Kaanchi os….

Hlo guys …..this is trisha here…

It’s that riya suggested in the last few episodes that Isha too as a jealous Character will suit upon and ishveer also and I agree with her ….and for now sagarika requested for an OS…with love triangle realisation etc ……so here I am with my “new idea” ….involving the suggestions of riya and Sagarika so thanks to you people also …

And me too now have an idea so that I can go with my this OS….

Kabeers POV;

It’s so hectic today…it ha sheen one year I am waiting her to come back ….ofcourwe I would be excited after all we were engaged …she was offered one wear working as a dr in a reputed foreign hospital as a result of her hard work……now you all must be thinking thts it was simple we were working we fell for each other then got engaged but no !! Thts was not so simple …in fact it was not at all simple …it was complex form of a war …or we can say a fight between love and living with your dreams taking your love life beside you ….

Now he first ques on our mind may be why I have so much time to think abt all that happened before last one year ….it’s ok ….we are normal ….that’s a genuine question not so hilarious ….thts because i am watching for her at the airport arrival gate …

So I might not mind going in the flashback to look after some complex forms of love …

FLASHBACK ; (about before 2 years)

Saachi- good morning sir …

Kabeer – very good morning …!wow saachi today you are so early any spl work ?

Saachi- no ! Just wanted to talk to you abt some spl cases thts all …ok !!

They continued ….
@during break time :

Veer – hello miss golgappa …

Saachi- I guess Isha …from Manju days veer is not given any record room duty …

Veer – oh my god !!! So that khduus made you like him ,right !! Not fair definitely not fair !!

Kabeer – (from behind )-is anybody taking abt me ?

Saachi- yes dr kabeer veer was praising you !! ?

Veer – no kk sir I mean yes sir !! ?

Kabeer – whtever break time over continue towards your duties …
She turned to go and fell in Veer’s arms ….
Veer – are you serious …every time it’s you ….Isha ! I thought it might me saachi !!

Isha – my bad luck I thought it’s my hottie but it’s u stupid !!

Isha – ouch !’
Don’t you have manners why you let me fall !!

Veer – my hands my wish !!

Kabeer and saachi both noticed that time Isha calling kabeer a hottie and kabeer ; veer hoping for saachi !!

At night –
@girls room-

Pragya- abeo saachi mishra !! It’s been 2 years and we all know u love dr kabeer then go tell her !!

Just then Isha enters …
Isha – wow u know guys what happened dr kabeer dropped me omg I am in love …
Pragya was about to say something ;saachi stopped her !

Saachi -(in mind )-I think Isha is right she loves dr kabeer and me he always fought with me how can he live me so better let isha have him…!!

Next day –

Dr kabeers cabin

Isha -sir here these files saachi asked me to give you !

Kabeer – ok place here …why she didn’t came herself …

Isha – she was saying she has somewrk …

Kabeer – ok you may go now …

Saachi avoided him the whole day ….
After all it was next day….

He tried to talk to her … but she didn’t let that happen…

Authors note-this is an OS so I couldn’t describe in much detail I will do that in my ff ….

At last ….it was night time saachi was about to go home he dragged her to his cabin holding her hand….
Kabeer – whts your problem ! I am observing u r avoiding me from last two days …

Saachi- no it’s nothing like that …I just want to be distant from you

Kabeer – so r u telling me I forced you !!

Saachi- no never it’s just that I was busy !!

Kabeer – busy !! Don’t lie !
Ok fine calm down…”I love you and couldn’t stay away from you ”

Saachi- Isha loves you…

Kabeer (in shock)-so that was the whole matter right you thought you will decide what I want in my life and what not !!

Saachi- she is my frnd how can I do this !!

She recievs a message on her ph …and silently reads it -Pragya -abeo maharani get ready to call veer your jiju after all Isha is our sister ….

She shows him that and the atmosphere cooled down a bit …

Kabeer – we r going to marry tomoroww …I don’t want anyone to come btw us …! And thts final

Saachi- no we are not ….this will only happen after I fulfil my mothers wish and sorry this wont happen again ….

Kabeers POV:

I still remember I was too angry that day but understanding the temp of situation we understood ….anyways she reached India and coming towards me …!

We both hugged each other with a new start to our lives !

So guys this was in this I wrote this for wishes of my lovely friends ….and still I agree there was much more I could have added in this but as I said earlier this is an os so….left will be covered in ff ……keep commenting ….love you all …

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  1. Sandra19

    So nice yar…..but write one os with soo much romance (probably kaanchi) their love,marriage,children and when the children becomes big nd all…

    1. Trisha139

      Sure and thanku

  2. nyccc OS!!!!!!
    but ya plz make the epi (ur ff) more longedr

    1. Trisha139

      Yes sure and thankyou

  3. lots 0f luv trisha……
    kewep writting yar……………………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Awesome.Keep writing dear????
    I loved it.

  5. Moonlight25

    Hey, Trisha your the queen of the OS. I don’t know how you manage to write so many OS and there are so good. You are a great author. I am in love with your ff your ff as well. Keep up the good work.????❤

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou for the title moonlight …I am so happy you liked it ur ff is also fab

  6. Abhilasha

    So sweet…. Yr as usual u give us a chance to call u ms. Perfect at writing!!!
    Yr actually I have a request….whenever u get time Plz write an os of sanprasha married life…. Would love to see 3 of them in married avatar!!!

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou abhilasha….and ok I will try dear

  7. Nice and sweet

  8. Nice one….

  9. Lovely Os Trisha, ur just awesome.
    I want Os on kabeer nd saanchi’s cute fights nd how they realise their love for each other
    nd yes they know each other from childhood.Plzz could u write it.

    1. Trisha139

      Ok I will don’t that but within a couple of days as I have wrote enough for today …and I have my ss and ff too pending for tomoroww …hope u understand and thanks a lot

      1. Yes I’ll wait nd thanks.

  10. hey i m new here love u r os

    i just have request i know you love kanchi but i just want u to make an ff on sanveer will love it if u do so

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou seni I can’t promise you but yes I will try dear

  11. Trisha where r u u didn’t update u r ff and where r u anee???

    1. Trisha139

      Oh yr actually I broke my specs today so wasn’t able to use pc much will do that within next few hrs

  12. Awesome trisha

  13. Woow superb dear write a os on childhoo d friendship of kanchi and how they meet after so many years plus love triangle Sanchi kabir and Isha and their marriage

    1. Trisha139

      Ok Neera but it will take few days dear

      1. No problem at all I will be waiting

  14. AnahitaAnnie

    Woow.. Trisha that was purely awesome. U are our supergirl and the empress of OS. This one was really adorable.. Great!!!?

    1. Trisha139

      Thankyou so much annie

  15. Its super cute yaar and also I like that rose keep going…

  16. First of all…sooorryyyy for commenting so late Trisha, unable to comment as I was preoccupied with some work… next, thnx dear for paying heed to our suggestion now, I’m looking forward to the ff where we can get the exact happenings…. btw we love you a lot…..u r a fab writer ?

    1. Trisha139

      THAnkyou riya it’s absolutely fine dear

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