Kaanchi TS by Annie: Falling in love again (part-2, last shot)

Hi People. I’m back. I know I promised to post earlier but I’m on a vacation. It’s spring break and when there is a vacation I know my parents will plan a trip. They love roaming around. I wanted to pick a place in Asia but spring break is just a week. So, we choose Hawaii, decided to stay in USA. But, I didn’t stop writing. I typed in the plane and the hotel. So, do forgive me if my writing is unpropitious. Landing gives me a headache. Also, I replied to all the comments yesterday.
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kaanchi TS (two shots) by Annie: “Falling in love again” Part 1

Anyways, this is the last shot so less talk and more reading.

Kabir planned a picturesque and amiable date but unfortunately a very important surgery came up that day. Kabir was a little crestfallen but does destiny have another serendipitous plan??? Maybe. “Dr.kabir someone else cannot make up the surgery for you. It’s a complicated case and we need the best neurosurgeon” Dr. Malhotra rebuffed kabir’s request with a second thought. Kabir just mouthed okay and went from there.

Due to the engrossing schedule Saanchi and Kabir didn’t get to interact much today. Currently, Isha is in kabir’s office getting his approval for the preliminary tests. “ It’s okay Kabir. I’m sure you will have another fortuity take her out on date” Isha noticed the overwrought shade on his face. “It’s not the date, I’m thinking about. It’s about Saanchi and I” Kabir gave a consequential posture. “ I thought you both were getting close. Saanchi seems to start liking you” Isha smiled at him. “What if that liking is as a friend? What if I get friend zoned?” Kabir asked. Isha looked at him with a deride expression and started laughing. “Are you being serious right now? Both of you are married. Can you get friend zoned? Besides, that’s impossible. No girl I know will ever put you in that place. More than half of the girls in this hospital has been in that place” Isha stated a true fact. “But your friend isn’t one of the other girls” Kabir still didn’t look convinced. “Relax Kabir. But did you inform her about the surgery?” Isha reminded him. “Shit. The surgery is in 15 minutes. I gotta tell her right now” Kabir dismissed Isha and hurried outside with an expeditious speed.

He saw Saanchi walking down towards the doctor’s locker room. “Saanchi” Kabir called from her behind. He went upto her. “Dr. Kabir we need you in the Operation theatre A47 in 5 minutes” a nurse called from the 3rd floor. “I’ll be there” Kabir replies. “ Do you need to be somewhere else now?” Saanchi questioned. “They put me on a sudden duty. I’m sorry but we have to put the date on hiatus” Kabir pouted. The nurse called Kabir again. “It’s okay. Concentrate on saving another life today” Saanchi kept her hand on her shoulder and wished him luck. “ I’ll see you tonight” Kabir came closer Saanchi and gave her a quick kiss and went to the surgery. The kiss was a little surprising to her but she figured out that it has probably something he always did before. The reflex was so casual and speedy. But for the first time she didn’t not deprecate.

It was 11 in the night when Kabir came home. Instead of finding all lights out he saw Saanchi finding her way through a mountain of movie CDs. “This is not going to work. Looks like I’ll just buy a new movie from Amazon” Saanchi got up to look for her laptop but saw Kabir with a bewildered expression. “Oh you are back” she heard the microwave ring, “Kabir can you please take the popcorn out of the oven” Saanchi pointed towards the kitchen. “What’s happening here?” Kabir watched his wife arranging the sofa. “I know due to the surgery we couldn’t go on a date. So, I thought why not have a date here? I made popcorn, ordered dinner and now I need your choice for a movie genre” Saanchi ebulliently shared her plan. “ I’ll just go and get changed” Kabir went upstairs.

He came down and saw Saanchi in a dilemma on what movie to chose. “ so romantic, thriller, mystery or horror?” Saanchi gave him the choices. “ I would say let’s go with horror. Let’s watch that movie known as Last shift. I heard that’s a good one” Kabir replied as he quaffed down a glass of water. Saanchi gulped at his choice, “Are you sure? It’s like 12 AM and a horror movie at this time” she chuckled nervously. “Are you petrified of ghosts and spirits?” Kabir said in a caricature tone. “Of course not. Last shift it is” Saanchi found the movie on Netflix and they started to watch it.

After sometime Saanchi could feel Kabir getting a little agitated. “What happened?” Saanchi got concerned. “Today before going to the surgery I kissed you. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. It’s just that.. it’s was a habit” Kabir sighed. “Forget it. It’s just a kiss. Concentrate on the movie” Saanchi tried to deflect the topic. “Says the girl who wouldn’t share a room with a ‘stranger’ who is married to her” Kabir wouldn’t budge from the topic. “Yeah, well situations changed. I feel differently about you now” Saanchi divulged. “Differently? How do you feel about me now?” Kabir came closer as his time shifted. He wanted Saanchi to confess. He wanted her to say that she loves him. “I don’t know” Saanchi moved her face towards the TV.

After the movie, Kabir and Saanchi finished having dinner. Saanchi saw Kabir in a little ungratified position. Both of them cleared up the dishes. “Kabir” Saanchi went closer to him. Kabir turned around to feel a pair of lips on his. He could feel Saanchi pouring all her emotions and apologies. “I wanted to tell how I feel about you. I love you. I started to fall in love.. no. I started to remember that I love you and that I have always loved you” Saanchi confesses. “So, I am not a stranger anymore” Kabir teases her. Saanchi lightly hits his shoulder.

Authors note- [I can’t believe I actually wrote such a cringed confession ?. I’m sorry I don’t have any romantic ideas. But let’s move on]

Both of them got changed into their night attires. Saanchi came out of the restroom and saw Kabir typing something. “You do know that we have to go to work tomorrow” Saanchi reminded him that it’s nearly morning. “Just finishing an order for the blood bank. The anemic patient is getting a blood transfusion tomorrow” Kabir got up from his chair.

Saanchi and closed the MacBook. Saanchi kept her hands on kabir’s neck, “if you don’t sleep now, you will be turned into a patient” Saanchi kissed kabir. Soon it lead to a make-out session. Both of them moved towards the bed. This could lead to more when Kabir stopped. “What happened?” Saanchi looked puzzled. “ I feel we should wait until your memory comes back” Kabir suggested. “What? Why did this thought suddenly come to your mind?” Saanchi looked at him. “It’s just that. You don’t remember lots of stuff and that includes our past events, marriage, memories and other incidents. I want you to become you again” Kabir explained. Saanchi smiled faintly and they drifted down to sleep.

Next morning….
“Looks like you and Kabir didn’t get much sleep last night” the trio smirked behind Saanchi. “We were watching a movie” Saanchi tried to escape from their clutches. “What did you guys watch, A Christmas Prince or a romantic movie?” Veer kept pestering her. “We watched the Last shifted. Okay, can I go now?” Saanchi got up but Pragya dragged her down again. “Who watches a horror movie with their spouse? How unromantic!!!” They commented. “Look guys I actually have work” Saanchi tried to duck down. “It’s luck break” they caught her excuse. “But, you still look lost. Anything to worry about?” Isha looked trepidatious. “ No. there is nothing like that. But I feel my amnesia is making us distant. I don’t even remember our wedding, the vows or our first date” Saanchi looked despondent. “Hey, isn’t your anniversary coming up within a few weeks? Plan something special” Isha suggested. “Yeah. But I still feel I lost a part of me. Do you know what I feel?” Saanchi asked. “No. I don’t feel your position but I understand your hassle. At least everything is going good. Kabir and you are handling everything properly. If I lost my memory, my fiancé would have become mentally unstable” Isha laughed. “Did you just call me immature?” Veer looked offended. “Yes, I did” Isha replied and they started a small argument. Saanchi and Pragya looked at them and sighed.

Well, a certain someone was listening to all their conversation. Kabir got into a thought on what to do for their marriage anniversary.

A week before their anniversary….
Saanchi came home from Pragya’s house after meeting Pragya’s boyfriend Satish. She got in and saw the living room decorated with white roses and candles.
She saw Kabir coming with a small velvet box in his hand. He kneeled down infront of her, “Saanchi, will you marry me? Again” he held up a ring infront of her. “Of course” Kabir slipped the ring on her hand near the previous one. Saanchi hugged him. “So, I have decided our bachelorette is on Wednesday, the rehearsal dinner is on Thursday and the wedding is on Friday, the day of our anniversary. How does that sound?” Kabir asked. “It’s perfect” Saanchi replied.

Two days before the wedding…
Saanchi and Kabir went to look for the venue. The same place where they got married for the first time. Suddenly Saanchi felt dizzy. She fell unconscious on kabir’s arms.

Kabir rushed her to the hospital. The doctor came out after checking Saanchi. “Looks like, your wife will regain consciousness soon. And probably she might have her memory back” he smiled at Kabir. After an hour Saanchi became awake. “You and Dr. Kabir…” Veer was going to tell Saanchi everything but he cut her off. “I remember everything now, idiot” Saanchi’s eyes looked for Kabir, who just came in. “Saanchi, are you okay?” Kabir looked apprehensive. “I’m okay Kabir. And sorry for causing so much of problem when I was sick” she smiled at him. “None of that right now” Kabir told her not to think all these. “Are you guys still getting married tomorrow?” Veer asked. “What do you want?” Kabir looked at Saanchi. “Yes, we are” Saanchi held kabir’s hand.

Time skip to the wedding… Isha and Pragya walked with Saanchi to the aisle. They were her bride’s maid.

“Do you, Saanchi Mishra take Kabir kapoor as your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?”

“I do” Saanchi replied.

Do you, Kabir kapoor take Saanchi Mishra as your lawfully wedded wife?To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?”

“I do” Kabir smiled.

“ you may now kiss the bride” The priest smiled at them.
Both of them kissed as everyone cheered.
“For the second time, I present you Mr. and Mrs. kapoor” the priest announced and everyone cheered again.

Life might cause a lot of dispute and may stimulate provocation and sadness. But at the end, true love emerges triumphant. Kabir and Saanchi also faced a situation that they might not have expected but it brought them closer and gave them another way of living life. With this we bid goodbye to another beautiful love story.

Done!!! I can’t believe I finished it. Firstly I apologize for the boring way of finishing up the story. Unfortunately this 15 year old’s mind is crammed up with DNA Sequencing and forensics. (I doing chem lab, forensics and game on for science Olympiad).Also I am already in vacation mood and I didn’t have good ideas. I also wanted to change the way in how Kaanchi got married. I got them married the same way for two ffs and I wanted to try something different. I’m sorry if you didn’t like it. But anyways, that concludes this TS. Pls drop a comment since I don’t know when I’ll post another story and I do want to talk to all of you. So, hope you all enjoyed reading and happy Wednesday.
Love y’all.

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