Kaanchi: Just an act?? By Annie Part 9

Hi.. Everyone.. I am sorry for being late. TU asked me to do the written update of SDCH for 24th July. I got tired while typing the episode. Now, yesterday Krysty asked me where I am from.. Now to clear all queries I am telling my place. So my country is USA, my state is California, my area is Los Angeles and my city is Hollywood. I hope Thats clear now.
Now, all of u want another OS. So, I had two storyline in mind. Pls pls chose one.
1. Kabir and saanchi are married for over 4 years and Kabir makes a bet with Saanchi on who can gift the best to each other on their anniversary.
2. Kabir trains saanchi extra time and also tutors her for exam since she was missing from SDCH for the “Saanchi Mishra” case and problems and saanchi has a crush on the khadoos..
Now, I am introducing a character for 2-3 episodes in the ff. Didn’t feel like making veer as antagonist since he already knows they are married. Okay, new character is Siddhant Mehra. Don’t worry he will be gone soon. Just to make our khadoos a little lovey-dovey.

Episode starts…

Some new group of interns has been added to the savitri devi college. Kabir and saanchi are discussing about the grouping…

Kabir: So, Dr.saanchi u will help train 3 interns. Ishita Rathore, Piyansh Reddy and Siddhant Mehra.

Saanchi: Okay, sir. When can I meet them?

Kabir: They will be introduced during lunch break. U could talk to them during that moment.

Saanchi: yes, sir.

Kabir: and if u disturb me tonight again than u will face record room duty plus cleaning my office.

Saanchi: cleaning office?? Oh.. Okay, I will not wake u up.

Time skip to lunch.. Saanchi talks to the new crew on her group. Oh well, everyone know Saanchi is married here. Due to her coat Saanchi’s mangalsutra is not fully visible and some parts of hair is covering her sindoor. So, those who doesn’t read newspapers might not have a clear idea about kabir and saanchi’s relationship.

Saanchi is taking the interns. At a moment only siddhant and saanchi are left talking..

Saanchi: so, u can help in the pathology lab for a week.. Later I will again change ur department.

Siddhant: Can’t I be in the same department as u? My concentration on work will be better if u are around.

Saanchi: sorry, I am assisting Dr.kabir. and besides, if u are flirting at me than cut it out Dr. Mehra.. U could be punished.

Siddhant: who can resist flirting with such an amazing and talented and beautiful doctor like you?

Saanchi rolls her eyes and sees Kabir glaring daggers at siddhant. He clenches his fist and starts coming towards them. Saanchi smirks.

Saanchi: I think u will regret it soon.

Kabir comes to both of them with a pissed off face. He comes to closer saanchi and smiles. He keeps one of his around saanchi and looks at siddhant.

Kabir: how’s ur training session going on? Hope any brats are not troubling you.(glares at siddhant)

Siddhant: hello Dr.kabir. looks like Dr. Saanchi is one of ur favourite intern.

Kabir: (pulls Saanchi even closer) she is not one of the but she is my most favourite.

Saanchi:(in mind: God, Dr.kabir is squishing me with all his might).

Siddhant: U two seem really close two.

Kabir: of course.. After all who isn’t close with their WIFE.. I have to always stay lovingly with u.. Right Saanchi?

Saanchi: Y..ye..yes(stutters)

Siddhant: Wife? She is ur wife?

Kabir: that’s unfair saanchi. U forgot to tell about HUSBAND to ur teammates. Well if u didn’t know I am Dr. Saanchi’s husband.

Saanchi: oh.. I forgot to tell. Sorry.

Siddhant: U guys are joking right? Nice joke by the way.

Kabir: I don’t joke Dr. Siddhant (murderous glare) u keep it in mind to maintain a formal conversation with ur trainers. Especially with Saanchi. And if u still have doubts check the staff list.. It’s Dr. Saanchi Kabir now. My name with her’s.

Saanchi: It is? When did u change it?

Kabir: Today.. In the morning. Everyone should know that u are not saanchi Agarwal anymore. By the way saanchi I have something to talk to u about. Come on.

Kabir drags saanchi away with him
as Siddhant stands there surprised.

Kabir takes saanchi to his cabin and looks at her angrily.

Kabir: Are u embarrassed to show everyone that u are my wife?

Saanchi: no.. Of course not. Why would u ask that?

Kabir: Than why are ur sindoor and wedding chain not visible?

Saanchi: i thought I put it out..(looks it tangled inside the coat.

Kabir takes a step towards saanchi and her back hits the wall. Kabir pull’s out her chain and neatly places it infront. Easily visible. He shifts her bangs to side revealing her sindoor. He fixes everything as saanchi looks lovingly at him.

Kabir: there its all fixed. Now, i want u stay like this all times. Everyday check that is ur mangalsutra is out and ur sindoor can be seen. Clear?

Saanchi: yes.. I will see to it.

Kabir: tomorrow I will get u a necklace with my name inscribed on it?

Saanchi: wait.. What? I think the signs that points I am married is enough.

Kabir: no it isn’t. I want him to remember every time he looks at u that u are married to me. And everyone else should know it too.

Saanchi nods and gets out..

Saanchi: he is cute when he is jealous.

Adarsh calls kabir to his cabin and tells him to lead the medical camp to Goa.

Kabir: But sir, wasn’t it Dr. Chawla’s job?

Adarsh: But unfortunately he fell sick and this camp is really very important. And its a good thing by the way for u.

Kabir: good thing?

Adarsh: since u and saanchi can’t take leave for being full time doctors.. U guys couldn’t visit any places.. This medical camp could also be considered a honeymoon for both of u..(laughs) and plus I am letting all of u take one day free at the last for sight seeing.

Kabir: okay sir.. I will send u the crew details and the group..(completely avoids the honeymoon topic)..

After sometime Kabir calls the interns for a conference to talk about the camp.

Kabir: We are going to Goa for a 3-days medical camp. There are some incidents in Goa that we need to day. First 2 days non-stop work and last one day is for outing. Do u have any suggestions about grouping?

They talk for a while…

Siddhant: How about each group have their own tent? Like me, Saanchi, pragya, Isha, Riya, Veer are all in one group. So, we could all have our own tent.(smirks)

Kabir’s jealousy mood takes a rise again.

Kabir: Great idea Dr. Siddhant. And group I have some changes. Dr. Saanchi u won’t be leading any squad. Ur squad will be led by veer.

Saanchi: why sir? Did I do any mistake?

Kabir: no, now becoz u will be supervising all squads with me.. And u will not share the tent with them.. But with me..

Everyone smiles at the idea as Saanchi feels embarrassed.. Isha pokes Saanchi..

After getting out..

Saanchi: Kabir, why did u take me with u? Medical camp was the only time where we didn’t have to fight over blankets.

Kabir: I thought u would be happy with the promotion.

Saanchi: I am.. But everyone is talking about both of us sharing a tent and teasing with it..(blushes)

Kabir: becoz, its not a medical camp for us.. Its our “honeymoon” since we both got married.(smirks)

Kabir quickly walks away…

Saanchi: our what???? (Blushes into the deepest shade of crimson) has he gone crazy?

Kabir: (tells from a distance) and try to keep ur distance with Dr. siddhant Mehra.

Saanchi: how am I supposed to do that when he approaches to me?

Kabir: wait, u don’t to anything. I will find a way to tackle him. Just call me and I will be there.

Isha, Pragya and veer comes from behind..

Isha: when did he get so possessive for u saanchi? (Lightly pushes her with her shoulder)

Pragya: everything changes in love..(laughs) and u are blushing..

Saanchi scolds them and runs away smiling.. Kabir also smirks from a distance.

Precap: Veer dares Kabir to kiss Saanchi in a truth and dare game.

That’s the end for today. Love u all..


  1. Preetha

    Wooowwws kabir jealous….awesome…really love the possessive side of dr.kabir…waiting eagerly for nxt update plzzz post asap yaar…

    • AnahitaAnnie



      Thanks a lot preetha.. My apologies I will be a little late today.. But bang is coming for u all.. I think all of u will love the episode..

  2. Preetha

    And for os i opt for 2nd…please….i want kabir to concentrate on both saachi and her studies….


    Lovely episode and the precap is just awesome.
    Loved it, really superb.
    Kabeer’s jealousy is the best.

  4. Sandhya

    Amazing. Kabir jealous πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Very very nice episode. I am happy to see possessive Kabir.

  5. Ashnita

    Wow jealousy track . Pecap is interesting kissing part but I think Kabir will kiss sanchi cheek and thanks for the ff . Waiting for next part

    • AnahitaAnnie



      Thanks a lot.. Ur guess is partially correct.. Don’t worry I won’t disappoint all of u.. There will be a real kiss. But I am so happy liked it..

    • AnahitaAnnie



      Well posting updates isn’t really upto me.. TU requested me to do update for 24 and 25th since the regular updater was absent.. From tomorrow they will be back.. But thanks for the comment.. It really means a lot..

  6. Amna

    Loved it yr kabir is so possesive of saanchi dont know whay to say plzz update the next part soon

  7. Pallavishah


    |Registered Member

    Jealous and possessive Kabir
    Precap is superb
    And about os I was going to request for one as today was my result
    But u already fulfill it
    I will go with option 2
    And plzz post lover boy and a compromise both ffs

  8. Trisha139


    |Registered Member

    Wow fantastic epi annie
    Just enjoyed it ….
    U r
    a great writer ….I loved the Kabir jealousy scene …superb….eager for the next part

  9. Otakustuff


    |Registered Member

    Just WOW!😍😍😍😍😍 BEST EPISODE TILL NOW…loved to see mr.khadoos’s possessive sideπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚thoda aur jalao usse…and i liked the 2nd plot better…waiting to see what happens next…

  10. Swetatitli


    |Registered Member

    Really over excited for the next ch. Plz post it soon. Can’t wait for it any longer😘😘😘😘

  11. sanyukta

    Awesome.Loved it yaar.😍😍😍😍Omg after reading this i m blushing more than Saanchi.😊😊😊😊😊
    Loved this jealous Kabeer.And Siddharth is a nice character u can also work on him.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
    Ad i will love to read 2nd os first bcoz i want to read both os.

  12. sundari

    wow its so funny cool and awesome
    when kabir jealous for sanchi…it’s so cute and nice…superb.
    seriously i enjoyed today episode with full fun.
    and i enjoyed so much yaar..and eagerly waiting for kabir kiss fr sanchi.
    post it so soon yaar…
    and also both os is seems to be cool
    i want both os from u…
    and big teddy hug for today episode

    • AnahitaAnnie



      Thanks a lot.. I am overjoyed that u are liking it.. The kiss is coming up and I will try to do both of them..and return bear hug from me😘

  13. riya

    wow annie……osm yaar, kabir’s possessiveness… awww…. so cute, would have loved to read both the plots,but if given to choose, i would go with the 2nd one bcz by this process kabir would be able to help sanchi in achieving her goals, as far as kanchi is concerned, they are & they will alwz be going to be together……….waiting for ur next update asap………

  14. Anu

    Please some one post veer and sanchi ff no they are verrryyyyy cute especialyy veerπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  15. Krysty

    Oh thanks for the info…. I wasn’t being intrusive,just a lil curious as I am even now…πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Like from USA, how cud u be so thorough with Indian traditions? Not to mention serials! Of course there wud b Indian channels there but preferring Indian serials to English ones is a rarity in itself. Also yesterday’s written update was so detailed. Sry if I sound too interested in your personal stuff. It’s just that I am a lil too curious and this case piqued my curiosity πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

    • AnahitaAnnie



      Ofcourse not krysty.. U did no intrusion.. I am happy that u asked. And its no personal matter. I am happy to tell u where I live.. And I like I am one of the curious type. Out of curiosity I am also trying out Indian soap operas.. Currently I only watch 2.. Ishqbaaz and SDCH.. I still watch a lot of English series but of the indian soap operas really took my attention. Not to mean my cousin suggested it to be first.. And no apologies pls. Pls reply if u see this text.. I don’t want u to think I am hurt or anything.. And curiosity is the best.. Not to mention I am already loving ur comments..😘

  16. Abhilasha


    |Registered Member

    I m getting goose bumps with te precap and this EP. was really outstanding…… U express each line elegantly!!!
    I love ur writing style…….. An update next part soon!!!!

    • AnahitaAnnie



      Thanks a lot Abhilasha.. U are really very empowering.. Yep next epi will be a little thrilling for all of us.. And I love ur DP.. And I love reading ur comments everyday.. U are really very sweet.

  17. Tia

    Just love it.I don’t have words to praise you .can’t waiting for honey moon track you are awesome.

  18. Hafi


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    Awesome Annie…u r an creative writer Annie…ur update will make my day….wow how exciting will be next part

    • AnahitaAnnie



      Thank u soo much Hafi. Though a major credit goes to u and ur fantastic ideas. U are a really very good friends.. Thanks for all the help. I will try to update the next one soon..😘😘

  19. Hafi


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  20. VINAL


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    Amazing yar happy to see mr Jealous (khadoos)
    New intern is interesting after knowing saachi is kabirs wife he is flirting with her😑😑😑
    Mar khake manega kya kabir se
    Well precap is 😍😍😍😍

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