Kaanchi – An Unconditional Love Story (Part-8)

Im sooooooooo sry guyzzz becoz of my semester exams my phone was not with me….now onwards I’ll try to submit my article regularly….plz forgive me yar….. come on lets read the story…..

The episode starts with Jaya and kusum talking about kaanchi’s marriage
Jaya: kusum we have to get them married quickly
Kusum:why jaya? what’s so hurry
Jaya:if they got married early then they can stay together and also can together expose malhothra’s fake face
Kusum:ok jaya u r saying right we shld make it fast
pragya’s and isha’s parents arrives
Jaya-kusum:welcome guyz….
PD(Pragya’s dad):we came to talk about children’s marriage
ID(Isha’s dad):Those three are childhood frnds….and why dont we do their marriages in ek mandap eth saath
Kusum:great idea u all talk to their inlaws and fix date…. we’ll be ready that day
Jaya:but guyzz if malhothra sees me on wedding then?
PD-ID-Kusum: We’ll plan something to make him busy with his family and veer is his son so he’d be preparing for his marriage…..
(Guyzz here Pragya’s dad and isha’s dad knows about malhothra and they agreed for isha’s marriage becoz veer is a good person…..veer also knows about kaanchi’s intention. but he helps them in their mission)

Jaya called saanchi and informed them about their decision
Saanchi:Guyz there is a good news
Saanchi tells them about their parents decision
All:Yay(exclaimed together)
kabir arrives
Kabir:what happened guyz why r u all so happy?
Isha-veer-abhi-pragya:hamari shaadi fix hogayi
kabir:congrats guyzz
Saanchi: meri bhi shaadi fix hogayi parso hum sab ka engagement hai
Kabir:whatt!!(kabir’s eyes widen due to shock)how can u marry anyone forgetting me
All of them started to laugh

Kabir:guyzz im serious
Saanchi:ohoo mere akdu…..do u want to know whom I’m going to marry…..his name is kabir mehra
Kabir: (hugged saanchi tightly) I’m soo happy yar……
All:we tooo they giggles
they parted away…..
Saanchi:so tommorrow all are in leave
Kabir: why
Abhi:shopping of marriage….
Veer: guessed it right
Isha-pragya:ya right……
Saanchi:now go to ur works….and tommorrow We’ll go for shopping…..agreed
They all leaved for their their works still each one is thinking about each other and their marriage….the day passed like that.

Precap:wedding shopping

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