Kaanchi: Just an act?? By Annie Part 8

Hi guys.. Since I was missing for days. I am compensating by posting another epi today.. Very soon I will also post an OS. Now, Sorry for rushing with the marriage but it was necessary…

Lets dig back to the Kaanchi’s life…

The wedding session will prepare in a minute.. Saanchi and Kabir are sitting down beside each other.. To avoid weird silence Kabir speaks up..

Kabir: how did u know Riya was the one making things up and posting them?

Saanchi: she came to me to confront why I am marrying u.

Kabir: why would she do that? Why will she play Cupid for us? Or did she have some other motive?

Saanchi: she is not playing for anyone. Her plan backfired. Her primary motive was to expell me out of the hospital..

At that time Kusum comes to both of them…

Kusum: u both will have enough time to talk later.. I know its hard for both to stay separate but now its time for rituals..

Kabir and saanchi:(together) its nothing like that..

The wedding session begins.. Saanchi and kabir puts garland over each other… And than the 7 rounds.
As soon as the 7 round finishes both of them sit down..

Priest: Apply the vermilion(sindoor) on the brides forehead..

Kabir fills saanchi’s hairline.

Priest: now tie the nuptial chain around her neck.

Kabir does that and the priest announces them as “husband and wife”. Pragya and Isha squeal in happiness from behind. Saanchi takes a deep sigh trying to look for pain or sorrow. But for some reasons she is not that sad as expected it to be. She looks at kabir who looks indifferent to the whole situation.

Saanchi:(in mind) how does he maintain his impassive look at this time..

Time skip to Bidaii.. Crying session goes on.. All of them are sad except for Isha and Pragya. Both of them can’t even pretend to look sad. Kabir and saanchi reach the mansion where kabir lives in. Saanchi’s welcoming ceremony is done. She drops the rice pot and steps on the red colour..

After all the rituals…

Kusum: u look tired. I will lead u to kabir’s room. Ur clothes are there too.

Saanchi: thanks, aunty.

Kusum: Aunty?? I got a little offended.

Saanchi: uh sorry.. What else should I call u?

Kusum: kabir calls me ma or its the same for u.

Saanchi: okay, ma..

Kusum leads Saanchi to kabir’s room.. She quickly gets out of the heavy clothes and changes into her normal sleeping attire.. After sometime the door creaks open amd saanchi sees kabir coming in.. Kabir has also changed.. He sees saanchi inspecting his room..

Kabir: if u are looking for a couch, sofa.. Than let me tell u my room doesn’t have one.. So, now u have a choice to make. It’s either the bed or the floor?

Saanchi: u are going to stay on the floor? Will u be okay?

Kabir: excuse me.. Who said I am staying on the floor? The choice was for u.

Saanchi: what?

Kabir: becoz last time I checked its my room and my bed and my house. So, definitely I will sleep where I want. The rest is upto u.

Saanchi: khadoosness should have a limit..(mumbles)

Saanchi looks at his angrily and sits on the bed.

Saanchi: I am going to sleep. Unfortunately my boss isn’t generous enough to grant me more than 2 days leave. So I have work tomorrow.

Kabir: I gave u 2 days.. And Thats enough..

Kabir goes to open his t-shirt.. He goes half way through when saanchi shouts..

Saanchi: (closes her eyes) what are u doing?

Kabir: going to sleep.

Saanchi: like this.. Without any clothes?

Kabir: I do have clothes.. Its how I sleep.. My room, my rules and my habits remember.

Saanchi: well, it’s my house now too. So, put ur clothes back on.(still closing her eyes)

Kabir: i am in my clothes.. Don’t know how many habits I have to change.

Saanchi opens her eyes and sighs.. Kabir doesn’t say anything and crashes on the other side of the bed.
Both of them get up and hold the blanket at the same time..

Kabir: I want the blanket.. So, u have to compromise.

Saanchi: wait.. Why me? I feel cold too.

Kabir: I already gave my habit of sleeping for ur convenience. Now it’s ur turn.

Saanchi: that was necessary… But fighting over this is not..

Kabir opens the blanket and throws a little bit at her side..

Kabir: I am not as cruel as u.. So u can have some..

Saanchi: me and cruel??(pouts) everyone knows who is the khadoos here.

Kabir: really, I want my blanket back.. Now see how khadoos I can be.

Saanchi: No.. No.. U are really kind.

Both of them share the blanket at saanchi’s keeps pulling more and more to her side..

Kabir: Okay, u are u taking away my share? I think i gave u enough.

Saanchi: Its a habit of mine to sleep with a single blanket.. From childhood I can’t share.

Kabir: I changed my habit.. Now u do it too.

Time skip to 4 am.. Kabir can feel something wriggling.. He wakes up and sees saanchi.. Saanchi was so obsessed with maintaining​ distance among them that she reached the edge of the bed.. One move and she can fall down.. Kabir holds holds Her arm and pulls her a little back.. Saanchi opens her eyes..

Saanchi: What are u doing?

Kabir: u were going to fall.. U don’t need to act so paranoid.

Saanchi: I was just.. Maintaining some space.

Kabir: first thing.. i don’t bite people.. Second thing I am not going to eat u. So, I see no reasons why u should be sacred of me.. I am a human like u are.

Saanchi: fine.. I won’t do it again.

Kabir: Good.. Becuz if u fall and break ur bones.. Remember u still have to come to work.. I am not giving u anymore leave.. U had enough already.

Saanchi: okay.. Pls don’t give lectures at this time of the night..

Time skip to 5:45 am in the morning.. The sun is about to rise.. Saanchi wakes up and sees Kabir near her..

Saanchi: oh god.. He is too close.. Let me move him to the other side..

Saanchi tries to push him but he stays stiff..

Saanchi: he sleeps like a log..

Saanchi pokes him and tries to move him. He wakes up due to all the poking..

Kabir: (angrily) stop poking me at 5 in the morning.. What is ur problem?

Saanchi: u were in my place and I couldn’t move u.

Kabir: u do know we leave for work in an hour and I didn’t get proper sleep the entire time.. U are seriously annoying.

Saanchi: well, u woke me up a few times too.

Kabir: look, I want no arguments at this hour.. I am drifting off to sleep. And one more time if u disturb me I will put u in record room duty.

Saanchi: u can’t punish me at will.. Thats injustice.

Kabir: If u don’t stop u will understand what I can do and what I can’t.

At 7:00 am the alarm turns on.. Both of them groan and wake up with red eyes..

Kabir: I couldn’t sleep last night. And its all becoz of u.. If it happens today again than u will bear consequences That too really bad.

Both of them get ready, seeks blessing and have breakfast and leave for work..

Saanchi gets out of the car.. Both of them hold hands and goes inside with a fake smile on their face as happy chirpy couple.. What an act!!

While Kabir takes class Saanchi mistakenly falls asleep for a minute in class..

Kabir: Dr. saanchi? Dr. pragya wake her up.. (Saanchi wakes up) don’t slack off again..

Saying this Kabir yawns signifying he is sleepy too. Not to forget his eyes were red and had a sleepy feeling.. But that didn’t stop him from giving glares and making an impassive attitude.

Pragya: looks like both of u didn’t get enough sleep Last night.. What happened?

Saanchi: Nothing..

Isha: u promised me would tell.. Come on pls.

Saanchi: if there is nothing to tell than should I make things up..

Precap: Happy couple acting during lunch time and entry of a new intern making Kabir a bit jealous.

Okay guys.. Thats all.. I tried to give the atmosphere a sarcastic turn this time.. Hope u all liked it.. Next I will post the OS.. Keep ur support and pls give comments..

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  1. Kabir ans sanchi sweet fight was awsmm… Can’t wait for next ff… Today’s ffwas mind blowing..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks A lot Richa.. I will type next one up tomorrow.. I am really happy u liked it.

  2. nice episode supper. I like kabeer and sanchi pair.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Parul.. Glad that u liked it..

  3. Superb yarr waiting for next part
    And pliz just make them confess their love and Kabir jealousy would be fun

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks Ashnita.. Hmm about the confession.. We will have to wait a little bit more for that.. But jealousy i coming up..

  4. today’s ff was mindblowing

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  7. Fabulous episode can’t wait plzz post today

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      Thanks a lot neera.. As much as I want to post today I can’t.. Its 1 am in my place and if I start typing now I will have to wake up with swollen eyes like kaanchi.. So next update will be tomorrow.. But I will try ASAP..??

  8. Swetatitli

    The fight was really sweet. I loved the entire episode ?????

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Ur comments are always very sweet.. Thanks for all the support..

  9. Trisha139

    Awesome episode annie…. I justed loved it to the core
    You are an amazing writer…eager for the next part…. I liked that arguments the most

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks for all the praise Trisha.. Getting compliments from such an amazing writer like u means a lot.. Thanks for being so supportive..

  10. Omg this part was amazing especially the fight between Kanchi. Can’t wait for the precap. Keep up the good work! ????

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Tania.. I am soo glad that u liked it.. And I will try to post soon.. Which will be in 15 hours. Since I have to go to sleep.. But I will try to come back soon..

  11. Its amazing yr loved the fight between them

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aamna.

  12. O my God. I couldn’t stop laughing. I read it nearly 5 times and still i am laughing. This is an amazing episode. Thanks for this super entertainment. ….

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Sandhya.. Ur comment made my day.. I am soo happy that u liked it..

  13. It’s so funny
    First their blanket fight and then saanchi poking ????
    All was superb
    Waiting for next

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Pallavi for ur sweet comments.. Glad u liked it..

  14. annie,u r osm yaar………..loved the cute fights betwn kabir and saanchi and that too on petty things…..awww……..eagerly waiting to see the jealous part of mr.khadoos…….haha…………

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot riya.. I am soo happy u liked it.. And mr. Khadoos in jealous avatar is coming up..

  15. Good job Annie loved it, waiting for the next one

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      Thanks u soo much.. Will post next one soon…

  16. awesome
    enjoyed reading it
    plzz make kabeer jealous like hellnot bit .

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Alia.. I will make kabir super jealous this time..

  17. Mishty

    Nice part, Annie. Yayay! Jealous Khadoos! Some romance coming up 😉

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      Thanks a lot Mishty.. Yep jealousy and romance is going to come up at a huge speed..

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  21. Abhilasha

    Wowww…….. Kanchi’s whole convoy or fight was so adorable…….. U r par excellent……… Obsessed with it!!!!

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  22. Misbah4

    Awesome ??

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  23. wow its pretty cool..as ususl you rock it..
    nice …awesome.wonderful..i didn’t expect this side of funny kabir..
    keep rock it..
    waiting for next one

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot sundari.. Ur comments are always soo empowering.. Glad that u liked it.

  24. Hafi

    annie you are really amazing….i have same experience like sandhya..i have readed it for 3 to 4 times….eagerly waiting for next update

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