Kaanchi: just an act?? By Annie Part 6

Sorry for this being late guys.. I typed the OS on the way to the hospital.. And after getting the vaccine my arms started to contract and I fell asleep.. I am planning to do the wedding within a few episodes.. And due to intense study pressure I am not being able to reply to ur comments.. I am soooo sorry.. Being a 10th grader is hard..

Anyways, lets dive back into the story..

Saanchi pulls Isha and Pragya into a side… Veer stands in a corner and sees Saanchi arguing..

Veer: what is miss golpappa talking about? She looks angry.. What am I telling..she is always angry.

Suddenly, veer feels a tap in his shoulder..

Veer: come on yaar.. Don’t disturb. Let me see properly. (He looks behind and sees kabir) Dr.kabir.. U?

Kabir: what are u peeping at?(he looks in a distance to see Saanchi and her friends) Dr. Veer this is the last time I want to see u slacking off and no more eavesdropping on others.. Get to work.. Just becoz u are Dr. Malhotra’s son I won’t let u slide..(coughs)

Veer: Dr.kabir, if u don’t mind me asking why did u suddenly announce to marry Saanchi?

Kabir:(sneezes) I announced it becoz we were getting married.

Veer: no why are u getting married to her? Is it professionalism or u like her? My question is why?

Kabir: (in mind: what should I say? If I don’t stay anything he will keep hoovering around Saanchi for answers.. No.. I can’t afford that) Yeah, we were working together and we realised.. Maybe we like each other.. Now, one more question equals to a month of record room duty.

Veer: no I am done.

With Saanchi, Pragya and Isha..

Saanchi: Isha, why did u book our dinner in such place? And moreover couple dance? Do u know how embarrassed I was?

Isha: Uh, I just told I need a table for a couple and they offered me the best package.. So, I agreed for it.

Saanchi: I wish to kill u for what u did?(sneezes)

Isha: huh, liar.. U and kabir jiju didn’t look pissed off at all.. U were saying thank u.. He was happy.. What else do u need? And getting drenched together.. How romantic.

Pragya: so that’s why they are sick.. I get it now.

Kabir:(arrives from behind) what are u guys doing here? Don’t u have duties to do? Get back to work before I minus points from ur grade.

The trio nods and leaves mumbling “khadoos”.

Kabir: Dr. Saanchi.. Meet me 15 minutes before ur lunch break starts. We need to discuss the report of the patient we are going to perform a surgery on next week.(sneezes)

Saanchi: yes, sir.(sneezes)

Kabir: we should take some relief medication from the nurses office.

A short time skip…

Saanchi was walking past kabir’s office when she hears Riya’s voice coming from the office.

Saanchi: what is she doing at time? That too in Dr. Kabir’s office.

Saanchi opens the cabin door without knocking and sees Riya near Kabir’s seat.

Saanchi: Dr. Riya may I know what are u doing here? If I remember correctly u had duty in the day care. Than why are u wasting ur time here?

Riya: I was talking help from Dr.kabir.actually exam is coming near and I couldn’t understand a topic.

Saanchi: u are not allowed to barge in a senior’s office any time u want. If u have any difficulties ask me.. If i can’t help only than I can let u come here.

Riya: really? Who made such rules? Why can u enter without knocking and any time u want?

Saanchi: I am the head intern. I need to work with our doctor in-charge often. So our cases are different.

Kabir: Dr.Saanchi is right Dr.Riya.. I explained u today but next time I need confirmation from ur head intern.

Riya leaves fuming and giving saanchi glares.. Saanchi also looks at her with disdain.

Kabir: Why are u here at this time? I think I told u to come before lunch.

Saanchi: I saw Riya here instead of her department. So I came to check.

Kabir:(smirks) so, Riya can be here for anywork. Why were u so curious?

Saanchi: Kabir sir, u know very well as me why she was here?(crosses her arms).

Kabir: were u jealous?

Saanchi: what? No, why would I envy her? She is not ur fiance.. I am.. So why would i get jealous?

Kabir: I don’t know.. Maybe u didn’t like her getting close to me. Anyways, there is 15 minutes to lunch break now. We should start discussing.

After long discussion….

Kabir: so, I am sure if u do this way the surgery will be successful. Trust me on this.

Saanchi: I trust u but I don’t trust her..

Kabir: we are talking about the surgery here.. What are u talking about?

Saanchi: sorry.. Something was going on my mind.. I got everything about the surgery.. I will just leave now.(she smiles and gets up)

Kabir: dr. Saanchi, wait.

He gets up from his seat and starts to go near saanchi. At a point he gets too close and saanchi starts to move back..

Saanchi: what are u doing?

Kabir comes really close and saanchi gets pinned to the wall.. He leans down and moves towards her… Saanchi could feel his breath..

Veer, on the other hand watches from the door.. He sees the scene and walks away angrily… Kabir pulls out a paper-clip form saanchi’s hair.. And sees saanchi blushing. Saanchi opens her eyes and sees the pin in his hand.

Saanchi: (takes the pin) oh.. Must have got stuck when I was working.

Kabir: why did u go red again? Do have any allergies?

Saanchi: No, I was just.. I don’t know.. Maybe the cold.

Kabir: listen, would like to join me for coffee in the cafeteria? I would like to discuss somethings with u.

Both of them enter the cafeteria together and all the interns stare at them.. Kabir shoots them a cold glare.. Veer looks at Saanchi and kabir notices it. Seeing veer kabir hold saanchi’s hand and leads her to a table… Kabir gets too coffee’s and they sit down.

Saanchi: so, Dr.Kabir.. What do u want to talk about?

Kabir: correction.. Its kabir now.. We are at a off time..

Saanchi: oh okay… (Turns back and sees Riya who gives her a glare)

Kabir: I wanted to talk about our engagement which is in 2 days.

Saanchi starts to cough as she chokes hearing about the engagement.. Kabir gets up concerned.. He rubs saanchi’s back to calm the coughing and makes her drink water.. She stops coughing..

Kabir: are u ok now?

Saanchi: yes. thank u Kabir.

The interns watch the couple in shock. Riya gets up and walk out of the cafe and veer crumbles his coffee cup.

Saanchi: in 2 days.. Don’t u think thats really very early?

Kabir: My mom selected that date..and she is going to ur house today.. I can’t grant u a leave.. So u can’t go.

Saanchi: why didn’t mom tell me?(she checks her phone and sees message from Jaya) she did inform me.

Kabir: So, I hope u are okay with that.

Saanchi: everything is just soo early.. I just need to get a hold of things.

Kabir: cards for our engagement has also been distributed in the hospital a while ago.. Pls try to act happy and cheerful when People congratulate u.

The lunch break ends both of them get back to work..

Precap: Engagement and other rituals and finally wedding!!

So the episodes might be a little blank this days as the fun starts after the wedding.. When both of them try to cope up as a married couple.

Will be back soon..

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