Kaanchi: Just an act?? By Annie Part 4

Hi guys.. I am back.. So, I don’t know why TU is delaying updates but I usually submit my chapter when its 1 in the noon at my place and 1:30 am in the morning at India.. So, TU usually takes 6-8 hours to post a chapter after submission.. I hope now u guys have a brief idea when the update will be available..?

Now,lets jump back to the chapter…..

Saanchi gets up as usual and waits at the washroom for getting a turn to take her shower.. And Veer comes out of the washroom.. Saanchi tries to go in but he halts her..

Saanchi: what the hell is this veer? If u don’t realise some people have actual jobs here unlike you.

Veer: I caught a hold of ur jobs saanchi.. Ur work is to report to Dr.kabir’s office than helping him out to plan ur wedding and perform a couple of surgeries.. U know what? He has a washroom connected to his office.. We should use that henceforth. After all u guys are a couple now.

Saanchi: great idea veer.. Thanks for the suggestion.. Its a nice away to save myself from ur useless pranks everyday..

Saanchi storms out of the washroom leaving Isha and Pragya happy..
Saanchi goes to kabir’s cabin and opens it without knocking.. Saanchi talks to kabir as he keeps looking at his laptop…

Saanchi: sir, I have a favour to ask.

Kabir: u should have knocked Dr.Saanchi. rules are still same for everyone..(shifts his eyes towards Saanchi) Are u sure u are feeling okay Saanchi?

Saanchi: Yes, kabir sir.. Why?

Kabir: we should take a look at urself in the mirror.. U are still wearing ur night-clothes.. And u are really very early today. Its barely 7 am.

Saanchi: sorry.. Actually, I needed a place to shower. Do u mind if I use ur washroom?

Kabir: Why? What happened to the interns section?

Saanchi: Veer is not letting me get into anyone of them.. But I have to start my work.. And he told either I use urs or be tardy for work.

Kabir: (in mind) If I disagree than she will face veer again and both of them will start a ruckus and veer looks for ways to get close to saanchi.. So, I better let her use it.

Saanchi: Sir, (waves her hand to gain his attention)

Kabir: yes.. U may for today.. I will see what to do with Dr.veer’s pranks..

Minutes later saanchi comes out and sees Kabir missing from his chair.. Saanchi gets out and sees Riya and veer outside.. They see her with a towel and wet hair.. Veer looks on shocked as he didn’t expect she would really do that.. And Riya burns in anger and jealousy..

Riya rushes to Dr.kabir to confront about the matter..

Riya: (yells) Dr.kabir..

Kabir: this is a hospital Dr.Riya.. Stop yelling

Riya: we don’t want to know what’s going in between u and saanchi but she is still an intern here like all of us.. Why do we have to see her using her superior’s things?

Kabir:(watches his watch) as far as I remember all interns duty starts from 8 am.. Before that what an intern does, doesn’t concern the hospital.. From 11 pm to 8am.. Saanchi is not an intern for me.. Since, Thats her off time.. Clear Dr. Riya.

Riya doesn’t answer and mumbles something while going away…

A short timeskip….

Saanchi: Dr. Kabir are u free today? As in after work..

Kabir: i guess.. My work ends early today since there are no operation.

Saanchi: Would like go out for dinner with me today?

Kabir:(chokes on his coffee and looks in disbelief) Go out for dinner.. Just both of us?

Saanchi: thats what I said..(looks at him surprised) I mean as a outing.. To get acquainted to each other more.. So, will u go?

Kabir: fine Dr.Saanchi.. I will go to the “date” with u..(teases her)

Saanchi sighs and decides to pay a visit to her mother’s house. The last time she saw her was after Kabir announced their made-up relationship.. She needed support and advice.

Timeskip to Saanchi coming back to the hostel and meeting up with the girls…

Isha: nah, pragya this dress is not fit for the even at all.. How about this one?(holds up a red frock)

Pragya: no..no.. We Don’t have any red shoes.. Let’s see what else dresses there are. (Searches in the wardrobe)

Saanchi: Why are u guys making so much effort? I will just wear what I wear everyday..

Isha: not at all.. U have to wear what we decide.. After all its ur first date with doctor kabir..(does a little victory dance with pragya)

Saanchi: why does everyone think of it as a date? Even Dr.Kabir told…(stops and looks at Pragya and Isha making faces)

Isha: now, we have more reasons to make u look gorgeous.. Pragya lets start “mission Saanchi+kabir date”.

After an hour of saanchi’s yelling, Isha’s make-up and Pragya’s jewellery selection finally saanchi got dressed up for the date…

Isha: He would surely drool over u.  Doesn’t she look sooo cute?

Saanchi: u guys took it a little too far..

Pragya: forget it.. U have a date to attend.

After saanchi leaves… Pragya and Isha starts laughing…

Pragya: what table did u book for them again?

Isha: I booked a romantic table for two. Specially designed for couples on for a romantic date.. And also there will be a surprise for both of them with the dinner.

Both of them jump in excitement….

Saanchi goes in the parking lot and sees kabir standing near his car.. Seeing saanchi all dressed made Kabir’s heart skip a beat..

Kabir: U look really good Saanchi.

Saanchi: Thank u..

Both of them reach the restaurant as Saanchi ask for the reservation did by Isha.. The waiter leads them to their table. The scene nearly paralyses saanchi and kabir..

It was a table at a terrace top with heart shaped balloons filling the place.. With different love related quotes written all around. The table was lit up with few candles and heart shaped cards were scattered around the round table.The waiter leaves them and goes..

Kabir: This was supposed to be an outing Saanchi?

Saanchi: I swear Kabir sir I didn’t book all these. Pragya and Isha did.. U should punish them in class tomorrow.. That too really tough punishments..

Kabir: I don’t think I can punish them for such things.. And u don’t have to call me kabir sir here..

Saanchi: okay, I will call u just sir..

Kabir:(mentally face palms himself) u could call me just kabir outside the hospital. We will do that later on.. So start putting on a habit.

Saanchi: i couldn’t possible call my superior by his name.

Kabir: I am not ur superior here and u do know that I am not letting u call me sir in front of my mother.. Don’t want her to get suspicious.

Saanchi: okay, si. kabir..

Kabir: better.. But inside the hospital u can carry on with the formalities.

Soon the meal arrives and saanchi starts talking…

Saanchi: sir, I don’t want to spoil all the mood but there is something I need to tell you..

Kabir:(gets serious) what?

Saanchi: I am not the one everyone thinks I am.. My real name is not Saanchi Agarwal.. My name is Saanchi Mishra..(tells him everything skipping the Malhotra cutting off her name part since he might not believe her)

Kabir: so u mean to say someone purposely cut off ur name even though u had good grades.

Saanchi: yes sir.. I mean kabir. U can change ur decision or u can even report it to the hospital.. I won’t stop u. But I needed u to know this.

Kabir: Saanchi ur surname is indifferent to me.. U are still the same talented intern and an amazing student in my eyes.. Nothing can ever change that..(keeps his hand on top of hers) I assure u my full support would be there.. I will help u to achieve ur dreams. And thanks for telling me all these and retaining my trust.

Saanchi: Thank u for having trust in my abilities and for comprehending my situation.

Kabir: and after the marriage u don’t need to pretend to be saanchi Agarwal.. U can use my name instead.. Be “Saanchi Kabir” and u don’t need to worry about all this mess.

Saanchi: that would really generous.. Thank u kabir..(smiles)

A waiter comes and hands Saanchi and Kabir an envelope..

Kabir: what is this?

Waiter: that’s the dance invite.. Sir and ma’am

Saanchi: u must be mistaken.. We didn’t ask for it.

Waiter: no ma’am along with the date a reservation at the couple dance party was also made..

Kabir: okay thank u. So ur friends again set all these up

Saanchi: i will strangle them the time I reach the dorm.. Those two are getting on my nerves now.

Kabir gets up and forward’s hand to saanchi .

Kabir: ready for act:1 as a happy couple..

Saanchi:(gets up holding his hand) practise makes a man perfect..

Both of them starts walking towards the dance floor hand in hand.. Their first act.. Or is it more than just an act???

Precap: date part2: Saanchi and kabir’s dance and both getting drenched in the rain.

Thats all everyone.. Pls put ur special suggestions if u have any.. And pls pls put ur comment and reviews..

-love u all readers.. Hope u enjoyed it.

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  5. Its just awesome…….I want Kanchi more close and veer feel a little jealous

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