Kaanchi OS: The fight couple By Annie

Guys.I am back with the OS u all wishes.I have been typing all day now. Since, I have no French classes, training for any outing I was free..
So, I always wanted veer to be cupid among Kaanchi.So, here I am putting veer as their match-maker.And yes, lets give Dr.kabir a khadoos and loving character at the same time.

Let the OS commence.

Savitri Devi college and Hospital. One of the most renowned hospital. The stars of the hospital are the senior Dr.Kabir and the head intern Saanchi. They have been solving cases together and acing all of them. But there was a slight problem. Not slight, actually a major problem. Though they work good together but they see each other as competition, rivals or even enemies. And the consequence of their relationship. Simple “a tom and jerry fight” named by veer everyday. The interns were used to seeing their ideal and head fight like this and they enjoyed it a lot. When all the interns were enjoying their peaceful break some noises were heard from the distance. No doubt. They were fighting again.

Saanchi: Dr. Kabir, I am telling u this patient has a problem in the cornea. I have examined him. U should listen to me.

Kabir: I am experienced Dr.Saanchi. i am telling that he has problem in the pupil. Even I checked him. Since, we are working together go with me.

Saanchi: No, I am telling its the cornea.100% sure

Kabir: Its with the pupil.I am infinity% surer.Dr. Saanchi let’s end this.

At that time veer comes running inside with the reports to find Saanchi and Kabir mad at each other again.God!!Veer thinks when will his ship of “Kaanchi” come true.

Veer: I brought the reports. It says the patient had both Cornea infection and problem at the pupil. That mean.Both of u are correct.

Kabir: Dr. Saanchi.Let’s go. Now since we have the reports. We will combine both ur idea and mine.

Saanchi: yes, sir.

After they leave veer gets thinking what to do.

Pragya: veer, u fandom of seeing Kabir and saanchi together will never come true.Leave it buddy.

Veer: not at all. I know a lot things to make my wish come true. Didn’t u say Saanchi is scared of dogs?

Isha: yes, but does that have to do with them.

Veer: u will see.

At kabir’s cabin.Saanchi is standing near his kabir’s chair as they discuss about the case. Veer peeps through the door. He brings out a small white puppy and releases it inside the cabin. He smirks and leaves. Saanchi sees the puppy and calls Kabir.

Saanchi: Dr. Kabir. Its coming here

Kabir:(eyes on the file) Dr. Saanchi what are u talking about? (He looks at the puppy and goes near it) how did it reach here?

The dog takes a run towards saanchi’s direction. Saanchi without a question comes behind Dr.kabir and clings to his arm.

Kabir: Dr. Saanchi. What are u doing? Get off me.(shakes his arm)

Saanchi: no. There is the dog and I can’t bear them.

Kabir: But stop getting on me. I will get rid of it. (Saanchi shakes her head negatively) Dr.saanchi its nothing.

Kabir realises himself from her grip and calls a nurse. The nurse takes the dog away. Veer smirks at the scene. Kabir rubs some invisible dust from his arm that saanchi held.

Kabir: Dr. Saanchi. Next time fight this phobia of urs. It doesn’t suit ur personality and makes u look pathetic.

Saanchi: next time I will try sir..(in mind: how can a person be soo khadoos?)

After somedays. Cold and viral fever is prevalent during this season. Well, unfortunately this time the cold caught a hold of Dr.kabir. though he still acts though Saanchi can feel he is weak due to the fever. And of course veer is bugging her from the morning to take care of Kabir.

Veer: miss golpappa. Come on u are his assistant. U should take care of him. My advice is brew his favourite jasmine camomile tea and also gift him something. With love

Saanchi: he is my superior not my boyfriend that I will take stuff for him out of love.

Veer: fine than. Take it out of respect. But for pls take something. U should show ur appreciation.

Saanchi: fine. I will make some tea for him and also take chocolates. Everybody loves eating chocolates.

Saanchi comes near kabir’s cabin with his tea and the chocolates. Kabir senses the scent of his fav jasmine chamomile tea and gets happy. The door reveals Saanchi.

Saanchi: here sir, since u were sick. I thought this tea would make u fresh.

Kabir: I appreciate the concern Dr. Saanchi but I am absolutely okay.

Saanchi: i know u hate relying on others but its just a token of gratitude from us out of lo..I mean out of respect. And we can also see u are unwell

Kabir: (glares) i said I am okay. And what are these?(points to the chocolate)

Saanchi: oh, I thought u would like to have these. Just a small “get well soon” gift.

Kabir: I said I am okay. One more time u pity me u will get extra duty. And I don’t like sweets.

Saanchi:(in mind: huh, that’s impossible. Everyone likes sweets. Oh i forgot he is not like normal people) so, what should I do with it?

Kabir: since, its a gift I will keep it but remember I didn’t need ur help.

Saanchi goes out the door and watches Kabir peeping from the window. Kabir looks around to see if Saanchi’s gone. Once he is convinced that he is alone, he takes out the chocolate and takes a bite. A smile appears on his face. Saanchi also gets happy.

For days, interns were freed from the daily chaos but not for long. Today again, arguments were heard.

Kabir: I am telling Dr. Saanchi she might have a throat infection. Didn’t we examine her trachea?

Saanchi: i think the root is in the diaphragm. Not in her respiratory canal.

Veer:(again with the report) this time both of u are wrong. The patient has problem neither with reparation or diaphragm. Its just a the fever which gave rise to infection.

After today’s fight veer was pissed off. He had to do something big. This time he planned it. He went to kabir’ room with a panicking face.

Veer: Dr.kabir.. Listen.. Saanchi (pants)

Kabir:(nervous) what happened to Dr.Saanchi?

Veer: she is seriously injured and lying in cabin no 31. Its serious. Come quick.

Kabir quickly runs with veer. He sees saanchi lying and a blood wire connected to her. Kabir quickly runs to saanchi. And holds her hand.

Kabir: Saanchi. Are u ok? What happened to u?

Saanchi wakes up with the commotion and gets up. Kabir at once hugged her.

Kabir: thank God u are okay. I was so scared for u. What would I do if something happened to u? I can’t afford to lose u.. I love u.

Looks at saanchi as she acts surprised. And sees she was donating blood and was not injured Embarrassed by his actions. Kabir gets up and glares at veer. Without a word he gets up and goes to his cabin.

Days pass.. After kabir’s sudden confession he has been avoiding saanchi. He doesn’t talk to her that much,avoids interaction and acts strange. Today, after their surgery together.

Saanchi: Dr. Kabir. Could I talk to u?

Kabir: no, I am busy.(he walks away)

Tears build up as saanchi’s eyes. She hates what is happening. But, now she is determined to confront him. She walks to her cabin and without knocking gets in.

Kabir: Dr.saanchi not..

Saanchi: I am not listening to anything. I won’t listen to ur “i am busy” or “later” excuse.(tears start to fall from her eyes). Why are u doing this to me? Why are u treating me like dirt? I can see u are ignoring me, avoiding me at every step. Is it due to that incident? I hate the differences between us. I miss the fight and arguments we had. I miss how we are comrades at one time and how we used to collaborate. Most importantly I miss staying close with u. If ur confessing means both of us getting apart than I don’t want this.

Saanchi gets out after her outburst. Kabir realises that he was being an idiot. He looks for Saanchi and sees her siting on the back of the hospital steps. It was cold outside. He goes near saanchi and sees her shivering.

Kabir: Are u cold?

Saanchi: I don’t know what to feel anymore.

Kabir opens his jacket and wraps it around her and sits down beside saanchi.

Saanchi: I don’t need ur help. I can handle myself.

Kabir smirks at her attitude as it was him somedays ago. He told her the same thing.

Kabir: I am sorry for avoiding u. I shouldn’t have done that. I was just trying to run away from my own feelings.

Saanchi: Dr. Kabir u are an arrogant, self-centered, egotistic and an imperious person.

Kabir: I get it that I am hard.

Saanchi: but u are u. U are doctor Kabir.loving, compassionate amd caring about others. U save ur patients life everyday. U care about them. Thats what I love about u. U are khadoos and loving at the same time.

Kabir: I am sorry.. But this time genuinely..I love u.. A lot.

Saanchi: I love u more.

They hug as veer adores them from behind.

Kabir: and Dr. Saanchi don’t get so used to this lovey-dovey side of mine. Very soon I will again turn back to my old self.

Saanchi: I love ur oldself. U are khadoosa and that’s what makes u special.

Kabir: now, this khadoos wanted to punish u for outbursting at her superior but I will let u slide. But only for this time.

Veer:(comes to them with a prideful face) meet ur match-makers love birds.. Its me.

Kabir and Saanchi: shut up veer.

Saanchi: what did u do nothing?

Veer: those dog, gifts and chocolates, confessions didn’t come out of thin air. I planted all of this.

Kabir: punishments waiting for u Dr. Veer.

Veer: u guys are really very ungrateful. I did so much hard-work and that’s how u reward me.

Saanchi: just joking.. Thanks veer. For everything. It really means a lot.

Veer: huh.. I didn’t do this for both of u. I did this to get my future niece or nephew which both of u will give me very soon.

Veer runs away sticking out his tongue at them.

Kabir:(keeps a hand on saanchi’s shoulder) Dr. Veer’s idea is not bad. What do u think?

Saanchi gives him a glare and than both of them share a meaningful hug of love and joy.

Well, though their arguments were still on full swing. But this time the arguments didn’t have hatred or competition. This time their arguments were always filled with love and cute anger.. Well, unexpected things happen. Who thought the fight pair with turn into a lovely couple…

That’s it guys.. Hope u all liked it..

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Awww such a cute os I just loved how u showed veer playing a Cupid for Kanchi ???? i just love veer here he’s my fav in the show and also here ???
    I just love ur stories ???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks u soo much.. Even I think veer is a potential character and I always wanted him to be the reason that will bring kaanchi closer.. He has such a cute personality..

  2. Your os was awsm…. I loved how veer played as cupid… And you are a great writer… I loved your os a lot…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Richa.. U are really very sweet..

  3. Awesome,Superrr.I loved it.????

    1. I don’t have words to describe this os.It’s too gud.?????
      The battery was low,so i was not able to write a big comment.?????
      And ur ff episodes were damn nice.Sorry,for not commenting.I was so busy.?????But i had alredy read them and they were fabulous.

      And u asked about Kabeer’s surname or suggestion .I commented on that but it was not shown.So,i am giving u a suggestion.

      When Saachi told her truth to Dr.Kabeer that she is Saanchi Mishra not Saanchi Aggarwal.She was surprised to see Kabeer’s expression bcoz in place of scolding her or revealed her truth in front of Dr.Malhotra he was smiling.She asked him the reason of this.Then Dr.Kabeer told that he is already known to her truth from beginning.Bcoz Saanchi Aggarwal is none other than her step sister.He told her that Saanchi A. is the illegitimate daughter of his father.
      “So,Saanchi hates me bcoz she thought that bcoz of me and my dad she and her mother didn’t get respect as they deserved.I also hate my dad bcoz she leave my mom.So,i don’t need him as well as his surname.”
      “I always loved her as a sister,but she hates me and wanted to take revenge from me.
      Dr.Kabeer Sinha bcoz Sonakshi Sinha is my favourite actress
      Sorry for such a long comment.???

      1. AnahitaAnnie

        Thanks a lot Sanyukta.. I am really very glad u liked it.. Ur comments are always so encouraging. And thank u soo much for giving me all the suggestions.. I will pick ur first idea skipping the Saanchi Agarwal part since kabir already knows saanchi’s identity. I will use ur idea that he hates his dad as he left them.. Thanks a lot for ur suggestion. Hope u are not angry as I skipped the step sister part.. Now I love ur comments soo much..?? amd pls don’t apologise.. I love reading long comments..

  4. Misbah4

    Awesome ?? no words to describe.. my veer baby helps kaanchi for niece or nephew.. hahaha?? awesome starting to ending.. Love d MR.KHADOOS.. I mean DR.KHADOOS?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Misbah.. Yeah veer is always so cute and I thought he would fit perfect on the character… I am glad u liked it.. Means a lot.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Alia..

  5. Awesome i never come at this page but when i read this its simply beautiful
    BTW annie when u r updating ur kriyyam ss i missed it alot plzz try to update it [email protected]????

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks u soo much for commenting and my apologies for halting the Kriyam one for long. I promise I will post it tomorrow.. I am currently half way through..???

  6. So cute??..It was a Awwsome OS..hey Annie its me miya..loved it?..Veer playing cupid was nice too…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks lot Miya.. I always love reading ur comments.. Thanks for being so sweet..

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