Kaanchi OS: Honeymoon time jealousy By Annie

Hi guys.. I know I was supposed to update about the other plot but since shreya requested I couldn’t let her request go unattended. Very soon I will update the other one.. Now, Shreya is shot is dedicated to you.. Hope u all enjoy it…

Kabir and Saanchi the couple of the hospital. How they got together? Simple, both are workaholics. Kabir the immensely dedicated senior doctor and Saanchi the head intern who turned a full fledged doctor a year ago. The couple are also the top doctors of the hospital. Their relationship isn’t something new. They are together for  some years now. First 3 and half years of dating and nearly 3 weeks back they got married. Saanchi finds time for Kabir after shifts but our Kabir is a little-bit too dedicated…
When Saanchi insisted to go on a honeymoon he finally took a leave. Maybe thats his first leave ever excluding the marriage. They decided to go to Shimla. So, here they are on the airport..

Saanchi: Kabir.. Thank u soo much for paying heed to my request.. I love infinity..(pecks on his cheeks)

Kabir: I still love u more.

But, as the workaholic he started to study cases during their time. Saanchi got irritated..

Saanchi: why are u reading case files during our honeymoon? U are so unromantic.

Kabir:(still looking at the files) sorry, but I thought to make my work advanced so that it doesn’t pile up.

Saanchi pouts and thinks.. She has to do something. Seeing Saanchi so upset Kabir finally left those dreaded sheets and took her outside for sight-seeing. Both of them are at viceregal lodge.. Suddenly.. Someone taps her shoulders from behind

Siddhant: Is that saanchi Mishra?

Saanchi: wait.. Siddhant.. Oh my god what are u doing here?

Siddhant: I work in Shimla now. I can’t believe I am seeing after so many years.

Both Saanchi and Siddhant talk for sometime as Kabir coughs to draw some attention..

Saanchi: oh, I forgot to introduce u with my husband. Dr. Kabir Sinha.

Kabir:(in mind: finally, she remembered I was here) Hi, I am Dr.kabir. nice to meet you.

Saanchi: kabir, I am going to grab a coffee with Siddhant we haven’t talked in years. U wanna come or do u want to study files again..

Kabir: Sweetheart.. Where u go, I go. So, i am coming with u..(jealous)

Saanchi:(in mind: Woow, sweetheart. When the last time did he call me that? Looks like my closeness with Siddhant has triggered him) ok, than lets go.

Saanchi smirks at Siddant and he smiles back.. Both of them share a “the- plan-is-working” look.


Saanchi finishes her shift and goes inside Kabir’s cabin. She goes behind his chair and wraps her arms around her neck..

Saanchi: sweety, how’s work going?

Kabir: Its going good. Now, pls don’t distract.

Saanchi: Its been just 2 weeks we got married and u have no time for me. Its not fair.

Kabir: I have to do work. So I don’t have time.

Saanchi: u work at night, at morning, at noon, at evening.. U work the whole day.

Kabir: Its an really important topic I am researching on so pls can I talk to u later.

Saanchi: khadoos.

Saanchi gets sad and sits sadly in the cafe. The trio praveersha notices saanchi sitting sadly..

Veer: Miss golpappa what happened?

Saanchi narrates the story to the trio..

Veer: I have an excellent idea. Dr. Kabir will give u his time than.

Saanchi: Veer please. Ur ideas mostly backfires.

Veer: first listen to it and then judge. I have a friend named Siddhant at shimla. U and khadoos go there and get him jealous. I am sure the plan will work.

Saanchi: hmm, Count me in.. But don’t call Kabir khadoos again. I don’t like it.

Veer: God, wives can be so defensive. Two seconds ago u called him khadoos.

Saanchi: only I can call him that..

Flashback ends####

Siddhant, Saanchi and Kabir sit at the coffee shop. Siddhant sits near Saanchi.. Seeing the scene Kabir takes his chair closer to her…

Siddhant: u know what Kabir.. U are a lucky man as u got Saanchi as ur wife. I wish I could get the chance but u already took it.

At this dialogue with Saanchi and Kabir choke on their coffee..

Kabir:(gives saanchi a side hug) But she is all mine now.. U lost ur chance.

Saanchi chuckles slightly seeing kabir burning with envy. Siddhant smirks too. After a nice chat our honeymoon couple decide to return back to hotel.

Saanchi: it was nice seeing u again Sid. We will hang out tomorrow again. Bye..(hugs him)

The hug triggers kabir even more. They go back to the hotel and kabir closes the door. Saanchi intentionally starts praising siddhant.

Kabir: Saanchi when was the last time u hugged me?

Saanchi: hmm, I think 2 or 3 days ago.

Kabir: and u hugged ur best friend siddhant 2-3 times in 2 hours.. See the difference?

Saanchi: aww, my honeybee wants a hug.. Fine.. I will give a big one.

Saanchi hugs kabir and smiles mischievously from behind. Kabir also reciprocates by hugging her tight. After some romance and a cute make-out session Kabir goes inside for a shower. Saanchi calls veer.

Saanchi: ur plan worked.. But I think ur dialogues were a bit over the top.. Seriously, lucky about marrying me.. U should have seen the look on Kabir’s face..

Veer: huh, I knew it.. And u said my plans suck.. Now when u come back I want u to give me treat..

Kabir calls saanchi from behind and she hangs up.

Kabir: who called Saanchi? Ur mom?

Saanchi: no, Siddhant..(pretends to be happy)

Kabir: lets skip him. Its our honeymoon right. So lets watch a romantic movie together.. Okay?

Saanchi: done.

Kabir starts the film and crawls to the bed beside her. Saanchi keeps her head over the chest as he kisses her forehead. Both watch the film together.

Day:1- success.

Saanchi is still sleeping. Kabir wakes up and sees an envelope under their door. He wakes up and opens the door to find a rose bouquet outside. He checks for name and sees siddhant. He wanted to crumble the roses but since they were a gift for saanchi he is just kept it at her side on the nightstand. Saanchi opens one and sees kabir. Anger is visible. Clenching his fists Kabir goes outside.

Saanchi: I think veer’s plan is over the top this time. What if kabir murders siddhant? He looked angry.(laughs)

Saanchi goes inside the washroom and after sometime gets a knock on the door.

Kabir: saanchi, its me. When u come of the washroom don’t open ur eyes?

Saanchi comes out with her her eyes closed and Kabir covers her eyes his his hand. After taking her near to the bed he lets her open. Saanchi opens her eyes and sees 3 bouquet of roses, a teddy bear and her favourite golpappa.

Saanchi: (hugs him) thank thank u Soo much. When did my dear husband get so romantic?

Kabir:(mumbles silently) since the day that Siddhant is trying to impress you

Saanchi: huh?

Kabir removes a lock of hair from her face and tucks at the back. He silences all her questions by placing his lip on hers. Both of them get ready start planning another day of sight seeing.

Saanchi: lets take siddhant as our tourist guide. He knows the place well.

Kabir:(drops his socks) anyone but him.. He sticks to u like all the time. And u give him time like he is husband not me.

Saanchi: come on.. He is my childhood friend.. Pls.pls.

Kabir agrees and they got outside with Siddhant. All this time Kabir entwined his arms with saanchi protectively and keeps glaring at Siddhant. Siddhant pulls saanchi a little bit to his side.

Siddhant: ur husband seems to be pissed off at me really badly. He is glaring at me for while now.

Saanchi: who wouldn’t get angry at the person who sends rose bouquets to his wife at their honeymoon? Veer is over exaggerating everything now.

Kabir coughs seeing saanchi whispering to Siddhant and pokes her.

Kabir: Saanchi, its our honeymoon. So, u should be at my side.(points to his arms).

Saanchi smirks.. After sometime of walking, kabir acting protective and Siddhant’s demolishing acting due to being scared of Kabir, they all get hungry.

Siddhant: there is a very famous store. Saanchi come on. Lets get some food. I am famished.

Siddhant holds saanchi’s hand to go and Kabir within a split second reaches between Siddhant and Saanchi.

Kabir: ahem.. Mr. Siddhant. i am saanchi’s husband and I am here too. So would u pls keep a little distance.. So that I could get spend more time with her.

Siddhant agrees and runs a little before them as kabir smiles at saanchi and holds her hand.

Kabir: only I can flirt with you.. And none else. Tell this to ur friend.

Saanchi: come on.. He was just being nice to me.. Nothing more. He knows that I am urs.

Day: 2- Success.

Another beautiful morning starts as Kabir and saanchi sleeps at each other’s arms.. Kabir draping his arms over saanchi and she cuddling on to his chest. Suddenly saanchi’s phone buzzes resulting to her to flutter her eyes open. She tries to get up but Kabir pulls her back.

Saanchi: It could be an important text from the hospital. Let me check.

Kabir:(groans) fine. So, whose text is it?

Saanchi: Siddhant.

Hearing siddhant’s name kabir quickly gets up and gets curious.

Kabir: why is he sending u texts so early in the morning?

Saanchi: he invited us to his party. We will go right?

Kabir: okay.. Sorry to say but I don’t like ur friend that much.

Timeskip to the party..

Siddhant and Saanchi does their drama again making Kabir even more jealous. Both of clicked photos and chit chattered. Kabir got up and fixed his collar.

Kabir: Saanchi, we should click a photo together too.

Saanchi: us? But I thought u hate taking photos.

Kabir: If its with you than anything is good for me. Come on..

Both of them took lot of photos. At one time Kabir takes saanchi outside to get some privacy out of the party.

Kabir: Saanchi, don’t u love me anymore?

Saanchi: of course.. I do.. A lot.

Kabir: than why are u avoiding me and talking to ur friend? And why do I know about all of ur friends and I didn’t know about him.. I can’t take him anymore. He is intruding our private time.

Saanchi: ah, kabir. Promise me something. I am going to tell u truth. Pls don’t angry.

Kabir: u are scaring me now.

Saanchi: Actually, Siddhant is no friend. I don’t even know him properly.

Saanchi tells him about veer’s plan and her tries to get his attention by making him jealous.

Saanchi: All I wanted is u to pay a little attention to me. Thats all. Sorry for torturing you.

Kabir: why didn’t u tell me before? I thought I was going to strangle Siddhant him if he flirted with u again. (Laughs) but, I love you. So, we are going to make our honeymoon special. Done.

Saanchi: Deal.

Siddhant comes out and apologies to kabir.

Siddhant: I can see u love her a lot. So before I get into ur really bad side I am sorry.

Kabir: u still did too much flirting. And holding hands were too much. But since u helped us thanks.(jealous)

Siddhant: these were not my plans. Veer wrote all the scripts. Besides, I have a fiance and u both are at my engagement party.

Saanchi and Kabir enjoy their honeymoon whole heartedly. After the incident Kabir started to pay attention to saanchi. Love increased

After coming back from honeymoon.. Saanchi was working with a patient when veer came to her with a sad face.

Veer: Saanchi…(whines)

Saanchi: what happened? Why do u looks so depressed?

Veer: why did ur khadoos husband give me a week of record room duty? I was just helping.

Saanchi: u did take it a little too far soo.

Veer: there is no appreciation of effort now. Try to do someone’s good and u get punished. I hate u both so much.

Saanchi: don’t worry, I will talk to kabir.

Saanchi enters kabir’s room and sees him working. This time as she enters he keeps her laptop aside and concentrates on her.

Saanchi: kabir, release veer from his punishments pls.. He just tried to help.

Kabir: that punishment was for not for the plan. It was becoz he I gave him a work to do.. And he inserted a prank text at the end with the work.

Saanchi: god, u are so hard on people.

Kabir: But u deserve some serious punishments for torturing me.

Saanchi: what? a week in the record room?

Kabir: no, A kiss everyday at lunch. And if u forget I have more punishments in mind.(winks)

Saanchi: I won’t forget.

Story ends….

The next ff chapter will be out soon. Everyone pls pls.. Comment.. It really helps me write the next chapter. Love u all soo much.

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