Kaanchi: just an act?? By Annie Part 5

Hi everyone.. Hope u are enjoying this ff.. Now, some credits I wanted to give.. Firstly, the concept of the rain and date were suggested by Hafi.. A big thanks for that… And the credits for the descriptions of the date goes to my parents.. These romantic ideas aren’t all my idea actually.. I have been picking parts form my parent’s dates when they were dating but the rain part was my idea though.Since, I am not a romantic person.. At least that’s what my mom and dad and friends tell me ?..

Moving on with date part 2….

Saanchi’s POV…

We walk to the dance floor hand in hand.. As I stand in one side.. I really feel uncomfortable now after all that Isha and Pragya did. Those two’s death are written on my hands..

Kabir: so, I think we should just stand and watch until the party is over.

Saanchi: I agree since I have no idea how to dance..

At that time someone tap’s kabir in the shoulder..

Akash: long time, no see kabir.. I hope u remember ur old friend.

Kabir: oh hey Akash.. Surprised to find u here.

Akash: I am with my wife.. This is ur fiance I presume (points at saanchi) i heard about ur wedding in the news.

Saanchi: Hi, I am Saanchi Agarwal..(shakes her hand with Ajash and his wife)

Kabir: So, guess u know everything.. The media doesn’t spare a single chance to make people’s personal affairs public.

Akash: true.. But why are u both standing idle? Its a dance floor.. Both of u should get on and enjoy.

Saanchi: sorry.. We don’t know how to dance.. (Smiles)

Akash: kabir didn’t tell u that he is an awesome dance partner.. Come on u shouldn’t hide things from her..

Saanchi: but we…(stops as kabir gives a squeeze to her hand.. She gets the signal and stops)

Kabir: u shouldn’t protest much.. U don’t want people to get the wrong idea. Come on.. Lets just to the dance..

Both of them mixes with the other couples.. Saanchi keeps one of the hand over Kabir’s shoulder and intertwines the other with kabir’s hand.. One of kabir’s hand slides through saanchi’s waist as both of them sways through the music…

Saanchi:(while dancing) So, kabir what else talents do u have except being an exceptional doctor, dancer and person?

Kabir: I guess nothing more.. Usually much people don’t know that I could dance.. Its something I used to do in my college years.

Suddenly, saanchi trips but kabir holds her.. They have an eyelock as Saanchi’s hand are behind kabir’s neck for support and kabir’s hand around her waist to fall her from falling… Both of them get up and compose themselves.. Saanchi unknowingly blushes due to the proximity..  Kabir notices her…

Kabir: why did u go all red suddenly?

Saanchi: I guess…(looks for a excuse) don’t u think its a bit too hot here.

Kabir: no.. I think its rather cold. The AC’ s are on high speed.

Saanchi: I think we should leave from here now.. The party is near its completion..

Both of them get out to see that its rains..drizzling sounds and a huge amount of rain.

Kabir: its started raining.. And our car is far.. We will get wet by the time we get to the parking lot..(looks at saanchi going out in the rain) saanchi.. What are u doing? Come back..

Saanchi:(plays with the rain drops) no, after a long time I am getting drenched.. U should come too.. Its fun.

Kabir: u will get sick.. And u are a doctor.. Staying wet for a long time will make u catch a cold.. Come back.

Saanchi: pls pls.. Let me stay for a little while.. I promise nothing will happen.

Kabir stands leaning on a pillar and watched Saanchi enjoying the rain.. He admires her.. Playing with rain drops and enjoying nature to the fullest.. A unacquainted urge run through his body.. He couldn’t understand what but he felt different..

Suddenly he saw some men eyeing in saanchi from afar.. Saanchi was oblivious to fact and didn’t notice.. Before the men could make any move Kabir ran and hugged Saanchi from behind.. Saanchi got surprised feeling a pressure in her back and a pair of arms wrapping around her waist..

Saanchi: kabir, what are u doing?

Kabir: stand still.. Some people were watching u in a improper way thinking at u were alone.. I just did this to show them u are MINE..

Kabir realises what he said and releases saanchi from his grip..

Kabir: that came out the wrong way..l meant to say that I wanted to show them that u are not alone.. Ah, u know getting drenched in the rain is not that bad either..(diverts the topic)

Saanch: i told u.. U would enjoy with.. Lets stay here for a while.

Suddenly, the thunder strikes.. Saanchi does a low scream and hugs kabir.. Shivering.. She breaks apart and looks with timid eyes at kabir.. And surprisingly she got red again..

Kabir: Are u drunk? First u are getting all red for no reasons.. Secondly the doctor who fights with the administration for justice is sacred of a lightening strike..

Saanchi: people might die due to the electric shock.. It think we stayed in the rain enough.. We should probably head back..

Both of them go as Kabir drops saanchi to the hostel…

Kabir: its late at night.. Let me walk u to ur room..

Saanchi: no thank u.. I can manage.. U should probably go home quickly and change.

Kabir: no.. I will come with u..

Both of them start walking to the dorm.. Veer notices some noice and slowly gets up.. He slightly opens the door to peek in the corridor.. He sees Saanchi and Kabir at the corridor.

Saanchi: Thank u kabir for accompanying me and understanding my situation.. I had a great time..

Kabir: the concept of the date was ur idea so I guess I should thank u.. I really did get to know u and ur fear of the lightning.. And of course ur weird characteristic of getting red suddenly.

Saanchi pouts.. Kabir bids a good bye and leaves.

Veer:(from his room) what were they doing at this time of the night? And miss golpappa calls Dr. Kabir just kabir.. When did that happen? How come I didn’t notice this two getting so close in such a short time? I will confront her tomorrow in the morning…

Next morning….

Saanchi comes to class.. As the head intern she distributes file to everyone sneezing and coughing..

Veer: what happened miss golpappa? Did u catch a cold?

Riya: I think she ate ice cream instead of golgappa and her body couldn’t handle it..(laughs with veer)

Pragya looks at Saanchi at concern while Isha smirks.. After all.. She was awake last night who saw Saanchi drenched.. After sometime Kabir comes inside the classroom..

To everyone surprise Kabir is sneezing and coughing too.. There is no doubt in everyone’s mind that Saanchi and Kabir were together yesterday.. All the interns look at the sneezing couple in amusement..

Kabir: (sneezes) why are u all looking like that?

Veer: Kabir sir, we were just wondering.. How u and saanchi were perfectly fit yesterday and both of u are sick today. That too at the same time..(makes a suspicious look)

Kabir: our health shouldn’t be the concern of anyone..(coughs) u have been assigned ur departments. Go and work.

Saanchi and kabir looks at each other and again shifts their eye from embarrassments.. All we know is a certain two people were burning in jealousy.. Veer and Riya..

Precap: saanchi argues with Riya as she tries to get close to Kabir and the engagement..

Wedding is coming soon.. U guys.. Hold onto ur seats and enjoy.. Pls put ur opinions about how much u liked the date…

Will be back soon…

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