Kaanchi OS: The Spy Squad By Annie

Hi guys. Since Sundari requested for an OS.I am posting it. The ff chapter will have to wait a little bit.
Now, the story line isn’t something great.. But hope u enjoy it. Plus, I am not making Riya a vamp here? Lets just keep her as a normal intern for the story sake.

Let the story commence.

The interns are in the cafeteria for their lunch break. Its an usual thing for them to enjoy and gossip without limit and than kabir to shout them to make them go back to work. As usual today again the subject of discussion was Dr kabir.

Veer: I think we should spy on Dr.kabir.Look at him always getting so heartless and not falling for my puppy face.We should know if he is the same inside.

Pragya: i also heard he likes eating sweet although he acts like a bitter gourd. Strange right?

Riya: I agree.But we need to send someone whom he doesn’t suspect and considers to be mature

All of the interns eyes point toward saanchi and she chokes on her drink.

Saanchi: oh no guys. Definitely not me.I don’t want die.Last time I did I mistake and he did made me work at the record section for a month. Riya u should do this.

Riya: Don’t pin this on me saanchi. We all have decided it should be u. Currently, he is in his cabin.No intern is allowed at that time Its a great time to start ur work.

Saanchi growls as all the interns give her a thumbs up

Veer: Miss golpappa if u die remember we all loved u.

Saanchi: if I die I will take u all down with me.

Saanchi goes to Dr.Kabir’s cabin and peep’s through the window.

Saanchi: hmm, he is talking with someone.And looks like he is constantly saying something.Why can’t I hear it?

She sticks her ears to the wall and listens to him talking.

Kabir: okay, I remember.Fine I will do it. I love u too.

Saanchi drops the files hearing his last sentence. And Kabir hangs up the call. He comes out and sees saanchi outside his door.

Kabir: may I know, what are u doing here Dr. Saanchi? I hope u know this time I don’t want any visitors.

Saanchi: Actually sir, I needed a clarification on the neurology topic. Tomorrow is exam and I needed help.

Kabir: fine i will help.And look in the cafeteria is anyone else is interested attending the clarification class except u.

After an hour of discussion saanchi walks through the corridor and sees kabir talking to a patient. She stands near the door side and hears.

Kabir: no I assure u that everything will be absolutely fine.

Patient: could u pls call my family and tell them to come here? I feel really bored staying here around.

Kabir: I will call them. But till than if u want I could help u pass ur time.We could gossip if u like.

Saanchi can’t believe that the Dr.khadoos is actually caring about someone’s emotions. Saanchi brings out a notebook from her bag.And scribbles down points. Point 1- talks with someone and said “I love you”. Point 2- behaves soft with patients when no one is around. Saanchi feels proud that she could finish two points in a day. But, she couldn’t help but feel envious of the person Kabir said I love u. Somewhere in her mind she wanted to be the person.. She drives away all those unnecessary feeling and goes to her department to work.

After few days.

Saanchi’s spying has been getting many points.Like, Kabir going to ice cream parlours, him speaking with someone everyday at lunch, smiling with patients, staying 1 hour extra though his shift ended, his khadoos behaviour taking different range each time, sometimes he rebukes an intern with the slightest matter like spilling their drink, and sometimes he lets them slide with tons of mistake. Like that day veer pranked with the patient.Though the patient loved those pranks but they were against hospital rules. Kabir didn’t punish veer.. And yesterday was something that totally shook Saanchi.She was walking in the parking lot and saw kabir getting out of his car.As soon as he got out a rose dropped from his seat. Saanchi wanted to peep in the car but the window’s closed.
Among all these things did I forget to mention that along with the points that saanchi has been adding her thoughts too.. Her spying profile has nearly become her personal diary. From her jealousy to her realisation of love for Dr.Kabir have been noted in the diary. She shared her feelings as if the diary silently listened to her rantings. She has been falling for the khadoos for quite some time now. She realised it when she felt urge to go near him and unusual anger when he used sweet-talk with someone during lunch break.
Today was no different she was again peeping through his door for the umpteenth time. She wanted to get a close view of why he was engrossed with his laptop and smiling a bit.Not clear. Becuz he never smiles.Suddenly Kabir’s voice broke her silence.

Kabir: dr. Saanchi how long do u plan to stay there?

Saanchi gets surprised and timidly enters the office. Her shift ended few minutes ago.

Kabir: (keeps his pen and looks at her) so what excuse do u have now? U have paper work for me or do again need help for exam or u lost ur way?

Saanchi: actually today I wanted to ask can I change my shift?

Kabir: fine I will give u night shift. By the way what’s ur problem with ur current time?

Saanchi: Its okay. I don’t want to do night shift. I am sorry if I disturbed u sir.

She tries to leave but Kabir calls and she gets nervous.

Kabir: Dr.saanchi. How long do u want to continue ur peeping session? I am seriously getting pissed off at it right now.

Saanchi blankly looks at him and doesn’t find anything to answer.

Saanchi: sir u knew? All this time.

Kabir: from the very first day. Everyday and nearly every place I go when u have finished ur work.U really thought u would spy constantly on me and I wouldn’t even know.

Saanchi: I am sorry to intrude in ur privacy sir. I promise it won’t happen again.

Kabir: Along with nasty detective skills u are also pretty bad at hiding things.

Saanchi: hiding things?

Kabir: here. This diary. U left it at the class yesterday and I happened to pick it up and read.

Saanchi starts to sweat. As it had every feeling of her written and described vividly. She was afraid of what punishments she had to bear for spying and moreover what kabir would do after getting a picture about her feelings.

Kabir: Dr. Saanchi, u deserve serious punishments for writing, spying and most importantly thinking about me.

The whole intern crew watches Kabir and Saanchi as she gets caught.

Riya: oh no. She will take our name and Dr. Kabir will surely dig out grave.

Veer: Miss golgappa pls don’t trap us. Pls

Kabir: I will punish ur intern group later. But since u were their captain I will deal with u first.

Pragya: Abey, he already knows were also shareholders.Dead. Tomorrow our corpses will line up.

Saanchi: its all my fault.. They did nothing. I deserve all the punishments.

Kabir: u are also a pretty bad liar. Anyways, come with me.Let me reveal my last secret too before I punish u.

They get out and quickly all the interns scatter around different places and pretend to work.Kabir leads saanchi towards an unknown section of the hospital. He takes her to a room and its all dark.

Saanchi: umm, Dr.Kabir. Are u locking me up here in this dark room?

The interns peep from outside. But everything is dark. Suddenly the light comes back and they see the chamber beautifully decorated With balloons and roses.

Saanchi: Dr.kabir????

Kabir: I am here. I wanted to show u my last secret. I was spending some of my free time arranging this place for the person I love. What do u think? Will she like it?

Saanchi tried a lot to control her tears.. But still tear droplets fell and reached her cheeks. She slowly mumbled a “yes”.

Saanchi: she will like it. I hope u will tell her soon sir.(turns to leave)

Kabir: Did I ask u to leave?

Saanchi turns and stands. All of the interns watch as an intense moment is going on.Kabir kneels down and takes out a silver ring from the velvet box..

Kabir: Dr. Saanchi, U are the first one I have seen having such dedication to ur work. I have seen ur fierceness when u fight for justice and I have seen ur innocence when u talk with patients.I have seen u working beside me perfect. U intrigued me for a while, until I realised I love u. Dr. Saanchi will u give be the honour of being ur better half?

Saanchi stands there shocked unable to move. The interns hang their mouth in surprise.

Saanchi: Yes. Of course.(cries)

Kabir gets up and slides the ring into saanchi’s finger. They both hug. Soon, they break apart and looks deep into the eyes. They lean towards each other.

Isha: I think this is our cue to leave. I think u have seen enough. Let them have some privacy.

All of them leave as Kabir and Saanchi share a passionate kiss. They break away.

Saanchi: Dr. Kabir I still had a question.The first day I heard u saying I love u. Who was that?

Kabir: oh. That was just my mom.. She was just helping me out to propose u.

Saanchi laughs. And looks outside for others.

Saanchi: they are all gone.How dare they leave me alone?

Kabir: oh, and Dr. Saanchi u still have to take ur punishments for spying on ur superior. And tell ur friends that u and all of them have duty at the record room for two months.

Saanchi: u still remain the same khadoos doctor not letting anyone slide.

Kabir: mind changed now all of u have 3 months.

Saanchi: crap!!!

5 years later.

All the interns have grown to be full fledged doctors. And Saanchi and Dr. Kabir got married 3 years back. When she finished her internship.
Currently all the doctors are in their lodge.When saanchi comes carrying a report.

Isha: So, saanchi what does the report say?

Saanchi: its positive.(looks happily at her friends who groans) aren’t u guys happy?

Veer: we are just scared what if the baby turns out to be khadoos like its father?

Kabir:( comes from behind) what are guys talking about?

Pragya: sir, we were just talking about saanchi’s pregnancy.(bites her tongue)

Kabir looks at Saanchi anticipating an answer. And Saanchi nods. He pulls her in for a quick hug.

Veer:(shuts his eyes) sir, we are all still here though.

Kabir: we all might have grown into doctors now but I am still ur superior. So stop acting of u don’t want records room duty.

Riya: shsh, veer.. Don’t talk.I still remember the three months record duty.

Kabir: thanks for giving me this gift saanchi I love u.

Saanchi: I love u too.

The story ends on a happy note as many “awws” and “so cute” comments were heard.

Hope u all liked it….

The ff chapter will be available by night.. I just got a vaccine and my hand hurts a little bit.. So after taking a little bit of rest I will start with the next one..

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  1. Misbah4

    Awesome….. U r good in writing OS too??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot for the compliment Misbah.. U are really sweet ?

  2. Oh my goodness!! It was such a sweet mindblowing cute os.. Damn.. I cant just stop smiling.. Was literally jumping after he took her to room with balloons and all.. Those scenes❤❤❤thank god! Tired of seeing ria as negative character everywhere.. so damn good storyline and writing. Poor sanchi bad at peeping and hiding too?was just thinking how kabir would have felt wen he read that diary?ki sanchi also luuuuurves him!! ?Wow..!!

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shivanya.. Now I am literally jumping by reading ur comments.. U are very sweet.. I was also tired of seeing Riya as negative everywhere.. I am really glad that u liked it..??

  3. Trisha139

    Perfect fabulous awesome dear
    Spell bound
    I just can’t say it’s just perfect …..
    Lots of love for this os

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Trisha.. I am soo happy u liked it.. Ur OS was really good too.. I just read it and the baby part was my fav.. And the story was in Kabir’s pov.. Thats was even cuter..

  4. fantast, mind blowing, suprrrrbbbbbb. ……………………
    it’s really really really vry nice.
    I liked it most and I just wanted this for kanciiiii.
    I hope it will happen in real serial also. thanx.. For this OS.
    but when will u post Your previous episode plz post today I am waiting.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks for all the praises ruhi.. I am soo happy u liked them.. And I hope they show kabir and saanchi in tv too.. I have submitted next part for the ff.. Hope it is posted soon..

  5. Annie, first take rest and get well soon….as usual ur writing was very cute….I loved it:-)

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for being this considerate.. I am fine I just have to deal with this vaccines until I am 18.. USA government rules.. Since I am 14 now, I have to deal with the vaccination for 4 long years.. But I have already submitted the next episode.. The episode isn’t as good as always.. But I tried my best.. Thanks again.. U are very sweet..??

      1. Thank u Annie….u r being modest…..I like all ur ffs….I am surprised that u r just 14(what I mean is your writing is mature and romantic)…one more thing u r a romantic person:-)

  6. Mishty

    Awwww and Cute! 😉

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Mishty.. Glad u liked it..?

  7. _areesha

    Such an adorable os.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Areesha.. I am soo happy u liked it.. I was a little nervous regarding the story line..

  8. Just perfect.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Maya..

  9. Fantastic really loved it kanchi’s pair is just awesome

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much.. Glad u liked the ff and Kabir and saanchi’s pair..

  10. Unbeliveable i mean perfect lov story with happy ending n realy bore ho gaye the riya har ff/show me negative dekh k os mein uske idea ki wajah dono close aaye luv u thank u so much 4 beautiful kanchi OS

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Miara.. Ur kind words mean a lot to me.. I was also tired of seeing Riya as a witch everywhere.. So i just shifted things a little bit.. And I am overwhelmed u liked it..and u are always welcome

  11. Luvd it..❤

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aarushi..

  12. Episode is superb and story ie very very nice . please post the next early soon . like so much story and Sanchi and kabeer jodi

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Heer.. This one is a OS so it doesn’t have any extended parts.. But I will try to write another OS soon.. Glad u liked it..

  13. The scene in which kabir came to know of saanchi’s pregnancy it was really very sweet… thanks for the beautiful writeup… n yes get well soon

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Glad u liked it Nkh.. I was overwhelmed by all the love all of u are giving me.. Thank u.. Its a huge honour.. Thanks for all the wishes and the concern but I am not sick though.. Just got a vaccine..thanks for ur support again..

  14. Episode is superb and story ie very very nice . please post the next early soon . like so much story and Sanchi and kabeer jodi is very nice. You are a good written

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Heer.. But I am afraid as a OS it has no extended parts..

  15. The last part was amazing and touching uhhhhhh…. I just imagined while reading BT also I want to see it …anyways great thoughts tc ….

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot prema for all the support and compliments.. I am soo happy u liked it.. I also wish to see such scenes in the show..

  16. Shaani

    Hiii… After a long time… I got time to read one of ur stories… This is obviously very beautiful os I really enjoyed it… Keep writing well done

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Shaani.. After seeing ur name.. I stared at the screen for minutes.. Until tear droplets fell from my eyes.. I missed ur terribly and soo much.. U were my first best friend in TU and my inspiration for all the ff.. Thanks a lot for the praise.. Getting compliments from an exceptional writer like u means a lot.. Thank u for commenting today. U made my day…?? love u soo much..

      1. Shaani

        Aww… Soo sweet of you dr… Love u too..

  17. Fenil

    Annie Annie.
    Just marvellous OS.
    Osam yrr.
    Loved it to the core.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Bhaiya.. I am honoured that u liked it.. I wanted to say u are really supportive person.. I have seen u commenting on everyone’s ff and supporting them.. U are really very sweet.. I am soo happy for ur kind words.. I am glad u enjoyed it.. Thanks for maintaining ur constant support in all my writings.. It has been a huge empowerment..

  18. OMG dude u r awesome yaar,no words to express…your story is literally making me to dance with happiness…wonderfull mind blowing is a small word to express how i feel…plzzzz dude write more os,2s,3s dude….????????????

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Ur comment is also making me dance preetha.. Its a privilege for me that I could make u all happy with my writing.. I will try to come up with more OS’s.. Thanks a lot for ur constant support.. It really means a lot..?

  19. Swetatitli

    Amazing, wonderful and mind blowing story. ???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks u soo much.. Really happy u liked it swetatitli..

  20. WardhaRosYY

    Kabeer is so intelligent! Woah!!!

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Wardha.. Yep kabir is intelligent.. After all he is THE Doctor kabir..

  21. Wow sooooooo cute

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot..?

  22. Very sweet of can’t stop smiling

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Neera.. Glad that u liked it..

  23. Sry it’s OS not of by mistake it’s written

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yep its an OS..

  24. You are 14 and yr writing skills are awesome yrrr .
    Lovely os .
    waiting for next one .

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Alia.. I am really happy u liked it.. U words mean a lot.. I will try to come back with an OS soon..

  25. Awww…. It was really so cute… You are best… And do rest… And I loved Os a lot ???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      I am rejoicing that u liked it Richa.. I will try to post more.. Thanks a lot for all the support.. Glad that u liked it..

  26. i am really sorry pa…for commenting so late yaar…really i want to give big big teddy hug to you. becoz u write os for my one humble request thank you so so so so much yaar…
    its really amazing,wonderful marvellous creation, perfect master piece yaar, awesome,killed it,nailed it…you rock it…..sorry its difficult to find a word to appreciate you…
    becos its double triple awesome….
    and coming back to os it super ba…
    i really become one of your fan…srrry i will keep on blabbering like this only…any way its awesome..
    i am waiting for next ff eagerly..
    bye…waiting for next one

    keep on rocking it

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Even I wish to give a big hug.. And u are always welcome.. All of u maintain ur constant support and comment for my empowerment.. I had to do something for all of u.. And I never want any of my reader’s requests go unfulfilled.. Feel free to ask for anything with right and I will try my best to do it..

      I am very happy u liked it small gift.. I really wanted to see u all happy. And ur comments are making me jump out of happiness.. And no apologies.. Ur comments meant a lot.. Thank u for sharing ur views.. I posted the ff chapter.. Hope u like it too.. Thanks for all the wishes.. Love u..?

      1. dude its not a small gift..its big big big gift for me…and once again thanks for the os..i also kanchi to be paired..take rest and take care of ur health .,,,because health is first and this ff is next..so take care your health

  27. dude i have one small doubt whether kanchi is paired on not…because some people are saying sanveer will happen…
    if its happen i will definitely quit watching this serial
    after manmarziyan i like this serial more because kanchi
    so i want kanchi to be paired
    what about your opinion guys

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Even I am going to quit if its sanveer.. I want kaanchi so badly.. Hope the writers can see our requests and pair em up.. My vote is definitely for kaanchi..

  28. It is fantastic. I like it so much.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Glad u liked it sandhya.. Thank u soo much..

  29. oh just love it seriously

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much shreya.. Ur comments mean a lot..

  30. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow totally different OS loved it a lot loved the fact Riya is a positive character here ???, awww it was all Kabir’s plan ??? loved the love confession ? But seriously yaar 3 months record room punishment ??? loved the ending too ??? Kabir’s reaction when he got to know Saanchi is pregnant ??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot.. I am overjoyed that u liked it.. Yeah, i sort of tired seeing Riya as the villain everywhere.. Glad u liked the confession.. And yeah 3 months.. After all no one can change our doctor kabir.. Thank u soo much for telling me about ur reviews.. Means a lot.. Thanks a lot for ur sweet words..

  31. Hy dear
    I think u don’t remember me ??
    Anyways ur os is awesome ????
    It’s so cute
    I just loved it
    Keep posting
    Love u ????

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Sorry for being able to reply to ur comments pallavi.. I am so sorry.. I didn’t get the time to reply to anyone’s comment.. But ofcourse I remember u.. Thanks for commenting here and in kriyam ff.. U are really sweet.. Thank u soo much.. Hope u are not angry at me..

      1. Ya I m not angry
        How can I be angry with u?????

  32. VINAL

    Amazing what a story line loved in

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Vinal.. I am really happy u liked it.

  33. annie….u r too good………….amazing storyline………..and the best part is the os doesn’t have any antagonist character in it…………superb………..kash showmakers isse kuch idea le aur show mein dikhaye……………it will be damn interesting…………u r osm dear……………

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Riya. Ur words are really very sweet.. Even I wish to see kaanchi in serials.. And I am overjoyed u liked it.. Thanks for ur magnanimous comment

  34. Abhilasha

    Oh my god… First of all a big big thank u for this marvelous.. Outstanding.. Os just fall deeply in love with it…. I wish that serial also had taken some ideas like this… Anyways great job……. And ending is wowww…….. All the best for ur future projects dear!!……. Kanchi??????

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks u soo much Abhilasha for ur magnanimous comment.. Ur sweet words made my day.. A very big thank u.. I am really happy u liked it. And i am really grateful for all the wishes..??

  35. Otakustuff

    Just wow! M speechless! Its great???loved it

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot.. Glad u liked it..??

  36. Erika

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee os dear loved the scene in which veer said the we r fearing that what if the baby turns out khadoos like his father amazing os do write more…..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Erika.. I am soo happy u liked it.. That was one of my fav dialogues too.. I think I will post another OS tomorrow.. Love ur dp..?

      1. Erika


  37. Awww… That’s so sweet!

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot.. Glad that u liked it..

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