searching it there?”.. I was shocked nd trying to recall what else I said to her. I was nervous nd praying to God not destroy my last hope. I was just staring her with tensed expressions. I didn’t have even courage to ask her what she was doing

“Rayna told me that here is a painkiller in drawer, I’m searching for that only. Well I got it. You can have it if you feel it’s need”.. She herself said making me relax.

“What?.. Don’t give me this look. Don’t misunderstood me that I’m doing this bcz I care for you, ok?.. I’m doing this for Rayna. I don’t want to ruin her special day just bcz of your one mistake as Sachin is already getting punishment from Rayna, she is not talking to him nd their family will see your condition they may doubt on Sachin too”.. she clarified my doubts in detail. I also pretended ‘not too interested in whatever she say or do” nd took the lemon water glass avoiding her but didn’t forget to thank her.

“You may come to see the arrangements when you’ll feel better as it was your idea too” she said while going out of my room. I take a long breath to relax myself nd thanks to God for helping me nd not reminding her about her dairy.

“I’ll go to her after reading it only bcz who knows if any other problem come to disturb me”.. I take out her dairy from under the bed nd then went to lock the door. ((Aa hi padhna hai ya next part me?? 😜😜 Next me hi padh lena jyada long ho jayega😜😜))



So, how was it? I hope was worth to read. Thanks to all who commented nd liked on previous part 🙌🙌😊😊.

I was supposed to post it on my birthday, 15th October, only but as always I never do anything on right time 😐😐 Firstly, bcz of Navratri Festival, I was too busy nd secondly, it’s half part was deleted bcz of my mistake nd I’ve to write it again 😐😐 Sorry Sameera for delay 🙅🙅 you personally asked me to post it as my birthday treat but couldn’t 😣😣 sorry to all who were waiting for this 🙅🙅

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