Kaanchi: just an act?? By Annie Part 7

I posted yesterday but for some reasons it was not updated.. I am posting again..

Now apologies for being late.. First I went to the optometrist.. Before u all get concerned about my health let me clarify my eyes are absolutely fine. I just wanted to change the colour of my power lens. I first had green-blue lens as it went well with my brown hair.. But recently I coloured my hair golden blond and ocean-blue eyes goes better with it.. So i just had a color change..

Now, question for all of u and pls answer.. I have an OS in mind.. So do u want me to post the OS next or the next ff chapter? The one with the most vote will get posted first…

Now,back to the story….

Today is the day where kabir and saanchi gets engaged.. The whole SDCH got invited to the engagement function though the couple were still not fully ready to accept the situation. Both Saanchi and Kabir have half-days today..

Kabir: Dr. saanchi ? Dr. Saanchi?

Kabir calls saanchi as she falls asleep on his desk during a case discussion. Kabir shakes her a little bit.. Saanchi wakes up with red eyes..

Saanchi:(mumbles)everything is going to be okay.. Act normal saanchi..

Kabir: Saanchi, what happened to ur eyes? Didn’t u sleep last night?

Saanchi: No, I couldn’t sleep due to tension. Pls let me sleep..

Kabir: u know what? Take a full day off.. I know our wedding is sort of compromise but I still don’t want u looking like a half-boiled potato in the wedding album.. What will our kids say??(stops and mentally slaps himself for blabbering)

Saanchi:(in half-sleepy mode) Our kids?? They will be okay..(drifts off to sleep)

Kabir: Saanchi, get up and go to ur house. Spend a full day off.(loudly)

Saanchi: (quickly gets up) yes sir, our kids.. I mean I am awake.. I was awake the whole time.

Kabir: no, I can see u are sick.. Just take the day off. U can assign Riya or any other intern u like.

Saanchi: okay.. Thanks for being considerate.

Time skip to the engagement party…

After having a good time sleeping Saanchi now looks perfect. She wore a silver and blue lehenga. Kabir also wore a silver and blue suit. Everyone is gathered at the function. Veer however has some other plans in mind…

Veer: there is something that Miss Golpappa and Kabir sir is hiding? I know how to get this truth out..

Veer slides a “I love you” gift card in Kabir’s chair signing it in Saanchi’s name..

Veer: If kabir sir stays normal and doesn’t overreact that means they are real but if not than I have some work cut out for me

Kabir and Saanchi are taking a lot of photos faking a smile for their parents. Kabir excuses himself and walks to his decorated chair. He walks and finds the card.

Kabir: this is card?? Definitely not Saanchi.. But who kept this?

Kabir goes to Saanchi and excuses her from the guests. Both of then move to an isolated section as kabir hands over the card to Saanchi without a word. Saanchi reads and gets shocked..

Saanchi: u had such feelings for me??(thinks kabir gave her the card)

Kabir:(face palms himself) ur name is signed here, crazy..(points to her name) so its supposed to be u.

Saanchi: I swear I don’t know a thing about this.. Could it be my friends?

Veer watches from a distance. Saanchi stands still for sometime trying to recollect the moment as Kabir wanders his eyes around. He sees veer standing behind a pillar and looking at them.. At once kabir gives saanchi a side hug..

Kabir: (fake laugh) why did u give me this card? U know I already love you.

Saanchi:(confused) huh?

Saanchi tries to move as kabir holds her tighter.

Kabir: Dr.veer is watching us.. I think this thing is also his prank.

Veer watches this and thinks to leave them alone..

Veer: nah, miss golpappa looks happy. I think I should except the truth.. But its still hard to believe.. My investigation will be on track.

Saanchi: I will kill this veer. Trying to ruin my image.. I will confront him right now.

Kabir: go ahead.. Spill out everything and than don’t come back crying for help to me.. By the way what are u going to say to him?

Saanchi: Nothing.. I feel terrible to act this helpless when I could bury him alive..(groans)

Sometime later, jaya and Kabir’s mom takes them to the centre as it was time to change rings…

It was saanchi’s turn first.. Saanchi hesitantly takes the ring and stares it for a while.. After staying lost for sometime she shifts her eyes up and sees Kabir giving death glares. She consoles herself and puts on the ring as everyone claps.. Kabir also takes the ring and makes Saanchi wear it..
After sometime veer keeps hopping  around them to spy… Saanchi angrily walks towards veer as Kabir pulls her back by her arm.. He looks at her angrily.

Few days passes.. The haldi, mehendi, sangeet ceremony is done.. Today is the morning and the wedding is at evening.. Saanchi looks out the window thinking of all the happening in a few days.. Isha and Pragya comes to her..

Isha: saanchi, i will do ur make-up today.. I am soo happy as my life long dream to do u make over in wedding is coming true.

Saanchi: this might be ur dream but its certainly not mine.. It feels like a blur.

Pragya: god, Saanchi.. How long will u keep repeating the same thing? Look at dr.Kabir.. He acts perfectly normal.. I don’t see a hint of tension in his face like you.

Saanchi: that’s becoz he is not coming to my house.. I am going there.. He remains the same old khadoos.. What about me? Acting before his family 24/7 isn’t easy for me.

Isha: oh Thats what u are worried about.. U are thinking how to impress him at his home.. Don’t worry I have ideas.(winks)

Saanchi rolls her eyes and throws a pillow at Isha..

Saanchi: u both are making me sick right now..

All of them reach the wedding venue.. Saanchi is alone in the dressing room.. She still didn’t change yet.. Suddenly, she hears a knock on the door.. To her surprise..

Saanchi: Riya??

Riya: I want straight answers saanchi.. Why are u doing this?

Saanchi: doing what? And what are u doing here at this time?

Riya: is this ur motive to torture me? U and dr.kabir weren’t even friends.. How come? How come u both suddenly decided to get married.. Is it becoz of the pictures I posted?

Saanchi: u posted those? So, now I understand how those got viral.. Why did u do this?

Riya: I won’t tell u.. First u give me answers.

Saanchi: I don’t owe u an explanation.. Becoz what u see is real? Believe it or not itz upto u. Now pls leave before I call everyone.

Riya leaves as Saanchi thinks to inform Kabir.. But she left her phone in the car.. Isha comes in with jewellery.

Saanchi: Isha, can I have ur phone? There is something important I need to tell Dr.kabir.

Isha: ohho saanchi.. In the morning u were acting “I-can’t-live-with-him” script.. Now u are dying to talk to him.. How sweet!! But its time to get ready..

Saanchi: no, I need it.. Pls.

Isha: fine.. But promise me i will tell me what happened at his home after u go in the hospital tomorrow..

Saanchi agrees without even listening to Isha properly as she texts Kabir.

Wedding time… Saanchi gets ready in her bridal attire.. She looks from the balcony.. Downstairs watching everyone arrive.. Kabir looks up and sees saanchi.. He gets flabbergasted seeing her in the dress.. Her beauty totally shocks him. Saanchi also looks at kabir and signs if he saw the text.. He gives a positive signal and saanchi goes back inside…

Kabir: the acts going to be hard..

Precap: rest of the wedding and scenes at Kabir’s house.

Sorry, for rushing through the wedding but I am well acquainted with the customs.. Pls vote what u want next.. And now the fun begins

Till than bye…

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      Thanks a lot Aafia. OS will be here soon.

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    1. AnahitaAnnie

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  6. Awesome episode plzz update next episode by tomorrow can’t wait one more day

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    Such a fab epi….

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    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Sorry Alia.. For being late and for the short one.. But as compensation I submitted the next part of the ff and the OS will be out soon too..

  11. Sakash.

    Awesome,Superb FF.I enjoyed.I hope marriage will be with lots of twists.Waiting for next part.

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      I am glad u liked it bhaiya.. I haven’t put twists in the marriage.. But sure many twists are coming up in their married life..i have submitted the next one.

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    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Tania.. I think u will love the next one.. Its morning at my place and I have submitted the next ff chapter.. The OS will be typed soon too. And thanks for all the appreciation amd support.. It means a lot to me.. Ur comments made my day.. I will try my best to do both of them..

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    Awesome ff annie
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    I would like to get ff first

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      OS and FF both submitted.. And thanks a lot Trisha.. Glad u liked it.. I am in love with ur writing by the way..?

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        Me too annie

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      Thanks Sundari.. There are funny drama in their first night and the OS is posted.. Sorry for the short one though..

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    BTW I wanted to ask where do u live bcoz blonde hair and blue eyes ain’t so easily accepted in India ???

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